Chapter 227: The Gu Demon Is Born

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Great Circle Castle

The Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling opened her eyes and leisurely rose from her frankincense session. Her hair was a mess, and her soft chest was half-covered, a beauty’s sleeping posture.


Jinzhi and Yuye carried golden basins and silk towels as they waited respectfully nearby.

“This Palace truly has provoked a major inconvenience. And what did that guy go and provoke to make This Palace’s heart so anxious and frightened.” Chai Ling’s hands dipped into the warm water and used the silk towel to wipe herself clean, all the while complaining.

“Milady, at that time, why did you have to consume the Together To Hell with him?”

Jinzhi very carefully asked. Once something like Together To Hell was consumed, a telepathic link was formed between both minds. Given the sort of extensive travel Su Xing undertook, a Star Master that went through fire and water, their Commandery Princess could not avoid great suffering.

“For the sake of the Star Beast, this is the worth the price.” Chai Ling held her Golden Thread Feather Fan, delicate and graceful.

“How has she been most recently? Still at that old place?” Chai Ling asked.


“This Palace shall go see her. Perhaps Su Xing would make her feel interested.” Chai Ling wore a cramped smile.

Great Circle Castle, Langhuan Pavilion1

This was an extremely luxurious book depository, its doors engraved with dragons and painted with phoenixes, colorful and brilliant.

In particular, the three words “Langhuan Pavilion” resounded powerfully. The phoenix danced towards the dragon, the power of the strokes exceptional. This was the calligraphy of the Fifth Generation Noble Star. In reality, let alone that the Noble Stars of the successive generations of Star Duels were spectators from start to finish, each Noble Star was never lonely; the first Noble Star produced vast wealth, the second Noble Star had wealth equivalent to a nation’s, the third Noble Star hoarded every sort of rare item, the fourth Noble Star gathered intelligence on Liangshan, and the fifth Noble Star began to specialize in each of the major sects…the entire Great Circle Castle up to now was the accumulated wealth of the successive Noble Stars.

This Langhuan Pavilion was something the Fifth Generation Noble Star left behind. Inside, it possessed scrolls from the entire Liangshan Continent that even Emperor Liang would feel inferior to.

In full, there were millions of books.

But it was a pity that even if the Noble Star was unrivalled in splendor, in the end, she nevertheless could not avoid disappearing following the conclusion of the Star Duel.

Chai Ling raised her head to look at the next few characters on the Langhuan Pavilion. On it was written several words from the “Book of Rites”2 – “Study things broadly, investigate things fully, deliberate things carefully, discern things clearly, practice things universally.”3 These were the Fifth Noble Star’s words of self-encouragement.


If This Palace were to seize a Star Beast and become a genuine Star General, would that not count as This Generation’s dream?

As Chai Ling thought this, she pushed the door and entered.

Langhuan Pavilion was a hall a thousand square meters long and a hundred meters tall. Its four walls were filled with shelves of scrolls. Even that black gold pillar was piled with scrolls, however, the volumes originally should have been displayed nevertheless were in disarray. The entire floor was piled with all sorts of ancient books in piles more than half a meter thick. Seeing such a terrible mess, the Little Whirlwind Chai Ling was not angry, but freely smiled. She walked in and found a seat to sit in.

Jinzhi and Yuye brewed some violet tea for Chai Ling.

A faint wisp of the violet tea drifted into the air.

“That smells great!!”

Suddenly, a voice rang out inside the room.


The sea of books filling as far as the eye could see flipped apart, and a tall woman climbed out from within the pile of books. She was a beauty, with thick brows and shining eyes.


“Konghou,5 Have you found any information on that Maiden Mountain?” Chai Ling covered her mouth, seemingly smiling yet not as she asked.

This Konghou woman carefreely sat over, directly picking up that pot of violet tea and pouring herself a cup.

“It truly is strange, there is no information on the Maiden Mountain at all, so hard to find.” Konghou replied in satisfaction.


“The Fifth Noble Star was once like you, having sworn to crack the secret of the Maiden Mountain, but in the end, she turned up empty-handed.” Chai Ling slightly smiled.

Konghou replied: “That Maiden Mountain cannot possibly appear out of thin air. Since the Star Duels have only had a thousand years, there will always be traces from before a thousand years. Liangshan Continent’s documents are countless, and I do not believe that I cannot find the tiniest of hints.”


