Chapter 613: Milord, After You

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Because of the aforementioned reasons, Konghou felt it was odd that Chai Ling would give the Double Sevens to the Knowledge Star.

Any way it was put, this was the reason with the most face for the Noble Star to contract with Su Xing. Even if in the future Su Xing was to mention a contract right to Chai Ling’s face, she perhaps would not be able to set aside her status as the Great Circle Castle’s queen.

“Elder Sister, you seem to imply that This Palace is like a lovestruck fool.” Chai Long stroked Xing’er, her lips pursed, feigning disapproval. “Past Noble Stars had never signed a contract, and is This Palace not more at ease acting as the Great Circle Castle’s free and unfettered imperial empress.”

“It is fine for you to think this way.” Konghou did not oppose and smiled: “No one knows what will happen in the Star Duels until the very end. Rather than be like this, it would be better to live happily and freely, so as to avoid bringing trouble to yourself.” 

“Is this the reason you gave the Double Sevens to the Knowledge Star?” Konghou asked.

Chai Ling shook her head: “The Double Sevens has already been trapped by that old man Northern Darkness. This Palace has used the Red Ink Iron Certificate. Even if there truly was a chance to sign a contract, it would not help Xing’er at all. On the contrary, it would become a burden. And Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Wanyue and Xing’er seemed to have a certain misunderstanding. This Palace has spoken with Hua Wanyue before. Knowing her temperament, even if she finally buried the hatchet, she would never mention the word, ‘contract.’ Let alone, This Palace is very mindful of Jiang Shuishui’s divination…”

“Broken arrow beauty plucks the konghou.” Konghou held the fine wine in her throat.

Chai Ling held back a thin smile and nodded: “Broken arrow. That is never auspicious.”

“So this is why.” Konghou could not help but smile at her painstaking efforts. “But you the Noble Star are being this considerate of him. If he knew, he would inevitably be so moved as to devote his life to you.” Konghou joked.

“Oh, yes.” Chai Ling muttered. Immediately, the queen used a forced smile to hide the trace of distress in her heart. “If only Xing’er knew what place the Double Sevens was at, then he must not hate This Palace for that.”

Konghou could not help but cheer up when she heard these words.”

Yes, the ruins that the Double Sevens are located in are truly too shocking. She believed that even the Purple Thunder Monster would be startled, “However, Your Humble Servant wonders if he has the courage to dare take the Double Sevens.” Konghou said, ruminating.

“Does the man that This Palace fancies have a lack of courage?” Chai Ling proudly said.

Konghou was silent.

Su Xing, Hua Wanyue, and Wu Siyou circled about for a long time before arriving at the indicated location of the Double Sevens. Su Xing had wondered what place the Double Sevens that had been hyped so excitedly was concealed in, whether it was a ruin hidden deep in the mountains or a discreet valley gorge. 

In actuality, the final location of the Double Sevens was hardly any different from his first thought, but Su Xing was nevertheless shaken.

Before them was a continuous chain of mountains, covered in immortal mist that did not disperse all year round, hiding the mountains indistinctly. Monkeys hollered, red-crowned cranes crowed, the form of a wonderland. A powerful spiritual aura struck them in the face; in these mountains, a building appeared particularly spectacular.

That building reached higher than a thousand chi, and it was surrounded in never-ending mist. Carefully looking, it was surprisingly an actual pavilion in the air. This pavilion was constructed from fine, white jade. It extended into the clouds and mist, giving them an illusion of boundlessness. And those beautiful jade and crystal hallways were constructed extending in all directions along the mountains. Walking upon them was like treading among clouds. 

And at the highest level of this pavilion was a whole other special scene.

The pavilion’s levels were numerous, too numerous to count. A spiral staircase linked each level, and each main hall was daunting. From the front gate of the main hall, each gate up required passage through winding, endless, innumerable halls.

Su Xing looked and glimpsed three floors of this inconceivable pavilion set among the clouds and mist. Each floor had clearly different clear light. The first had turbid clear qi and the roars of demons and gods. The second floor’s clear-light flowed, clear voices chanting. And the highest floor was a mystery. He could not see it.

Su Xing had seen countless of Liangshan Continent’s marvels. The Bright Moon Longevity Palace he had obtained was considered an incomparable masterpiece. He had thought that he was already accustomed to Liangshan Continent’s spectacles, but this pavilion that was too wonderful for words was shocking to the extreme, leaving them speechless. 

Not only Su XIng, but Hua Wanyue and Wu Siyou also were taken aback when they saw this expansive palace. The pavilions that were tall without end made them speechless.

Su Xing saw that this place was appropriate for immortals, feeling more and more endlessly reverent.

“Something is not right about this place.” Wu Siyou’s eyesight was more keen than a hawk’s. She saw through the mist and spotted several unusual clues in the palaces.

“I think so, too. It seems too quiet.” Su Xing agreed. This green mountain and river ought to have been a satisfactory location. Cultivators would presumably be in large numbers, but right now, he could not feel any sign of life. The dead atmosphere was like a tomb, and even the sounds of the birds and monkeys were like cries of anguish.

The atmosphere was incomparably strange.

Su Xing’s whole body was on guard, not daring to be neglectful.

Hua Wanyue looked around and suddenly smiled: “This too quiet is something you created.”


Su Xing and Wu Siyou were astonished.

“What’s it got to do with me?” Su Xing was confused. Although he was called a monster by people, on the basis of conscience, he had never committed anything that would offend Heaven and reason. Besides, this was the first time he had ever seen such a spectacular hall. It could not be possible that when he appeared there really was something like “over a thousand hills, no bird’s in flight; on myriads paths, not one foot-print in sight,” result, right?

“You dare say it is unrelated to you?” Hua Wanyue did her best to restrain her delighted laughter. “There are five big characters written on this palace. You must know which five?”

