Chapter 466: General Of Sacred Water And General Of Holy Fire

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“If you wish to trade, then this is a deal. Extortion is rather strange? Your Servant is only fond of these pearls and is reluctant to part.” Su Xing said.

“I will have to consult on this.” The white-robed man furrowed his brow.

Su Xing agreed.

The white-robed man then allowed the maids to entertain Su Xing’s group. He himself left first. Sikong Chuhe and Sikong Dangniu looked at Su Xing. Sikong Dangniu said discontentedly: “Are you actually going to compete with us?”

The Sikong Sisters were twins, but their temperaments were completely opposite. The elder sister was of courteous temperament while the younger sister was shrewish some.

Su Xing did not respond at all.

Sikong Dangniu fumed. “”Don’t think that three Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls can be traded for fifty Water Smoke Jades, you can’t do it.”

“Whatever, if I can’t trade then I’ll leave them to you.” Su Xing smiled. Since Shi Jinglun needed the Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls, this opportunity definitely would not be missed. However, he had taken five from her last time. So as to avoid allowing Shi Jinglun to advance to Five Star so quickly, he only took out three.

A moment later, the white-robed man walked out. He looked at Su Xing with an expression that was indefinitely hesitant. Shi Jinglun’s Five Star Destined Weapon happened to require Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls. These three were necessary, but three Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls for fifty Jiangnan Water Smoke Jade really was a big loss.

“This Pavilion is willing to use thirty Jiangnan Water Smoke Jades to trade for Fellow’s three Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls. We cannot go any higher. If this will not do, This Store can only give up.” The white-robed man wrinkled his brow, stating his bottom line. These thirty Water Smoke Jades were something decided on by the Hidden Jade Pavilion after much deliberation. Even if an Earthly Star was to upgrade to Five Star, they would need thirty-two pieces. Missing two could delay them a bit.

This was within Su Xing’s calculations. He originally did not have plans to exchange for fifty. The reason why he said as much was not at all to depress prices. One Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearl actually could be exchanged for ten Water Smoke Jades. 

Feigning a pained expression, Su Xing thought for awhile. Then, he traded for the thirty Water Smoke Jades.

This angered Sikong Dangniu to no end.

“This man, we will make you regret taking our things.”

After they left the Hidden Jade Pavilion, Guan Ying said: “Five Star Destined Weapon, you are still missing two liang.”

“We’ll just have to look again.”

“Niangzi has troubled Dear Husband.” Hu Niangzi was silent.

“This is by rights.” Su Xing warmly said.

Then, they circled around the market and used one of the remaining Nine Song Yellow Dragon Pearls and ten billion gold to trade for two pieces and other Spirit Sands. By doing so, Hu Niangzi’s Five Star Golden Wind Morning Dew double sabers were completely settled. Now, it was up to Hu Niangzi to upgrade the Star Weapons.

“Are we going to upgrade the Star Weapon now?” Guan Ying wrinkled her brow, as if she was a bit unhappy with this delay.

“We’ll wait until we settle some troubles.” Su Xing glanced behind him. The two girls looked over and noticed that the silhouettes of those twins had appeared behind them.

Guan Ying was expressionless.

Su Xing’s party immediately departed Rising Dragon City. Their escape light flew several hundred li, then descended to a nearby remote island, “How much longer will you tail us?” Su Xing turned his head back, calmly asking.

Two escape lights of water and fire simultaneously arrived. They split left and right to surround Su Xing. The light receded, revealing four beautiful young girls. They were exactly the Sikong Sisters and their Star Generals. Their Star Generals mounted two fantastic horses. One was transparent as water, and the other stood upon flames.

“We’ll give you one chance. Hand the Jiangnan Water Smoke Jade over.” Sikong Dangniu shouted.

“A robbery like this isn’t something a lady should do.” Su Xing smiled and teased.

