Chapter 611: Double Sevens Contract

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“Chao Wuhui?? Wifey, do you think that Chao Gai’s True Name is real or fake?”

Su Xing flew over the sea using a wind escape technique. Wu Siyou riding on the White and Black Unicorn Tiger braced her legs, her posture graceful. Hearing Su Xing’s muttered question, she unhappily glanced at him.

“If she must lie about even her True Name, then Chao Gai is too sad.” Wu Siyou calmly answered.

Su Xing nodded in agreement, but Chao Wuhui? Transcend misunderstanding?1 He felt that she seemed to be hinting at something to him. Could it be that Chao Gai actually also wanted to end the Star Duels?2

Wu Siyou said, “Lord Husband, although Your Servant does not oppose you being affectionate with the other Sisters, you are honestly a little too interested in Chao Gai.”

Su Xing chuckled. He had no thoughts for Chao Gai, but if he truly could break through Chao Gai’s defensive line, then he could understand the meaning of these Star Duels and Maiden Mountain’s true face. And now it appeared that the clues really were becoming more and more convoluted. Star World’s Uesugi Kenshin and Take Koito. And what was the connection between Wu Siyou and Take Koito?3 Why would the Harm Star again participate in the Star Duels?

Recalling the Water Margin from Earth made Su Xing feel a headache now. He always felt there was a clue he was vaguely grabbing on to.

If Shaqing were here, things would be fine. With her excellent Meditative Mind, perhaps she could comprehend it.

Ever since they parted from the Buddhist Kingdom, it had already been a long time since they last met. Now, he was full of longing when he recalled that woman’s figure meditating in the rain. “Wifey, after a bit, let’s go visit Shaqing in the Buddhist Kingdom.” Su Xing said.

Wu Siyou naturally would not oppose: “En. Your Servant also misses her very much and wonders how her comprehension of the Star Duels is progressing.”

The two of them flew past Kagoshima. When they drew near Fire Eastern Island, they stopped.

Su Xing saw a red luan hovering in the air, and a gorgeous woman stood on its back. Her gaze stared far into the distance, as if there was something beyond the heavens, and the graceful curves of that woman from head to foot could be fully described by the words graceful and elegant. The most beautiful of art pieces could not compare.

“Hua Wanyue, what are you looking at here?” Su Xing blinked. The woman in front of him was none other than Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Wanyue.

Hua Wanyue stared at Su Xing, and then she remembered Wu Xinjie’s request.

Wu Xinjie and the others were preparing to do something unprecedented to give Su Xing a pleasant surprise, to handle the Fourth Overlord by themselves. Besides being impressed with her audacity, Hua Wanyue could not easily decline, but to make her go distract Su Xing to not go to the Alliance of Ten Conference nevertheless made Hua Wanyue feel stumped.

How were these Star Duels so unreasonable.

She had never heard of a Star General that would leave her own contractor to a Star General that had not signed a contract, let alone that this Star Master was currently the strongest foe in the Star Duels. She, Hua Wanyue, was not a nanny at all. She had but pledged to take Su Xing’s damned head.

Gloomily faced with Wu Xinjie’s request, Hua Wanyue had no way to refuse.

Wu Xinjie and the others had pondered earnestly about this, so how could Hua Wanyue disappoint them, but if it was possible, the Hero Star truly did not want to be alone with this man.

“Wanyue, did something happen.” Seeing Hua Wanyue’s gaze was always placed on Su Xing, Wu Siyou felt odd.

Hua Wanyue retracted her complicated thoughts and sternly said: “How was your trip to the Ghost Kingdom?”

“En, we honestly had a harvest.” Su Xing said. “I’ll tell you when we get back. The Alliance of Ten Conference should be about to begin.”

“Wait.” Hua Wanyue shouted.


Su Xing and Wu Siyou turned back.

“According to Wu Xinjie, the Four Styles School is not planning to attend the Alliance of Ten Conference at all, so as to avoid your Purple Thunder Monster Identity contrarily provoking trouble.” Hua Wanyue brainstormed to make Su Xing not suspicious. 4

Su Xing thought so as well. Although his Purple Thunder Monster identity currently made all of the Azure Dragon Territory’s sects terror-stricken upon hearing his name, but they gnashed their teeth in anger. As a Star Master, he would someday ascend Maiden Mountain in the end. By that time, these sects more likely than not would send a punitive force against the Four Styles School. There was no lack of this precedent in history – A Star Master would take the limelight in the Star Duels, but after they ascended Maiden Mountain, each of the Great Sects would split apart the sect the Star Master was originally from in order to obtain the benefits of ascending the mountain.

