Chapter 464: Jiangnan Water Smoke Jade

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“Guan Ying has disappeared?”

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether said in a low voice. This information reached Great Saint Starkiller’s ears from Ming Die’s mouth. Even he was dumbstruck.

“Yes, Devil Ancestor, Ming Die sought Guan Ying for inquiry. When Ming Die noticed she did not answer for a while, Ming Die went to look, only to discover Guan Ying had already disappeared. But it appears there are no traces of fighting. She seems to have run away.” Ming Die respectfully replied.

“Why would Ying’er run away?” Great Saint Starkiller’s face was unsightly. “Her injuries should not have recovered yet.”

“You ought to answer this.” Ming Die sneered.

“Ming Die, you and the others immediately go find Guan Ying…This One fears she has gone to the Nine Hells.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether spoke.

“Nine Hells??”

“The Brave Star looks to be thinking of destroying the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone. Great Saint Starkiller, you go as well. You should properly discipline her.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether calmly spoke. “Any success requires a price. This Ancestor does not hope to see Guan Ying not bear even this little bit.” His words were very indifferent, but Great Saint Starkiller nevertheless sensed a blade at his back, as if he could go to hell should he utter the word, “no.”

“Disciple obeys.”

Great Saint Starkiller assented.

“To think of going to the Endless Pool to destroy the Devil Stone before she even completely recovered from the Star Nest, she honestly is outrageous.” Ming Die smiled.

Several days afterwards.

At the center of the Nine Dragons Sea, Rising Dragon City market square, a boiling cauldron of voices.

Outside the market square, a Blood Sweat Silver Hair Horse attracted the continuous gazes of cultivators. Two women rode together on the horse, one was wrapped in a cloak, obscuring her appearance and figure, but her eyes were full of might. Her whole body emitted an extraordinarily menacing qi, making people cower. The other woman appeared much more easygoing. She wore an ocean-blue underwear style shirt and skirt. Her ribbons fluttered about, and the girl’s expression was clear and brilliant yet hid a deep sadness. She made people unable to help but feel pity for her when they saw this, but the surplus of sadness in the young girl’s eyes similarly carried a spirit of dignity.

Although Rising Dragon City was not large, two beautiful women appearing still attracted the astonishment of cultivators and passersby. Seeing their seemingly idle appearance, among them that water-blue woman’s eyes that still carried a hint of expectation, as if she was waiting for someone, some cultivators could not help but be somewhat envious of whoever had such great fortune to be able to obtain the affections of these two gorgeous beauties.

Not long after, the answer was made clear.

A youth walked over, and the girl dressed in revealing clothes immediately moved over. Clearly, she was waiting for this person. This youth was considered attractive, particularly his Supercluster Middle Stage cultivation that made these envious cultivators only able to be speechless, to retreat a bit. 

“Dear Husband, have you found it?” The water-blue woman asked,

Without a doubt.

This man and two women were Su Xing, Hu Niangzi and Guan Ying.

Chai Ling took them to the vicinity of the Nine Dragons Sea. Due to the Black Turtle Territory’s sea area being too large, Su Xing could not clearly grasp the location of the Endless Pool, Su Xing took the time to search for the way to the Endless Pool while they were at Drawing Crane City.

“En, it will probably take a few more days.” Su Xing counted on his fingers. In this case, the limit he had of more than a month with Lin Yingmei and the others was just about over. At that time, settling Guan Ying’s Five Star Devil Weapon would be just in time to gather for the Bright Moon Longevity Palace.

“Then we must go quickly.” Guan Ying urged. The longer they delayed things, the less successful they would be. Right now, it was possible that the Devil Star Palace had already discovered her absence. If Great Saint Starkiller caught up to them and used the contractor’s ability of Command Enforcement, so long as the command did not go against the Star Maiden’s interests, Guan Ying could not refuse such a command.

“If Great Saint Starkiller actually catches up, what do we do if he objects to your destroying it?” Su Xing asked her.

“After that, you will always obey that man’s orders to kill us Sisters to amplify your power.” Hu Niangzi sneered.

Guan Ying did not wish to discuss this matter, merely staying silent.

Hu Niangzi was quite hateful, really wishing to slay this weak Brave Star Great Blade at this moment. However, recalling the Devil Weapon, she still restrained herself.

“Wife, Your Star Weapon already has Four Star?” Su Xing asked Hu Niangzi.