Su Xing was then speechless.

“Clear Void Most High Path…”

Hua Wanyue finally erupted into laughter. “None other than the Most High Path. I never expected the Double Sevens to indeed be that Old Daoist Northern Darkness’ plot. This place is the Azure Dragon Territory’s famous Three Clarities Field!!!”

Su Xing smiled dryly. He never expected that this was surprisingly the Most High Path’s domain, the Three Clarities Field. No wonder that palace was incomparable. It was worthy of the title of Azure Dragon Territory’s number one. And ever since the Crystal Dragon Palace affair, the Most High Path was sealed up. The dead atmosphere was not a surprise.

“Lord Husband, since this is the Three Clarities Field, it appears that this was indeed a trap.” Wu Siyou said.

“But the Double Sevens is nevertheless real.” Hua Wanyue brought out the Double Seven, a token-like object. The directions upon it indeed instructed them to the highest level of the palace. Star Maidens possessed unmatched ability to understand Astral Treasures. Hua Wanyue was certain that this Double Seven was indeed related to them. It was absolutely impossible to be a work of Liangshan Continent. At the very least, this Double Seven should have appeared when the Birth Treasure Outline did.

“What now, My Lord, do you dare enter the tiger’s den?” Hua Wanyue glanced provocatively at him. Those two words, “My Lord,” were spat with particular emphasis. She was extremely afraid that Su Xing would sound a retreat and return to the Alliance of Ten Conference, so she used reverse psychology.

“Siyou, Wanyue. So long as you are willing, then I will naturally am willing to accompany you.” Su Xing heroically answered. “The Most High Path has taken great pains against me. At any rate, I should pay a visit to personally thank them.”

Wu Siyou could not help but chuckle. She gently shook her head and calmly stated: “YOur Servant is willing to follow Lord Husband to the ends of the earth.” Now that the Most High Path had declined, it was already no longer an opponent. Even if there was Northern Darkness Has Fish, Wu Siyou would make him disappear forever. However, the only problem was the Most High Path’s protective array. Although the Pilgrim had the Pilgrim’s Array Innate Skill, if that sort of powerful sect-guarding formation was in place, it would still be relatively problematic.

On the contrary, it was the Little Li Guang Hua Wanyue with the least to do with Su Xing who had the greatest trouble.

“I also want to see the might of this Azure Dragon Territory’s number one path.” Hua Wanyue pulled the Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow, pointing into the distance, her eyes like a divine eagle’s, sharp. A stray strand of hair lay across her lips. She pulled her bow into a full moon, forming a breathtaking curve. 


The bowstring snapped back, a crisp sound.

An arrow shot forth, wrapped in unstoppable, mountain-toppling, unrivalled power.

The quiet mountain range was abruptly roused by this arrow.

The mist was blown away, and the sea of trees swayed.


The Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow sunk into the palace’s signboard.

The formation sealing the mountain surprisingly toppled and disintegrated as easily as blowing dust off a book.

“Milord, after you.”

Hua Wanyue’s smile was full of charm and provocation.

Su Xing’s heart thumped, and he laughed aloud, not hesitating to fly into the THree Clarities Field.

Faraway, a green mountain shook furiously. 

Meanwhile, at the Alliance of Ten Conference, Shi Yuan was currently scouting the information Wu Xinjie relayed to her. According to the approximate description, she was searching for the fourth overlord’s figure. The Thief Star’s scouting abilities were considered top-notch among Maiden Mountain’s sisters while her martial force and magic energy were not particularly outstanding. But scouting information was a talent that Shi Yuan took pride in.

The figure of Shi Yuan dressed in a black skintight jumpsuit was overwhelmingly sexy, but in the crowd, she moved about as she pleased, as if she was a spider in a corner that no one noticed. Furthermore, in their negligence, she used her excellent Hiding ability to weave an inescapable net, capturing all information.

Not a moment later, Shi Yuan already found the target.

A group of one plainly dressed girl, one woman in a noble palace dress, and a paunchy man with a face full of fortune was particularly noticeable, no matter how it was put. Shi Yuan fully used Wind Chasing Shadow Hiding to tail behind them, observing their movements the entire way.

She tailed them for a short while.

Shi Yuan felt the opposition did not bring her too much pressure. They were far from as overbearing as the previous overlords, who made her feel unable to breathe. The Thief Star’s eyeballs spun about, and her heart had a bold idea.

She brought out the Hoodwinking Flying Claws, and SHi Yuan soundlessly closed in.

Old Pig, Tao Fenghua, Yue Qingshang talked and laughed as they walked. After they parted from the Yue Dragon School’s elder, they circled around again. The Alliance of Ten Conference at this time already was nearly about to begin. The White Horse Highlands had assembled several million cultivators. Old Pig had also investigated information about the Purple Thunder Monster, but rumors were surprisingly most of what he had heard. Other than making him feel their repulsive respect and adoration, he did not obtain anything useful.

Feeling that things were noisy, Tao Fenghua and Yue Qingshang at this time were drawn over by some other things. Old Pig wandered about alone through several avenues and came to an alleyway. After taking several dozen steps, Old Pig suddenly stopped and turned his head back to the open alley behind him.

Those friendly little eyes did not show any hostility.

“Your Distinguished Self has followed me for so long, should it not be time to show yourself? Now that I am alone?” Old Pig cupped his fist. At this moment, his eyes flashed a bone-chilling cold.

“Eh, you noticed?”

Shi Yuan cried out in astonishment.

A black shadow suddenly appeared to Old Pig’s right. Its speed was like an assassin. Old Pig waved his hand, having already anticipated this. His palm struck.

Bang, the shadow dispersed.

It was surprisingly a black rabbit.

Old Pig was stunned.

Killing intent suddenly appeared, and the true murderous aura began from his left.

