Chapter 538: The “God Of Death” Bao Xiaoyu

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Even since he escaped from Lady Snake Scorpion in Evil Smiting Hall, Su Xing had not seen her at all, but it appeared that Lady Snake Scorpion had done well since then. The viper and scorpion were the Xie Twins’ Star Beasts. To surprisingly use them to draw a cart, they were not afraid of what other people thought. 

However, Lady Snake Scorpion’s patron was the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Great Sage Falling Sky, ruler of one of its territories. The Most High Path even had to consider him. To have such great fanfare in attending the Treasure Banquet, she indeed had capital.

“Lady Snake Scorpion’s Falling Dragon Mountain is famed and outstanding in the Vermilion Bird Territory, and her Lord Husband is Great Sage Falling Sky. Perhaps among all the Star Masters, she is the one most able to receive support. That could be seen with the Roc Demon King being able to gift her the Purple Rose Astral Treasure Stars Falling Dragon Sword.” Wu Xinjie covered her mouth and chuckled: “If it was not for Young Lord, Lady Snake Scorpion could perhaps truly be able to take the overlord position.”

Su Xing smiled. The Xie Twins had perfect coordination, and this point basically made many Star Masters feel troubled. Now, with the Lady Snake Scorpion whose Gu Poison arts were brilliant acting as a Star Master with the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Falling Dragon Mountain acting as support, her power advanced by leaps and bounds truly to become an overlord.

“Little Huang, you nearly fell to the Xie Twins before. Next time, we’ll have to properly greet them.” Su Xing gazed at the far off chariot.

The Little Huang who was currently licking a tanghulu winked, not minding what happened before very much.

“Young Master.” Lin Yingmei suddenly spoke, using her hand to point in front of them.

Su Xing looked to where she was pointing. In the tide of people, he spotted a seven or eight year old boy and an eight or nine year old girl. This pair was currently on a booth looking at the glittering lineup of goods, spellbound. For the first time since coming to the Crystal Dragon Palace, Su Xing showed delight.  

This boy and girl were not just anyone.

They surprisingly were the pair he once met at the Divining Star Platform.

Savage Star Bao Xiaoyu and Han Yu.

That meeting then gave Su Xing quite a fond impression of them, but the Star Duels were cruel, and he secretly prayed for them. Originally, he had thought that with the Three Heavenly Books at hand, average Star Masters would mostly have already Starfallen. He never expected to see them at the Treasure Banquet.

“Little Sister Xiaoyu truly is amazing.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

Lady Snake Scorpion sat inside the aromatic cart, her cheek propped against her hand as she looked out the window. The illumination of the boundless Crystal Dragon Palace’s glorious blue light reflected against her enchanting pupils, adding a slight charm. Great Sage Falling Sky Roc Demon King sat beside her, gazing at the beauty before him with an aching heart, however, the Gu Poison arts that hindered even him with fear made him only able to admire her from afar.

“Is Wife thinking of something?” The Roc Demon King asked. The thick air made his voice full of comfort. “Are you concerned about that Purple Thunder Monster?”

The Purple Thunder Monster’s exploits were already known to everyone in Liangshan Continent. His tale sounded truly beyond belief. This man had overturned the Azure Dragon Territory, toppled the Black Turtle Territory and had also caused an enormous ruckus in the Vermilion Bird Territory. The influence of the three territories had practically been violated, yet he nevertheless lived through everything. Not long before, they had even heard he had defeated the Ten Great Sects and opened the Bright Moon Longevity Palace.

This was also the place of the Roc Demon King’s concern. With this kind of Purple Thunder Monster in existence, Lady Snake Scorpion’s Star Duels would be a path of danger.

“The more arrogant the Purple Thunder Monster becomes, the faster he will die.” Lady Snake Scorpion slightly smiled, “Lord Husband has no need to worry about Your Servant. In the Seven Stars Assembly, he will definitely be faced with everyone’s cooperation.”

“This King shall then be relieved.” The Roc Demon King replied.

“Your Servant was only thinking about those seven rainbow lights that flew out of Maiden Mountain several months ago. Who knows what the meaning of that was…” Lady Snake Scorpion’s brow was locked deep in thought.

