Chapter 333: The Happiness Together Courtyard And The Dafan Temple

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The two Happiness Together Courtyard disciples’ expressions slightly changed.

The surrounding people saw they were about to fight, and thus immediately scattered.

“You still do not release lady benefactor,” The Dafan Temple was led by a tall monk , each word he spoke heavy as a mountain.

“Does your Dafan Temple truly dare to violate dharma?” The two Happiness Together Courtyard monks laughed.


The tall monk furiously yelled, throwing a punch, and a golden light appeared on his fist.

Their counterparts clearly somewhat were fearful. A slight craftiness flashed past their eyes, and suddenly, they placed the woman’s body in front of them to act as a shield. The Dafan Temple monk did not expect his opponents to be surprisingly so despicable, so firmly halted his boxing technique.

“Truly, you are courting death, ha, ha.”

When both of them saw, they immediately made a coordinated pincer attack from the left and right.

Bang, bang.

Several “stones” struck the joints of their bodies. Their arms hurt, releasing the muddled woman being used as a shield. Their attack was also stopped. The expressions of the two monks changed, and the tall monk seized this chance to bring that woman over.

“Which bastard without eyes unexpectedly dares to involves themselves with the affairs of Happiness Together Courtyard.”

The Happiness Together Courtyard monks were infuriated.

At this time, the people on the streets parted. Only a few Star Cultivators were spectating, and among them, one man and seven women were the most conspicuous.

“Using a woman as a shield, indeed you will incur the wrath of Heaven.”

Su Xing sinisterly laughed.

“Galaxy Late Stage.”

The two monks saw Su Xing’s cultivation, and their anger immediately settled. However, this place was the domain of Buddhism. Even if the Great Liang Dynasty’s Emperor Liang were to come here, he would be wholeheartedly pious. Relying on this fact, one monk said: “What a cultivator ignorant of the immensity of Heaven and Earth, to unexpectedly dare meddle in Buddhism’s affairs.”

“For monks like you, Your Servant feels it is better for you to reincarnate a little earlier as plants.” Su Xing said. His fingers flicked, shooting out five arcs of purple lightning. The Happiness Together Courtyard monks wove hand seals, taking out a Vajra Buddhist Monk Staff, sweeping it over.

The purple lightning fought against the Vajra Buddhist Monk Staff.

The monks’ cultivations were Galaxy Middle Stage, but the Buddhist magics and powers of Buddhist cultivation were always mysteries within mysteries. The Buddhist staff’s magic energy was enough to shake the lightning. Just as that monk was prepared to swing the staff at Su Xing, at this time, he nevertheless abruptly stopped. The Happiness Together Courtyard monk’s expression looked with uncertainty at Su Xing’s beauties. He turned his head back towards the Dafan Temple monks and yelled: “Today, the Dafan Temple has hurt our Happiness Together Courtyard’s face, hindering Our Temple’s practice of Buddhism. Poor Monk definitely will report this matter to Honored Sir and follow his decision.”

When he finished speaking, he glanced at Su Xing, and they immediately fled.

Seeing them flee so nimbly away, Su Xing actually could not easily act. Originally, he had hoped these two monks would fight, so he could conveniently destroy them – to force themselves onto a woman in broad daylight like this, he honestly did not have any favorable feelings.

The Buddha Kingdom citizens acted as if nothing happened. Once the matter was settled, they then continued to love doing what they should have been doing. On the contrary, many Star Cultivators threw expressions of great shock at Su Xing –  this man from who knows where bringing this many gorgeous beauties and appearing at the Buddha Kingdom clearly was a provocation.

“Amitabha, sadhu, sadhu.1 This Benefactor possess a heart of great compassion and empathy, allow Poor Monk to praise.”

The Dafan Temple monks publicly cried.

“Is she alright?” Su Xing asked.

“Without inconvenience, without inconvenience. Only a minor bewitching spell.” That tall monk smiled. He pointed at the woman’s forehead, read an incantation with a Buddhist chanting, producing an air of solemnity. A moment later, the woman’s hazy eyes gradually regained their luster.

When the woman finally sobered, as expected, she could not remember what had happened before, but she had been sightseeing the temple fairs when she suddenly heard two monks come to her to pass a sermon. Slowly, she lost consciousness. The tall monk gave her a Buddhism bead, saying: “That is the Happiness Together Courtyard’s ‘Great Happiness and Formless Empty Comprehension,’2 specially used to confuse unaware women. They swindle these women into the walls of Courtyard to become cauldrons for Dual Cultivation. Benefactor, in the future, if anyone comes to you to preach, so long as you keep this bead on you, chant ‘Essence cultivating Brahma acts, my Buddha’s mercy’ three times; then you can resist bewitchment.”

The woman expressed her gratitude over and over again, and then she quickly left.

That tall Dafan Temple monk once again introduced himself to Su Xing: “Poor Monk is Brahma Mo.”3

“Poor Monk is Brahma Hui.”4

“Your Servant is Su Xing.” Su Xing nodded. He was unknown in this place anyways, so whether his name was real or fake lacked meaning. “These are Your Servant’s wives. We heard about the Feast of All Souls, the myriad schools of Buddhism, so we came out of curiosity. However, having heard Great Master’s words just now, this Buddhist Pure Land is apparently not too pure.”

The slightly younger Brahma Hui angrily interjected: “The Happiness Together Courtyard is the disgrace of the mundane. How can the Dafan Temple be compared with such filth.”

