Chapter 610: Wu Xinjie’s Suspicious Request

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A tall platform was constructed upon the Great Liang Dynasty’s White Horse Highlands. Decorated with lanterns and colored banners, the normally quiet White Horse Highlands appeared especially lively right now. There were escape lights everywhere, flight artifacts and Flying Swords flying towards a particular spot on the White Horse Highlands, like a dragon rolling through the clouds, like a hawk spreading its wings against the skies. Every sort of Flying Sword and escape light decorated the skies like tightly packed rainbows, appearing especially beautiful. The towns, villages, and people along the way were a feast for the eyes.

At the center of the White Horse Highlands was a hundred zhang wide platform. At some unknown time, the surroundings had been filled with pavilions and glittering buildings, red paint and jade, forming crescent moon shapes. 

These cultivators descended near the platform, immediately halting their flight, as if they had some sort of tacit understanding. They landed in the surroundings, each and every one of them full of excited expressions, blabbering constantly.

“Never imagined that the Clear Void Most High Path would not occupy the One Path position in the Azure Dragon Territory for such a short time. They have declined so quickly, truly, the people have changed but things remain the same.”

“Very much so. How well-regarded the Most High Path was in times past, with Four Great Supervoid Ancestors standing guard, no one in the Azure Dragon Territory could defeat them. But now, the Three Clarities Field has sealed itself off.”

“I heard my brother-in-law’s sister-in-law’s nephew’s neighbor’s friend’s child gossip: Ever since Ancestor Northern Darkness and the White Tiger Territory’s Demonkin allied with one other, Emperor Liang and the heads of the other Great Sects inquired about the Most High Path. Now, the Most High Path’s estates have already been seized and redistributed as the new arrangements for this Alliance of Ten Conference, and the disciples under their banner have each lost morale, defecting one after another from the sect. If it was not for apprehensions about the might of Immortal Great Void, perhaps the Most High Path would already have sunk to second to the Imperial Dragon Path.”

“This Immortal Great Void has probably already passed away. Otherwise, how could there be no signs of activity with such a major event happening under his school.”

“I hear he is Transforming Star of Annihilation.”

“What? Transforming Star of Annihilation?” The spectating crowd expressed shock one after another. Transforming Star of Annihilation was a legend in Liangshan Continent. Some people even believed this was only the imagination of Supervoid Peak Cultivators. If there actually was a Transforming Star of Annihilation level cultivator, then the Annihilation cultivation method he practiced perhaps would make Emperor Liang and the others covet it.

“And what about Annihilation. The Most High Path is only that in name anyways, yet he has not come out. Surely, the Most High Path’s decline is a foregone conclusion.”

“Well said. But I really cannot understand how the illustrious Most High Path could be ruined in the mere blink of an eye.”

“How else but because of that Purple Thunder Monster. I heard that the Four Great Sword Sect Blooming Water Sword Sect this time is also…”

The White Horse Highlands’ Alliance of Ten Conference appeared particularly lively and loud. Cultivators were everywhere discussing this Alliance of Ten, however, compared to the expectations for the other sects in previous years, the former head of the Alliance of Ten Most High Path was contrarily the main topic of the conversation. There was shock, pity, glee, a multitude of attitude, any and all. As the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one sect, with four Great Supervoid Ancestors, more than a dozen Supercluster Cultivators, the Three Clarities Immortal Fields, countless Prehistoric Spirit Treasures, the Most High Path was the Azure Dragon Territory’s highest existence. In the past, someone predicted that even the Great Liang Dynasty would be unable to contend against them, but no one could have imagined a Great Sect like this would wither away in just a few short years.

Among the countless discussions, there was one name that was mentioned over and over again.

Purple Thunder Monster!

“The Purple Thunder Monster, he is honestly somewhat skilled.” A heavy-set man wearing a simple yellow robe narrowed his eyes, a showy and innocuous smile upon his face. “To surprisingly dare offend the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Great Sect and even destroy three Supervoid Cultivators before the Star Duels, Old Pig truly wants to meet him.”

“More than that, it seems that the Ten Great Sects have all once faced him, however, they were surprisingly defeated. They are truly useless.” Fenghua twitched her lips, very disdainful of these Azure Dragon Territory Great Sects that fished for compliments. To be even unable to take down a single Star Master, they were forced to throw themselves into the fray.