“You guessed wrong.” Shi Yuan showed killing intent, manifesting her figure, but because she had the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit as cover, she successfully created a diversion that made OId Pig fail. How could Shi Yuan ever let go of this opportunity. The Hoodwinking Flying Claws were like two serpents, intersecting each other to bite at Old Pig’s neck.

Old Pig raised his hand, a pleasant countenance still upon his face, but that ordianry long robe covering him abruptly released spiritual light. A True Dragon specter flowed around his whole body. This was its ability, “Take The King’s Robe.” The Hoodwinking Flying Claws crisply rang as they knocked against it and were deflected.

Shi Yuan gasped, for she did not expect the opponent to be able to erect a defense so quickly. But Shi Yuan was not finished yet, “Hmph, This Young Lady has a trump card, too. Watch this.” Shi Yuan’s hand shook, and she activated the Astral Treasure that Tang Lianxin had custom made for her, the “Ten Thousand Thread Strand.”2 A white string was spat out, and it instantly expanded, tying up Old Pig. The Ten Thousand Thread Strand’s spiritual light squeezed, inhibiting Old Pig’s counterattack.

Shi Yuan seized her chance to push the attack. She took a step back and took out a Puppet Banner, shouting.

“Five Poisons Array!”

The Five Poisons Puppets she had rushed to set up earlier appeared one after another. A Five Poisons Array suddenly formed.

“The little thief is smart.” Old Pig was surprised.

The tricks the girl in front of him were considered thorough, which caught him off guard. She had surprisingly already known that he would show his hand in this alley and laid a trap beforehand. Even he did not sense it. He saw that this Five Poisons Array had rolling poison gas, torrential. Old Pig was well aware of this array’s might, and he no longer dared to slight her. 

The Five Poisons Puppets Array sprayed out five kinds of poison gas, engendering and restricting one another, extremely harmful to anyone, even a Star General.

“Did it work?” Shi Yuan’s eyes lit up.

The True Dragon hissed, scattering the poison fog. That fatso surprisingly laughed innocently, innocuous, and that spiritual robe upon him radiated light, imposing. The Five Poisons were unable to touch him.

Not good, I can’t beat him.

Shi Yuan immediately thought of fleeing.

“Stay a while.” Old Pig slightly smiled.

Even if Old Pig’s appearance was conspicuously straightforward, to be able to become an overlord, how could he have any magnanimity. If he so much as wished to kill, the more he appeared sincere, the more savage he was to the bone.

Old Pig urged on his sword chant, using the Ancient Yue Dragon Mountain Yellow Dragon Sword Chant. Two hundred Flying Swords formed two yellow dragons, already pouncing through a rolling cloud of yellow mist. Seeing their impending ferocity, the two yellow dragons tore the Five Poisons Puppets to pieces. Shi Yuan’s heart broke at that sight. She hastily pointed her finger, and the two Three Star Hoodwinking Flying Claws flew out. Although they were not as powerful as a Flying Sword, they still were the Destined Star Weapon of a Star Maiden. Her flying claws burst with light. They were like serpents weaving about, rolling up the two yellow dragons. Shi Yuan took advantage of this to immediately recall the Five Poisons Puppets.

This was something that Su Xing collected with great difficulty.

Old Pig was unfazed. He formed hand seals, and nine yellow dragons then flew out from the fog. They clawed at Shi Yuan together,and inside that yellow fog of spirit-light, Old Pig’s expression was unperturbed, smiling wholeheartedly, an ancient and warmhearted appearance, as if he was sure Shi Yuan had nowhere to run. His expression showed vague malevolence.

Old Pig was a True Spirit of Maiden Mountain. When he learned about the endings of the overlords, his heart was even more ruthless than before. And because he learned his sect had been destroyed, a fury was hidden in his heart that had nothing to vent against. Now that he had sustained Shi Yuan’s attack, this was just like lighting a powder keg. Suffering Shi Yuan’s Five Poisons Array, he surprisingly did not know pain, and he did not fear wasting spiritual power. He blindly urged forth the Take The King’s Robe and Yellow Dragon Sword Chant, forming nine yellow dragons, covering the area like a net that concealed the sky.

The Five Poisons Puppet was heavily damaged.

The meticulously forged Ten Thousand Thread Strand was even more damaged.

When Shi Yuan saw her opponent was so ferocious, like a mad tiger, she did not dare be arrogant. She surreptitiously circulated her Star Energy, not hesitating to use her Earth Rank Technique “Up Heaven Down Hell.”3 The Thief Star’s figure vanished, spinning just like a top, directly escaping the Yellow Dragon Sword Array’s net.

While Old Pig was enraged all in all, he was not deranged. So as to avoid drawing attention, he held back. Now that he saw Shi Yuan use her Earth Rank to escape, his heart was inwardly amazed, but his expression was still awfully calm and collected.

Shi Yuan’s Up Heaven Down Hell could instantly flee any battlefield, and Liangshan Continent’s most brilliant Escape Techniques could not compare. Thus, only then did Shi Yuan dare pick a fight with the Fourth Overlord.

Seeing that the opponent was not chasing, she thought he had given up.

Just at this moment, two figures emerged.

“Since you have acted against us, then you need to be properly taught a lesson.”

A heavenly voice suddenly chimed in the surroundings.

Tao Fenghua and Yue Qingshang appeared. 

Yue Qingshang brought out a flute with six flowing stars and began playing. The wonderful flute melody directly pierced Shi Yuan’s ears. Shi Yuan’s speed could not be any faster, but this flute was very sudden. When Shi Yuan heard it, an immortal cloud of clear qi seemed to appear in front of her and wrap around her whole body. This profound cloud was incomparably viscous and inseparably close, constricting her whole body. She could not move a single step. The Up Heaven Down Hell Earth Rank was surprisingly broken by a glimpse of her flute.

