Chapter 465: Ice And Fire Twin Sisters

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Jiangnan Water Smoke Jade.

This certainly was a good thing, simply perfect for advancing Hu Niangzi’s Golden Wind and Morning Dew double sabers to Five Star. “Name your price.” Su Xing said.

“About the price, This Pavilion has fifty pieces of Jiangnan Water Smoke Jade. Fellow should know the price of these.” Fifty pieces of Jiangnan Water Smoke Jade at the very least could allow a Star General, regardless of whether they were a Heavenly Star or an Earthly Star, upgrade their Star Weapon to terrifying Five Star with room to spare. This simply was a priceless item. Seeing the white-robed man’s face was shrewd, the Hidden Jade Pavilion clearly was proficient in the business of Spirit Jade. They were not unfamiliar with giving Star Generals materials for Star Weapon upgrades. Su Xing feared that taking these fifty pieces of Jiangnan Water Smoke Jade would be very costly.

Su Xing remained aloof: “Say how many liang of gold that would be converted to for now?”

Many High Grade and Supreme Grade materials were very rarely exchanged for using gold by the majority of cultivators. Most bartered, item for item, however, converting to gold was also considered a value judgment on both sides.

“Jiangnan Water Smoke Jade is produced from Jiangnan, where water smoke condenses into stone over a thousand years. At the very end, a jade refinement master processes it into pure jade. Each pieces is worth at least 30 billion gold.”

One piece was thirty billion, fifty pieces would be 1.5 trillion liang. This honestly was an astronomical number.

Chai Ling’s loan of a hundred billion truly was not enough to fill the gaps between his teeth.

“However, if Fellow has some precious Spirit Jade, Spirit Grasses or the like to barter, those can do.” The man smiled, warming his tone.

“Dear Husband…” Hu Niangzi wrinkled her brows. This thing genuinely was too expensive. It would be better for them to go to Jiangnan and collect some themselves.

Su Xing shook his head. Since they could advance Hu Niangzi’s Star Weapon to Five Star, Su Xing naturally would not waste any time going to some Jiangnan, let alone that they needed to help Guan Ying go break the Five Star Devil Star. Afterwards, Bright Star Hu Niangzi inevitably would battle to the death with Guan Sheng. Although he felt somewhat regretful, any way it was put, he stood firmly by his wife’s side. Once her Star Weapon upgraded to Five Star, then she had a chance of victory over the Four Star Great Blade.

Guan Ying made no expression. She merely drank her tea, like a sculpture.

Su Xing currently had a lot of assets. Besides more than a hundred billion gold, he still had the Life Extending Flat Peach, Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, Gen Wu Divine Iron, and other Supreme Grade precious materials, but using them was a bit regretful. 

Su Xing thought for a moment and took out some materials and magic weapons for this white-robed man to go look.

How could he have anticipated that this man would nevertheless shake his head and smile after looking through them, not very content.

He was still lacking.

“Does this place have any Jiangnan Water Smoke Jade, we want some.”

Just at this moment, several women walked up to the third floor and suddenly spoke.

Su Xing and the others were startled, turning their heads to look.

The newcomers were four youthful girls, their brows like paintings, their appearances elegant, about fifteen or sixteen in appearance. They were dressed considerably gracefully.

Two of the girls among them were especially special. One had short hair covering her ears, the arrangement distinct, and wore a blue and white sleeveless jacket embroidered  with water flowers. Her chest revealed a deep valley, and she had shorts and long boots.

The other wore a red palace dress, an especially attractive one among them. She had a low-cut shirt, hundred pleat short skirt, phoenix feather long boots and a Morning Phoenix wide sleeves. Her golden hair hung down in a ponytail.

They entirely were stunning for all the world.

When the four women saw Su Xing’s group of three, their gazes immediately lingered on Guan Ying and Hu Niangzi’s bodies, each side showing scorching gazes towards the other, then returned to Su Xing, somewhat pensive.

“Fellows.” The Hidden Jade Pavlion’s other female cultivators stepped forward.

