Chapter 299: Meeting Suo Qingshuang Again

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At the border of Evil Smiting Hall’s extreme ice region was an environment completely the opposite, a volcanic zone.

There on the mountain, it continuously rumbled.

A snow-white leopard spotted horse with its four hooves treading flames currently galloped. This Star Beast was known as the Raging Inferno Snow Leopard Horse.1 In the Evil Smiting Hall, this was a Star Beast mount that was hard to come by. The body of the woman sitting on top of the horse wore a dull palace dress, incomparably gorgeous. In front of the horse, two girls currently were on riding swords fleeing. It was just that the speed of this horse treading on flames was not the least bit inferior compared to Flying Swords. High up in the sky, a thousand meters in one step, it steadily chased the girls.

“Little Sister, where do you think you are running to.”

The woman playfully laughed, and the Raging Inferno Snow Leopard Horse’s woman was none other than the ranked nineteenth Flight Star Impatient Vanguard Suo Chao.

“Stay behind!!”

Another cold voice asserted. A beautifully robed man dropped from the sky to intercept in front of the two girls. He wore a purple jade cap and a Purple Dragon Black Belt. Without a doubt, he was the Star Master of the Impatient Vanguard Suo Chao, Zhao Heng.

A sneering expression hung upon Zhao Heng’s mouth. More than thirty Clinging Fire Flying Swords were suspended in his surroundings.

The two girls helplessly stopped. The two of them appeared quite dazzling as well, and one of them was an unruly young lady whose red eyes loosed fire, as if they were a blaze. If Su Xing was present, he definitely would be greatly astonished because these were not just anyone. They were the Flame Princess Tuoba Yan and Fiery Eyed Suan’ni Whole Star Deng Rongxi that had pledged the Nether River Blood Oath with him before.

Deng Rongxin’s eyes were like a lion’s, brimming with an aggressive and angry intent.

“Elder Sister is quite formidable to have obtained the Raging Inferno Snow Leopard Horse, there is no need to make things difficult for Little Sister! It would be better to wait for Little Sister to capture the ‘Wild Fire Suan’ni,’2 and then determine who is higher and lower.”

The Impatient Vanguard Suo Qingshuang smiled: “Little Sister, that is quite the joke. Just relying on you two, you want to capture the Wild Fire Suan’ni truly is courting death. You might as well allow Elder Sister to send you on a journey.”

“Are you Heavenly Stars not supposed to wait until you are complete Star Generals in order to be victors?” Tuoba Yan shouted, her True Fire Flying Sword’s imposing air not any more weaker than Zhao Heng’s Clinging Fire Flying Sword.

Zhao Heng smiled: “You Earthly Stars are supposed to be used as cannon fodder. Star Fall earlier, Star Fall later, what difference is there. This Palace advises you two had better obediently wait with your hands tied, so as to avoid dying painfully.”

“It seems Rongxin has seen Elder Sister wrongly.” Deng Rongxin grit her teeth. The Enraged Heavenly Starfire Hammer in her hands spouted flames, transforming into a lion shape, showing the anger of one involved.

Suo Qingshuang hung a disdainful smile, “Your Highness, allow Your Servant alone to personally handle these two Little Sisters.”

“As you like.” Zhao Heng nodded, folding his arms to watch.

Suo Qingshuang obtained the Star beast Raging Inferno Snow Leopard Horse and became a complete Star General. She just happened to want to use this chance to steel her cooperation with her Star Beast. Add on to encountering these two, how could Suo Qingshuang let this go. The Impatient Vanguard itched to get started. She laughed, and then the Raging Inferno Snow Leopard Horse raised its hooves, bursting forth for the two girls. Deng Rongxin released the Enraged Heavenly Starfire Hammer, and the Starfire Hammer whooshed over, becoming a large swathe of Starfire. This fire was like a blooming flower, enveloping Suo Qingshuang in layer after layer. This was her Yellow Rank Technique, Suan’ni Heaven Roaring Flame.

Tuob Yan also was not idle, her True Fire Flying Swords moving forth to attack.

The Flight Star Impatient Vanguard Suo Chao lightly smiled, straddling the Raging Inferno Snow Leopard Horse that charged violently. Sitting upon the Star Beast, the four hooves slid with raging fire, dodging the Flying Swords. The Suan’ni Heaven Roaring Flame was extinguished by this other Starfire, and it easily broke through the attacks of the two. The Raging Inferno Snow Leopard Horse instantly arrived in front of the two. Suo Qingshuang did not take out her own Star Weapon either. Rather, she directed the Raging Fire Snow Leopard Horse’s attacks.

The horse hooves stomped, shaking Tuoba Yan and Deng Rongxin into spitting blood, forcing them back several steps.