So powerful.

Shi Yuan was astonished.

At this moment, several yellow dragons already rolled in front of her. Shi Yuan screamed.

Just at this moment, an eastern wind blew. Black arrows erupted, and a wretched wind sneak attacked. They shot directly from behind Shi Yuan straight into the Yellow Dragon Flying Swords. The black arrows and the yellow dragons clashed, stopping the yellow dragons.

Shi Yuan seized upon this opportunity, no longer daring to be presumptuous. She again used the Earth Rank Up Heaven Down Hell.

On the other side, Old Pig was surprised to see his Flying Swords be obstructed. Just at this moment, several black arrows whistled towards him. He heard an evil wind whoosh, and the cold air was profound. He grinned evilly continuously. The speed of these arrows made Old Pig unable to react.

However, faster than these arrows, two shields shaped like phoenixes suddenly appeared and spun, blocking the black arrows.

Tao Fenghua pointed her hand, protecting Old Pig. At the same time, her brows rose.

“A sneak attack, truly you have no sense of shame.”

The sneak attacker wore a disgusting mask and rode upon an ugly beast. Her wonderful curves of her body were clearly outlined, but her accessories and her mount both appeared grotesque. They were, in a word, ugly.

“So ugly, you must be Ugly Prince Consort.” Tao Fenghua said.

Xuan Yunshang pulled her Demon Bow to once again use “East Wind Breaks.” Although the black arrows were fast, their trajectories tricky and strange, Tao Fenghua did not bother evading at all. The girl was calm and unruffled, crossing her arms in front of her chest. 

Two identical gorgeous phoenix shields appeared around her body, easily intercepting the Dark Technique.

“Watch this Earth Technique.”

Xuan Yunshang did not hesitate to use her Earth Technique.

“Death Ghosts!!”4

The Demon Bow and Monster Arrow combined.

She pulled the bow, and the arrow became demons and monsters. Countless shadows showered down from all directions. These arrow-shadows were not ordinary arrow-shadows at all. They were just like demons, with intelligence, focusing on weak points. For a time, the arrow shadows linked into a net-shape and descended.

“Hee, hee, Secure As A Fortress.” Tao Fenghua arrogantly raised her chest.

The Six Star Feng Armor Huang Shield blazed with gorgeous flames, standing upright in the surroundings. The Feng Armor Huang Shield released a spectre that established a ring, protecting the three of them. Just by using a Dark Rank, she dispersed an Earth Rank. All of the Death Ghost’s attack power successively struck upon the shield, easily deflected by the flames. Xuan Yunshang was glum to find her Earth Rank was unable to produce even a splash.

Not good.

Xuan Yunshang at this moment sensed danger.

Old Pig’s eyebrows rose. Two yellow dragons shot straight into the clouds, and then they twisted towards Xuan Yunshang. The girl was unable to block this at all. She was ground by the Flying Swords. Even the beast Flower Tribute beneath her legs let out its demonic might, helping its master ward off this disaster.

Xuan Yunshang saw Flower Tribute get ground apart, and her heart was extremely distressed. She knew that this apparently unremarkable team was exceptionally fierce. She immediately thought of retreating. Yue Qingshang played a tune. It blew with the wind, leisurely entering the mind. It made Xuan Yunshang’s internal organs feel as though they were being ripped apart. The girl immediately felt her body was about to disintegrate, and she had a premonition of death.

Before she could even probe that man, how could Yunshang Starfall here.

Xuan Yunshang was unresigned at this time, but immediately afterwards a bolt of yellow thunder rolled, scattering her consciousness.

THe entire process happened in a matter of seconds. The Star Generals had already traded blows, and all of their power had been transmitted. After Flower Tribute was killed, Old Pig discovered that Xuan Yunshang had already disappeared. It seemed that she had been saved.

“Shall we pursue?” Yue Qingshang calmly asked.

When she activated her Heaven Rank, those two sisters would not be able to escape at all.

“No need. It would be better to not interfere with the Star Duels.” His fury abated, and Old Pig instead calmed down. He felt there was no need to create side issues. However, what happened a moment ago was indeed interesting, making Old Pig unable to help but remember the wretched scene in the Star Duels.

Particularly when he killed Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Lanmeng.5

“If we destroy these Star Duels, Fenghua, Qingshang, what do you feel Maiden Mountain will do.” Old Pig smiled.

“This is perfect to put Chao Gai on the spot.” Tao Fenghu raised her hand in favor.


Old Pig gazed into the distance, his king’s robe tranquil, “However, first of all, we had better make these Azure Dragon Territory cultivators recognize the might of my Yue Dragon School.”

He murmured.

“Xinjie, how have you prepared to face the fourth overlord?” Lin Yingmei wiped her spear, raising her head to ask.

Wu Xinjie returned her gaze and smiled: “If things are within my expectations, the fourth overlord should be two Earthly Stars. Although they have powerful techniques the level of Heaven Rank, they are nothing more than non-martial Star Generals. We have a chance.”

Lin Yingmei, An Suwen and the others listened with rapt attention.

Wu Xinjie explained.

The reason she believed the fourth overlord was double Earthly Stars was because when she originally understood those Star Generals’ background was also when Senior Nine Dragons’ sect was at its most powerful. He had received honor and support that no other Star Master had ever received, and because he himself had double Earthly Stars without any martial force, he was like a fish back in water during the Star Duels. He used every kind of relationship, schism or enticement on several powerful sects with strong martial generals.

As expected, such a Star Master was able to be accomplished.

Besides, even if he had two Earthly Stars, the combination of Nine Tailed Turtle and Iron Whistle still demonstrated strong points.