The sky-supporting pillar Maiden Mountain was visible everywhere in the Four Territories. That anomaly made everyone discuss it repeatedly. Most believed that a certain imprudent cultivator had disregarded Maiden Mountain and suffered its vengeance, just like that Heavenly Devil Sect from so long ago, but who would have thought that those would represent seven overlords.

“Maiden Mountain should not be meddling in the Star Duels?” The Roc Demon King wrinkled his brow.

“Judging from right now, no.”

“It is best if the Purple Thunder Monster stirs up some bigger trouble. By the time the Ten Great Sects completely suffer, the Azure Dragon Territory will already be the Vermilion Bird Territory’s.” The Roc Demon King sneered.

“With Emperor Liang present, the process perhaps will not be so easy. Lord Husband must be careful.” Lady Snake Scorpion advised.

“It truly is strange. That Emperor Liang has sons and a daughter participating in the Star Duels, but the Great Liang Imperial Family has never set itself against the Purple Thunder Monster.” The Roc Demon King felt regretful. If the Purple Thunder Monster offended the Great Liang Imperial Family, then the Azure Dragon Territory’s collapse would only be a matter of time. Thinking of this, the Roc Demon King laughed: “Maiden Mountain is truly astounding, however, one Purple Thunder Monster contracting multiple Star Generals is unexpectedly capable of overturning the entire Azure Dragon Territory. This King truly has a bit of the urge to ascend Maiden Mountain.”

“Your Servant will definitely forget Lord Husband after she ascends Maiden Mountain.” Lady Snake Scorpion stuck to the Roc Demon King’s shoulder, her expression seductive.

“This King definitely will allow Wife to fulfill her wish. Xie Diao and Xie Chan are both already at Five Star for this Treasure Banquet. This King will use everything to upgrade their Star Weapons to Seven Star. In the future, even if you meet the Purple Thunder Monster, you will have no need to fear.” The Roc Demon King heroically declared.

“Your Servant is very grateful to Lord Husband.”

“Mama, did we not hear that the Crystal Dragon Palace has the Double Seven? Does Mama want it?” Xie Diao asked.

“The details of the Double Seven really does not match with what the Crystal Dragon Palace announced. I fear there is something suspicious. We had best wait and see for the time being.”


Bao Xiaoyu impatiently looked at a “Exquisite Protective Talisman.” Although that protective talisman was only a Middle Grade Talisman, the fact the protective amulet in pairs could make the two of them interlink their hearts while in a certain distance, which made Bao Xiaoyu very delighted.

It was a pity that the Treasure Banquet’s things honestly were too expensive. This Exquisite Protective Talisman was priced at five million gold. As far as Han Yu was concerned, this truly was an astronomical figure.

“Xiaoyu, Little Yu!”

A warm voice interjected.

Bao Xiaoyu and Han Yu raised their heads to see an unfamiliar man.

Bao Xiaoyu’s whole body stretched taut. She glared at him, an appearance of deterrence by force. However, the combination of this fierce expression with a seven or eight year old girl who had a certain innocent cuteness left him between laughter and tears. 

“Don’t you remember me?” Su Xing smiled.

Han Yu shook his head.

Su Xing then noticed he was still using the Change Appearance Pill.

“Little Sister Xiaoyu, then what about us.” Wu Xinjie walked over.

Lin Yingmei raised her head, shifting her cap to the side.

“Ah, it’s Big Brother Su Xing, Big Sister Yingmei, Big Sister Xinjie.” Han Yu said in pleasant surprise.

Even though Bao Xiaoyu let out the smallest sigh of relief, this little loli still put on a tough appearance that would forgive no one. “What is the matter, Little Sister Xiayou, did you forget about us?” Wu Xinjie pinched her cheeks.

Bao Xiaoyu stubbornly puffed her cheeks. Her age was little, but her mind was awfully astute. The notion of a Star Master being the enemy was deeply ingrained.

“Are you still doubtful?” Wu Xinjie could not help laughing.

“Big Brother Su Xing, Xiaoyu is a bit alert.” Han Yu awkwardly explained.

“It’s fine.” Su Xing spotted the Exquisite Protective Talisman on the booth and bought some. “Big Brother presents these to you as a meeting gift.”

“Thank you, Big Brother.” Han Yu said in embarrassment.

“Little Yu.” Bao Xiaoyu was worried about Han Yu lowering his guard so quickly.

