Chapter 229: Qi Xia Banner

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The multi-colored light sparkled and enshrouded the body of the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon. Those multi-colored lights could be said to be strange, like petals elegantly fluttering. They finally converged to a single point and unexpectedly transformed into the shape of a person. When Lady Snake Scorpion saw this, she was about to advance to break it, but she simply was incapable of breaking away from Yan Yizhen.

Could it be this Gu had some use?

Seeing the Lady Snake Scorpion so anxious, Su Xing thought there was a trick, but his smile immediately disappeared.

That clump of multi-colored light barely made the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon feel dazzled, and Su Xing did not see any substantive harm. The converging multi-colored lights scattered like butterflies. Then, a graceful figure transformed from the light, leaving Su Xing dumbstruck.

That figure’s head wore a Sunset Cloud Cap1 and draped her body in Sunset Cloud Nichang.2 Starlight twinkled, a rainbow qi linked together, and a powerful Star Energy awed everyone present.

Astonishingly, it was Holy Mother Qi Xia!!


Seeing that Holy Mother Qi Xia’s hand held a similar treasure mirror, the two mirrors seemed to overlap space and allowed her to emerge. Su Xing finally knew why Lady Snake Scorpion would be that startled and call out some Light Shifting Image Switching Mirror just now. Some Gu restraining object this was, it was clearly an Astral Treasure that transmitted across space.


This Holy Mother Qi Xia honestly was cunning as a fox, unexpectedly exploiting them to go search for the Ten Thousand Year Gu and deliberately saying this mirror was capable of restraining the Gu. A proper reflection allowed her to be sent over as the man to obtain both the snipe and clam. Old monsters that lived for a hundred years carefully planned and accounted, as expected.

When Holy Mother Qi Xia emerged and spotted the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon, she showed a flabbergasted expression and unhidable happiness. She pointed, and several seals flew in every direction. There was a boom nearby, and seven banners of different dazzling and glaring light unfurled at seven corners. At the same time, there was a phoenix cry. Seven-colored rainbow light simultaneously appeared on the seven banners, and this rainbow light flew out like a phoenix.

Each of the banners’ phoenixes simultaneously twisted their heads to look at the Ten Thousand Year Gu in the middle. Opening their beaks, they gathered a resplendent beam of light, as if something in their beaks was about to spray out.


The Ten Thousand Year Gu was trapped by the rainbow light, furiously roaring without end. The black qi of its whole body burst out, and that myriad of black wisps and poison needle-like fur was like a hedgehog’s as it contracted to form a shield. Black light flashed, and a layer of poison membrane instantly enshrouded it. At the same time, black light shot out and revolved around its body.

When Su Xing saw this, his heart shuddered.


This Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon seemed to sense danger. It appeared to be somewhat wise, unexpectedly using a Gu Demon ability, arranging layer upon layer of defenses. Furthermore, when it saw Holy Mother Qi Xia’s seven banners, it also felt pressure.

Perhaps this was Holy Mother Qi Xia’s Life-cast Move.

Su Xing guessed correctly, for this was Holy Mother Qi Xia’s “Qi Xia Banners.”3 These banners were meticulously refined by Holy Mother Qi Xia, capable of offense and defense, of trapping and array breaking. This ability was omnipotent. When the Qi Xia Banners emerged, that cultivator would be in the middle of her palm.

The seven banners glowed, already shooting light soundlessly. Unexpectedly, the seven were seemingly tangible light pillars. The seven multi-colored light intersected with one another, becoming a resplendent rainbow. The light was the width of a bowl, and it flashed and faded, slamming into the black light of the Gu Demon.


The multi-colored light and the black light interwove, and the result was that the black light barely resisted for a brief moment. Then, it was struck full of hole like snow in the spring sun.


Holy Mother Qi Xia chanted.

The seven multi-colored lights was weakened but not eliminated. It once again attacked the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon’s poison membrane. Where it touched, the poison membrane boiled incessantly, as if it had been dissolved. That ugly and malevolent odd body of the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon continuously struggled, and Holy Mother Qi Xia faintly said: “Change!!”

The moment the multi-colored light changed and struck the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon’s body, its two heads and limbs constantly struggled, but the seven multi-colored lights were just like stocks and chains, tightly trapping the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon. Under the mult-colored light’s ravage, the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon sharply howled in pain.

