Chapter 455: “Wealth Star” Li Qingqiao

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Using only a few dozen words, a few moments of time, Su Xing brought back the Soul Nurturing Wood and Mind Setting Grass. He was efficiently quick. Chai Ling who had not even made her mental preparations was under the impression Su Xing already had them. In actuality, the real reason was just that Su Xing used that Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo as he walked around a market square, and thus, he made the transactions.

Zhang Yuqi, having sustained Soul Has Been Lost status, was fighting for minutes. Although the Soul Nurturing Wood and Mind Setting Grass could be obtained, the travel back and forth required lots of time. The Damage Star’s condition was far from good, and Su Xing naturally would not waste time.

As for the difficult to find Soul Nurturing Wood, Mind Setting Grass and such, so long as he himself put out his bargaining chips for a transaction, especially with his lavishness, an exchange was easy as turning over his hand. Liangshan Continent’s cultivators were so numerous, it was not strange for some to have a secret stash.

After hearing Su Xing downplayed explanation, Chai Ling was taken aback – he honestly was meticulous, as if the Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo was worthless.

“Next, what’s the Devil Star?” Su Xing’s question pulled Chai Ling back from her astonishment.

“Ah.” Chai Ling opened the Golden Thread Feather Fan, hiding her emotions. She said: “Zhang Shun’s has been taken away by the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone’s cut. The way to return her soul is very simple. Just shatter that Devil Star on the weapon. In the end, use the Mind Setting Grass to seize and return her soul.”


Xi Yue felt this was practically harder than climbing the heavens.

“She was injured by Great Blade Guan Sheng. Now that Guan Sheng is again at the Black Turtle Territory’s number one Devil Star Palace recuperating, Xi Yue is afraid that she will not leave seclusion for the near future. Could it be we must charge through this Devil Palace?” Xi Yue’s tone was hoarse. Furthermore, even without her saying about a rush through the Devil Palace, how were they to take back that soul from the Five Star Great Blade.

The sole method was to kill Guan Sheng, but that was an assignment that was impossible to achieve from the very start.

“This will have to depend on what level your relationship with Zhang Yuqi is at.” Chai Ling’s words had a deeper meaning.

“Chai Ling, if you have a countermeasure, just say it directly.” Su Xing said.

“This Palace and Guan Ying have a relationship. This Palace can hand over a keepsake to you. So long as you can show this keepsake when you see Guan Ying, This Palace believes she will not make things difficult for you.”


“Which one of the nine generations of Great Blade Guan Shengs have not been loyal or brave, overwhelmingly righteous. However, while this Guan Ying has reached an extreme, her essence still maintains a martial general’s spirit of the warrior. THis Palace’s request, she will not decline.” Chai Ling explained confidently.

But then came the problem.

Who could infiltrate the Devil Star Palace to go see Guan Sheng. Furthermore, there had to be a guarantee they would not encounter Great Saint Starkiller.

That was but the Black Turtle Territory’s number one Devil Palace. The Nine Hells also were merely so.

“Little Sister’s affairs naturally will be assumed by me, as the Elder Sister.” Zhang Feiyu was resolute and decisive.

Xi Yue also said: “Since this is a matter of Feiyu’s Little Sister. Your Servant also cannot stand by and watch.”

“You two are going? This is courting death.” Su Xing shook his head.

‘Exactly. The Devil Star Palace has impressive precautions. Even if you infiltrate the palace, you would be in violation of the Star Duels’ regulations. The Devil Star Palace can take action against you at any moment.” Chai Ling leisurely stroked Xing’er. 

“Even if I die, I am going…” Zhang Feiyu stared at Su Xing, as if she was mocking his fear.

How could she have expected that Su Xing’s next sentence would make her stunned.

“You’ll cause trouble if you go. It’s enough for just me alone to go.”


All of the beauties were dumbstruck.

“Dear Husband…”

Before they indulged in delusions, Su Xing explained: “The reason why I’ll go is, first, I want to sign a contract with Zhang Yuqi. Since a contract always requires some sort of price, then naturally I will go. The second is that I have Hiding. Infiltrating Devil Star Palace is no problem, and even if I run into danger, I can deal with it. Don’t forget, Langya is the bane of the Devil Star Palace.”