Along the way, they passed market after market. Earthly Stars’ upgrade to Four Star required only 16 pieces of precious stones or very easy to find materials.

“This place just so happens to have a trade fair. It won’t take too long to go take a look.” Su Xing said. Because he remembered that the time for Maiden Mountain’s trials was impending, and without anymore time left to go find high quality materials to advance Star Weapons, Su Xing thus would first go take a look whether or not there were Star Weapon upgrade materials as they passed through these island markets of the Black Turtle Territory.

Hu Niangzi’s Four Star Golden Wind and Morning Dew thus was upgraded over these few days.

Although Guan Ying was urgent, she had no reason to oppose.

As the Nine Dragons Sea’s largest island market, the place the Nine Dragons Palace was located at, the extremely large Rising Dragon City was the largest trade center in the Nine Dragons Sea, and perhaps in all the Black Turtle Territory. The market was very large, both sides were filled with halls and buildings, row upon row as far as the eye could see. Ever since they came to the Nine Dragons Sea, the Black Turtle Sea’s Great Sects and even the Azure Dragon Territory and Vermilion Bird Territory were rather upstaged.

Perhaps in terms of scale and the rarity of the treasures, it could not compare to the Crystal Dragon Palace, but everywhere in the Nine Dragons Sea, at a place with naturally occurring Spirit Stones and ore mines like the Endless Pool, even those with influence like the Crystal Dragon Palace would be slightly inferior.

Hu Niangzi’s Five Star Golden Wind and Morning Dew upgrade required thirty-two pieces of suitable water-type Spirit Jade and 160 liang for Spirit Sand supplements. As he kept upgrade materials in mind, Su Xing did not waste any time. He slowly wandered, his gaze sweeping nonstop from side to side.

As expected of the center of the Nine Dragons Sea, it was clearly different from those markets from before at Devil Star City. The market’s sides were practically all those highly detailed, four or five storey high pavilions, as if each one was financially robust, successful business. Su Xing honestly saw some of the names of the buildings in other market squares. 

Since they came to Rising Dragon City with difficulty, Su Xing naturally would not miss this chance. Not only Hu Niangzi’s materials, but he would also find Lin Yingmei and the others’ materials as well. At the same time, he could refine the materials for his Flying Swords. If he calculated carefully, the expenditures were really extravagant. Even if at the Fourth Phase Chai Ling used her Help The Needy For Justice Innate Skill to loan him a hundred billion liang of gold, Su Xing still felt poor.

Since this was so, he did not make any careful differentiation. Su Xing put all of the ores and Spirit Sands he wanted onto a list. At once, he inquired from store to store. Some “Heavenly Yang Earthly Yin Quintessence,”1 “Eight Horns Spirit Sand,”2 “Heavenly Hook Soul Stone,”3 “Returning Spirit Treasure Jade”4 and more. Seeing the names of the dazzling ores, even Guan Ying was dizzy.

This man honestly was very ostentatious.

However, things for Star Weapon upgrade naturally each were extremely precious. How could these be so easy to find. To take them, perhaps the master of the Nine Dragons Palace Shi Jinglun had already taken them.

Contrarily, some of the materials to refine the Earth Element Swords were collected in generous amounts.

Su Xing was not impatient at all. Originally, he had no hopes to easily find the materials he needed in the market square.

Two two girls followed close behind.

Stopping and going like this, they already crossed more than half of the market square.

When Su Xing reached the front of a three storey high building, his eyes could not help but slightly squint.

This building clearly was much bigger than the store at the front, and the cultivators entering and leaving were many. Their cultivations were Galaxy Late Stage and higher. It appeared this store was actually very well-known.

Looking at it, the building’s main gate hung a sign, and written on it were three huge golden characters, “Hidden Jade Pavilion.”5 In his heart, he could not help but be happy.

Could it be that this “Hidden Jade Pavilion” was specialized in selling Spirit Jade. Having passed so many markets, walked by so many shops, it was rare to see this sort of store specialized in Spirit Jade.

Su Xing did not hesitate at all to lift his legs and step in.

The building’s floor space was large, length and width both around thirty or forty zhang. There were five, six pretty Galaxy Stage assistants currently helping some customers inside the store, pointing to a few things all around the shelves, giving detailed introductions.

Seeing a shelf of those rows of blinding Spirit Jade that practically dazzled the eyes, every piece of Spirit Jade was processed by a jade refinement master, the purity astonishing.