“Benefactor, we implore you to be cautious. The Happiness Together Courtyard cultivates ‘Happiness Zen,’5 particularly suited to bewitching women, especially female cultivators from the Azure Dragon Territory. Benefactor’s beautiful family will perhaps attract the attention of the Happiness Together Courtyard. If Benefactor is afraid of trouble, Poor Monk has Dafan Buddhist Beads…” Brahma Mo said.

“This Great Master is compassionate, Your Servant thanks you, however, that is not necessary.” Su Xing chuckled. “If they dare come, Your Servant shall have them go see Buddha himself.”

Su Xing’s cultivation was Galaxy Late Stage. Things like bewitchment Soul Techniques and such naturally did not need them to do more than what was required. Brahma Mo also probed them a bit further.

“Poor Monk still has other matters. This is goodbye. If Benefactor has reason, come to Dafan Temple.”

Brahma Mo and Brahma Hui took their leave.

Su Xing did not delay them, instead slightly shaking his head.

“Big Brother, why do you shake your head? They seem to be very good.” An Suwen was confused.

“This Mundane Pure Land honestly isn’t the least bit pure.” Su Xing smiled.


Wu Xinjie said: “Little Sister did not notice? The Happiness Together Courtyard uses Soul Techniques to bewitch while this Dafan Temple also is covertly promoting their own Buddhism. Their appearance is that of rescuers, but actually they are taking advantage of bad situations to grow their believers…They each have sinister motives, however, the Dafan Temple is indeed much better than that Happiness Together Courtyard.”

“It is hard to avoid fights and schemes in the Buddha Kingdom.” Wu Siyou was somewhat disappointed.

“Where there are people, there will be outlaws. Where there are outlaws, there will be messy affairs. It’s unavoidable.” Su Xing was already accustomed to this, but the power struggle of Buddha Kingdom appeared to be much more complex and disordered than he had imagined. Originally, Su Xing thought the Buddha Kingdom was prevalent in Buddhism, now it seemed that was far from the case.

“It seems to bloom this Meditative Mind we must first clearly discern the powers of Buddha Kingdom.” Su Xing said.

“Now is This Young Lady’s time to go on stage.” Shi Yuan smiled attractively, walking in front of everyone with a colored glass prayer bead in her hand.

“Yuan’er, you went and gathered information just now?” Lin Yingmei’s brows rose.

Shi Yuan proudly nodded.

“As the Best Thief Under Heaven, Little Sister certainly has lots of professional ethics. This Buddha Kingdom feels very disharmonious, so Little Sister went and investigated.”

Everyone praised Shi Yuan’s scruples, “Alright, Yuan’er, do not spoil things for now. First, find a place. There are too many prying eyes here.” Wu Xinjie said.


A couple hours later, Su Xing’s group found a “General Crossing”6 tavern to stay in. Upon entering their room, Shi Yuan impatiently brought up the news she had acquired.

As Su Xing had anticipated, although the Mundane Pure Land was called Buddha Kingdom, the reality was this place nevertheless was a place that cultivated three thousand Buddhist Paths, with crooks mixed in with honest folk, people from all trades, with all varieties present, probably better than the Azure Dragon Territory by only a bit.

Buddhism propagated the teaching of seeing a world in a flower, a world in a blade of grass. For this reason, this Buddha Kingdom altogether was split into eighteen Celestials, like the Great Liang Dynasty’s provinces.

In these Eighteen Celestials were found thousands of Buddhist sects.

Among them was the particularly often heard of “Six Ancestors One Saint.”7

“What sort of people are the Six Ancestors One Saint?” Su Xing curiously asked.

Shi Yuan pondered: “The Six Ancestors are the equivalent of this place’s strongest Buddhist Cultivators, peak characters. Yuan’er guesses they’re probably of cultivations that are at least Supervoid Stage. And that One Saint is even more powerful.”

“Could it be Transforming Star of Annihilation?”

“The One Saint is called Saint Four Noble Truths. More than ten years ago, he reached Supervoid Late Stage, earlier than Emperor Liang. Ten years ago, he entered seclusion inside the nine level pagoda at the middle of the Mundane World to comprehend Transforming Star of Annihilation. Reportedly, he is possibly already at a stage where he can enter Transforming Star of Annihilation.”

Saint Four Noble Truths was a Buddha-like existence. They probably could find information about him just by asking around only a little bit.

“What positions are the Happiness Together Courtyard and the Dafan Temple situated in?” Wu Xinjie pondered: “Are they among the Six Ancestors?”

“It seems so. I didn’t investigate too much, but what that Dafan Temple monk said is right. The Happiness Together Courtyard seems to have a bad reputation in this place, the most unpopular of the Six Great Buddhist Schools.”

“Is that so?” Wu Xinjie’s eyes had a cunning light.

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  1. Would not be surprised if Yan’er or Suwen would be targeted.. Yan’er feels kind of likely really, while looking for information or something

  2. “They swindle these women into the walls of Courtyard to become cauldrons for Dual Cultivation.”

    Holy shit they’re abhorrent. I think its been a while since Su Xing last pissed off a major sect. Maybe it’s time for an encore.

    “Is that so?” Wu Xinjie’s eyes had a cunning light.

    Oh, yeah, scheme, baby. Give them the Blooming Water Sword Sect treatment, but worse, the full course.

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