“You could search a hundred years and come up with nothing. However, that said, Konghou, the Star Duels have begun so long ago, yet you never were interested.” Chai Ling indistinctly shot a glance at her.


Konghou rested her head on her arms. Those black as lacquer pupils flashed a slight loneliness. “What is there to be interested about in the Star Duels with this sort of internecine killing.”

“Quite the interesting change has appeared in this generation.” Chai Ling smiled.


Konghou heard the implications in her words, and she hooked on a smile, “Chai Ling, what change?”


“There is a Star Master that has contracted at least four sisters.” The Little Whirlwind opened the Golden Thread Feather Fan and covered her lips, her eyes filled with rumination.

When Konghou heard this, she immediately twitched her lips. Having seen the secret documents of Liangshan’s Star Duels, she naturally knew that signing two was the Star Duels’ limit. One with more than two had never appeared, “More than four sisters? That man is amazing, but in the end, he is the same as the others.” Hearing that he had signed two Star General did not make her feel surprised at all.

“This Palace is thinking, if that man refused?” The Little Whirlwind’s tone was thoughtful.


“Eh? Refuse? Since he participates in the Star Duels, how could he possibly refuse.” Konghou laughed aloud.


“In the future, will you be willing to lend him a helping hand?” The Little Whirlwind did not reply and countered with another question.

Konghou pinched her chin and looked pensively: “Chai Ling, what relationship do you have with him. What are you doing concerning yourself with a Star Master? These Star Masters merely exploit Star Generals to ascend Maiden Mountain and grant their so-called wish.”

“Elder Sister Konghou, just answer This Palace.” Chai Ling closed the fan, her expression appearing very serious.

“I shall not go help a Star Master.” Pondering for a moment, Konghou shook her head.

“What if This Palace were to inform you, that Star Master has contracted Lin Chong?”

“Eh???? Then I actually want to see that for myself.”


However, I feel some things are strange. Chai Ling, at what time would you act as the go-between for a Star Master?” Konghou downed a mouthful of violet tea.

The Little Whirlwind Chai Ling hooked on a queen’s frivolous smile. She smiled, but did not speak, for her head suddenly hurt.

“What is the matter?”

Chai Ling twitched her lips, and her brows wrinkled.

Just what was that man doing?

The Gu Palace’s underground.

The myriad dragons became a tide that struck wave after wave onto the Heaven Tearing Swords. The twelve apex sword chants appeared to be on the verge of destruction. Su Xing thought to himself that this Astral Treasure actually was defiant of the natural order. Swiping the Miraculous Bodhi Tree several more times, every three swipes was able to stop just one wave of the Falling Dragon’s assault.


A short while later, with more than half of the Thousand Bells Immortal Dew gone, it made Su Xing’s heart ache endlessly.

Lady Snake Scorpion was also strenuously hanging on. The Stars Falling Dragon Sword also reached the critical point. This sort of Purple Rose Astral Treasure was far from being simple as needing Star Energy to function. Now, having support it for so long, she was an arrow at the end of its flight path. Seeing Su Xing was still resisting, her heart was somewhat resentful.


Suddenly, an ape’s hoot resounded from the Gu Hall.

A violent jolt occurred in the underground palace, and a large area of rock peeled off.


The expressions of Su Xing and Lady Snake Scorpion changed at the same time

The Ten Thousand Year Gu was being born!!

“Hè.” The Stars Falling Dragon Sword’s light retracted, and the multitude of dragons turned back into a sword blade. Lady Snake Scorpion completely did not hesitate to then shoot a large expanse of Gu Poison and then rush towards the Gu Hall’s main door. How would Su Xing allow her wishes to be fulfilled, and he gave chase without another word.

The Gu Hall’s doors opened with a boom, and the two entered the Gu Valley at nearly the same time.

The scene they saw inside was simply terrifying beyond compare.


Inside this sealed valley were skeletons like mountains, an overwhelming stench, and the bodies of countless grotesque poison creatures, animals and bugs of names that could not uttered lay strewn over ten li. Inside this Gu Hall were the corpses of odd Demon Creatures as far as the eye could see. The toxic gases were pervasive, and the air was viscous.