Nine Tailed Turtle possessed the strongest defensive Innate Skill among Maiden Mountain’s Star Generals. She could persist in close range for a short time without defeat, and Iron Whistle’s flute melody skill was exceptional. Inevitably, there would be unexpected aspects. In the end, the books then said this Big Brother Old Pig Star Master’s two Star Generals comprehended a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow. By doing so, it was not strange at all that he became overlord.

In this way, Wu Xinjie’s strategy was very simple.

“Make the Earthly Stars use their Heaven Ranks, then we will have a good chance to face them.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

A Heaven Rank Technique was a Star General’s most powerful technique, a frightening legend in Liangshan Continent.

In Wu Xinjie’s perspective, the fourth overlord’s greatest issue was this Heaven Rank. If it was before, Wu Xinjie indeed would feel this was relatively troublesome, but it was perfect they encountered at the Alliance of Ten Conference. Thus, the Knowledge Star saw an opportunity.

An opportunity to make the opposition use their Heaven Rank first.

Just as Lin Yingmei was about to clarify.

Suddenly, the door opened.

Shi Yuan staggered in, cutting a sorry figure as she entered.

“Yuan’er, what happened to you?” An Suwen cried out in alarm. Immediately, she began healing her wounds.

Shi Yuan winced in pain and set the person she was carrying down on the bed.

“Is this Ugly Prince Consort?”

Wu Xinjie looked in astonishment at the girl who was unconscious and cut a sorry figure.

“I don’t know. Luckily, she saved me, otherwise, This Young Lady would be reporting in to Su Xing.” Shi Yuan stuck out her tongue with lingering trepidation.

“Just what happened?” Lin Yingmei tightly grasped the shaft of her spear.

Shi Yuan explained the sequence of events from start to finish.

After finding out about this, Wu Xinjie’s eyes suddenly chilled.

“As expected, it is him. He is surprisingly so savage. Very good, Xinjie now is even more certain of victory.”

Outside the room, amidst the hubbib, the Alliance of Ten Conference began.

When Su Xing arrived at Three Clarities Field, because of the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow, the Most High Path was already jolted. Countless cultivators urged on their Flying Swords, and sword-lights flew out from every pavilion. However, compared to the expansive palaces, the number of cultivators was very lacking.

When they spotted Su Xing’s purple clothes, his whole body wreathed in billowing purple qi, with flashing thunder, these furious cultivators instantly fell into a state of helplessness.

This scene was the Purple Thunder Monster!

Su Xing seemingly smiled. He used Purple Cloud and Purple Thunder to intimidate them a bit and avoid bringing himself trouble.

Those domineering, arrogant cultivators subconsciously took several steps back. This scene was very strange. He was clearly the greatest enemy who caused the downfall of the Most High Path, but Su Xing’s behavior was open without tricks. That he would appear of his own accord was outside of everyone’s expectations. Those cultivators seemed like deferential subordinates welcoming his arrival.

Finally, some cultivators could not endure any longer.

“Hey, Purple Thunder Monster, you surprisingly dare come to this sect? You truly are out of control!” Several of them surrounded Su Xing, not letting him advance a step.

“Out of control?? I only came to visit you all.” Su Xing shrugged. His gaze swept over the Three Clarities Field.

“Is this all of you?”

“Does Your Distinguished Self Su Xing wish to Star Duel with Your Servant.” A smartly dressed youth walked out. All of the cultivators respectfully made way. That man was very charming, his attire elegant. His body was full of overwhelming vigor, and his cultivation was formidable. He floated in the air. Clearly, he was Supervoid Stage.

Su Xing recognized him. He was none other than Xie Zhenyuan.

“I am looking for Northern Darkness.” Su Xing had no ill will towards Xie Zhenyuan, and he did not wish to struggle with him.

“Ancestral Master Northern Darkness is not here.” Xie Zhenyuan’s eyebrows rose: “If Your Highness Su Xing does not want to Star Duel, then Your Servant must ask that you turn back, please. This Sect has already sealed the mountain. Forgive the inhospitality.”

Although the other cultivators wished to speak up for Xie Zhenyuan, seeing the two top-notch Star Generals Hua Wanyue and Wu Siyou, each and every one of them shrinked back.

“Then there is no other way. I have a map right here that seems to be pointing right to this place.” Su Xing took out the Double Seven, speaking apologetically: “I will have to offend you, but because this is a relic of the Star Duels, Xie Zhenyuan, is it possible to yield? How about I owe you a favor?”

Everyone stared at each other. They never imagined that the legendary Purple Thunder Monster who killed even gods who obstructed him would be so easy to hold a conversation with. With his current power, there was no need to waste words on them. Even fighting them directly should have posed no problem for him. Besides, Xie Zhenyuan was also a Star Master. He should have killed him right on the spot.

Hou Ruolan hopped out of the Star Nest. Her little hand tightly grabbed onto Xie Zhenyuan’s hem, somewhat afraid.

Xie Zhenyuan stroked her small hand and said to Su Xing: “Your Servant is really sorry. No matter what, Your Distinguished Self and This Sect are like fire and water. I am unable to spare you this favor.”

“Do you want a Star Duel?” Hua Wanyue smiled.

“However, I do not wish to Star Duel with you. At the very least, you are not my enemy.” Su Xing shook his head. He did not mind this at all. His body flashed away, flying directly towards Three Clarities Field. Xie Zhenyuan very quickly obstructed him.

The handsome man’s power was not weak.

Su Xing’s eyes looked about, and he smiled: “Xie Zhenyuan, you have also been called the number one Star Master of the Azure Dragon Territory. How about this, then. I have never traded blows with you before. Instead of a Star Duel, how about we have a competition?”


“Your Servant is very curious about you. If you can best me, Your Servant will immediately leave with his wives. But if you lose, then I ask Brother Zhenyuan not obstruct me.” Su Xing earnestly said.