“Little Sister Xiaoyu, you relax, too.” Wu Xinjie allowed no explanation as she hugged the little loli. Bao Xiaoyu was quickly smothered by Wu Xinjie’s twin peak. In the end, she finally put away her belligerent appearance.

Su Xing was very curious about Bao Xiaoyu’s experiences after they parted, so he asked her about what happened afterwards.

What happened afterwards was actually very simple. Bao Xiaoyu and Han Yu passed over land and water to finally reach the “Han Clan” where they settled. Han Yu’s history and experience was very pitiful. His parents had died at the hands of bandits during a raid on their caravan, and Han Yu himself was on his dying breath. Then, Bao Xiaoyu appeared, destroyed those bandits and found he would not survive. Perhaps because she saw his age was close to her own, or perhaps Bao Xiaoyu had never thought of ascending Maiden Mountain in the first place, she signed a contract with Han Yu.

The Han Clan was quite excited that their clan had produced a Star Master for the first time. Naturally, they treated Han Yu quite well.

As a matter of fact, when the Treasure Banquet began, Han Yu had followed his grandfather, uncle and other family to participate.

Su Xing saw that Han Yu’s cultivation was nevertheless very low, merely Nebula Middle Stage. This kind of cultivation was death without doubt in the Star Duels.

“Do you want to come with me?” Su Xing invited.

“No need.” Bao Xiaoyu immediately refused: “Little Yu will not participate in the Star Duels.” She said while looking at Su Xing with full alertness: “How is Elder Sister Little Yi?”

Lin Yingmei could not help but smile.

This Little Sister still remembered that matter from when they first met. Perhaps because she did not see Yan Yizhen, she thought that Su Xing had acted maliciously against the Skilful Star. “Little Yi is currently somewhere else, we will congregate come nightfall.” Lin Yingmei said.

“Really?” Bao Xiaoyu was still very skeptical.

“Little Sister, you truly are a miniature demon. If Young Lord truly wanted to harm you, he would have already done it.” Wu Xinjie said, her mood foul. 

“Right, Xiaoyu, Big Brother Su Xing is very good.” Han Yu promptly nodded.

“She is?” Bao Xiaoyu spotted the Gongsun Huang sitting on Su Xing’s shoulder.

Just as Su Xing was about to introduce her, a voice suddenly interrupted them.”

“Little Yu, so here you are, we finally found you. Do not wander off. This place has many people, if you were to be eyed by a Star Master, what would we do.”

Several men and women walked over. It appeared Han Yu’s grandfather and uncle were among them.

They stared fixedly at Su Xing, however, Han Yu’s relatives did not have any cultivation. Naturally, they could not discern that Su Xing was a Supervoid Cultivator. Still, they saw that Su Xing was young, quite attractive, and thus treated him merely as some family’s young boss. 

“Your Distinguished Self is?”

“Your Servant is Su Xing.” Su Xing warmly introduced himself.

Han Yu’s uncle noticed Su Xing’s humbleness and was even more convinced their guess was correct. He snorted: “Su Xing, we have never heard of your name among the Azure Dragon Territory’s Ten Great Clans. Oh, actually, the Azure Dragon Territory has a remote ‘Su Kingdom,’ however, the Su Kingdom actually has a princess that has fled. But it seems Your Distinguished Self is completely unrelated to her.”

Su Xing was somewhat amused by his analysis. “Your Servant is indeed unrelated to the Su Kingdom. Your Servant merely met Han Yu once before.”

“He helped me and Little Yu before.” The Bao Xiaoyu that was originally wary of Su Xing was somewhat displeased that the Han Clan would put on airs before Su Xing.

“So you turned out to be the benefactor that saved my grandson’s life. Sorry, sorry.” Han Yu’s grandfather laughed heartily.

“We are holding a feast at the Heavenly Water Pavilion. We wonder if this Friend Su Xing would be willing to do us the honor of attending.”

“Eh? A feast? Grandfather, did something good happen?” Han Yu curiously said.

“Oh, Han Qi’s Spirit Slashing Sword has reached rank ninety-eighth on the Spirit Sealing List. We were just preparing a feast to celebrate.”

“Uncle is so amazing.” Han Yu said in astonishment.

“We wonder if Your Distinguished Self would attend, Su Xing?” The other Han Clan members gazed at Su Xing.

Su Xing was a bit hesitant for a time.1

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