“It is many thanks to him that he allowed Old Pig to know the misfortune that beset the sect in the years that followed.” Old Pig slightly narrowed his eyes as a chill flashed past them. His fists tightly clenched, and his whole body quivered: “I never imagined that for my sake, they…”

“Elder Brother, do not be distressed.” Tao Fenghua tenderly consoled him.

“Old Pig, you can take this chance to refound the sect.” The other refined and calm woman Qingshang beside him serenely said.

The two women’s words were like a panacea that quickly quelled Old Pig’s overwhelming resentment. “En, Old Pig understands. Since we have the fortune to encounter the Alliance of Ten Conference, then I absolutely cannot let this go.”

“Senior Yuanyang,1 speak again to Your Servant once more about the Alliance of Ten, the Azure Dragon Territory, and Emperor Liang. Old Pig wants to know even more.” The man turned his head back to an old man that shuffled respectfully behind him.

The venerable old man bowed with deep reverence, immediately cupping his fist. Even though he was the current headmaster of the Yue Dragon School, in the face of this Old Pig, he kept quiet out of fear and was cautious. “This Old Man does not deserve to be called Senior. Ancestral Master, if you are not averse to it, then please call This Old Man Zhu Yuanyang.”2

“Aiya, the old man does not need to mind these honorifics. My Elder Brother is a very gracious person.” Fenghua chuckled.

Old Pig also smiled: “What Fenghua is saying is ‘Although the old man in front of us is already very elderly, in regards to seniority, you are very young. But to make an old man call Old Pig the Ancestral Master, Old Pig feels this is strange.’ It would be better to call me Daoist Old Pig.”

“Very well.” Zhu Yuanyang once again explained the most recent events of the Azure Dragon Territory.

The Alliance of Ten Conference’s rules were very simple. The Azure Dragon Territory was divided into One Path, Two Halls, Three Palaces, Four Sword Sects as the Alliance of Ten that governed over the Azure Dragon Territory’s countless sects. Each time the Alliance of Ten Conference was convened, if any sect wanted to rise in the ranks of the Alliance of Ten, so long as they could pass the three battles, “Disciple Battle, Headmaster Battle, Ancestral Master Battle” when the time came, so long as they could win to the very end, they could receive a position.

However, there was another premise, which was that the Alliance of Ten required at least one Supervoid Stage cultivator as a guardian. Conversely, the so-called Alliance of Ten Conference was nothing more than a competition between Supervoid Stage cultivators.

Now that the Most High Path of the Azure Dragon Territory’s Alliance of Ten was already doomed to fade away, and the Four Great Sword Sect Blooming Water Sword Sect’s Baili, Qianli, and Wanli were also defeated in battle with the Purple Thunder Monster, this was considered an implicit knockout from an outsider’s perspective.

And after the disaster at the Crystal Dragon Palace with the Prehistoric Liao Emperor, many of the Great Sects’ cultivators had fallen. Currently, the Azure Dragon Territory precisely embodied a phrase – from out of chaos emerges a hero.

The normally unremarkable small sects wanted to use this perfect chance to demonstrate their prowess. Perhaps they could take up one of the former Alliance of Ten positions. The sects that carried ideas of meteoric success were many.

As the legacy of Senior Nine Dragons’ Great Sect, the Yue Dragon School naturally also thought of this, but Headmaster Zhu Yuanyang was already in his twilight years. His cultivation had stagnated at Supercluster Late Stagem and he only dared to dream, nothing more. But he never imagined that the day would come that the heavens would send a Supervoid Stage cultivator. This made Zhu Yuanyang endlessly excited. In his mind, he already began to imagine ascending the Alliance of Ten Conference and breaking through to Supervoid Stage, making the Yue Dragon School shine in front of the eyes of the countless cultivators in this Alliance of Ten Conference.

Seeing this old man increasingly stirred, sweeping away his previous dejection, Fenghua and Qingshang glanced at each other. The former secretly pursed her lips into a smirk.

Among the White Horse Highlands’ myriad halls, a woman stood against the wind, her figure graceful, a beauty out of this world. She stood atop this hall overlooking the cultivators that came and went everywhere. In her hand was a feather fan, gently fanning herself, a mysterious smile on her face.

“Sister Xinjie, there’s so many people.” Thief Star Shi Yuan was beside the young woman, speechless as she overlooked this crowd.

Wu Xinjie stopped the fan and retracted Wind From Empty Cave, showing a satisfied grin.

