Chapter 533: Hanyan Suffers Crushing Defeat

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Xiang Chenxing’s whole body stiffened. His skin was like gold, hard as iron. True Spirit Flying Swords slashed in front of him, letting out metallic clangs that surprisingly were not ineffective. Zhao Hanyan’s eyebrows rose, showing curiosity. The Ling Yan Princess once again pointed.

She had inherited Dong Junqing’s Innate Skill “Double Swords.” This Innate Skill could allow Flying Swords to manifest in double the number for a short time. The Seventy-two Heavenly Outer Void Flying Immortal Swords suddenly emerged, altogether becoming one hundred and forty-four top-notch Flying Swords.

Zhao Hanyan chanted.

A sword array took shape, once again entangling Xiang Chenxing.

In the blink of an eye, this rigid man fell into the middle of the sword array. ZHao Hanyan urged her sword chant to kill Xiang Chenxing.

Furthermore, under Steadfast Star Dong Junqing’s Yellow Technique Yin Yang Cross Slash, Little Conqueror Zhou Zhiyun resisted. The Empty Star shouted furiously, and a second pair of pupils opened in her own. This was her Innate Skill, “Layered Pupils,”1 a shocking development. 

“Layered Pupils, that Innate Skill that purportedly inherits the battle experience of previous generations’ Star Generals and can substantially increase Realm?” Dong Junqing was curious, apparently very familiar. 

The Earthly Star Little Sister in front of her raised her Realm to Ten Thousand Techniques. Upon using Layered Pupils, Dong Junqing did not dare slight her, “Then Junqing shall properly teach you a lesson.” The corner of Dong Junqing’s lips rose. She then held her double spears in reverse grip and suddenly leapt towards her opponent, her expression full of strictness. 

“Elder Sister, don’t die.” Zhou Zhiyun laughed. She opposed the spear-light that dropped from the sky, the Flowing Water Green Depths Spear raised a red light towards the sky.

The instant their weapons clashed, countless blinding sparks sprayed. Slipping past one another, the two once again sunk into a battle, however, this time was somewhat different. Dong Junqing was not as indifferent and heedless as before. Rather, she ran along with her dancing double spears, launching a continuous assault at high speed. It was very difficult to imagine how swift the Steadfast Star’s speed was. The Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spear seemed to be one with her, each maneuver deadly.

In a direct confrontation, the attack frequency of either side in a high-speed battle would greatly decline, and the only thing needed was for running footwork. The double spears’ use could alternate to firmly hold an advantage over the opponent, allowing her to fully display all her power.

Zhou Zhiyun’s Flowing Water Green Depths lost the spear distance advantage to this. Then, she was brought along at high speed by Dong Junqing, again losing her position. Little Conqueror’s face became very unsightly. She hesitated to prepare to mount her Star Beast for assistance when at this moment, Dong Junqing stopped. Her double spears came together, and two killing intents shot out of the Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spear to entangle Zhou Zhiyun.

Dong Junqing took advantage of this to instantly bring the Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spears before her, and the double spears heavily stabbed.

Dark Technique.

Luan Phoenix Cry, Dragon Slaying Cave!!2 (Author’s Note: Top Luan Inverted Phoenix has been changed to her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow.) Zhou Zhiyun shouted, and her abdomen was pierced by the double spears. This Zhou Zhiyun was worthy of being called an extremely high realm Earthly Star General. Even so, she still raised her spear and flew backwards, breaking away from the double spears.

Dong Junqing clicked her tongue.

Before Zhou Zhiyun could take a breath, chills suddenly ran down her back. Out of the corner of her eye, the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords took a graceful arc that already had calculated her trajectory. The Flying Swords flocked up. Zhou Zhiyun had lost the initiative, and she was completely powerless as she immediately was dispatched into the Star Next.

Zhao Hanyan’s lips curled.

Her hand pointed.

The Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords spiraled around him.

Xiang Chenxing’s head hurt. He broke free of the sword array. This man was practically like a monster. Zhao Hanyan noticed that her Flying Swords were surprisingly unable to kill him,


“Zhiyun.” Xiang Chenxing saw that Zhou Zhiyun had been slain by coordinated teamwork, and he burned with fury.