Just when Su Xing walked in, a clerk with a full smile moved towards him, wishing to greet him.

“Step back, leave it to me to greet this fellow.”

Sitting on a chair in a corner of the store, a white-robed man currently leisurely sipping tea clearly proficient in discerning the abilities of cultivation. With a glance, after he saw Su Xing’s cultivation had surprisingly reached Galaxy Middle Stage.6 Of course, just this did not mean much, but behind him were two women with cultivations too deep to measure. Having seen people around the Hidden Jade Pavilion for so long, how could this middle-aged man not know what the background of the person before him was. Setting down his cup of tea with an astonished look, he hastily blurted out and stopped the servant.

Then, he arranged his clothes, rushed over a few steps to salute Su Xing, respectfully saying:  

“Fellow, to be able to come to our Hidden Jade Pavilion, it truly is This Pavilion’s honor. This floor naturally will not have the things Senior wants. How about Senior follows Junior to the third floor for a finer discussion?”

“Sure, it looks like I really came to the right place.” Su Xing’s gaze flashed times. He smiled. This person probably knew he had come for Star Generals’ Star Weapon upgrade materials.

Under the white-robed man’s direction, they calmly went upstairs.

The first floor’s cultivators that had been buying things, when they saw this situation, naturally knew that Su Xing was a Supercluster level cultivator, and that he was a Star Master. Immediately, they were in a ruckus. 

“He is surprisingly a Supercluster level Star Master. This is the first time I have ever seen one. He looks so young?”

“No wonder those two women behind him are so beautiful. They appear to be Star Generals…”

“Two, surprisingly. Could he be Holy Lord of Draconic Demon or Great Saint Starkiller?”

A succession of amazed gasps and odd addressed directly sounded out.

The Hidden Jade Pavilion’s third floor was not large, but it was somewhat arranged uniquely elegant. Additionally, there were another two good-looking female cultivators. Upon seeing the middle-aged man bring customers, they immediately steeped a pot of fine tea.

“Please, drink first. This is Jing Radish Springtime Tea7 that This Pavilion spent much money to purchase. It has a flavor like no other.” The middle-aged man waited for Su Xing to sit down, then he immediately smiled and made introductions.

Su Xing took a sip. Having tasted Chai Ling’s Cloud And Mountain White Robe, this Jing Radish Springtime Tea’s current flavor was insipid, intolerably vulgar, “Your Servant wonders what good Spirit Jades the Hidden Jade Pavilion has? Let us look at this first. Your Servant has matters to attend to and does not have much time to delay.” Su Xing said, an indolent tone, the implication being that he did not have high hopes for the Hidden Jade Pavilion.

“Then that will depend on Fellow’s sincerity.”

Making his own request known, upon hearing Su Xing’s number of Spirit Jade, the white-robed man was also dumbstruck. The materials within included Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, every one of the Five Elements. They had top-notch treasures, but how were only one or two of these for Star Generals’ use. Clearly, seven or eight was enough, but the man was made dizzy, somewhat skeptical is this youth wanted to seize a monopoly on these precious materials. THinking of this, he actually felt relieved.

Other Star Masters monopolizing this level of material was not unheard of.

“Fellow’s materials are indeed rare. This Pavilion cannot do anything.” The man wiped his sweat.

“Is there nothing?” Su Xing shook his head, disappointed.

“This actually is not the case. Fellow required thirty-two water-type Spirit Stone. This Pavilion just so happens to have many.” The man promptly said.

“Really?” When Su Xing heard this, he was slightly interested. It was perfect for making Hu Niang’s Five Star Star Weapon upgrade.

“It is more expensive. This Pavilion wonders if Fellow can take a few things out to exchange.” The man smiled.

“What Spirit Jade?” Hu Niangzi asked him.

“Jiangnan Water Smoke Jade!!”8

Author’s Note:

The Dragon Boat Festival has passed, and even newer chapters will fly up. These past two days, there was some stuff that honestly was…Each day will have a minimum of two chapters, one yesterday. Now, I still owe two chapters, and there will be newer ones soon. I recommend looking tomorrow.

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  1. 天陽地陰髓
  2. 八角靈砂
  3. 天勾魄石
  4. 回靈寶玉
  5. 藏玉閣
  6. He means Galaxy Middle or above, I guess
  7. 井蘿春茶
  8. 江南水煙玉


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