Chapter 218: Pansi’er’s Thousand Layers Ten Thousand Calamities Web

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The Red Lotus Fairy was shocked. “Enviless of the East. What are you doing!!” The others were also greatly surprised by Enviless of the East’s abrupt action.

The Enviless of the East who struck Xie Chang’an dead with a single slap smiled: “This is merely a Scattered Star Cultivator, what is the Fairy doing getting stirred over this!”

“This Immortal arduously protected his life, yet you slapped him dead. Give This Immortal an explanation!” The Red Lotus Fairy gnashed her teeth.

The other Ancestors were also dissatisfied.

Enviless of the East said: “Enviless also fears he is yet another Star Master.”

The other Galaxy Cultivators were already somewhat in a riot. However, they were very quickly calmed by the other Ancestors.

“Enviless, your meaning is?” Ancestor Longevity narrowed his eyes.

“Hmph, to guard against the unexpected. If we were to be suddenly sneak attacked by a Star Master, would Everyone here be peaceful?” Enviless of the East looked around him, “Galaxy Cultivators able to reach this place all have some talent. Your Servant would not be at ease even if he himself died.”

Killing a cultivator in a single strike without uttering a single word. The Ancestors were shocked enough by Enviless of the East’s cautious attitude that their blood ran cold.

“It would be better to first put this off until we pass Gecko Cliff. We also require assistants, and it will suffice to keep this in mind.” Xuan Zhenzi shook his head, right now unhappily taking the big step of breaking his vow of no killing.1 This simply was giving Lady Snake Scorpion a sight to laugh at. It was just that for fear of Enviless of the East’s cultivation being the highest, he could only conform with the others.

“Hmph, fine then. In the future, do not regret it.”

The Red Lotus Fairy silently looked at the Xie Chang’an whose breath had stopped. Gazing at Enviless of the East, a trace of sinister hatred flashed in her eyes. Suddenly, she looked around and discovered that there were still two other Ancestors that had not arrived. “What about Daoist Master Qing Lian and Ancestor Qianli? How have they still not arrived?”

“No need to wait any further. Perhaps they already met with the same situation that the Red Lotus Fairy did, running into a mishap.”

Xuan Zhenzi sighed.

“What? Could it be there is a Star Master that can handle two Supercluster Old Monsters?” The Red Lotus Fairy said in disbelief. “Even if they were to encounter that legendary Purple Thunder Monster, it cannot be possible that both died? This Immortal encountered Double Clubs Huyan Zhuo and still repelled her. Does that Daoist Master Qing Lian not have a Green Lotus Peak magic weapon also…”

“Regardless of the situation, we already cannot wait any longer. This can wait until after things are finished.” Enviless of the East waved his hand.

“Or perhaps they hid themselves in preparation to loot a burning house.”

Ancestor Longevity laughed aloud.

The Red Lotus Fairy kept a lookout on the myriad caverns, suddenly shouting: “Who there is peeping!!”

Everyone was stunned. Their Divine Intents swept forth, yet nothing was peculiar at all.

“Red Lotus, you are too sensitive.” Enviless of the East said in annoyance. The Red Lotus Fairy and Daoist Master Qing Lian had a considerably “deep” friendship. Seeing her this flustered, the Ancestors said nothing but smiled with deeper meanings.

The Red Lotus Fairy wrinkled her brow. She had indeed sensed the Green Lotus Peak, but it was fleeting. Could it be she truly was mistaken?

“No more nonsense, we are leaving!”

They then swiftly moved towards the faraway cliffs.

Not long after, a youth and a cool and elegant woman walked out from the Thousand Spiders Cave.

“Did you anticipate that Enviless of the East would kill you, that you would not go out?” Wu Siyou mockingly asked.

Su Xing affirmed: “With things very clearly done to this degree, these Ancestors would not leave any of the other cultivators alive. I just didn’t think he would be so quick to act, nor do I know why.”

Su Xing looked at the corpse lying on the grasslands. Due to distance being too far, he could not clearly hear the reason Enviless of the East would kill Xie Chang’an. Actually, those Ancestors losing the Lingbo Fairy made Su Xing feel contemplative. It seems that having reached this stage, these Ancestors have begun to harbor sinister designs.

“Then what do you plan to do?”

“All roads lead to Rome. The Jade Alum Palace’s surroundings are so huge, we shall just enter from the side. Siyou, do you actually want to go together?” Su Xing still was very anxious.