“Hey, Elder Sister Chuhe,1 those are Jiangnan Water Smoke Jade.” The girl wearing a red corset was delighted. She tugged on the blue palace dress of the girl about her age and directly walked over.

“These fifty pieces of Jiangnan Water Blue Jade, we want them.” The girl did not even look at Su Xing, immediately speaking.

“Everything is first come, first served.” Su Xing knitted his brow.

“Did you not buy it yet?” This red palace dress girl twitched her lips, not giving a damn about Su Xing.

“Who says, this shopkeeper and I have already discussed the price.” Su Xing threw another strip to the middle-aged man.

“You can only count that as purchased just now, do you take us to be blind?” That red low-cut shirt girl said.

“First come, first served, but you must choose whoever can produce an even higher price.” The water-colored garment woman slanted her head and thought aloud, actually informing Su Xing that merchants only thought of benefits, not order of arrival.

That girl named Chuhe nodded, very calmly saying: “Fifty pieces of Jiangnan Water Smoke Jade, we can hand over five stalks of Thousand Year Spirit Dragon Grass, fifty billion of gold, two High Grade magic weapon, and an Ancient Lost Treasure.”

This honestly was rich and imposing. The items she offered indeed were much better than Su Xing’s.

The white-robed man clearly was interested, but he was deeply versed in the ways of business, nevertheless showing nothing on his face, but feigning a conflicted appearance: “This Fellow is indeed first. Although his things are not comparable to you ladies’…the Hidden Jade Pavilion keeps its word. How can we go back on our word over this little thing.” The implication was that if you can show something better, I will consider it.

“Are you still unsatisfied, you dishonest shark? Careful that we rob your store, make you suffer a loss.” The red corset girl put her hands on her hops, furiously saying: “We are but the Azure Dragon Territory’s Sikong2 family. To surprisingly extort us, the Ice and Fire Twin Sisters, truly you do not wish to live.”

“This is the Black Turtle Territory.” The white robed man appeared amiable: “Let alone that the Hidden Jade Palace is under the Nine Dragons Palace. If you two feel cheated, then try it.” 


“Dangniu,]1. 當午] do not cause trouble.” Sikong Chuhe’s delicate hand stopped her little sister’s screaming.

“Our things have but many values. That Thousand Year Spirit Dragon Grass can be exchanged. One ought to be reluctant to exchange it.” Dangniu looked at her indignantly. The golden ponytail girl to the side was about to make a move, her character an exceptional sort of irritable. 

“Your Distinguished Self has also said business pays particular attention to sincerity. To so baselessly increase the price will harm the Nine Dragons Palace’s reputation.” Sikong Chuhe slightly smiled. Compared to her little sister’s impetuous behavior, she was considerably courteous.

“This Pavilion does not hide anything. Fellows, what will you use the Jiangnan Water Smoke Jade for. Comparing you and I, we are in understanding. If it was not for Queen Jinglun’s orders, the Hidden Jade Pavilion would not dare take this out for an exchange. In fact, the things you two took out are very good, but nevertheless useless.”

“These things are indeed precious, yet really not difficult to obtain. However, we Sisters wanted to save some trouble. How about this, Your Servant shall add a stalk of eight hundred year Spirit Grass?” Sikong Chuhe warmly smiled.

The white-robed man hesitated. Jiangnan Water Smoke Jade was useful for Star Weapon upgrades. If they actually did not barter, then honestly no one would want it. Otherwise, he would not have so fervently invited Su Xing and the others to the third floor. Star Generals’ materials could be sold only once every hundred years.

The man looked at Su Xing: “Does this fellow still want them?”

Ever since these four graceful girls came up, Su Xing continuously did not utter a sound, but he surreptitiously sized them up. If he did not guess wrongly, at least two of these four girls should be Star Generals.

The Ice and Fire Twin Sisters. It seems that Sikong Chuhe and Sikong Dangniu should be the Star Masters.”

Su Xing was inwardly worried. The two girls were Supercluster Early Stage cultivation. With only a bit of force, they could keep up with the pace of a Star Master at present. Seeing their extravagance just now, and invoking the name of the Sikong family, it seemed their background was solid.