Speaking of Langya, Chai Ling then remembered to remind him: “The Devil Star Palace has already diffused information about your Langya to the entire Black Turtle Territory. Now, you are but everyone’s enemy.”

“Is that so?” Su Xing was not very concerned about such a minor thing. He was already used to it.

Chai Ling’s eyes held charm. She gently laughed and said: “Xing’er, you honestly are peculiar. You have offended all of the Azure Dragon Territory and the Black Turtle Territory, yet you can still be so free.”

“Back on topic, if Xing’er’s Sisters return, you can completely crush Devil Star Palace, and there would be no need for this amount of trouble.” Chai Ling glanced enticingly.

Upon consideration, what Su Xing said was fair and reasonable. Zhang Feiyu was unable to refute him. Balance Star Boatman Zhang Feiyu clapped both her hands onto Su Xing’s shoulders, her deep feelings saying that her Little Sister’s life was entrusted to him. 

“Dear Husband.”

Before he departed, Hu Niangzi showed a bitter face.

“Wife, just stay here. I alone will be good.” Su Xing smiled.

“Niangzi is Dear Husband’s Star General, how can Niangzi watch Dear Husband face danger.” Hu Niangzi bit her lips, speaking with strictness yet fully helpless.

Su Xing whispered into her ear: “Wife, Dear Husband has let you down. Do not blame yourself. To speak of it, this is still my failure.”

“Ah?” Hu Niangzi was stunned.

“That night, I wanted to put you into the Star Nest, but…” But Su Xing tapped her, yet their Star Nest was not connected in any way. At that time, Su Xing understood the wet dream he had the other night with Lin Yingmei was real. However, his partner was Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Sanniang.

And he himself was surprisingly completely unaware. Come to think of it, Hu Niangzi’s heart must have been suffering for a very long time after losing her virginity.

This was truly wretched.

“Actually, Wife initiated…Because…” Hu Niangzi started to speak but stopped.

“Because what?” Su Xing was surprised.

“Nothing.” Hu Niangzi smiled painfully. Clearly, she did not want to talk about this topic.

Su Xing was silent for a moment. He nodded, slightly smiled and said: “Even if you don’t have a Star Nest, even if Dear Husband has to stake his own life, I will protect you.”

How could Hu Niangzi doubt this point. Ten Feet of Blue’s eyes grew moist, nearly crying.

Su Xing dearly consoled her.

“However, you didn’t have repercussions after you lost your virginity? Is your body still unwell right now?” Su Xing asked, concerned. He remembered that Wu Xinjie and Lin Yingmei both had had many twists and turns.

“None.” Hu Niangzi shook her head. In actuality, how could Su Xing have known that there were three Star Generals among Maiden Mountain’s 108 Star Maidens that did not need to pay any price for losing their virginity. Hu Niangzi was one of them.

So at that time, Su Xing had doubted the reality of that wet dream. However, the Hu Niangzi at that time did not exhibit any abnormalities of debilitation, so he dismissed the idea.

“Right, was Little Huang there that night?” Su Xing awkwardly said. When he woke up, Little Huang was sleeping to one side. Then this means…Hu Niangzi’s ears were thoroughly red.

Her first night in her bridal chambers unexpectedly was witnessed for the entire night by a seven, eight year old Elder Sister. At that time, Hu Niangzi was nearly embarrassed to death.

Seeing her finally put away her hurt feeling, Su Xing’s mood was much better. He hugged Hu Niangzi. Only after Chai Ling, Zhang Feiyu and Xi Yue walk out did Hu Niangzi finally leap away.

“Are we interrupting you?” Chai Ling seemed odd.

“Are we ready?” Su Xing asked.

“En. This token can allow you entry to Devil Star Palace’s premises, but you still need to be careful inside. This jade pendant is the keepsake to give Guan Ying.” Chai Ling took out a black Devil Star Jade Pendant and a token.

