Chapter 612: No Way To Compromise, So Bow And Give Way?

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The white robes with water-blue marks of the Crystal Dragon Palace. The white as snow attire of the Extreme Ice Holy Palace. The billowing purple clouds of the Purple Firmaments Immortal Palace. The Three Palace Sects began to enter the area, and the White Horse Highlands became frenzied, but no one noticed that several women had also quietly arrived at this place.

Dressed in a graceful blue flower-patterned skirt, Qingci had already ingested a Change Appearance Pill,1 Her picturesque beauty had already been replaced by something unremarkable. Even so, it was still difficult to cover a girl’s natural temperament. Her every word and gesture was dignified and composed, more noble than those heavily made up and gaudily dressed female cultivators.

This time, other than Li Longkui who followed her as closely as her own shadow, there was another woman dressed in a black robe and wearing a sinister mask that half-covered her face following closely behind. She was different from Killer Star Li Longkui. The woman’s movements were full of malevolence.

“The Azure Dragon Territory is fond of their pomp and circumstance. Heh, still, this is honestly lively.”

“Yunshang, do not expose our identities.” Qingci whispered a reminder to her about this trip’s goal. 

“Is this not just for that Purple Thunder Monster? QIngci, you want to take this opportunity to see which sect he is from, to find out his background. Yunshang is correct, right. With the Purple Thunder Monster’s level of power, he absolutely cannot have become so accomplished in a single night. Behind the scenes, there must be profound backing and support. Since he is able to overthrow the Most High Path and level the Ten Great Sects, logically speaking, the sect behind him will surely display their full might here.2 Even if the Purple Thunder Monster can change his appearance, so long as he appears on the arena, he will become linked in countless ways. Then, we will take appropriate action. Is Yunshang wrong?” Ugly Prince Consort Xuan Yunshang provocatively curled the corner of her lips, saying Qingci’s objective in one breath.

“What you do not understand, Qingci, is that the other sects are thinking the same way.” Xuan Yunshang looked at the discussion of the other cultivators. Their conversations inevitably had the four words, “the Purple Thunder Monster.” This Alliance of Ten Conference was grand, and there was an even more important reason, which was to guess how the sect behind the Purple Thunder Monster would take the stage. Would they be overnight celebrities that became the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one path or something else. 

For this reason, none of expressions of the Azure Dragon Territory’s Great Sects were particularly pleasant.

Xuan Yunshang also disdainfully said: “From what I can see, there is absolutely no possibility that Su Xing will appear. This man is several levels more cunning, thoroughly repulsive. The Purple Thunder Monster perhaps can carry a sect up to being the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one sect, but if he ascends Maiden Mountain, then Yunshang can guarantee that this sect will die without a trace…Of course, perhaps that sect truly has a Transforming Star of Annihilation Cultivator standing guard over it.

Qingci gasped in astonishment. She looked at Xuan Yunshang in surprise: “Little Sister Yunshang, how do you know that the Purple Thunder Monster is named Su Xing. Do you know him?”

“More than just know. Yunshang is practically familiar enough to want to rend his flesh from his bones, eat him alive.” Yunshang said mischievously, letting out a bloodthirsty chill that matched her malevolent mask. 

“How has Lord Su vexed Yunshang?”

“I only exhanged words with Hua Wanyue and Wu Siyou.”

Qingci forced a smile. She was well aware of Xuan Yunshang’s personality. The so-called exchanged words was a Star Duel.

“Little Sister is truly formidable, to escaped unscathed from Wu Song and Hua Rong?” Li Longkui was moved by Xuan Yunshang’s boldness.

Xuan Yunshang clicked her tongue. She had no interest in explaining the sequence of events. She looked at Qingci and honestly said: “I shall tell you the truth, Qingci. That the Queen allowed Yunshang accompany you to this Alliance of Ten Conference, Qingci, is to not only protect you, but actually to monitor that you are not deceived as Wu Song and Hua Rong were. When you truly meet face to face, Yunshang will be very frank. If there is an opportunity for a sneak attack, I will not hesitate.”

“Allow Yunshang to say another thing. That man’s current power is already at a level I cannot handle. Qingci, if you wish to preserve your friendship with him, call him Lord Su or Lord Husband, Yunshang and the Queen both can understand. But we ask that Qingci remember the significance of our Sisterhood. At Maiden Mountain, the Uprising will finally be the true lead role. This man must die.”

Xuan Yunshang’s voice was entirely stern, reminding her that most recently, Qingci’s indecision had made the Sisters dissatisfed. They had undertaken the Uprising for Qingci, throwing themselves under the Uprising banner for the sake of ending the Star Duels. Rather, they did not want to see Qingci nevertheless be caught at the end by the pitfall of the man who broke the rules, to avoid a buy one, get ten free trick. 