“Does the little bandit believe he can play the hero by being angry?” Dong Junqing rushed over, gripping her double spears. She actually thought of testing whether it was this man’s golden body or her Four Star Destined Weapon that was stronger.

Xiang Chenxing pupils widened, changed color, and he instantly explosively let out a powerful fury.

It shook Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing several steps back. This man’s cultivation in that instant had surprisingly seemed to advance several levels? Demon Qi? Zhao Hanyan instantly caught whiff of a demonic presence.


A calm voice.

Xiang Chenxing’s fury quelled in a split second. The man recovered his composure and retreated to that old man’s side.

Grandfather Li’s hand held a paper fan, gently fanning himself. Though his face wore and old man’s benevolent smile, Zhao Hanyan felt only unease no matter how she looked at him.

The Ling Yan Princess retracted her scorn. Compared to the man just now, this old man before her that she completely could not see through was even more worthy of her fear.

“Taisui.” Xiang Chenxing was a bit bitter.

“No matter, you are not her opponent.” Grandfather Li indifferently said. The implication was that even if he was to use his True Body, he would only be dispatched by the Ling Yan Princess.

Xiang Chenxing’s expression was gloomy. He could not help but concede on this irritating fact.

“To have self-awareness is best. You ought to make your move. This Princess actually wishes to see.” Zhao Hanyan disdainfully glanced at him.

The old man smiled. His grin made Zhao Hanyan very uncomfortable. There was no arrogance or contempt, but that tranquility made Zhao Hanyan very uncomfortable. That was a sort that seemed outside of her sight, not the grin of someone that was her opponent.

“You are not This Old Man’s opponent either.” Grandfather Li said.

“So old yet talking so big is certainly not good.” Zhao Hanyan pointed her finger. The Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords immediately attacked, yet upon seeing that old man gently shake that paper fan, the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords seemed to be constrained by invisible strings, firmly trapped in that old man’s surroundings and struggling. Arcs of lightning glitter on the swords, and Zhao Hanyan put all of her strength to releasing her Divine Intent control. Beads of sweat slid down her head.

Grandfather Li coldly smiled.

When Dong Junqing saw that Hanyan had been trapped, she suddenly was enraged. She raised her spear and flew. “Old but not dead, take this.”

The calm as a dry well Zijin next to the old man raised her brow and suddenly vanished.


Dong Junqing was shocked.

Suddenly, she saw that woman had instantly changed orientation like a phantom. She flashed over, and in several movements, she was in front of Dong Junqing. The Steadfast Star had not expected her speed to be so abnormal. She was just about to block with her double spears.

But an even faster shadow seemed to leap out from the woman’s slender white finger and then vanish again.

Dong Junqing’s throat froze. Her whole body was ice-cold.

“How can this be…” Dong Junqing was lifeless.

Zijin flew behind Dong Junqing. The entire process was no longer than the blink of an eye, and even Zhao Hanyan did not see clearly what move she made. Then, her head hurt, and her complexion paled.

“It is you…” Dong Junqing covered her throat. Blood spilled between her fingers. The Steadfast Star glanced at Zhao Hanyan, “Princess, hurry and run.” She suddenly pounced on Zijin.

Zijin’s long hair fluttered, as if it was a waterfall parting. The woman was calm as a flower. Her body prostrated, and her right arm stretched. A shadow was already in her hand. The pouncing Dong Junqing suddenly vanished without a trace, entering the Star Nest.

“Junqing.” Zhao Hanyan cried out in pain, incapable of believing that Dong Junqing would surprisingly be defeated instantly in one strike.

Looking again at that woman, beneath her calm as water appearance was a fully terrifying presence like that of a beast.

“You are…”

Zhao Hanyan grit her teeth. Just as she was about to finish speaking, at this moment, a purple array suddenly activated beneath her feet. This array was flooded with strange characters, and the inside had a bizarre Demon Beast-like pattern. Countless arcs of purple electricity shot out of the array. These purple lights were not harmful at all, but Zhao Hanyan immediately felt that the surrounding space had been interfered with by this electricity, incapable of opening.

“To think of escaping from under This Old Man’s ‘Lightning Flash Thunder Barrier,’ that will have to depend on how powerful you are.” Grandfather Li gently fanned himself. This magic was clearly his doing.