“Less babble.” Sikong Dangniu was annoyed. “If you’re scared, just bring out the Jiangnan Water Smoke Jade. Me and Elder Sister will let you go.”

“Really?” Su Xing glanced at Sikong Chuhe.

The latter appeared even more calm, her luminous eyes clearly concentrating, gazing at Su Xing. She softly said: “Your Distinguished Self is a Star Master. We sisters merely wish to have a Star Duel with Your Distinguished Self.” 

Su Xing nodded. He could not be fussy with these words.

“Then Star Duel it is.” Su Xing’s wrist flipped, and the Birth Treasure Outline appeared, but before the Treasure Outline had even opened, the four girls were shocked. Then, Flying Swords flew down.



The two women riding the divine steeds of ice and fire heard the Sikong Sisters’ words, without saying anything, divine weapons appeared in their hands. One was an entirely translucent and sparkling body, a curling water dragon. The other was a curved moon saber, burning with fire, bright as red clouds.

One glimmered with four stars, and the other flowed with five stars.

Heaven Tearing appeared to block the Flying Swords, and the Birth Treasure Outline immediately flourished its golden light.

Star Position: Unique Star3

Star Name: Shan Tinggui4

Nickname: General of Sacred Water5

True Name: Shan Meng’er6

Rank: Forty-fourth

Star Weapon: Flying Shower Falling Star Spear7 (Four Star)

Star Beast: Heavenly River Diving Steed8

Realm: Matchless Second Stage

Innate Skill: Water Creation9

Five Elements: Water

Yellow Rank Special Move: Horse Stamping Flying Wave Approach10

Dark Rank Special Move: Time Flows Like Water11

Current Status: Contractor (Sikong Chuhe)12

Detailed Materials:…

Star Position: Fierce Star13

Star Name: Wei Dingguo14

Nickname: General of Holy Fire15

True Name: Wei Ranxin16

Rank: Forty-fifth

Star Weapon: Phoenix Reincarnation Saber17 (Five Star)

Star Beast: Heavenly Flame Divine Steed18

Realm: Matchless First Stage

Innate Skill: Fire Creation19

Five Elements: Fire

Yellow Rank Special Move: Flame Slash20

Dark Rank Special Move: Burning Heart Break21

Current Status: Contractor (Sikong Dangniu)22

Detailed Materials: …

As expected, these twin sisters calling themselves the Fire and Ice Sisters and Star Masters had a pair of famous fire and ice generals.

However, he had originally thought that the Qingming Hetu he heard was called the Qingming Shanghe Tu?23 It seemed only that Chuhe was speaking of Dangniu’s vicious taste. The True Name of the General of Sacred Water was Shan Meng’er, and the General of Holy Fire was called Wei Ranxin. It was no wonder, for how could two Star Maidens without sisters be called a name like Qingming Hetu.  

“The Birth Treasure Outline.” The two girls were astonished. They immediately quickly executed hand seals, and two ice and fire magic weapons smashed towards Su Xing from the front and back.

“Since this is the case…” Su Xing had nothing to say. Heaven Tearing became a golden rainbow that warded off the attacks. At the same time, Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder attacked the two girls as Purple Thunder Wrapping Heaven.

At this time, General of Sacred Water Shan Meng’er raised the Flying Shower Falling Star Spear. A wave of water suddenly appeared. This was precisely Shan Meng using her Innate Skill to create the wave of water from nothing. Then, she pointed her spear, and an ocean spray turned into a sword that shot towards him. 

“Flaming Break!!”

“Horse Stamping Flying Wave Approach!”

This General of Sacred Water and the General of Holy Fire had considerably tacit understanding and coordination. Without any words, they used several Star Magics from the very beginning, one Dark Move, one Yellow Move, activating them bluntly.

A flood that filled the sky formed into ten thousand horses that galloped down. The General of Holy Fire Wei Ranxin slashed with her saber, and flames flowed from the blade as far as the eye could see. One side was fierce heavenly fire, and the other was surging seawater, simply an amazing sight.

