Chapter 193: Sealing Gods And Capturing Demi Kings

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Su Xing only felt that the feeling this Qingci woman gave him was somewhat strange, but neither could he say where this strange feeling came from. Thinking afterwards, perhaps the reason was her tone and ordinary appearance. Having come to Liangshan Continent for this long, Su Xing found that the women he encountered truly were those beauties from novels.

“Would you like to descend the mountain together?” Qingci asked.

“This woman is of unidentified origins, and her Star General is addicted to killing. Right now, my Star Energy is completely drained. I can’t take a good position, but journeying together only has danger.” Su Xing pondered and tactfully refused Qingci.

Qu He had also been scared stiff by that black windy frenzy of Longkui’s. She hid behind Su Xing, not daring to utter a word.

Qingci nodded, called for Longkui and descended the mountain.

Su Xing was not in the mood to stay, but he discovered a difficult problem at this time. As a result of the Roc Demon King’s deadly pursuit, he simply had not paid attention. By the time he had stopped, he found he did not know where he had come to. Looking around on the mountain, the topography was continuous and uninterrupted, endless. Clearly, this was still the Vermilion Bird Territory, but he could see the ocean a hundred li away, which was not like the Vermilion Bird Territory.

“Do you know where this is?” Su Xing asked.

“This should be the Vermilion Bird Territory.” Qu He thought. She seemed to feel her reply was nonsense, and the girl lowered her head in shame, “The Vermilion Bird Territory’s mountains are countless. How could I remember any of them.”

“Let’s take a look with riding sword flight first then.” Su Xing was without a choice, sending his gaze towards Qu He.

“I have been poisoned. I currently am incapable of using my riding sword.” Qu He replied in embarrassment.


“Forget it. It would be better to first rest here for a few days, to recover.” Su Xing shook his head.

Qu He agreed, somewhat apologetic.

Meanwhile, at the Jade Alum Palace, Lady Snake Scorpion sat within, her alluring face truly angered to being ashen. At the time the Crying Star Twin-tailed Scorpion Xie Bao returned to the Star Nest, Lady Snake Scorpion went dumbstruck. She could never have thought that within her own Five Poisons Mountain there would be a cultivator that dared to draw her attention, moreover, killing Xie Bao. She truly wanted her Lord Husband to drag that bastard back so she could refine his mind into a Human Gu..

“The Great King has returned.”

A maid respectfully stepped forth.

The Lady Snake Scorpion smiled. Xie Diao’s eyes were gloomy, thoroughly filled with hatred towards the man who killed her sister.

The large red cape entered the room, and Lady Snake Scorpion’s expression tightened. “Great King-”

The Roc Demon King’s body bore injuries, and his expression was seemingly very difficult.

“What is that man’s background, how could even you, the Great King, have been…” Lady Snake Scorpion was agape and speechless…

“This King fears it was a Star General.” The Roc Demon King summarized the events that transpired.

Lady Snake Scorpion naturally did not believe that excuse of the Roc Demon King’s. The Speed Star1 Magic Traveller Dai Zong was famous as trash with martial force. How could the Twin-tailed Scorpion Xie Bao die by her hand, but looking at what the Roc Demon King said, there were no lies. Since the Giant Roc Spreads Its Wing And Flies Ninety Thousand Li had been used and still could not pursue, it could only be said that the opponent’s powers actually were somewhat defiant of the natural order.

“The Great King had best rest well for the night. This Five Poisons Mountain has been locked down, and the opponent is one who surely comes with ill intentions.” Lady Snake Scorpion said.

“Then Lady had best be careful. Husband shall go into seclusion.” The Roc Demon King exhorted. Five Poisons Mountain’s poison gas crisscrossed, and even if it was him, he was not accustomed to this sort of place. This arrow really was not that powerful, but it was just that he currently was using high speed flight and was not on guard. For that reason, this arrow’s injury was very heavy. It was necessary to return to Falling Dragon Mountain’s Kun and Peng Hall.2 For the purpose of safety, the Roc Demon King mobilized several dozen Demi Kings to stand guard, and still ill at ease, he brought out a one-handed three chi sword that was just like it had been formed from condensed starlight. The sword’s blade and hilt were connected as one, and its light was reserved, its light sharp, the entire sword thin as a cicada’s wing.  

When she saw this item, Lady Snake Scorpion was dumbfounded.

This sword was the treasure of Falling Dragon Mountain – the Purple Rose Grade Astral Treasure, “Stars Falling Dragon Sword.”3

“Wife must be more careful.” The Roc Demon King had been struck with an arrow and could sense the terrifying nature of a Star General, vaguely feeling this matter was somewhat strange.

Sensing the Roc Demon King’s intentions, Lady Snake Scorpion smiled passionately: “Lord Husband, be at ease. Your Servant will surely make those cultivators be gone forever.”