A Supervoid Cultivator acting was formidable, as expected. It was only an instant, but she already stopped the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon. Of course, this was related to Holy Mother Qi Xia’s magic weapon. Even Su Xing looked enviously at those Qi Xia Banners.

Su Xing surreptitiously hooked onto the Miraculous Bodhi Tree with his Divine Intent. He currently hesitated as to whether or not he should act to interrupt Holy Mother Qi Xia. Allowing this terrifying Gu Demon of ten thousand poisons in one body to be captured honestly was too dangerous. The reason why he did not act now was that his impression of Holy Mother Qi Xia was very good. In Su Xing’s capacity as a soldier, Holy Mother Qi Xia had never shown malice. She had even given him more than a hundred Thousand Bells Immortals Dew and became sworn sisters with Wu Siyou. Only this made Su Xing somewhat hesitant.

That line in his heart still was somewhat difficult to change.


Suddenly, Su XIng sensed the Light Shifting Image Switching Mirror in his hand apparently was being sucked away by some immense force. Su Xing’s hand clenched tight, and imbuing his Star Energy, only then did it finally quiet down. He spotted Holy Mother Qi Xia watch him, seemingly smiling yet not.


Her expression was somewhat odd. Most probably, she was shocked Su Xing unexpectedly could restrict her Divine Intent control.


Inwardly resentful, Su Xing coldly grinned: “Holy Mother, there is no need to be this wasteful of good feelings, unexpectedly fooling Your Servant with some item that can trap the Gu.”


“This Seat did not speak wrongly. Has your use of the Light Shifting Mirror now not stopped the Gu?” Holy Mother Qi Xia actually seemed very amiable.

Su Xing inwardly thought, “Fuck, this woman is greatly cunning.


“This Seat does not see your wife? Is she not present?” Holy Mother Qi Xia leisurely looked at the far-off Lady Snake Scorpion, seemingly treating her as air. When she looked at Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing, she actually showed a hard to conceal odd expression.

“This Light Shifting Mirror only has its Image Switching aspect as useful. You holding onto it is useless.” Holy Mother Qi Xia smiled. Her words were very gentle, making Su Xing feel that if he did not return it to her, that truly was a reviled matter. Of course, in the eyes of others, a Galaxy Cultivator that dared seize a Supervoid Cultivator’s magic weapon must be very amazing.

But, Su Xing secretly laughed, to this woman who used him like this, return the mirror to her? This sort of folly of being sold by someone and having to help them count the money, Su Xing certainly did not have interest in abiding. Although the Star Energy of a Supervoid Cultivator was extremely powerful, Su Xing basically lacked completely the grounds to retaliate. Even if he used the Miraculous Bodhi Tree, it would be futile.


“This mirror is actually profound. Could the Holy Mother lend it to Your Servant to feast his eyes upon? Just take it as allowing Your Servant to broaden his horizons.” Su Xing said.

Holy Mother Qi Xia stared blankly. This was the first time a Galaxy Cultivator dared to raise a request of her.


Holy Mother Qi Xia soon after threw it, and the Image Switching Mirror arrived in Su Xing’s hand. With the gap between them, perhaps there would not be a Supervoid Cultivator that would fear a Galaxy Cultivator pulling some small trick. Holy Mother Qi Xia actually also was very fond of this man, so she saw no harm in doing so.

Su Xing sized up the Image Switching Mirror in his hand. This mirror was like a shadow, for it just happened to be able form a double-sided mirror when placed together with the Shifting Light Mirror. Su Xing tested sending in a trace of Divine Intent. Astral Treasures did not require refinement, so Su Xing could very easily sense the information of the “Light Shifting Image Switching Mirror”

This mirror used the Image Switching Mirror to transfer, and the Light Shifting Mirror served as the destination. As long as it was not a special location, the user could instantly go straight between the two locations, however, using the Light Shifting Image Switching Mirror had a condition that it could only be used once within a certain time. The transferring person needed to expend comparatively tremendous Star Energy, but that instant transfer actually made Su Xing’s heart move instantly. He wondered how Holy Mother Qi Xia came to have such a mirror defiant of the natural order.

Yan Yizhen at this time did not go attack Lady Snake Scorpion under Su Xing’s surreptitious Sound Transmission, walking back to his side.

“This one is?” Holy Mother Qi Xia showed slight astonishment as she looked at Yan Yizhen and Gongsun Huang.


“This is Your Servant’s Star General Yan Qing!” Su Xing replied, for he had no need to conceal it.