The two Supercluster Cultivators and two top quality water and fire Star Generals among the Earthly Stars, Su Xing and Hu Niangzi completely were suppressed, completely incapable going to attack, and Guan Ying was even more aloof. She merely evaded attacks, without the slightest intention of taking action. Any way it was put, as she was someone else’s Star General, to aid another Star Master was too contrary to her loyalty as the Brave Star.

“As expected of the water and fire twin generals.”

Su Xing praised.

But comparing magic energy, Su Xing’s side had the Star Maiden of Maiden Mountain that was top-notch in magic energy.

The already more or less recovered Gongsun Huang emerged from the Star Nest. She sat on Su Xing’s shoulder, pointed her Pinebrand Ancient Sword and activated Star Magic. White clouds filled the sky and turned into a wandering dragon that surprisingly completely blocked their Star Magic.

“Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Sheng.”

Sikong Shuhe was stunned, hoarsely crying out.


“How could the four of us be scared of you?” Sikong Dangniu fumed. She formed hand seals, chanted, and released True Fire.

Sikong Chuhe did not dare be careless. She extended a hand and pointed. An ice flame also flew out and battled against Su Xing’s Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder.

“Do not be too proud of yourself.” Hu Niangzi coldly snorted. She whipped her Blood Sweat Silver Hair Horse, rushing towards the General of Holy Fire. 

Gongsun Huang activated Star Magic.

“Just perfect, hm, hm.” General of Holy Fire Wei Ranxin tightly gripped her Phoenix Reincarnation Saber. Although she was also a magic energy Star General, she was somewhat proficient in martial arts. Seeing Hu Niangzi unexpectedly advance, she spurred the Heavenly Flame Divine Steed to welcome her. 

Bang, bang, bang.

Bang, bang, bang.

A dazzling war immediately was underway in the sky. The Blood Sweat Silver Hair Horse and the Heavenly Flame Divine Steed followed their master’s intentions and sprayed flames and divine light. However, the Bright Star and the Fierce Star were infantry. Mounted combat completely restricted their strength. 

After several exchanges.

Hu Niangzi suddenly stepped with her legs, flying out like an arrow, slashing her two sabers at Wei Ranxin.

Wei Ranxin blew on the flames lining her saber, sending out a fire dragon.

The flames scattered, revealing an elegant beauty.

The General of Holy Fire changed. She hastily recalled the Heavenly Flame Divine Steed and raised her saber to block.

“Hate Transmission!!”

Hu Sanniang’s sabers stabbed, a pierce that was quick beyond compare.

Wei Ranxin was shaken into vomiting blood from the chills on that saber, yet she was unwilling to admit defeat. Her cherry lips parted, and the Five Star Phoenix Reincarnation Saber’s flame was blown outwards. At the same time, half of Hu Niangzi’s body sustained a heavy blow.

The General of Holy Fire staked the last of her strength. A burst of air erupted from both sides of the blade. The two wild fire dragons rapidly scuttled over Hu Niangzi’s body, making her rigidly stiffen. She was forcefully levitated into the air to burn!

Being locked tight by the fire dragons, Hu Niangzi was nevertheless calm.

The Golden Wind and Morning Dew double sabers were in her hands. SUddenly, golden light and green light flashed, emerging like a dazzling dance.

The two screaming fire dragons suddenly exploded into chunks of fire in midair.

“Huh???” General of Holy Fire Wei Ranxin changed. This was bad.

An absolutely beautiful silhouette flashed by, her wonderful figure more awesome than a dance as it shook apart the flames.

She flew over like a bird. 

Saber-light directly blossomed on Wei Ranxin’s chest.

Dark Technique.

Flying Star Magpie Dance!!