“Could it be that you believe Your Servant will implicate you?” Wu Siyou sneered.

Su Xing shook his head. Since they had already reached this stage, having Wu Siyou stay here was not too possible. Lin Yingmei’s side seemingly was still somewhat troublesome, and Su Xing also wanted to settle this Ten Thousand Year Gu affair with all possible speed. At the moment, he said no more and walked along a different path.

Su Xing walked on a very large plain, the vegetation of which appeared black. Originally, he had thought that he could relax a bit after leaving the Five Poisons, but it appeared that was not the case. These black poison grasses hovered above the plains like aquatic plants. If a cultivator stayed for a long time on these plains, his energy would be absorbed by these poison grasses in a steady, unending flow, making cultivators unceasingly use Star Energy for protection, thus wasting their magic energy.

Su Xing thought that what this Lady Snake Scorpion arranged sure enough was watertight. The previous Poison Dragon Swamp, the Scorpion Barrenness, the Toad Black River and the Centipede Canyon and Thousand Spiders Cave, also, were Five Poisons of every kind, each consolidated at every step. These made people surprised, and even if they passed the Five Poisons by fluke, this seemingly tranquil poison plain was actually unwittingly absorbing the energy of people, an invisible killer.

Just as they were speeding along. Suddenly, the grasslands rustled.


A black thread like a clever snake proceeded under the cover of the poison grasses as it suddenly went straight for Su Xing.

Su Xing’s face sunk, and he coldly snorted, shaking his sleeve. More than ten Purple Thunders fiercely shot out from his sleeve in succession. Immediately after, he raised the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword. This Astral Treasure cut empty space, and a scarlet Sword Qi ferociously slashed.

Su Xing discerned that the poison thread in front of him and the Thousand Corpse Queen Spider’s poison thread were very similar. He did not dare neglect it. Using the Purple Thunder and Clinging Fire to break it, destroying this spider silk was not a problem at all with the Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder and Clinging Fire. However, he had not expected that after a “puff, puff,” sound, that black thread would penetrate the Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder as if it was not there. Then, the Purple Thunder flashed, and the Purple Thunder’s purple clouds instantly were split in two by the spider silk.

Furthermore, the closely following Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword that slashed this object was not any stronger than the Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder. It only made the spider silk’s toughness show, and then it was similarly cut up. This spider silk practically was a divine weapon.  

This spider silk that did not stop in the slightest had not yet reached Su Xing.

Su Xing was greatly surprised, and flicking five fingers, a purple lotus flower was unhurriedly flicked out. Blocking towards the spider silk, it was nearly at the same time that Su Xing moved out his Flying Sword. The Heave Tearing Golden Swords flashed and directly hacked downwards.

The power of Five Spirits perhaps encountering an item of mutual restraint would be easily pierced through, but the Heaven Tearing Flying Swords’ attack could cope with it.

Su Xing mind quickly brainstormed. It was like his own, as expected. When Heaven Tearing slashed onto the spider silk, it immediately made the spider silk that was flying over stall in place. Su Xing had not yet urged on the Flying Sword’s powers when he heard a cold laugh from an unknown place. The spider silk was briefly indistinct, and it unexpectedly released more than a hundred black threads. The hundred strings turned, forming a massive spider web.

Then a layer of strange silk appeared on the spider web. The Flying Sword’s light and the serene light touched, unexpectedly entangling the Heaven Tearing whose sharpness was matchless.

Su Xing coldly chuckled, striking several hand seals.

Heaven Tearing’s golden light flourished, revolving into a sword array. With a rustle, the spider silk had been ripped open, but Su Xing was shocked to discover a blemish had appeared in Heaven Tearing’s spiritual power. This spider web’s background was not small, unexpectedly corrupting a Sword Chant.

Su Xing recalled the swords.

“That the Thousand Corpse Queen Spider would die at your hands actually is not an injustice. Unexpectedly, you are capable of breaking even Your Servant’s ‘Thousand Layers Ten Thousand Calamities Web.’”2

Each word was somewhat seductive, yet the voice was also full of shock.

Su Xing hinted to Wu Siyou with his eyes. The Pilgrim understood tacitly and concealed her figure.

“Playing tricks before Your Servant. Hmph.”