Just on these skeletons piled like a mountain stood a humanoid ape. It had two heads, with arms extending past the knees. Its pitch-black fur was dyed red, green, blue and with every sort of poison creature’s blood. One of its pupils was already shattered, and the other was red as blood. What made people particularly shocked was its appearance. Its arms lay across a centipede-like carcass, the black fur seemingly like a hedgehog’s poison needles, its fangs extending and retracting. It spat black qi, and its back sprouted a pair of bat wings. The poison flowing on its body congealed into an armor. One arm’s claw was half a meter long. Whatever could be odder was odder.

“The Ten Thousand Year Gu??”

Su Xing was startled.

Lady Snake Scorpion was also startled, and then she was more delighted.


How was this a Ten Thousand Year Gu, it was clearly a Gu Demon that had evolved from devouring countless poisons bugs and beasts.

Lady Snake Scorpion wanted to capture it the moment she saw it, for the Gu Demon that had just emerged from combat was now at its weakest. With the Gu Poison Arts Lady Snake Scorpion meticulously cultivated for several decades, capturing it was easy as flipping her hand, but how could Su Xing allow her to have her way.

Yan Yizhen rushed out of the Star Nest, running as fast as flying, one punch sent towards Lady Snake Scorpion.

That Gu Demon at this moment noticed the two. Perhaps it had been immersed in a slaughter mode and had not yet sobered up, but the moment it saw the two, its blood once again flared up. Lady Snake Scorpion shouted, “Not good.” She had arrived too early, for when the Gu was born, it was necessary to wait a time until after the Gu finished killing. Not long after the fighting ceased, the Gu would fall into a state of deep sleep. That time was the golden opportunity to capture it, but because this man was interfering, Lady Snake Scorpion had momentarily forgot this matter when she impatiently charged into Gu Valley.


As a result of this, the Gu Demon in front took the two to be targets to begin fighting again.

The Gu Demon issued a shrill scream. It opened its arms and hugged towards Su Xing and Lady Snake Scorpion. Its chest had hundreds of claws, and its poison fangs were exposed, appearing terrifying.

Lady Snake Scorpion dodged Yan Yizhen’s fist, waved her hand, and a black bug flew out.

“This time, we are certain to die.”

When Su Xing heard these words, he did not have the intent to reply, but he knew the seriousness of things. After a severe look flashed across his face, his sleeves suddenly trembled. Immediately, there was a clear dragon cry, and several dozen small golden swords swam out of his sleeves.


In the blink of an eye, they transformed into a several chi long golden light dragon, which spiraled around Su Xing.

It was a pity that it had been greatly damaged by the Stars Falling Dragon Sword. Its radiance was dim, and its greatly depleted spiritual power made Su Xing very heartbroken. Then, he completely did not hesitate to consecutively strike several hand seals.

All of the sword light shuddered several times; instantly, it split into more than a hundred identical golden lights, the light glowing brighter at the same time.


Su Xing formed a seal, and he softly shouted.

The more than hundred sword lights suddenly cried simultaneously; then, they trembled all around. Each and every one of them oddly faded away from their position, instantly slashing in front of the Gu Demon.


Su Xing was astonished, for he did not know whether it was because Heaven Tearing had abrasions or something else, but the Flying Swords’ Sword Array unexpectedly halted on top of an impenetrable defense to no avail. The Gu Demon that had passed through ten years of slaughter waved its hand, that arm bursting a hundred meters. Yan Yizhen directly grabbed this arm, and her skin was immediately pervaded with black poison. This Gu Demon’s entire body was highly toxic beyond compare, untouchable by even Little Yi.

Yan Yizhen did not release it and still held onto the Gu Demon’s arm as she tossed it away.

The Gu Demon stopped in midair, its wings flapping. It had two long arms, and its long tail was like a scorpion’s stinger.

Su Xing’s heart sunk.

This Ten Thousand Year Gu was somewhat hard to chew on.

Author’s Note:

PS: Sorry for the late arrival, just finished a capital of 7000 characters. If I were to count, Maiden Mountain has nearly three chapters…another chapter later.

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  1.  瑯嬛閣
  2. 禮記
  3. 博學之、審問之、慎思之、明辨之、篤行之 These are actually from the Doctrine of the Mean (中庸)
  4. SFX, something collapsing.
  5. 箜篌


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