Chapter 172: “Dragon In The Clouds” Gongsun Sheng

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Su Xing continued to spectate the situation from below. It was not that he did not want to help, but he actually could not muster any strength. He did not have that sort of innate skill of Star Generals that reached across ranks for killing blows. Right now, he was but Galaxy Early Stage. To confront a Supercluster Late Stage Cultivator, to use a game term to describe things, this Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal was practically a Zumataurus, whereas Su Xing counted as a Level 20 Warrior holding an Asura and had just equipped heavy armor, which simply could not break through the defenses. The sole attack that was effective would probably be the Thunder as a pinpoint strike inside the Blooming Water Divine Thunder Law Book, “Divine Thunder Slaying the Dragon.” However, having experienced the plundering of the Purple Rose Birth Outline and the exhaustion of killing two founders, even if he was signed with five Star Generals, he was unable to bear that consumption, especially when Yan Yizhen and Shi Yuan were both forced into the Star Nest. Su Xing’s strength was also greatly diminished, and now, the “Divine Thunder Slaying the Dragon” that he could use twice at most meant it was almost game over.

Of course, the reason why Su Xing came was not purely to spectate. Possessing the Red Ink Iron Certificate, it could not be said for sure if this unequalled Divine Tool could help Lin Yingmei at a critical moment. Su Xing condensed Blooming Water DIvine Thunder in his hand, the purple qi expansively twisting on his arm, ready at any time and waiting for the right chance.

Suddenly seeing the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal bring out a dark Miraculous Spirit Jade Tree, Su Xing was greatly alarmed. Hearing Wu Xinjie’s shocked voice, Su Xing was even more astonished.

These days, he was proficient in weapon refinement, so Su Xing naturally was not as inexperienced when he first began. Hearing it was the Miraculous Bodhi Tree was a surprise, for this was a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure.

Liangshan Continent’s magic weapons had many classifications, but there more or less were three types, “magic,” “star,” and “ancient.” Magic included artifacts and magic weapons, the sort of items cultivators commonly used. Their varieties were many, and not much needed to be clearly said about their grades. Then, the Astral Treasures and Astral Tools of the “Star” naturally were born when the Star Duels began. Standing a rank above “magic,” their users did not face any restrictions. They could be said to be Liangshan Continent’s most legendary items.1

And the final was “Ancient.” This type had was somewhat complex. They were treasures left behind by the “Ancient,” “Immemorial,” and “Ancient Prehistory” eras before the era of the Star Duels. Ancient Lost Treasures could be refined into any stage of usable magic weapon. Immemorial Secret Treasures reportedly each were magic weapons that had some forbidden or overwhelming power. And lastly, the Ancient Prehistory type counted as Liangshan Continent’s pinnacle treasure.

These treasures had been refined in the Prehistoric era. They possessed the entire world’s most primitive and pure powers that were extremely strong. For this reason, Prehistoric Spirit Treasures were also called Innate Magic Weapons. Besides Star Generals, there were no restrictions on its usage by cultivators. On the Prehistoric Spirit Sealing List,2 this Miraculous Bodhi Tree was a rank eight treasure at the minimum.

In addition, it seemed this treasure was not a fake. Surprisingly, it was a genuine Prehistoric Spirit Treasure.

Su Xing silently said, Wow. This Supercluster Number One Cultivator was robust in capital, as expected, worthy of the name Most High Path. Having such abnormal items, this Miraculous Bodhi Tree certainly could break Ten Thousand Techniques under Heaven.

The narration of this matter was complicated, but it was something in the matter of a second. At this time, a thick, multicolored propitious vapor completely wrapped the surrounding dozen li, yet it did not disperse. Even Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, Xiao’er were wrapped within. The treasure light twinkled with the luster of gems, seven colors of divine light rolling, like a nebula. A situation where not one bit of the inside could be seen. The multicolored vapors gradually rose, went from top to bottom, and easily eliminated the murderous aura of three top-notch Star Generals.  

The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal flung the Miraculous Bodhi Tree, its vapor becoming a pure blue galaxy of silver that struck the three girls.

This galaxy was intangible and immaterial, but it beat on their Star Energy defense as if it was nothing.

The three Star Generals immediately were flung down.

This Miraculous Bodhi Tree broke their protective Star Energy, and the Three Clarities Sword Chant once again rose. Just as it was about to execute them cleanly, Su Xing at this time could no longer watch with folded arms. Even if he could not shake this old monster, his defenses were not weak. Several green, lustrous talismans were thrown out.