By the time the Roc Demon King left, Lady Snake Scorpion fiddled with this Purple Rose Grade Sword, feeling the terror of this sword. Although Star Weapons after Seven Star already far surpassed Astral Treasures, with this sword in hand, even if it was a Supervoid Cultivator in this phase, the sword would no doubt send him to walk about inside King Yama’s palace.

A time of three days passed since the Roc Demon King’s universally shocking Giant Roc Spreads Its Wings And Flies.

Su Xing finally could count as knowing the place he was presently at. He unexpectedly had arrived at the Vermilion Bird Territory’s northernmost Broken Water Mountain.4 This mountain was the Vermilion Bird Territory’s borderline, and he could already see the sea at the other end of Liangshan Continent. From southernmost to the northernmost, this escape flight unexpectedly covered eight million li. This certainly made Su Xing go mute. If he were to return to Eastern District Mount Danxia, that would need a month’s time and then some. The fastest pace would need ten days, and of course, using the Chaotic Tail Escape was a solution.

Thus, Su Xing found joy in sorrow, gathering without much effort the spirit medicines of the Evil Smiting Writ leisurely and carefreely. During these relaxed days, he heard a few rumors of the North District’s Immeasurable Mountain. For example, the Living Goddess of Lightning Wang Dingliu that plundered the Birth Treasure Outline had fled to and hid in the North District. Immeasurable Mountain’s Ancestor Zaohua currently was on an unbridled search. A crowd of Star Generals had been attracted into the North District, making Ancestor Zaohua seemingly face a great enemy.

Su Xing originally wanted to steal it, but thinking of that randomly appearing and disappearing Wang Dingliu, searching any further was practically to find a needle in a haystack. Furthermore, the Azure Dragon Territory’s great cultivators had come to this place for a search,  and only then did Su Xing dispel this idea.

And after seven days like this, the pair that left the North District very quickly reached the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Deer Pursuit.

Deer Pursuit was the only place in the Vermilion Bird Territory that was without a commander. This place was occupied by more than a hundred Demi Kings, each occupying a hundred mountaintops. Because of this, these Demi Kings joined in opposition against outside enemies, and there was no lack of hermit adepts that could be placed on par with Demon Kings. For this reason, Mount Danxia’s Holy Mother Qixia, Falling Dragon Mountain’s Roc Demon King, Immeasurable Mountain’s Ancestor Zaohua, as well as Silver Night Mountain’s Holy Mother Yu Chun all could not be injured. In addition, Deer Pursuit overlooked the four other districts, acting as a buffer zone had been tacitly preserved by everyone.

Because of this, the Center District could even be said to be Demi King Deer Pursuit, a fierce anomaly.

Su Xing had once thought of usurping the Deer Pursuit, learning from that Roc Demon King to independently become king. With this, the Azure Dragon Territory’s Ten Great Sects would be nothing difficult. This was the quickest strength preserving approach because the Vermilion Bird Territory respected the strong, often looking to whose fist was large. However, Su Xing’s current strength could not be said to be very weak. Choosing the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Demi King was not hard, but nevertheless, there was not a guarded mountain with capital. This kind of matter also needed to be planned from within, actually giving Su Xing a very big epiphany.

On this day, Su Xing and Qu He flew to  a borderline mountain top of Center District Deer Pursuit – “Fire Horn Mountain.”5

They directly received a high temperature that overflowed the skies.

Fire Horn Mountain, although it only had a range of less than several ten thousand li, Fire Horn Mountain was actually a volcano. All year round, there was a raging inferno, rushing into the horizon. From far away, the temperatures were extremely high. Let alone humans, even cultivators were incapable of enduring the high temperatures, and the temperatures in the middle need not be said.

The one governing Fire Horn Mountain was the Fire Shadow Clan.6 These clan members were Fire Energy experts, controlling fire as if it was an arm, very exceptional. The Fire Shadow Clan’s character was violent like a flame’s. The surrounding Demi Clan Cultivators all were not willing to provoke them. Originally, Su Xing was not at all willing to travel to this Fire Horn Mountain, but it seemed Qu He was very anxious to rush back because going to Fire Horn Mountain could save a few days’ time.

The pair already flew to the highest place, and that burning was still fierce as before. A woman materialized beside Qu He. That woman had long hair and wore blue treasure clothes that were sleeveless with a skirt dragging along the ground. She had boots and a corset, and from the blue light that flickered in her eyes, Su Xing was unsurprised to know that Qu He was a Star Master.  

It seemed Fire Horn Mountain still made Qu He feel danger, for she made her Star General stick to her side.

Her premonition was awfully accurate.

At the time they entered Fire Horn Mountain, flames rushed into the sky. Several dozen red shadows encircled them with subtle shuffling. These people wore red armor, and their faces had been half-covered. Their hands grasped fire swords while they were equipped with scarlet armor. Among them, the leading man was Galaxy Early Stage, and his legs stood upon a fire cloud. His hand grasped a fire spear.