“Everyone in the world knows you have Lin Chong, an Immemorial Sword Chant. How can Zhenyuan be your opponent.” Xie Zhenyuan’s honestly made Su Xing a bit surprised.

Just as Su Xing wanted to say something, he was surprised to hear Xie Zhenyuan say: “No matter, Zhenyuan does not view himself as an opponent for Your Distinguished Self in the Star Duels, but since Your Distinguished Self Su Xing has said as such, then Zhenyuan will not decline. I also want to compete against Your Distinguished Self.”

“Very good.”

Su Xing smiled.

No one expected to see the battle between the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one genius Star Master and the Purple Thunder Monster would develop like this.

The two of them faced each other on a pair of peaks.

One was calm, the other indifferent.


A muffled noise. Xie Zhenyuan’s figure became a shadow in midair that filled the sky and scattered everywhere. He loomed like black clouds bringing a storm.

No one expected that Xie Zhenyuan would initiate, and not with a Flying Sword or a magic weapon. On the contrary, it was an attack of pure martial force.

Su XIng knew that Xie Zhenyuan should be clear that he was no match in terms of Flying Swords and magic weapons. And as Hou Ruolan’s Star Master, he was confident that Xie Zhenyuan naturally would not neglect his own martial arts. Su Xing was very eager to see what level this unparalleled genius had. He then took action himself.

Amidst the shadows, Xie Zhenyuan’s figure brazenly rushed through, his elegant hair swept wildly, a faint green light in his eyes. In that instant, he was just like a swordsman.

Even Wu Siyou was quite impressed with his courage.

But when he saw his opponent, Su Xing was surprisingly calm as a dry well, his tranquility somewhat frightening. His hand formed into a claw, and Xie Zhenyuan attacked that enormous figure. However, in the several zhang of space, this hardly counted as anything to Su Xing, who ate contests of speed for snacks.

Xie Zhenyuan attacked with strength, clashing against Su Xing’s hands with metallic rings. Xie Zhenyuan’s attack surprisingly could only advance a few shallow inches into the space around Su Xing. It was unable to proceed any further.

A grinding wind pressure blasted forth from Xie Zhenyuan’s fingers, startling Su Xing.

Xie Zhenyuan formed a hand seal, and a green light exploded from his palm.

Like a sharp sword, it pierced through and surprisingly breached Su Xing’s Supervoid spiritual pressure.

Su Xing nodded. He had only been using his Supervoid Divine Intent to probe just now. He did not expect Xie Zhenyuan would demonstrate quite skillfully, but this was far from enough. Su Xing’s footwork changed like smoke, and his boxing technique was displayed. Like a giant mountain crumbling, there was an enormous noise. Flipping backwards with hardly any delay, Xie Zhenyuan already flew backwards far away.  

The corner of Su Xing’s lips curled, and his footwork abruptly shifted.

The Most High Path cultivators were shocked. His speed did not appear particularly fast in their eyes. But in their eyes, this kind of speed gave them a sort of illusion of stagnation they were unable to contend against.

Xie Zhenyuan struck back and immediately used one of his powers.

He opened a protective halo.

The barrier shielded his body and immediately activated.

On first contact, Su Xing’s punch seemed to have sunk into the ocean, for there was no feedback.

Su Xing was as unperturbed as before. He continuously punched, not giving his target any breathing room.

The protective power’s magic energy expenditure was too great, unable to be used for too long. A furious expression appeared upon Xie Zhenyuan’s face. He took a large leap upwards.

The ground shuddered.

Xie Zhenyuan’s figure completely gave a sort of illusory feeling in that moment, as if in that instant he had become a tower too high to scale. The enormous bulk also gave rise to a giant feeling of pressure. It was just like an ancient battle puppet. This appearance was enough to completely make a normal cultivator lose any desire to fight. 

This was only intimidation that Xie Zhenyuan produced using the spiritual pressure of his Supervoid Cultivation.

But against Su Xing…Su Xing did not slow his movements at all.

Xie Zhenyuan sharply roared. An enormous palm swept over every path Su Xing could advance along. A terrifying force brought intense wind pressure, shooting in all directions like blades. Countless fragments instantly already locked all of space!!

Such a tyrannical assault style!

Su Xing was slightly astonished, and his body techniques changed. Su Xing ignored these wind pressure fragments. His entire person instantly stuck close along the ground, as if he was a flying fish skimming the water’s surface. His speed increased another level.

The countless fragments in front of him seemed to not exist. This scene left everyone dumbfounded.

Just like a cloud of drifting smoke.

But the actual killing move absolutely was not these seeming fragments of wind pressure. Rather, it was the palm chop that Xie Zhenyuan had already fully charged.

In the powerful wind pressure, Su Xing’s figure was like a sea swallow plunging through a torrential downpour.


Xie Zhenyuan’s palm chop already slashed down heavily.

Most High Indifference!

Most High Emotion Severing Palm!!!


A sudden explosion. Su Xing and Xie Zhenyuan clashed forcefully.

Xie Zhenyuan’s complexion changed. He surprisingly could not seize any advantage.

This was too inconceivable.

And Xie Zhenyuan’s power similarly made Su Xing surprised. He did not expect this seemingly courteous man would surprisingly possess such powerful fighting ability. Not only was he not at a disadvantage against his own attacks, he had signs of one who could surpass his master.

As expected of the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one genius Star Master. Only after probing did Su Xing realize he could not be underestimated.

Su Xing thought this to himself.

Xie Zhenyuan knew Su Xing’s might. He wanted to seize this chance to defeat Su Xing in a spurt of energy while he still felt him arrogant. He absolutely did not permit any hesitation to occur.

Just when he pulled a distance away from Su Xing, Xie Zhenyuan’s hands blocked, and a green light bubbled forth from his hands. This light sparkled, permeating his body.