Those talismans turned a green, spiderweb-like thread in midair, clinging onto all of the Flying Swords. These talismans were taken from Ancestor Huai Mu’s Astral Bag, and they were Supreme Grade talismans that dominated Flying Swords.

“Run, quickly!!” Su Xing shouted at them. This Supercluster Old Monster was too fierce. They simply were not his opponent. Then, he launched his final two bolts of Divine Thunder Slays the Dragon.

The purple thunderbolt broke through the jade Divine Light, then rushed straight at the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal.

The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal raised his right hand, and swinging the Miraculous Bodhi Tree, its light flashed. They heard an explosion, and the Blooming Water Divine Thunder was blown to pieces, going up in smoke.

The Miraculous Bodhi Tree gracefully floated, without the slightest bit of fiery qi. It completely did not have the obvious enormous power of other magic weapons. Its treasure light attacked them, carrying a cruel and tyrannical qi. The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal easily went over, just like a dust speck, easily and calmly. He truly had the position of the adept of the generation, however, to use the Prehistoric Spirit Treasure required super deep magic energy for support. From watching this Elder Immortal alone kill the Firmament Cyan Dragon, perhaps even if his cultivation was number one, he could not support it for long.

“Thinking of running?” The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal strangely grinned.

Twelve jadeite mirrors suddenly floated out, forming an immense space that enveloped the group within. The mirrors released blue flames that continuously reflected. This was his strongest forbiddance magic weapon “Jade Light Colored Glass Mirror.”

The mirror’s flames directly squeezed towards the group.

Wu Xinjie used Star Energy to do her utmost to go block it. Fortunately, the Knowledge Star’s Star Energy reserves continuously were unused, so the attack stopped after a while.

“Hmph.” The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal once again shook the Miraculous Bodhi Tree.

Its Divine Light dropped.

The group’s defenses immediately crumbled.

The blue flames of the Jade Light Colored Glass Mirror surged over. Even if they did not die, perhaps they would be burnt into crippled states. Su Xing activated the second Territory Breaking Talisman, which could break any forbiddance or seal, and this Jade Light Colored Glass Mirror was no exception. Breaking the forbiddance of the Jade Light Colored Glass Mirror, Su Xing brought the girls immediately flying upwards, escaping the murderous bloodthirst of this mirror.

The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal was taken aback. He did not expect the Purple Thunder Monster would surprisingly have this many Supreme Grade Talismans, leaving him secretly frightened. This Purple Thunder Monster is really as the rumors say, the treasures on him must be numerous. The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal flipped his hand, and the Jade Light Colored Glass Mirror again was about to reorganize its forbiddance. The Territory Breaking Talisman could break through temporarily, but his Supreme Grade Magic Weapon could be used countless times. It was time to see if his Territory Breaking Talismans could endure the consumption.

“Old Monster, you have made This Great Aunt very displeased.” Just at this moment, Xiao’er’s voice coldly shouted. Both her hands clenched that golden, glinting weapon. The Star Energy of the girl’s whole body condensed onto the weapon, her eyes shining with a golden light.

The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal knew from a look she was about to use the Star General’s Yellow Rank Move, yet he was neither rushed or slow as he held onto the Miraculous Bodhi Tree. No matter how outstanding your Star Magic is, a light wave is all This Immortal needs to break it.

“Hè.” Xiao’er yelled.

The weapon rose into the air.

The golden light from the weapon shot straight out and up into the skies. The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal clutched the Miraculous Bodhi Tree, waiting for the right opportunity. Nearly within the blink of an eye.

Twelve golden lights fell from the sky.

The front portion of these golden lights changed forms, as if they were the legendary Golden Qilins. That speed truly was shocking, and Wu Xinjie’s expression changed.

Yellow Rank Move!

Qilin-fall Skyflash!!3

Not good.

The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal’s expression changed. He hastily shook the Miraculous Bodhi Tree.

Its Divine Light was multicolored, its propitious vapors sprinkling a galaxy.

But this Qilin-fall Skyflash’s speed was too fast. The twelve golden lights were not aimed at the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal, but, shockingly, the Jade Light Colored Glass Mirror. The Divine Light swept towards the closes two golden lights, but the other ten were like divine soldiers. With a Qilin’s roar, they fell into the Colored Mirrors. With a shattering sound, the Colored Glass Mirrors fragmented. The treasure light broke down, and the blue flames were extinguished.

The magic weapon immediately dimmed.

“To destroy This Immortal’s magic weapon, This Immortal wants your life.” The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal’s complexion was pale. With a loud yell, the Miraculous Bodhi Tree and flying swords together flew over.

The Most High Jade Clarity Sword’s sword-light scattered, simply overwhelming.