The eyes of the Fiery Eyed Suan’ni turned red. She pounced up like a lion, one hand continuously waving the Starfire Hammer, the other gripped in a claw. She made ripping streaks of light, and this was the Fire Ni Ripping.

Suo Qingshuang pulled. The Raging Fire Snow Leopard Horse immediately evaded. How could she have anticipated that the Fiery Eyed Suan’ni would jump up, with another Fire Ni Ripping grasping at the Flight Star.

The Impatient Vanguard was slightly stunned, yet she was actually still calm. The Raging Inferno Snow Leopard quickly retreated, dodging once more.

“Little Sister, not bad.”

Suo Qingshuang said sweetly.

The Raging Inferno Snow Leopard Horse whinnied, all of a sudden spitting out an odd flame that was a mix of fire and ice. It broke apart the two sides and attacked Deng Rongxin and Tuoba Yan. Her Flying Swords obstructed this odd fire. Tuoba Yan shouted, suddenly leaping with Fiery Eyed Suan’ni Deng Rongxin, both simultaneously pouncing towards Suo Qingshuang with extreme tacit understanding.

Let alone that the martial force of the Flight Star not using her Destined Star Weapon was profound, if she only wanted to rely on a Star Beast to defeat a Star General, that would not be so easy.

Suo Qingshuang slightly smiled. On hand made a clawing motion, as if she was already waiting for the pleasant surprise of her targets jumping up. Just at this moment, suddenly, Tuoba Yan and Deng Rongxin both suddenly changed direction, aiming at the motionless Zhao Heng on the sidelines.

Compared to killing a Star General, killing the Star Master clearly was much simpler.

Deng Rongxin angrily shouted, her intimidating aura frightening like a lion’s. The Enraged Heavenly Starfire Hammer raised a furious burning sound, suddenly flaring without warning like Starfire, all of a sudden burning a thousand li.

Dark Rank Technique.

Wild Fire Prairie Fire!3

Tuoba Yan also was not inferior in any respect, one palm moving with a flourish. Beside controlling her Flying Swords to face Zhao Heng’s Flying Swords, her other palm concentrated the power of Fire Energy. This was the Fourth Palm she originally learned from the “Conflagration Sky Nine Chapters.”

A suffocating flame pounced forth.

It greatly had a sort of Conflagration Sky Earth Destroying tyrannical power.

Zhao Heng was expressionless. His mocking tone did not diminish in the slightest. To be able to reach the Third Phase, all Star Master naturally knew what roles they played in the Star Duels. It was for this reason that he was not neglectful at this moment. The so-called sneak attack under their noses basically lacked any meaning. If it was a move like before when Tuoba Yan and Deng Rongxin attacked together, then perhaps it would have made Zhao Heng somewhat more careful. But ever since the Purple Thunder Monster took the limelight, breaking the Star Duels’ balance, Father Emperor specially gifted him a powerful Heavenly Spirit Astral Treasure, and those in the sects were even more generous to him, even giving him a practically Sect Guarding Heavenly Spirit Astral Treasure.

Ten Thousand Fires Star Breaking Writ.4

“A firefly’s light dares be impudent!”

Zhao Heng laughed derisively. He had already been on guard. A token protected from the top of his head, and a clump of Essence Fire flowed out, like a continuous stream of water without end. The flames became an Odd Beast of Flame that opened its mouth wide to swallow them. Unexpectedly, it slammed against Deng Rongxin’s Dark Rank Special Move and Tuoba Yan. A blaze and gale filled the skies, leaving the area barren.

But even if the Fiery Eyed Suan’ni was an Earthly Star, a Dark Rank Move was not easy to look down on.

Although the Ten Thousand Fires Star Breaking Writ protected Zhao Heng, even automatically returning to its master, the power the Starfire Hammer shook out still made Zhao Heng’s stomach stuffy. He nearly vomited blood. The Great Liang’s Second Crown Prince had met with this humiliation, and his face was slightly unsightly.

In contrast, Tuoba Yan and Deng Rongxin were in a difficult situation. Caught in a pincer attack between Zhao Heng and Suo Qingshuang, they were already powerless to reverse such dire circumstances.

“Master, quickly come save me!”

Tuoba Yan at this time saw she had no hope and shouted.

“Cry your throat apart, no one will come save you.” Suo Qingshuang laughed, actually not that worried to attack murderously. The Star Master in front of her was incapable of leaving Evil Smiting Hall anyways. She could be played with in the palm of her hand.

“Truly laughable. This place is Evil Smiting Hall, would your master have something or the capabilities to enter here?” Zhao Heng sneered.

Although Tuoba Yan knew this was indeed true, she held on to a strand of hope she had in her.

“Qingshuang, do it.” Zhao Heng calmly hinted. They did not have much time either.