Xie Zhenyuan’s fingers snapped, once again using a power.

Extreme Clarity Immortal Light!!

This ability not only increased his own speed when it seeped into his body, it could even offer Xie Zhenyuan considerable amplification in his strength. Using this ability often could make Xie Zhenyuan reach frightening speeds. Under the support of such speed, even a tree leaf could become a blade that no obstacle could stop, incomparable in might.

When he saw that green light glow, Su Xing did not dare be neglectful. His hands instantly assumed a defensive stance in front of his chest.

“This Xie Zhenyuan actually is somewhat outstanding.” Hua Wanyue softly said.

As if Wu Siyou had anticipated, her expression was very tranquil.

The green light passed by in an instant.

The Extreme Clarity Immortal Light very quickly swept over. With a bitter gasp, Su Xing could only feel all of his meridians and bones feel about to be consumed by this terrifying Immortal Light.

With powerful speed and terrible wounds, Su Xing’s body could only struggle. Just as he was about to be completely trapped by this Extreme Clarity Immortal Light, Su Xing grit his teeth and suddenly jumped. He shouted, braced his right leg, and unimaginably resisted this Extreme Clarity Immortal Light.

At the same time, Purple Fiend also fired.

It became thousands of bolts that clashed with the Extreme Clarity Immortal Light, but it appeared that the Purple Thunder Su Xing cultivated was more menacing. It instantly broke Xie Zhenyuan’s power.

Blood endlessly splattered from Xie Zhenyuan’s body. Su Xing’s attack with the Purple Fiend was just like a grinding machine continuously twisting him. This gave anyone who saw it goosebumps.

“Zhenyuan!!!” Each and every one of the Most High Cultivators were anxious.

Seeing this scene made their hearts twist in pain. It was very clear that Xie Zhenyuan was already at a disadvantage.

Su Xing growled continuously, not stopping his rush towards Xie Zhenyuan. Xie Zhenyuan firmly resisted, his arms faintly dispersing the force.

Everyone stared intently at this one second.


Su Xing suddenly shot upwards, soaring just like a rocket and circle like a hawk. Xie Zhenyuan was pushed back by the recoil. This Azure Dragon Territory genius full of honor was pushed back several dozen meters. When he raised his head to look, he heard a whistling wind tear at him.

If it was anyone else, most people would assume a defense or certainly evade.

But Xie Zhenyuan did not do this at all. He thought rapidly, and he already saw through the terror of Su Xing’s attack.

Any dodging would only bring trouble.

Like Su Xing, Xie Zhenyuan put his arms in front of him, adopting a similar defensive stance.

Just at this moment, Su Xing’s punch landed.

Xie Zhenyuan did not feel the power of the first punch was that formidable, but he immediately realized what part of it was terrifying. After he diverted the punch’s power, Xie Zhenyuan was already preparing to launch a counterattack when at this moment, the air current from Su Xing’s fist slammed into his body wave after wave.

The power each wave brought was surprisingly unreasonable, like an endless bombardment of tidal waves. Xie ZHenyuan groaned, vomiting blood. He was sent flying away, but midway, he flipped, enduring the strain of the force and forcibly launched his counterattack.

The first time these two clashed brought the cultivators incomparable shock.

This was a contest of Star Masters’ martial prowess??!

This was the first time they had a clear view of the Senior Brother who was normally gentle and warm. Even if he appeared amiable, they knew now that their Senior Brother was already high above them. Even if he was facing the Purple Thunder Monster, each attack was extraordinarily tyrannical, full of an unparalleled ferocity and terror.

This absolutely was not a contest between weakling. It was completely a reflection of the dreams of the strong.

Su Xing’s eyes glinted.

That kind of terrifying speed, instantaneous attacks with full power, the everything of everything. Their fighting styles were so similar, but the fighting intent each of them revealed was starkly different.

“This Most High Path Star Master is honestly impressive.” Hua Wanyue had originally looked down on the Most High Path. Now, seeing Xie Zhenyuan’s display of power, she could not help but change her previous impressions. Although she still felt that this Most High Path was a bit unbearable, she at least felt no qualms about his reputation as the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Star Master.

“Seeing him protect a Star General, he should not be so weak. This man…has ambition…” Wu Siyou was not pleased.

Both sides paused for merely a few seconds, a glint in their eyes. In an instant, that frontal assault already descended upon Xie Zhenyuan.

Xie Zhenyuan sneered, and a metallic ring resounded. Su Xing’s attack surprisingly could only breach half an inch into the space around Xie Zhenyuan, unable to push in further.

A sort of grinding wind pressure burst out from Su Xing’s fingers.

Surprisingly, Xie Zhenyuan had similarly used Supervoid Divine Intent to inhibit Su Xing’s attack, precisely the same method.

Su Xing hardly hesitated to sidestep. He then already leapt far backwards. Under this kind of defense, any delay would have been meaningless.

Su Xing’s judgment was absolutely correct, but it was very clear that Xie Zhenyuan had anticipated this. The corner of his mouth curled, and he suddenly set his pace in motion.

What’s going on?

Su Xing suddenly found that Xie Zhenyuan’s speed instantly accelerated. The Extreme Clarity Immortal Light in his hand struck consecutively. This time, it formed a canopy, and then countless fist-sized balls of light rained down.

“Extreme Clarity Fall!” Xie Zhenyuan sneered, his fist-shadows wildly swinging.

A disordered heap of Extreme Clarity Immortal Light rained down without any particular target. Su Xing immediately surged Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder to counter.

But in comparing their punches.

Xie Zhenyuan honestly was not his opponent.

Su Xing’s figure drew thin, instantly arriving in front of him.

His boxing stumbled.