“As expected, Sire is a Star Master.” Holy Mother Qi Xia was not surprised.


The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon sealed by Holy Mother Qi Xia produced a shrill scream, and Holy Mother Qi Xia glanced indifferently at it. She was slowly refining this Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon’s energy, and later, she could easily capture it: “This Seat had not thought it would be a Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon. Truly exceptional.”

“Does Holy Mother need this Gu Demon when she is this powerful?” Su Xing’s killing intent gradually withdrew because he saw that Holy Mother Qi Xia did not have any intent to be his enemy. Since she was not a foe, Su Xing naturally had not need to go provoke the trouble of a Supervoid Cultivator, the so-called one more friend was always more powerful than one more enemy.


“It being very weak is only because it has only been born. Infants are all feeble.” Holy Mother Qi Xia flatly smiled.

Su Xing pensively nodded.

To be able to make a Supervoid Cultivator this tempted, this Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon perhaps was a fiendish demon.

However, these had no relation to Su Xing. This was the Vermilion Bird Territory’s affair, anyways. Should the Heavens fall, there was still a Transforming Star of Annihilation cultivator that would go resist. A tiny Star Master like himself had no need to go stand out, bringing trouble onto himself.

On the other side, Lady Snake Scorpion was very resentful, but Holy Mother Qi Xia was Supervoid level. How could she dare hurry. Otherwise, the other side could just destroy her by raising a hand.

“Holy Mother Qi Xia, what is the meaning of this snatching both the snipe and clam?” Lady Snake Scorpion coldly said: “This Gu Demon certainly is not something you can enjoy!”


A heavy pressure crushed Lady Snake Scorpion.

“Mother Highness.”

Xie Bao bared her fangs, and the Golden Scorpion Fine Rain Needles flew out.

But it was struck down halfway by a multi-colored light.

Xie Bao also flew out. Basically without acting, the Supervoid Cultivator relied on Star Energy that was one with the world to be able to easily overturn Lady SNake Scorpion.


“For the sake of the Roc Demon King’s face, This Seat shall let you off! As for refining this demonic creature, it would be best to let THis Seat purify it.” Holy Mother Qi Xia slightly smiled.

“What a Holy Mother Danxia, hm, hm, hm, hm.” Lady Snake Scorpion’s face was nearly green from fury. “Do not think that This Queen is easy to bully…” Suddenly, Lady Snake Scorpion shouted, flipped her hand, and a bright divine sword of flashing starlight appeared.

The Gu Valley of skyrocketing evil qi was immediately rolled away by starlight, and a galaxy sprinkled down.

“Stars Falling Dragon Sword!!”

Holy Mother Qi Xia shouted in astonishment. Without the slightest hesitation, she pointed, and a spiritual power pressed towards Lady Snake Scorpion. She wanted to restrict her, but Lady Snake Scorpion coldly laughed and brandished the Stars Falling Dragon Sword.

Suddenly, a dragon roar shook the skies, and dragons filling the sky emerged as a sea.

Su Xing thought to himself, “Fuck,” with no choice but to painfully raise the twelve Heaven Tearings. It seemed this time, the damage was disastrous. After returning, it would require a long time to nurture the flying swords. Afterwards, he threw out every sort of protective artifact and talisman as if they were free change. As for using the Miraculous Bodhi Tree? Su Xing definitely did not think of doing good things. Right now, he looked forward to even more chaos. Holy Mother Qi Xia could not obtain the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon, and it was best to destroy it.

The golden swords became a shield, and SU Xing took the chance to store the Shifting Light Image Switching Mirror into his bag. Yan Yizhen entered the Star Nest, for without the protection of a Star Beast, even she would be incapable of resisting the Stars Falling Dragon Sword.


Holy Mother Qi Xia also promptly threw out a Cloud Cloak. The Cloud Cloak’s light flourished and enveloped the Holy Mother in layer after layer.

She looked askance at Su Xing and did not speak.

The myriad dragons immediately engulfed the Gu Valley. The countless corpses of the poison creatures were immediately turned to ash and scattered smoke.

The countless dragons easily ripped open all of Su Xing’s defenses. Only by relying on the dragonscale flying swords did he barely withstand it. Even so, Su Xing felt his body was about to be torn and his bones crushed. Damn it, this Lady Snake Scorpion appeared to be thinking that if she could not obtain it, she might as well make others to be unable to as well.

Have courage, I admire.

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