“Guan Ying remembers Milord, is a disguise needed?” The Water Illusion Fairy saw Su Xing holding Hu Niangzi’s hand, and she turned downcast.

Su Xing nodded.

“I’m going now. Right, Xi Yue, I’ll give this Black Turtle Seal to you.” Su Xing’s wrist flipped and sent out the Black Turtle Seal.

Any way it was put, the pair had collaborated in Black Turtle Temple. Although Xi Yue had many Good Fortune PIlls, she had been quite unlucky.

“Eh?” Xi Yue returned to her senses from her frustration, subconsciously catching this four-sided seal.

“I already helped refine it for you.” Su Xing smiled.

“How can this do.” Xi Yue hesitated. This was but the first memento Su Xing had sent her, but it was too extravagant, a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure.

“Take it as protection.” Su Xing knew that Xi Yue had offended the sects of the entire Black Turtle Territory for his sake. “Just treat it as thanks.”

“If Milord wants to give thanks, just embrace Xi Yue.” Xi Yue was bashful.


Chai Ling turned her head, her expression strange.


Su Xing walked over, spreading his arms and hugging Xi Yue.

Xi Yue closed her eyes in satisfaction, truly unwilling to part.

“I’m going to Devil Star Palace now.”

“Be careful.”

“Do not die.” Chai Ling pursed her lips, seemingly smiling.

“I can’t die.” Su Xing smiled.

He soared into the sky, and his escape light vanished into the horizon.

After a thousand li, Su Xing gazed at the boundless sea of clouds, the luxuriant chain of hills. Again, he recalled his separations with beauties, “I really want this done quickly…” He muttered. Su Xing took a deep breath, changing his escape light. 

A cold wind froze the main hall, cold yet with a certain fury.

Mie Shangqing, Cang Feng and Shijiu Ying were somewhat unable to utter a word as they stared at the cool and elegant woman before them. That Arctic Star Serpent Spear was unexpectedly bone-chilling.

That was merely Three Star.

Lin Yingmei straddled the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast, like an impenetrable defense. With the strength of one person, she stopped the attack of three Star Masters. Furthermore, Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Wanyue fired arrows from behind her. 

Arrow-lights following gorgeous arcs always were the most appropriate. Lin Yingmei attacked at the most opportune times and always that precisely.

The front had a spear that snapped snow.

The rear had a bow and arrow that destroyed wind. 


The situation became quite unimaginable.

The three Supercluster Cultivators were unexpectedly incapable of a breakthrough, to get close to Hua Rong.

“Elder Sisters’ coordination truly is admirable.” Qingqiao maturely sighed. She asked again: “Elder Sisters, are you truly unwilling to sign contracts? The ninth generation Star Duels already are something that the Azure Dragon Territory cannot dominate, and our Young Master’s identity will make you shocked.”

“Have I concerned myself with what the identity of your Young Master is?” Hua Wanyue indifferently said.

“The White Tiger Seven Stars Uprising. Are you truly unwilling to join us?” Cang Feng asked in the end.

“If you have the capability, do so by all means.” Lin Yingmei disdainfully said.

“Then Qingqiao shall offend you.” Qingqiao’s delicate hand flicked, and the throwing knives were unsheathed.

Blowing a deathly whistle.

Lin Yingmei’s spear swept. A cold wind rolled, sweeping everything down.

A light arrow shot out from behind Lin Yingmei at the same time.

Qingqiao’s figure flew. She pounced down, launching a throwing knife. The iron spear in her hand stabbed out at the critical moment.

Her spear-light was unexpectedly fierce.

“Golden Eagle Devouring Dragon Spear, Wealth Star Striking Hawk Li Ying. Nice to meet you.” Lin YIngmei did not relent at all, her spear stabbing in opposition.

Not only did Striking Hawk Li Ying possess throwing knives and concealed weapons, she similarly possessed an even better spearmanship.

Li Qingqiao’s hand shook out countless spear images, her power flowing down.

Dark Technique. 

Bright Mind Eagle Dragon!!1

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