The voice sneered, and spider silk shot out from nowhere, forming a net wall. The spider silk released black qi, leaving Wu Siyou no choice but to halt her advance.

An alluringly adorned woman leisurely walked out. What she wore was extremely erotic. Her chest was wrapped only with a tiny red bodice, close to half-naked, and her flower skirt swayed gently. Her fine black hair had a crystal web-shaped adornment, and her eyes were lovely and erotic. In particular were her ten slender and fine fingers, the black nails of which shot spider silk that she played around with in her palm.

Her cultivation was Supercluster Early Stage.

A Demi King!!

Su Xing had heard that the Gecko Cliff past the Five Poisons of Five Poisons Mountain would be the final barrier to the Jade Alum Palace. Although Gecko Cliff was unlike the previous Five Poisons that were dangerous at every step, one wrong step would be a complete disaster. However, similar dangers were layered. Several thousand Demi Soldiers guarded the cliff, and the Five Poisons Demi Kings of Five Poisons Mountain were even more ready for battle. They could not be ignored.

However, Su Xing could never have thought that his killing the Thousand Corpse Queen Spider would alarm Pansi’er. This pretty and flirty Demi King Pansi searched for the presence of the Thousand Corpse Queen Spider’s soul. Pansi’er then quickly pursued, having a chance encounter with the Su Xing that wanted to walk an isolated trail.

Behind Pansi’er were an additional hundred Demi Soldiers, each demonic and fiendish.

“Little Ones, kill this cheating couple.” Demi King Pansi yelled.

So as to avoid the White and Black Unicorn Tiger’s tiger growl attracting the others’ attention, Wu Siyou had stored the White and Black Unicorn Tiger into her Star World. Seeing that this group of Demi Soldiers had come to die, she disdainfully raised the double-headed sword to attack. These Demi Soldiers hidden deep in Vermilion Bird Territory and Demi King Pansi did not understand much about the Star Duels. They did not look at Wu Siyou’s Noble Frost Demonic Lotus, only taking her to be a martial cultivator.

Su Xing at this time also launched an attack, however, the space was only a few zhang. As far as Su Xing was concerned, people that relied only on speed practically could be ignored. It was just that Demi King Pansi’s speed made him very surprised, unexpectedly not neglecting her in the slightest.

A sinister and enchanting laugh!

The two entered into battle in an instant. Su Xing immediately sniffed danger, drawing back without stopping at all. He had already retreated far away, and a bucket-like black spider web already shot violently towards the place he had was just fighting at. The terrifying power violently crushed the stone and spattered it. A large hole already appeared at that place.

In just a short moment of contact, Su Xing had returned without any achievements.

Such a quick attack, and the power of that “Thousand Layers Ten Thousand Calamities Web” also was abnormally valiant.

The Vermilion Bird Territory’s Demi King were unlike the Vermilion Bird Territory’s3 cultivators, for they had Supercluster magic energy but exceedingly few powers. As a result, if similar realms were to fight, the majority of the Azure Dragon Territory cultivators could win with greater probability. However, there were still a few Demi Kings that possessed powers that were more powerful than cultivators’ flying swords and magic weapons. If they were encountered, let alone that their realms were the same as a cultivator’s even those one realm higher would not necessarily be an opponent.

All Demi Kings had their own abilities, and seeing this Demi King Pansi, it was very clear hers was a spider silk ability. It was unknown to what stage that Thousand Layers Ten Thousand Calamities Web had been refined to in her body. The myriad spider silk allowed her to search, and it was several times more powerful than flying swords turned to thread. A single Thousand Layers Ten Thousand Calamities Web absolutely could make cultivators sink into a place with no reprieve.

If she had encountered other cultivators. Even if it was an opponent of Ancestor Qianli’s level, Pansi’er had the self-confidence to win, but the person she encountered was Su Xing, a cultivator that although was Galaxy Early Stage nevertheless created many miracles. Of course, apart from him, there was still another even more frightening fighter.


Wu Siyou coldly smiled, suddenly rushing over. A spider web opened, and though the Harm Star stepped within, it was like her shoes tread level ground. Unexpectedly, she was not obstructed in the slightest.

“How is this possible!”

Pansi’er was astonished.

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  1. 大開殺戒, 殺戒 refers to the Buddhist doctrine of not killing living creatures.
  2. 千重萬劫網
  3. Author might mean Azure Dragon, actually


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