Xie Zhenyuan continuously stepped backwards to dissipate the force of Su Xing’s punches, otherwise the protective Immortal Light perhaps would shatter. Xie Zhenuan certainly still remembered Su Xing’s powerful martial arts. The scene from before was fresh on his mind.

Both sides practically demonstrated a beautiful and wonderful battle.

Xie Zhenyuan apparently was very impatient. He retreated and slid backwards. Su Xing had been waiting for this moment. He swiftly rushed forward, like an arrow loosed from its string.


Xie Zhenyuan sneered.

All of a sudden, Su Xing shifted.

Light Smoke Dance Steps!

Everyone nearly gasped, for they were captivated by these dance steps.

Against other martial artists, Xie Zhenyue could not easily be defeated, for he was the most outstanding Star Master of the new generation. 

That absolutely was not a boast.

In that moment that Su Xing changed directions, Xie Zhenyuan also shifted with similar speed.

In an instant, their figures were light lightning, dueling repeatedly with high-speed movement. Each movement was swift, each technique ingenious, their strength vicious, making all of the cultivators stunned.



A low shout echoed through the sky.

One step, two steps, three steps.

Each step the two took seemed as heavy as a thousand catties, sinking deeply into the earth. A thin airflow at some point in time had appeared in their surroundings. Ascending upwards in a corkscrew formation, soundlessly. Each of their chests heaved intensely, the sounds of their breathing increasingly labored.

After a few steps, they once again raised a fierce assault.

Xie Zhenyuan’s body attacked vigorously like a spring, his fist seemingly carrying a fragment of starlight. With several large strides, he already crossed the space between them. His body fiercely leaned, sticking out his shoulder. In that instant, he was like a human weapon, carrying an intense wind pressre. He once again ruthlessly slammed into Su Xing’s position.

Su Xing nevertheless met this attack, surprisingly not shrinking back at all.

“Why does he not retreat?” The Most High Path cultivators’ mouths hung agape.

Not only him, but anyone with a bit of experience could discern that with Su XIng’s reaction and speed, evasion was not impossible at all.


Su Xing did not carry through with this. He merely used his left hand to catch this fist.

A powerful force in that instantly nearly made Su Xing hurt a bit, but he nevertheless endured it.


Xie Zhenyuan felt his opponent was too stupid. He was prepared to make his opponent know the price for underestimating him.

The current him was nevertheless completely still outstanding. The air surrounding him stopped flowing, and flames already extinguished.

Xie Zhenyuan practically already sensed impending danger.

But it was already too late.

Xie Zhenyuan’s fully charged punch immediately stopped. He was astonished to see that Su Xing had suddenly become like a malevolent demon. 

Not good!!

Danger flashed past his mind, and Xie Zhenyuan shouted to himself. He hastily stepped back. 

Too late. Su Xing already matched his rhythm, lifting his palm, his fingers forming a claw.

He sent Xie Zhenyuan flying.

In this instant, Xie Zhenyuan could not get back up.

Everyone held their breath. The air turned cold.

In their imagination, the Purple Thunder Monster easily won, but Xie Zhenyuan’s display made them give him a whole new level of respect.

“Zhenyuan.” Hou Ruolan nervously ran over to support Xie Zhenyuan.

Xie Zhenyuan’s mouth was full of blood. The organs in his body seemed to have been shaken apart, it hurt so much.

“Many thanks for starting off leniently.” Xie Zhenyuan cupped his fist.

The Most High Path’s cultivators originally hated Su Xing to the bone, but seeing this battle, they each looked at one another, not daring to believe this. This Purple Thunder Monster surprisingly actually did not kill Xie Zhenyuan. This honestly was not the style of a Star Master. No matter what, as the reason for the Most High Path’s decline, Xie Zhenyuan had to have extreme hatred for him as a disciple of the Most High Path.

“Truly boring righteousness.” Faraway, the Bing Qingxuan who watched everything smirked.

“You are quite strong.” Su Xing had originally wanted to say some words of cooperation, but thinking of this place, he dismissed the idea. Perhaps after the Heavenly Books, this Xie Zhenyuan may perhaps be sensible. Seeing Hou Ruolan’s concern for Xie Zhenyuan, Su Xing thought of Tangtang, and his favorability increased several times.

“What a Purple Thunder Saint! Are you putting on another farce to pull at the heartstrings?”

With a cold laugh like thunder, a green-robed old man abruptly appeared.

Wu Siyou and Hua Wanyue immediately drew their weapons.

“So you finally decided to show yourself?” Su Xing had anticipated this as he disapprovingly sneered.

The newcomer.

Northern Darkness Has Fish.

White Horse Highlands.

Following Emperor Liang appearing riding his imperial chariot, all of the cultivators could not help but maintain calm. Old Pig was among them, but compared to the tranquility of the other cultivators, he had even more killing intent.

Emperor Liang sat at the highest seat above facing the millions of cultivators, very stern. Everyone maintained silence.

Emperor Liang said a few words to the Great Ancestral Masters of the other sects, and then he convened the Alliance of Ten Conference.

“This time, the Most High Path is absent. All Fellows who wish to challenge the Alliance of Ten position may.”

“Then, first of all shall be a challenge for the Four Great Sword Sects!!”

Emperor Liang ordered.

Everyone gasped.

Due to the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s decline, this Four Great Sword Sect position was also coveted by countless sects. Very quickly, sects took the stage, each dispatching a disciple to compete.

Old Pig calmly watched the battles, not in any rush to take the stage. This actually made the Yue Dragon School’s headmaster burn anxiously.

Just at this moment, a few trivial conversations began near Old Pig.

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  1. 啪, SFX
  2. 萬縷千絲, lit. Ten thousand threads, thousand strands
  3. 上天入地
  4. 無常, lit. ghosts that spirit away the souls of the dead.
  5. 花藍夢


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