Song Qingci sighed: “Your Servant understands justice of the peace and thanks Little Sisters for their concern.”

“En, this will do.” Xuan Yunshang nodded in satisfaction.

They circled around the White Horse Highlands, but there was nothing interesting to see. Xuan Yunshang found a pavilion and sat with Qingci. This pavilion’s position was remote, but its view was extremely fine, able to overlook the Alliance of Ten Conference’s site.

Ugly Prince Consort was bored and asked Song Qingci some questions about Su Xing. Even though she always spoke about grinding Su Xing to dust, any Star General would perhaps have found it difficult to conceal their curiosity for the Purple Thunder Monster. A Star Master that could contract two great thousand year Star Generals would confuse anyone, and Xuan Yunshang was no exception.

She only had contact with Su Xing twice, but Xuan Yunshang would describe him with thoroughly terrible words, “arrogant,” “frivolous,” “shameless,” “despicable,” “go die.” All of these could completely fit him, but Xuan Yunshang honestly did not understand how such a Star Master seen once in a thousand years would surprisingly be able to make Lin Chong and Wu Song follow him. This truly was a blight upon her eyes.

And when she heard Qingci surprisingly address this man as Lord Su, Xuan Yunshang felt even more incredulous. She always wanted to ask clearly just what aspect of this man was good, so she readily accepted Shi Jinglun’s request that she accompany Qingci for her trip to the Alliance of Ten Conference.

Song Qingci’s answer was also unclear.

Those reasons that were unlike a Star Master, Xuan Yunshang completely was unable to accept them.

“It appears this Su Xing is lenient in all regards. So long as they were kind, he would even treat a Star Master with sincerity. If this is the case, then Ynnshang shall go test him next time.” Ugly Prince Consort brainstormed and had a thought.

“There are also other Sisters coming to this Alliance of Ten Conference.”

Just as Xuan Yunshang was lost in thought, Song Qingci suddenly interrupted her.

“Has trouble come?” Xuan Yunshang said in boredom.

Song Qingci’s brows wrinkled deeper and deeper. Her slender white hand abruptly set down her cup stiffly.

Xuan Yunshang knew that Song Qingci’s eyesight was exceptional. She could easily identify the Maiden Mountain’s 108 Sisters, but to see her turn so serious nevertheless left her confused. Even when she became aware of the White Tiger Territory’s unnatural Demonkin Star Masters back at Crystal Dragon Palace, she did not have this kind of expression. Xuan Yunshang was curious and followed Song Qingci’s gaze – along the road, two girls entered her view.

One was dressed plainly, with a vivacious energy, like the daughter of some ordinary peasant family. THe other was dressed brightly, covered in the garb of immortals, just like a noble lady. However, this was nothing. Between them was that chubby fatty who contrarily felt wasteful.

This generation’s top-notch Star Generals had each already appeared. These two could not possibly be any of the formidable Star Generals.

“Another Star Master who has contracted double Stars?” Xuan Yunshang said with a bit of interest.

Qingci’s white hand beckoned and opened the Birth Treasure Outline.

The pages fluttered, and golden light glowed.

Song Qingci clutched her chest, her expression fully flabbergasted. The towering Li Longkui next to her also looked at the book, and even this barbaric iron ox was dumbfounded.

Xuan Yunshang was even more curious. She scooted over and looked.

Star Position: Manage Star3

Star Name: Tao Zongwang4

Nickname: Nine Tailed Turtle5

True Name: Tao Fenghua

Rank: Seventy-fifth

Star Weapon: Feng Armor Huang Shield6 (Six Star)/Dragon Turtle Plow Heavenly Shovel

Star Beast: None

Realm: Extreme Realm Fourth Stage

Innate Skill: Defense

Five Elements: Earth

Yellow Rank Special Technique: Standing Guard

Dark Rank Special Technique: Secure As A Fortress7

Earth Rank Special Technique: Invulnerability

Heaven Rank Special Technique: Firm As Stony Heavens8

Current Status: Trace Of True Spirit

Detailed Materials: Has a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill “Reminiscing The Xiao Players At Fenghuang Terrace” with Music Star Iron Whistle Yue He

Star Position: Music Star9

Star Name: Yue He10

Nickname: Iron Whistle11

True Name: Yue Qushang12

Rank: Seventy-seventh

Star Weapon: Xuan Nü Xiao (Six Star)