That old man just now had been preparing this magic all along. Zhao Hanyan’s heart was jolted. This trick, even in all of the Azure Dragon Territory, she had never heard of it before. Just what was the background of this old geezer?

“Little girl, it is best if you die here.” Grandfather Li looked at Zhao Hanyan.

Zhao Hanyan forced herself to keep aware of time. A Supervoid force burst forth, but the “Lightning Flash Thunder Barrier” immediately changed colors, obstructing Zhao Hanyan.

Zijin slowly walked towards Zhao Hanyan.

“If This Princess dies, then This Princess’ man will certainly be very troubled.” Zhao Hanyan sneered.

“Oh? The Ling Yan Princess has a man now, does she?” Grandfather Li smiled.


Zhao Hanyan shot him an ice-cold glare. She sneered, and a purple jade pendant appeared in her hand. It cracked, and purple vapors spilled out.

Grandfather Li’s fanning motion immediately accelerated when he saw this.

An explosion of thunder dropped from the sky and smashed heavily onto Zhao Hanyan. The Ling Yan Princess screamed, suffering immensely.

Zijin instantly accelerated. With several bounds, she was in front of her. She pulled her right hand back, suddenly drawing a black sword-shadow.

The purple qi ripped.

Zhao Hanyan suddenly vanished, with no trace of her detectable in a hundred li.

“This is the Purple Rose Jade Pendant?” Grandfather Li laughed: “To be even capable of breaking This Old Man’s Lightning Flash Thunder Barrier, Maiden Mountain is truly impressive.”

“What a pity that Grandfather used the Lightning Flash Thunder Barrier and still allowed Princess Ling Yan to escape.” Xiang Chenxing said in a low voice.

“She received This Old Man’s ‘Azure Life Nine Turns Thunder Dipper’3 and is heavily injured, her cultivation greatly debilitated. For the time being, we need not worry about her.” Grandfather Li laughed. “It seems the Star Duels still are a bit interesting.”

The Ling Yan Princess was the Azure Dragon Territory’s top-notch Star Master. Therefore, Grandfather Li wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to first kill of Zhao Hanyan in a single stroke, however, he did not expect that she would have the Purple Rose Outlaw Liangshan Jade Pendant.

“Let us go.”

Grandfather Li’s fan fluttered. He stepped into a cloud of rolling thunder and immediately vanished from this place.

Su Xing currently in the Immortal’s Abode being freshened up by his wives. He was preparing clothes to make ready for his participation in Liangshan’s Crystal Dragon Palace Treasure Banquet. Just at this moment, an intense pain wracked his body. His organs seemed to tear apart, and Su Xing grabbed onto the corner of the table in order to barely stand up.

“Young Lord.” 

“Dear Husband.”

The crowd of girls each called out. Each and every one of them wore a face of concern as they watched Su Xing.

“I’m okay.”

That instant of heart-wrenching pain seemed to last a century. Su Xing’s whole body was already cold, and he powerlessly panted.

“Young Lord, what happened?” Wu Xinjie asked with grave concern.

“It seems a certain kind of contract is exhibiting its function.” Su Xing activated Heart Like Mirror and slowly calmed his breathing.

The ladies looked at each other in dismay. Each of them showed worried expressions.

“It shouldn’t be Chai Ling. Don’t tell me something happened to Hanyan?” Su Xing’s mind was stopped up with a huge boulder, somewhat oppressive. His original happy mood in expectation of the Treasure Banquet instantly vanished into thin air. He saw that his wives were unhappy like him. Su Xing shook his head and once again adjusted his mood.

“Don’t worry too much. Zhao Hanyan should be fine. The Intertwined Branches only reacted for a moment just now. Maybe Zhao Hanyan ingested some medicine.”

Wu Xinjie consoled him: “Well said. Now that the Ling Yan Princess is the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one cultivator, no one can handle her.”

“Will she also participate in the Treasure Banquet?” Hu Niangzi asked.

Su Xing nodded.

“Then immediately go to the Treasure Banquet, and we will know.”

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  1. 重瞳
  2. 鸞鳳鳴,斬龍穴
  3. 蒼生九轉雷罡


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