Lin Yingmei raised her spear to block it, but the Elder Immortal struck a hand seal. The sword-light slowly changed, like ten thousand swords that pierced her body.

“Yingmei!” Wu Siyou cried out in fear.

Lin Yingmei was also incapable of holding out. Her figure scattered like light smoke. Su Xing’s head hurt, and he knew that Lin Yingmei had also entered the Star Nest.

“Hè.” Wu Siyou’s eyes had a furious expression, and the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus directly broke the Most High Jade Clarity Sword Array.

Su Xing silently cursed her stupidity. The other Supercluster Stage Old Monster possessed the Miraculous Bodhi Tree, so what was the point of her going all out. The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal that possessed the Miraculous Bodhi Tree simply was not something the Star General could hit as she currently was.

“Nice try!” The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal shook the Miraculous Bodhi Tree, as Su Xing had anticipated.

The Noble Frost Demonic Lotus was but only Two Stars; it simply was incapable of stopping the Prehistoric Spirit Treasure’s might. Wu Siyou vomited a mouthful of blood, and her figure fell like a phoenix with broken wings. She was wide open, and the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal was about to easily execute Wu Siyou.

Su Xing was incapable of watching her die without saving her. He flew forwards, wrapping himself around Wu Siyou as he turned his body.

The Wu Siyou that had been brushed several times by the Bodhi was incomparably weak, and being embraced by Lin Chong’s master, her body struggled. Su Xing paid her no mind. If she died, then would Lin Yingmei not have wasted all of her effort, and then, the sword light fell straight down.

An Suwen called the Essence Swallowing Dragons to block the Old Monster’s attack. Cyan winds rolled against the sword-light, buying Su Xing some time.

The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal pointed, and green light suddenly condensed above An Suwen’s head, forming a huge sword that swung at her.

An Suwen’s expression changed.

Suddenly, golden light gather right above the tip of An Suwen’s hand, forming a similarly large sword that blocked the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal’s Sword Chant. “Hmph,” it was Tang Lianxin.

The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal oddly smiled. His Spirit Energy pressed against them, and the sword’s power violently swept, forcing the group to repeatedly defend.

Seeing him so harshly vicious, Su Xing already planned to use the Red Ink Iron Certificate.4

Just at this moment of danger, from the horizon, suddenly came the sound of someone composing a song.

“The red watches the molt of the gentleman, I wish even more to ask of Heaven. Rouse from a dream the lonely crane of the Heng River. The gentleman uses thus to bow to the Immortal stoops over.”5

The mysterious song was uninterrupted, winding straight through the horizon. Although this range of a hundred thousand li of plains had been enveloped by the green boundaries of the Miraculous Bodhi Tree, divine light, propitious vapors, and a drizzle, the song was clear. Every person could hear each word and phrase distinctly.

An aroma floated about, and the heavenly song drifted over.

Everyone instinctively redirected their lines of sight.

They saw that span of sky and cloud roll open, and there was a beautiful and petite girl that was like cloud. She wore a refined, yet modest attire, and her hand held a multicolored sword. The rings along the sides of her head had a fragrance, and it seemed she was like an immaculate hermit adept.  

But what made them all surprised was not that mysterious song of hers, nor was it how she mysteriously appeared. Rather, it was that she was without a flying sword, yet she wandered the clear skies as if she tread on the ground. The clear skies were like a dragon that supported her feet from underneath, such that those legendary Supervoid Cultivators were merely mediocre.

They saw the girl’s forehead shine with a multicolored Star Crest, the Star projecting a dragon.

Across the One Hundred and Eight Star Maidens of Maiden Mountain, to be able to wander leisurely among the clouds in the Second Phase, to sing charming and refined songs, there was but one Star General that could achieve this.

The ranked fourth Leisure Star.6

“Dragon in the Clouds” Gongsun Sheng!!7

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  1. And thus, we reach a turning point in the story in terms of translation. The context of this passage makes clear that “artifact” should have been magic tool, and that it should always have been “Star Treasure” and “Star Tool.” Would you guys like to see the vocabulary changed going forward?
  2. 洪荒封靈榜
  3. 麒麟墜天閃
  4. At this point, it is not much of a loss. Since it can be used once per phase, this might as well be an automatic recharge, considering the Birth Outline is closing.
  5. 丹成會見君身蛻,我欲從之更問天。喚醒橫江孤鶴夢。憑君持此叩坡仙。 This is a historical Chinese poem called “和李文溪送青雲道人歸杭韻” by 徐元杰. I hate poems, but I tried my best to TL this. I really have no idea what the poem means.
  6.  天閒星
  7.  “入雲龍”公孫胜


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