The first strike went smoothly. Just as Hu Niangzi was about to use her second attack, to slay the enemy in passing, a hundred flame Flying Swords combined into a dragon that bit over at her, knocking Hu Niangzi back. Wei Ranxin’s Star Master Sikong Dangniu snorted. She continuously formed hand seals, and the Flying Swords blindingly changed into a sword array and simultaneously attacked. 

Hu Niangzi took a step back. She wielded her double sabers, the saber-lights scattered.

All of the Flying Swords were shaken apart.

But at this time, the advantage of a Star Master and Star General together was displayed. The General of Holy Fire Wei Ranxin seized this chance while her master was entangled with Hu Niangzi. She rushed over, the Phoenix Reincarnation Saber slashing a scorching hot red light. 

That saber-light was extremely fast.

But it was fleeting.

Even Hu Niangzi had no way to evade. The attack struck her in the chest, and her heart seemed to be aflame. A scorching pain made the Bright Star’s body sluggish, nearly releasing the double sabers. 

Dark Technique.

Burning Heart Break!!!

“Die.” Wei Ranxin was about to succeed with one stroke, again parting her cherry lips.


Hu Niangzi’s figure was like an illusion, using Light Smoke Dance Steps, immediately disappearing from Wei Ranxin’s eyes. Suddenly, there was the sound of a breath. Wei Ranxin’s Heavenly Fire burned, yet there was a red lasso.


Wei Ranxin was greatly surprised.

The red lasso seemed alive as it seized Wei Ranxin’s wrist. With a pull, the General of Holy Fire’s attack stance completely collapsed. The Bright Star was like a goddess. In the next second, her absolutely beautiful figure already landed in front of Wei Ranxin.

Her expression was cold and detached as before. Her face did not show the slightest pain or stagnation from suffering the effects of Burning Heart Break.


Wei Ranxin hastily blocked. Hu Niangzi instantly slashed.

Golden Wind swayed.

Wei Ranxin caught it.

However, this time, only then did Hu Niangzi’s attack begin. Hate Transmission!! All of her power gathered to a single point, and a strength like a drill instantly penetrated through Wei Ranxin’s Phoenix Reincarnation Saber. Wei Ranxin was shocked and pushed back. This time, it was Hu Nianzi’s turn to counterattack.

A white light once again brushed past.


Wei Ranxin blocked, flames surging. It was just like she was defending against a death god’s weapon.

With the clanging sounds of metal, the two of them successively brushed past.

But just at the moment the two brushed shoulders, Hu Niangzi suddenly spun around with a beautiful dance step. The This Feeling Is Endless Lasso restricted the General of Holy Fire’s actions. The other saber slashed horizontally. Wei Ranxin was gloomy. She could only put all her strength into defending. She urged on the Five Star Destined Weapon to break off the lasso. Then, she retreated under the cover of Sikong Dangniu.

When both sides disengaged, Wei Ranxin’s chest was soaked in blood.

“Does it hurt?” Hu Niangzi coldly gazed at Wei Ranxin.

Hm, hm. Wei Ranxin sneered, not caring at all.

A scarlet saber-light once again flew straight for Hu Niangzi’s chest.

“Burning Heart Break!! I want to see how many times you can defend.” Wei Ranxin sneered. Other than the instant the Burning Heart Break launched its attack, all of her remaining strength would bring painful, burning heat. Most of the time, it could obstruct a martial general’s performance.

But what she did not expect was that just as the Burning Heart Break’s scarlet saber-light was about to touch Hu Niangzi, an Earth Book suddenly opened. Dense mist rose, directly blocking this saber-light, however, a Five Star Dark Technique was still powerful. A hole was ripped into the Earth Book’s defenses.

But it was enough.

Hu NIangzi pursed her lips, and her figure swayed.

A moonlight-like afterimage was left behind. Without a sound, a strength that was powerful to the extreme had already drawn near Wei Ranxin.

A light flashed in her eyes. The saber suddenly rose to protect her front. Hu Niangzi’s speed and power were far greater than she had imagined. Wei Ranxin’s chance had already vanished, and the flames around her body wildly flowed, attempting to use fire to block.