“Sister Xinjie, did you hear something?” Shi Yuan curiously asked.

“En, our Young Lord truly gives these Liangshan cultivators conflicting opinions.” Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie cheerfully said.

Shi Yuan was not surprised. The Thief Star was even more clever than the Knowledge Star. The surrounding countless mentions of the Purple Thunder Monster already made Shi Yuan grin from ear to ear, “Who let those people fight Su Xing. Hm, hm, now they know we aren’t easy to provoke.”

Wu Xinjie tapped her forehead: “Do not be too proud. Quickly go help Xinjie investigate something.”

“Has Elder Sister found a target?”

“No, this place has too much noise. Wind From Empty Cave is a bit strained.” Wu Xinjie shook her head. “Right now, I need you to go help me look around, Yuan’er.”

“No problem, just leave it to This Young Lady. This is This Young Lady’s job.” Shi Yuan patted her chest, full of self-confidence.


Wu Xinjie left some instructions, and then the Thief Star smiled, “Little Qi, it’s our turn to shine.”

A delicate black bunny hopped onto Shi Yuan’s shoulder, cooing.

Then, a black shadow covered her, and Thief Star Shi Yuan already dissolved into the crowd.

“Knowledge Star, are you really planning on taking action against the Fourth Overlord?” A suave and mellow voice came from above her. A graceful woman currently sat in the teahouse on the floor above, sipping tea as she indifferently asked.

Wu Xinjie lifted her head and smiled: “Little Sister Wanyue, are you afraid?”

Little Li Guang Hua Wanyue’s brow slightly wrinkled. She said: “Xinjie, you must know what you are doing?”

“What does Wanyue think?” Wu Xinjie swayed. Her body twinkled like a star, and she suddenly appeared in front of Hua Wanyue. This was a sophisticated pavilion, beautiful and ostentatious.

Hua Wanyue blinked, “I have never heard of such a thing.”

This was indeed unprecedented because there was never a Star General in the historical records that surprisingly renounced her contractor and gone to face a Star Master herself. And this Star Master was even a past Star Duel overlord.

Hua Wanyue thought this Knowledge Star was honestly daring. Even with the ability to formulate wonderful strategies, this was an overlord, was that so easy to design a plan for a counter? Without the support of her contractor, this was too dangerous.

“Wanyue, in every battle, Young Lord has always stand at the forefront protecting us. Do you not feel distressed?” Wu Xinjie indolently asked.

Hu Wanyue was stunned. She actually could not easily retort to this question. When she thought about it carefully, although this man was not her own contractor, he sometimes did more than any contractor should. She touched her lips, recalling what happened that night, and her heart was again endlessly infuriated – dammit, no mistake, he indeed did more.

“This is a once in a blue moon opportunity, so Xinjie and the Sisters wanted to give Young Lord a pleasant surprise!” Wu Xinjie toasted her, stirring the wine. The surface of the wine displayed a Yin Yang symbol. “We shall take care of this overlord!”

“And that is why you would deliberately send Siyou alone with Su Xing to the Ghost Kingdom?”

Wu Xinjie blinked: “Aiya, Siyou is the first to address Young Lord as husband, Xinjie is honestly too jealous. So Xinjie wanted to give her a bit of a surprise.”

Hua Wanyue felt that she truly pondered too much, but in her heart, she could not help but envy such a relationship.

“But Su Xing will return for the Alliance of Ten Conference, correct.”

“So, Xinjie has something to ask of you, Little Sister Wanyue, please.” Wu Xinjie clapped her hands together and pleaded.

Hua Wanyue’s heart had a feeling of foreboding.

“Please help the Sisters, Wanyue. Go think of a way to accompany Young Lord Su Xing and not allow him to come attend the Alliance of Ten Conference…”

As expected…

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  1. 元陽
  2. 朱元陽


  1. …Of all of Su Xing’s girls, Xinjie stands as the most flirtatious, most perverted, most perceptive, and most greedy.
    Aside from Yingmei, who ostensibly stands as her equal as far as wives go, Siyou’s Lord Husband must’ve really triggered her competitive spirit.
    It was the same with Yingmei when she lost her virginity.
    Man. I gotta respect how driven she is to be with Su Xing.
    She’s also one of the most actively manipulative schemers in the whole series…. and I adore her!

    Also, I knew that Old Pig was an Overlord!

    What I’m surprised most by though, is just how cooperative Wanyue’s being.

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