“Then we’ll just wait and see.” Su Xing himself was very interested to see just how lively the Alliance of Ten Conference.

Just as Wu Xinjie said, this man truly loved to stir trouble.

Hua Wanyue was speechless. The other Star Masters of the Alliance of Ten Conference were already going to make final preparations for the Three Heavenly Books, yet there would be a Star Master that would be concerned with such an insignificant and rare meeting. She hesitated a moment, but Hua Wanyue still spat out that special phrase with difficulty from between gritted teeth. “I have something that I must ask of you.”

“Hua Wanyue, you would ask something of me? That really is rare. If you have something, then speak frankly. There’s no need for us to be strangers.” Su Xing chuckled, taking this chance to improve their relationship.

Hua Wanyue pretended to not hear the hint in his words and said: “Noble Star Little Whirlwind has purchased the Double Sevens from the Crystal Dragon Palace. Wu Xinjie has received it from her. I want to take this chance to go look at where this Double Sevens is located, however, there may be a need for a Star Master to open it, so I ask that you accompany me there…” Hua Wanyue said with a straight face, speaking rigorously, avoiding details that would make anyone think too deeply.

“Double Sevens? Wasn’t that fake?” Su Xing said.

“But there is the possibility it is real, is there not?” Hua Wanyue curled her lips, a strange glint in her eye, “If you do not wish to accompany Me, then fine. I will go there by myself.”

How could Su Xing not tell that this was Hua Wanyue’s trap. However, in his impression, ever since that milky white incident, Hua Wanyue had always been indifferent to him. Something like an invitation was a bit of a fantasy. Seeing that Hua Wanyue was apparently somewhat too embarrassed to be forthcoming, Su Xing and Wu Siyou glanced at each other. They both saw this was not normal.

“The Noble Star used the Red Ink Iron Certificate at the Dragon Palace. Wu Xinjie fears she will be in danger, so she has used the Double Sevens as an opportunity. However, your wives have not recovered yet, so they will not go for the time being. If you are willing, then you and I will go together now.” Hua Wanyue suppressed her nervous voice.

“Lord Husband will not refuse Wanyue’s kindness?” Wu Siyou seemed to smile. She had already figured things out. This was perhaps Wu Xinjie doing a favor, deliberately finding a chance to pull the two together. Regarding this, Wu Siyou naturaly would not oppose.

“It’s rare for Wanyue to invite us. Naturally, I wouldn’t dishonor it.” Su Xing smiled.

Hua Wanyue’s heart was somewhat delighted, yet her expression still maintained composure, unmoved: “Have you considered this clearly? The Double Sevens may be a trap. While you are without Yingmei and the others, you will be in great danger.”

“It’s precisely because it might be a trap that I can’t watch you enter that firepit alone, Wanyue.” Su Xing self-righteously answer: “Besides, with you and Siyou beside me, their Lord Husband is very safe. I think that Old Daoist Northern Darkness would be no match.”

“Hmph, I do not recognize you as my Lord Husband.” Hua Wanyue coldly reminded him, not giving Su Xing any chance in the slightest to take advantage of her.

Su Xing laughed.

Wu Siyou rolled her eyes. It seemed that her Lord Husband’s road would be a bit more exhausting.

Three Clarities Field’s green mountains were continuous. A gentle breeze blew by, red-crowned cranes flew off, and clouds and mist rolled about. 

A towering jade palace was faintly discernible on the mountain, but because no one could be seen, it appeared desolate.

The Most High Path’s Headmaster was at the summit of Three Clarities Field, staring at three imposing sculptures. He burned three stalks of incense and bowed three times. “If only Ancestral Master would manifest and save the Most High Path from this crisis.” Like everyone else, this long, white-haired old man was unable to believe the Clear Void Most High Path had decayed to such a degree.

Behind the headmaster were four or five hundred Most High Path disciples and several Supercluster Ancestors, each burning incense and praying.

After finishing the rituals in succession, the headmaster said: “Everyone, to stand loyally by the sect at the most critical moment, this may really be This Path’s fortune. Everyone must take up the mission of rejuvenating the sect. Someday, the Most High Path will be held in your hands.” 

“Disciples engrave to memory. We will definitely recover This Path, revive our power.”