Flying Star Magpie Dance!!

Approaching like a magpie passing by the Milky Way, the double sabers became shadows.

When that power made contract…In that instant, two enormous forces immediately made a brief intersection on Wei Ranxin’s body. Hu Niangzi once again attacked. The tip of her sword stabbed towards Wei Ranxin. As Wei Ranxin had anticipated, Bright Star Hu Niangzi’s swordsmanship honestly was too fantastical. She basically had no way to defend.

This is bad.

Wei Ranxin completely did not expect that Hu Niangzi could still execute such a swift attack, and this attack’s power had a sort of strangeness, as if she was being eyed by a death god. Immediately, the cold tip slithered past her body like a viper. The strength her body had accumulated was drained without a trace in an instant. Her footsteps staggered, and her entire person already continuously stepped a hundred paced back, as if she was drunk. On her chest, there were left several blade wounds.

Her figure greatly swayed. Wei Ranxin stood unsteadily and with great difficulty. Her expression was already extremely astonished, those limpid eyes endlessly twinkling. With a muted grunt, a clear line of blood already flowed from the corner of her mouth.

Such incredible strength!!

Let alone that Hu Niangzi had completely suppressed Wei Ranxin, Su Xing and Gongsun Huang also had the advantage facing the General of Sacred Water and Sikong Chuhe for the time being.

Gongsun Huang’s Star Magic was unmatched. The General of Sacred Water could only ward her attacks off with great difficulty. Seizing the chance while they dueled in Star Magic, Su Xing already relied on that powerful Battle Doctrine Innate Skill, roaming like a dragon, directly advancing.

Sikong Chuhe’s hand carried a crystalline spear and moved forth. As the Star Master of a magic energy Star General, she would have outstanding performance mostly in close quarters battle. Su Xing was not surprised she would rush over.

Shackles of water suddenly locked up Su Xing’s arms and legs. Then, Sikong Chuhe’s figure instantly was in front of the bound Su Xing’s eyes. This ice sister of the Ice and Fire Twins slashed her spear with practically no hesitation, cutting apart her target amidst a shattering sound.

But that was only a shadow.

“Nicely done.” Su Xing appeared from behind her, slashing downwards with the Heaven Tearing Sword he brandished in his hand.

Sikong Chuhe’s reactions were extremely quick. She spun around and deflected with the spear’s blade, drawing a fire-light at the same time countless ice swords fell from the sky.

Su Xing once again disappeared from beneath Sikong Chuhe’s attack.

However, the next time he reappeared, Sikong Chehe already had safeguards.

“Could Your Distinguished Self be that Purple Thunder Monster??” Sikong Chuhe wrinkled her brow, having seen Su Xing launch Purple Thunder.

“Try and find out.” Purple Thunder Wrapping Heaven and the Heaven Suppressing Stillness Palm clashed with the magics of the water and earth flying about.

Sikong Chuhe’s brows tightly locked, discerning with a glance that these two powers were out of the ordinary.

Knowing that she was standing on a landmine, Sikong Chuhe’s expression was even more grim. She took action without any carelessness. She struck hand seals, and the hundred crystalline Flying Swords spun about, attacking endlessly, like a blooming lotus flower.

The flickering flames of Su Xing and Sikong Chuhe’s Flying Swords clashing appeared and then disappeared, one after another.

Su Xing’s dominance in close quarters was far from something Sikong Chuhe could compare to. For the first time, Sikong Chuhe faced a foe she was incapable of winning against, and this made SIkong Chuhe quite flabbergasted.

“Snow Woman Lantern!”24

Sikong Chuhe suddenly pointed.

In her hand appeared a white palace lantern. The white lantern dimmed, and then countless white lights flew out, instantly assembling in front of Su Xing.

A scene of ice and snow appeared in Su Xing’s surroundings.