“Brazen thieves, you would go so far as to dare pass over this mountain on your own without asking Great King Fire Horn for permission.” The man’s forehead had a flame horn, and his eyes were penetrating. Judging by his expression that stared at Qu He’s Star General with evil intentions, Su Xing could guess that the not asking part was false. Perhaps Qu He’s Star General had already evoked in Great King Fire Horn covetous thoughts. Su Xing looked out the corner of his eye. Those Fire Shadow Clansmen already began to surreptitiously lay a fire type array.

They were somewhat scheming.

“Your Servant is Qu He, serving under Mount Danxia’s Holy Mother Qixia. Your Servant has some business to return to the mountain. For lacking manners like this, Your Servant apologizes.” Qu He said.

“Mount Danxia!” Great King Fire Horn was startled. His eyes turned: “Do not deceive me! You must have the Mount Danxia Token.”


Having been surrounded by this Demi Clan, Qu He did not dare be trusting. Her Star General had been killed back into the Star Nest, and she had only recovered just a bit currently. If they actually fought, there perhaps would be no good fruit to eat within someone else’s territory.

“Bring it over for This King to inspect.” Great King Fire Horn shouted.

Just at the moment Great King Fire Horn went to catch the token, suddenly, the token had been snatched away by Su Xing.

“Are you making fun of This King?” Great King Fire Horn’s voice was cold, fire qi shooting in all directions.

“Will you truly let us pass if you get it?” Su Xing slowly asked.

“Of course. If it truly is the Holy Mother of Mount Danxia, This King naturally will be hospitable.” Great King Fire Horn said.

Su Xing grunted, then threw the token.

Great King Fire Horn’s had somewhat of a mocking expression. These stupid cultivators. By the time This King obtains your token, then we shall properly deal with you. One hand caught the token, and in an instant, he saw a purple lotus flower. That lotus flower was incomparably strange, and it was stuck behind the token. Because the throw speed was too quick, it was practically linked with simply no way to perceive it.

Not good.

Great King Fire Horn greatly changed.

Su Xing coldly smiled.

A purple lightning net violently opened and captured Great King Fire Horn within. Su Xing subsequently gestured, and twelve Flying Swords assembled into a sword array that broke open Great King Fire Horn’s raging inferno. The swords pressed against his whole body, golden light flickering. As long as Su Xing willed it, they could destroy this Demi King.

Let alone that some of the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Demi Kings were Galaxy Early Stage, in actuality, they were very ordinary in Su Xing’s eyes. A few Demi King did not practice any sort of ability, and neither did they have any superb magic weapons. They completely relied on their Demi Clan’s innate gifts to declare themselves overlords, just like the Great King Devil Mask last time that was incapable of holding back even Su Xing’s flying swords. Even other Galaxy Cultivators could at least release flying swords and such. It could be seen these Demi Kings were all somewhat intelligent and good-looking, so of course some Demi Clans and Demi Kings were indeed frightening.

Actually, Great King Fire Horn relied on Fire Horn Mountain’s exceptionally favorable location and had excellent abilities, but he simply did not anticipate Su Xing would suddenly rebel. Furthermore, that flying sword was sharp and fierce. The purple lightning unexpectedly broke the fire qi protecting him, and by the time he returned to his senses, he was already restrained by the flying swords, incapable of moving a muscle.

“You cunning cultivator.” Great King Fire Horn cursed.

Su Xing coldly smiled. He abruptly smashed a jade plate in his hand towards the Demi King’s forehead. Great King Fire Lord screamed in fright, and the jade was smashed against him.

The jade plate transformed, and a blazing totem appeared.

Su Xing shook the jade plate, “Master, please spare me.” Demi King Fire Horn screamed in pain. He crawled upon the fire cloud, and the other Fire Shadow clan members immediately trembled and knelt. They could see that the jade plate in Su Xing’s hand was the “God Sealing Plate,”7 an Immemorial Secret Treasure specially used to capture Demi Kings. This was opportune, for Su Xing had obtained it from Demi King Golden Wings and refined it on the road. Originally, he had not hoped to capture a Demi King, after all, these Demi Kings were far from being that easy to capture. If it was not appropriate, provoking the retaliation of the other Demi Kings created benefits outweighed by the losses, but this nevertheless was a golden opportunity bestowed by the Heavens. Now, he had actually appointed its use.

In nearly the blink of an eye, Su Xing became the Great King of Fire Horn Mountain.

Qu He was stupefied, and she had not yet clearly understood how this sort of excessive transformation took place.

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  1. Raws say Flight Star, which is erroneous.
  2. 鯤鵬殿, the Kun is a giant fish that evolves into the Peng, aka Roc.
  3. 星辰降龍劍
  4. 斷水山
  5. 火角山
  6. 火影族, possible reference to Naruto, which is 火影忍者 in Chinese, but maybe not.
  7. 封神牌


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