Were these two sisters Star Masters?

“Hey.” Guan Ying glanced at Su Xing, reminding him.

“Oh, Your Servant naturally wants these Jiangnan Water Smoke Jade.” Since he could not do something like robbery, Su Xing naturally wanted to obtain it with a clear conscience. Thus, he remained with no shame to Hu Niangzi.

“That…” The white-robed man smiled.

However, to use the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo as an exchange honestly was a bit of a loss. Su Xing suddenly remembered that he had just mentioned the Nine Dragons Palace’s Queen Jinglun. His mind moved. If he did not misremember, Minute Star Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun’s upgrade to Five Star Star Weapon was still missing a few of the Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls that he stole. Since she was taking great pains to take Star Generals’ Star Weapon upgrade materials for trade, clearly she urgently needed the Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls.

“Hey, are you going to buy them or not? If you aren’t just say so, don’t pretend like you’re rich.” Sikong Dangniu impatiently urged.

“It is not your turn to yell at Dear Husband.” Hu Niangzi’s tone showed a bit of ice-cold.

“What does it matter if she yells?” The golden pony-tailed girl retorted, unconvinced.

Killing intent manifested.

“Amiability makes you rich. This Store certainly cannot bear your argument.” The white-robed man wiped his sweat.

“Qingming.”3 The blue clothed woman said warmly.

The girl known as Qingming pursed her lips.

“You said what Queen Jinglun wanted just now, is that right?” Su Xing asked the white-robed man.

“Precisely. The Hidden Jade Pavilion belongs to the Nine Dragons Palace. If you can take out what the Queen wants, that would be better.” The white-robed man slightly smiled, feeling some promise.

“Then Queen Jinglun perhaps can use three Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls that Your Servant once obtained.” Su Xing smiled flipping out the three Yellow Dragon Pearls.4


The girls were shocked.

The white-robed man’s eyes flashed a peculiar glint. His whole body involuntarily trembled. Although it was fleeting, it did not escape Su Xing’s eyes. If this was the case, Shi Jinglun’s upgrade to a Five Star Destined Weapon was missing these three. Perhaps she would come for these. Originally, Shi Jinglun was considered a foe. Regardless, if he could delay with three Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls, then he would delay. He could not allow Shi Jinglun to reach Five Star so quickly.

But now that he had to trade for these fifty Jiangnan Water Smoke Jades, three Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls were a perfect fit, let alone that even if he did not trade, Shi Jinglun should be able to trade for them sooner or later. At that time, his own three Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls would become trash. Furthermore, what did he have to fear allowing Shi Jinglun to upgrade to Five Star. If they actually Star Dueled each other in the future, Su Xing would not fear her.

After pondering for a while, this was precisely the opportunity bestowed by the heavens to take out these three Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls.

“Only these three?”


“Although they are lacking, This Store pays particular attention to the word trust. Since the first Fellow has raised the prospect of business, adding on these three Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls, the fifty Jiangnan Water Smoke Jade are yours.” The white-robed man said frankly.

“Eh? You’ve got it all wrong. Your Servant only took these three Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls to trade for the fifty Water Smoke Jades.” Su Xing put the pearls away, smiling slightly.5


The white-robed man was taken aback, somewhat unsightly. “Fellow is unavoidably speaking nonsense. It is difficult for three Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls to be traded for ten Water Smoke Jades, yet you unexpectedly want to trade for fifty? How about this then. Since Fellow has only three, This Store shall trade eight pieces of Water Smoke Jade, how about that.”

“Three for fifty.” Su Xing was in no hurry.

“You are being too steep, are you extorting This Store.” The man coldly said.

Everyone else was astonished – Su Xing’s request indeed was somewhat outrageous.

Wait a moment, since he is so confident, could it be…Sikong Chuhe’s eyes shifted. She suddenly thought of something.

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  1. 鋤禾
  2. 司空
  3. 清明
  4.   This is some incredible leverage.
  5. Ouch, Su Xing is being savage!!


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