The white palace lantern’s light was increasingly glaring. Sikong Chuhe was under the lantern, her whole body looked brand new, making Su Xing recall the icy heroic air Lin Yingmei had in a snowstorm.

Sikong Chuhe thrust forward the icy spear that burned with a flame seemingly of frost. The way the fire burned seemed extremely abnormal, like the flapping wings of a bird.

“This is…” Su Xing immediately recognized what Sikong Chuhe was doing.

Frost Luan Nine Firmaments!25

Sikong Chuhe lowly shouted and slashed a surging frost-flame from the body of her spear.

Su Xing’s line of sight was immediately enveloped by the flames that were capable of burning even the sky.

This rendered him unable to flee, even if he wanted to.

Sikong Chuhe’s spear was clearly Soul Imbued, transforming into a Frost Luan divine bird that flew out of the Nine Firmaments. The flames’ range was very wide, and after it launched itself towards its target, it would burn the entire space, leaving its foe with no place to hide. Furthermore, because this was the flame of a divine bird produced by a divine spear, normal defensive strength was completely incapable of blocking.

Sikong Chuhe slightly panted, for this attack wasted much of her strength.

The icy flames slowly dispersed, and when she saw her opponent, Sikong Chuhe’s brow was locked even tighter.

Su Xing appeared unscathed among the flames, completely without trace of harm.

An Earth Book opened up in front of Su Xing, gushing forth a scathing Earth Qi. That Earthly Fire wrapped his whole body, and even the Frost Fire was unable to break through.

“What is this magic weapon??”

Sikong Chuhe drew in a sharp breath.

“What is that magic weapon of yours?” Sikong Chuhe had never seen the Earth Book to her recollection.

“What say you.” It was Su Xing’s turn to attack.

“Hmph, could that be a Psychic Communication Earth Book?” Sikong Chuhe sneered. The girl was very smart, and she very quickly deduced what it was.

Although the Earth Book was powerful, it was extremely taxing on his magic energy. Su Xing felt he could not sustain it. At this time, he sensed that Hu Niangzi was in danger. He promptly sent out the Earth Book at the same time, and then he resolutely blitzkrieged an assault on Sikong Chuhe.


A powerful aggression rushed right for her, making the girl’s face change.


The Shan Meng’er being suppressed by Gongsun Huang saw her master was in danger. Disregarding everything, she charged over. She thrust her Flying Shower Falling Star Spear, and the waterflow in the air immediately formed a beautiful design. The spear in her hand seemed to become an ice-cold line.

“Time Flows Like Water!!”

Shan Meng’er interrupted, ice-cold.

The girl’s hands waved the spear’s ice-blue light strangely shooting back and forth in the air with a degree that defied imagination.

Even Su Xing could only use the word “dazzling” to describe this kind of degree.

Even though Su Xing already made very careful preparations, when Shan Meng’er used Time Flows Like Water with this type of resolution and strength, he knew that there was already nothing he could do quickly in this Star Duel between Star Masters.

Time Flows Like Water’s light instantly pierced through the air. That kind of speed was alarming. Not only for Su Xing, but also Hu Niangzi and even the spectating Guan Ying were affected.

Within a range of several li, that flowing light attacked with inconceivable speed, completely indefensible.

Su Xing, Hu Niangzi, and Gongsun Huang all retreated, and the Earth Book flipped open.

Even that tyrannical Earth Book’s defenses also destroyed each and every attack of the Time Flows Like Water. In the blink of an eye, at least a thousand powerful strikes came over, weaving a net that filled the sky.


The cloak on Guan Ying’s shredded.

Countless sword-lights attacked.

Shan Meng’er’s Sikong Chuhe at this time used Resonance. When she used Time Flows Like Water again, Guan Ying already was unable to use her bare hands to block. The Brave Star mounted the Guanghan Red Hare. Chased in the air by the spear-light, her speed was quick to the extreme.