Suo Qingshuang nodded.

The Raging Inferno Snow Leopard Horse stamped its four hooves, emitting a cruel qi, “Next, Little Sister, just let This Palace test how to quickly cut you down!” Suo Qingshuang brought out the Hundred Thousand Dragons Flame Axe. One look showed it was a Three Star Destined Weapon, and Tuoba Yan was even more despairing.


The Flight Star Impatient Vanguard Suo Chao did not say much, rapidly urging the horse to charge forth. The Hundred Thousand Dragons Flame Axe aimed at Deng Rongxin. With this strike, the two absolutely had no chance to return alive.

There was a stifling wind, a hoarse whinny, and a chilly killing intent all mixed together to cover them from the front.

Just when Tuoba Yan and Deng Rongxin were close to despair, there suddenly was a cold light that threaded together, fast as lightning. With power like a heavy thunderclap, there was a clang. An extreme cold restrained the extreme heat. Suo Qingshuang was greatly astonished, the Raging Inferno Snow Leopard Horse unexpectedly retreating several dozen steps.

Suo Qingshuang showed astonishment. Raising her head to look, she saw a cold and detached girl riding atop a beast of white frost had appeared between her and the Fiery Eyed Suan’ni. Between her apathetic brows was slight charming. Suo Qingshuang thought she was in an illusion. When she saw her counterpart raise that long spear, she immediately lost her voice.

“Lin Chong!!!”

The newcomer was not just anyone. She was Majestic Star Panther Head Lin Yingmei.

“Hasn’t it been a long time since we last met?”

Another mocking voice came down from above. Su Xing floated baselessly in the sky. Slowly descending, his expression looked at Zhao Heng and Suo Qingshuang with endless thoughtfulness.

“Lin Chong??”

Tuoba Yan and Deng Rongxin were completely shocked, not understanding the situation in front of them. They never expected there actually would be someone descending like a divine soldier to avert this calamity. Even more unanticipated was that that was Panther Head Lin Chong!!

Zhao Heng’s relaxed expression immediately froze. His body stretched taut, the Ten Thousand Fire Star Breaking Writ and the thirty-three Clinging Fire Flying Swords waited idle at full charge.

“Truly interesting. Unexpectedly, provoking Lin Chong to descend.” Suo Qingshuang still smiled as before, comforting the Clinging Fire Snow Leopard Horse. Ice-cold rays of light flashed inside her eyes. Seeing Lin Chong straddle that Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast was even more chilly: “The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast…amazing…”

“Truly in the nick of time.” Su Xing laughed aloud. He glanced at the Tuoba Yan and Deng Rongxin who had not lowered their hostility.

To say of it, he indeed was very timely. Just as Su Xing and Lin Yingmei were having intimate intercourse, he suddenly sensed that the Nether River Blood Oath flared up, and he heard Tuoba Yan’s plea. Therefore, Su Xing could not possibly watch them die and not save them, to ignore them. Following the path, he found them, fortunately very quickly spotting the scene of Suo Qingshuang wielding the long axe about to slay Deng Rongxin.

Su Xing as usual flipped out the Birth Treasure Outline.

The so-called “know yourself, know your enemy,” let alone that he was truly brimming with curiosity towards these Star Maidens.

Star Position: Flight Star

Star Name: Suo Chao

Nickname: Impatient Vanguard

True Name: Suo Qingshuang

Rank: Nineteenth

Star Weapon: Hundred Thousand Dragons Flame Axe (Three Star)

Star Beast: Raging Inferno Snow Leopard Horse

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques Eighth Stage

Innate Skill: Forward Charge5

Five Elements: Fire

Yellow Rank Special Move: Hundred Thousand Fire Dragons Rapid Kill

Dark Rank Special Move: Mountains And Rivers Shattering6

Current Status: Contractor/Zhao Heng

Detailed Materials: …

Seeing that glittering Birth Treasure Outline, regardless of whether it was Zhao Heng or Tuoba Yan, the expressions of everyone changed.

“Does Elder Sister Lin Chong also want to mind This Palace’s idle affairs?” Impatient Vanguard Suo Qingshuang smiled.

“Just let Your Servant accompany you!” Lin Yingmei’s face was expressionless, clenching the Arctic Star Serpent Spear with one hand. Suo Qingshuang’s axe just now was extremely violent, breaking the Wind Concealing Divine Stone’s screen with a single chop. The power of the Impatient Vanguard was not easily looked down on.

“This Palace just happens to have this idea!” Suo Qingshuang gave a crooked grin.

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  1. 烈火雪豹馬
  2. 狂火狻猊
  3. 狂火燎原
  4. 萬火破星令
  5.  衝鋒
  6.  山河破碎


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