Star Beast: None

Realm: Extreme Realm Fourth Stage

Innate Skill: Heavenly Pipe/Music Instrument

Five Elements: Metal

Yellow Rank Special Technique: Song With The Wind13

Dark Rank Special Technique: Ice And Rain Attract14

Earth Rank Special Technique: As If Touching Stars15

Heaven Rank Special Technique: Nine Immortals Bewitching Song

Current Status: Trace Of True Spirit (Cannot Be Conquered)

Detailed Materials: Has a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill “Reminiscing The Xiao Players At Fenghuang Terrace” with Manage Star Nine Tailed Turtle Tao Zongwang

“Two Earthly Stars that have comprehended their Heaven Rank and a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow???” Xuang Yunshang was astonished, her eyeballs nearly popping out from their sockets. Comprehension of Earth Ranks had merely begun at this stage. To unexpectedly comprehend Heaven Rank and even their fucking Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill, this was something even the top-notch martial generals were incapable of. “These Star Duels really are beyond reason, to unexpectedly be even more abnormal than the Purple Thunder Monster.”

“Little Sister, look closely. This Trace Of True Spirit.” Qingci pointed to this phrase.

“Cannot sign a contract? Just what is the meaning of this? Rumor said that Maiden Mountain is confronting the Purple Thunder Monster. Could that be true?” Though Xuan Yunshang should have been delighted in his misfortune, she instead felt no resentment.

Song Qingci did not answer. When she looked down again, those three were already gone.

Everything was as fleeting as the Queen of the Night,16 illusory, but the haze in Song Qingci’s heart nevertheless was a real existence, impossible to get rid of.

Great Circle Castle.

Chai Ling held Xing’er as she reclined on a sofa, a blank expression on her face. Jinzhi and Yuye stared at each other, not knowing how to console her.

“Chai Ling!”

Konghou walked into the hall crying and sat bluntly on the sofa.

Chai Ling seemed to have woken from a dream and snickered: “Elder Sister, you are not drinking today?”

“That Little Restrained wants to assassinate Your Humble Servant. Your Humble Servant is currently lecturing her, how is there time to drink.” Konghou shrugged. When Jinzhi and Yuye heard these words, they immediately fetched some finely aged wine.

Konghou thanked them before bluntly taking it. She took a large swig and leisurely asked: “It seems you have lent the Double Sevens to the Knowledge Star?”

Chai Ling confirmed.

“No wonder you are lost in thought here.” Konghou had an epiphany: “You truly were reluctant to lend out the Double Sevens. Did Your Humble Servant not go help you investigate this? This Double Sevens’ use is fake, but the contract is possibly real!!” Konghou was very clear that Noble Star Chai Ling wanted to sign a contract and participate in the Star Duels, but as the Noble Star, she required too much face. How could she make such a request.

So Chai Ling always wanted to find a golden opportunity to sign a contract with Su Xing, right in front of the gazes of the entire world just like Wu Siyou. This was the reason Chai Ling would keep sighing.

But Konghou thought, You the Noble Star spend everyday idling away in your castle, to hell with an opportunity.

It was because of this that Chai Ling was not concerned with the price when she purchased the Double Sevens from the Crystal Dragon Palace.

Because according to Konghou’s understanding, this Double Sevens was a relic from an ancient Star Duel – Her use was not to rescind contracts but to form them.17

There was no mistake.

She was a rule breaker, allowing one to contract two Stars, even a third Star General.

Author’s Note:

— Writer’s block for the past few days. Tomorrow, there will be four chapters, absolutely.

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  1. Hm, I wonder if this type of pill would actually work on a Star General.
  2. Except his sect is actually pretty much dirt poor.
  3. 地理星
  4. 陶宗旺
  5. 九尾龜
  6. 鳳甲凰盾
  7. 固若金湯
  8. 堅若磐天
  9. 地樂星
  10. 樂和
  11. 鐵叫子
  12. 樂曲殤, different from the Qingshang earlier.
  13. 乘風一曲
  14. 冰雨招來
  15. 觸星可得
  16. A species of cactus
  17. Yes, Konghou refers to the Double Sevens as a female object


  1. 1. [With the Purple Thunder Monster’s level of power, he absolutely cannot have become so accomplished in a single night. Behind the scenes, there must be profound backing and support]
    …Some real irony considering that, aside from the Four Styles School kinda helping out that one time cuz of Lianxin, Su Xing really did work his way up WITHOUT a Sect’s support.
    2. Yunshang can fuck off. That pissy bitch is just jealous and mad her personality sucks.

  2. i’m 1000% sure it was mentioned that Change Appearence Pill doesn’t work on Star Generals some chapter ago the that Dragon Palace or that Black Turtlearket or something. But meh whatever

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