The hundreds of disciples in the Three Clarities Field simultaneously swore, their voice as resounding as a bell, ear-splitting. Although compared to before the Most High Path was already very waning, their robust foundation allowed the Most High Path to still possess the qualifications to hold the position of number one in the Alliance of Ten.

Headmaster Most High nodded in gratitude, “Everyone, please retire for now. Zhenyuan, you stay for now. There is something Master must speak to you about.

The Xie Zhenyuan who was once acclaimed as the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one genius was stone-faced, still graceful and gentlemanly.

Bing Qingxuan glanced at him then left.

After everyone left, Headmaster Most High said: “Zhenyuan, these past few years have certainly been difficult for you.”

“Disciple does not dare say difficult.”

“The Most High Path turning into this state now is wronging you.”

“Disciple does not dare feel wronged.”

Headmaster Most High smiled: “Zhenyuan, there is no need for you to be so formal in front of This Old Man. Right now, the Most High Path’s great undertaking of revival can only be entrusted to you. The people of the world right now are mocking This Sect and are mocking you. However, This Old Man believes that with your talents, you will not let This Old Man be disappointed, Zhenyuan.” The old man’s eyes were like candleflames, a deeper meaning to his words.

Xie Zhenyuan was as imposing as a rainbow: “Zhenyuan shall put forth all his effort, not spare anything to demand justice for This Sect.”

“For you to be able to think like this, This Old Man is greatly comforted.” Headmaster Most High breathed a sigh of relief. He flung his hand, and several clear lights flowed in front of Xie Zhenyuan. They were three talismans and several jade strips. “The Extreme Clarity First Origin Talisman,5 the High Clarity Immortal Killing Talisman,6 and the Jade Clarity Worldly Indifference Talisman7 are to be entrusted to your protection on behalf of Master. This jade strip records the Three Clarities Sword Array, and the other records the ‘Three Clarities Immortal Light Secret Technique.’8 The Extreme Clarity traps, the High Clarity kills, and the Jade Clarity protects. These Clear Immortal Lights are paired with the path of Most High Worldly Indifference as This Sect’s protective technique. Outsiders have never known about this, but this is very difficult to train. Even Ancestral Masters like NOrthern Darkness have only been able to train in one of the Immortal Lights. However, you have gone through joy and disaster. You should be able to have good fortune. Master has already decided to not spare any effort to help you ascend Maiden Mountain. But this is all that This Sect can do for you now.”

Xie Zhenyuan’s expression could not help but be moved.

“Do not disappoint Master. Go now.”

Headmaster Most High waved his hand.

Xie Zhenyuan took the three talismans and two jade strips and stepped away deferentially.

Gazing at the three sculptures, Headmaster Most High heaved a long sigh.

Suddenly, an imposing voice spoke from behind him.

“How goes it, that matter This Ancestor had you investigate?”

Headmaster Most High whirled around, and an old man slowly walked over. He was Northern Darkness Has Fish.

“Ancestral Master Northern Darkness, in accordance with your orders, I have already had the disciples spare no effort to secretly search for that person’s whereabouts. They have already found her.” Headmaster Most High respectfully answered.

“En. This Old Man just saw you be very considerate to Xie Zhenyuan. Do you truly feel he can accomplish the great task of reviving This Path?” Northern Darkness Has Fish slightly smiled.

“Ancestral Master’s opinion is?”

“Forget it. That Xie Zhenyuan remains disloyal. Whether or not he considers This Path is up to luck now. But now that the old thief Emperor Liang is stirring public sentiment, so long as This Ancestor takes the Noble Star’s Red Ink Iron Certificate, This Ancestor will surely eradicate his Zhao Imperial Family. Not even a chicken or dog shall be left alive.” Northern Darkness Has Fish sneered.

“Sooner or later, the Most High Path shall be the master of the Alliance of Ten, not he.”

Northern Darkness Has Fish’s voice was chilling, rattling the sculptures of the three founders. They let out a dying wail, lingering for a while in the sky above Three Clarities Field.

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  1. 超誤會, her name is a homophone for this phrase.
  2. Everything Chao Gai does just reminds me of one of my favorite Supernatural clips, when Castiel says “Just so you understand why I can’t help.”
  3. Wu Siyou and Take Koito share their surname 武, Take is just the direct pronunciation, but better context is needed to appropriately translate the name.
  4. So this was in the raws, but I’m pretty sure no one in the School is aware of who he is.
  5. 太清原始符
  6. 上清戮仙符
  7. 玉清忘情符
  8. 三清仙光秘法


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