Guanghan Red Hare?!

“She is Brave Star Great Blade Guan Sheng!!” Sikong Chuhe said in astonishment.

“What?? He’s Great Saint Starkiller? But how does he have three Star Generals?” Sikong Dangniu was shaken.

“Run away, quickly!”

Sikong Chuhe immediately said.

The Generals of Holy Fire and Sacred Water formed wide walls of flame and ocean. Then, they each mounted their own divine steeds, immediately fleeing on horseback, not at all wishing to continue the fight. By the time the attack completely vanished, Su Xing already was unable to chase, even if he wanted to.

“Little Huang, Niangzi, are you okay?” Su Xing asked.

The two girls shook their heads.

“The General of Sacred Water and the General of Holy Fire.” Su Xing murmured. The coordination between these two sisters was actually tacit. Shaking his head, he did not continue thinking of this.

“Guan Ying, your identity was exposed. We’d better quickly make haste for the Nine Hells.”

“As we should have already been.” Guan Ying was expressionless.

Rising Dragon City.

Only when the Sikong Sisters fled to the city did they stop. Even if it was a Star Duel, they presumed their counterpart would not dare be unbridled inside the city.

“He was Great Saint Starkiller, the number one Star Master of the Black Turtle Territory?” Sikong Dangniu was unreconciled.

“Perhaps he is not.” Sikong Chuhe shook her head.


The three girls were perplexed.

“After the Star Duel, Guan Sheng did not move a finger, and Great Saint Starkiller cannot use Purple Thunder…” Sikong Chuhe said, but indeed only the Brave Star was capable of controlling the Guanghan Red Hare.

“Could it be that Guan Sheng has some matters that she would sneak away from her master.” Shan Meng’er was bright, vaguely feeling things were mysterious.

“Nine Tattooed Dragons and the Three Ruans have enmity for Guan Sheng. Since we cannot defeat the opponent, then we can exploit this opportunity.” Sikong Chuhe thought, already with a countermeasure.

“We all listen to Elder Sister.”

The three girls nodded in tacit understanding.

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        It’s a shame, tho. Twins for the harem would’ve been sweet. I know it’s not a gotta catch em all thing, but I swear Su Xing gets the most visually boring girls and his harem lacks variety. Like, sure, theyre all “peerles beauties”, but thats par of the course for xianxia heroines. He only has black-haired, buxom maidens and like two lolis, nothing diverse. All the Star Generals with interesting hair colors or circumstaces (like being sisters or twins) are with other people.

  4. I really dont like fights that accomplish nothing. Su Xing clearly didnt want to kill them, hes much stronger of what he showed here. And because of that now trouble will come. I thought he wanted to steal them the other 20 jade they 100% bought. But no. This fight wasnt even 0 it was -1 or -2 for Su Xing. Now Starkiller with the Supervoids will come. The Ruan and the other girl will come too to useless fight again untill they help Guan Ying destroy the stone and fight Starkiller and company. All because of those random girls.

    1. A bunch of small fries always fuck Su Xings plans, like the time that Faceless and her Master tried to steal/kill Lin Yingmei or whatever. Su Xing, wake up, start efficiently dispatching (important) people that tries to kill you, please, make them use the pendant fast. He is at least 2 times stronger thant the enemies master. Is like if Nine Tatooed Dragons gave Guan Ying a bit of trouble. At Galaxy Stage he fought Supercluster people. Why cant he fight Superclusters like theyre kids when hes Supercluster Middle Stage? When he has the Star Energy of 10 star nests? I really cant understand the power levels.

      His thunder doesnt do sh*t, it was more effective when it was weaker. It is useful to block things, put pressure on the oponent and thats it. Wheres the Dragon Claw technique that was super useful even without much training? That was lethal.

      Let Su Xing rest for gods sake, he cant even craft his new sword that he spent 1 month getting the materials for.

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