Chapter 232: The Four Symbols Seal And The God Transformation Talisman

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The Harm Star Pilgrim’s Lord Husband??

Wu Siyou’s words shocked the plains. The remaining cultivators of Five Poison Mountain were all top-notch, and hearing Wu Siyou’s words, their hearts rolled in Heaven startling waves. Just what was happening to these Ninth Generation Star Duels? It was enough that the Lin Chong that never signed contracts had signed a contract with the Purple Thunder Monster of unimaginable powers. Now, that even the second Thousand Years Without A Contract Wu Song would recognize a Lord Husband was honestly inconceivable.

“Just what virtue and capability does that man have, unexpectedly able to make Wu Song fall in love and marry him?” Ancestor Longevity said on one hand while gesturing incessantly with the other. He glanced at Enviless of the East’s side, and seeing Su Xing’s cultivation was only Galaxy Early Stage, he did not seem to be of the unparalleled genius type.

“The Miraculous Bodhi Tree? Could it be he and Wu Song joined together to kill Extreme Clarity?” Xuan Zhenzi muttered to himself.

“He probably is Wu Song’s Star Master…” The Red Lotus Fairy chuckled, “This man actually is somewhat manly, unexpectedly daring to contend against Enviless of the East. He thinks that he can contend when Lin Chong has him, the Purple Thunder Monster? Even if he truly was the Purple Thunder Monster, he would undoubtedly die.”

Queen Lady of Ice did not say anything, but her expression already agreed with the Fairy’s words.

Although everyone saw Su Xing’s body wore a Purple Domain Robe, was wound around with auspicious purple clouds, and had purple light fluttering, he was actually somewhat similar to the imposing manner of the legendary Purple Thunder Monster. However, the legendary Purple Thunder Monster did not have purple clothes, so they took him to be a copycat. Add on the fact they did not see the Purple Thunder Monster’s brilliant and famous Star General, the Majestic Star Panther Head Lin Chong, they naturally felt he was someone else.


“This Ninth Generation truly is interesting. Lin Chong has signed a contract, and Wu Song is unwilling to remain lonely. Ha, ha.”

Ancestor Longevity laughed aloud.

The Ten Thousand Year Gu loudly bellowed, shaking out a multitude of poison gas.


The Ancestors no longer paid attention to Enviless of the East and Wu Siyou. Although their hearts coveted the Miraculous Bodhi Tree, they knew that with Enviless of the East Present, it was not something they could obtain. Their hearts hoped even more that Wu Song and her Lord Husband could resist and stall Enviless of the East a little longer.


Not only them, but Lady Snake Scorpion felt even more startled. However, Lady Snake Scorpion’s degree of shock was even more extreme than the others. Others only took Su Xing to be Wu Song’s Star Master, but she had seen the Skilful Star as well as another flit by, seemingly a Star General that was a little. Lady Snake Scorpion then knew that his man’s Star Nest had two Star Generals.

Lady Snake Scorpion had a premonition that the man in front of her would someday be a powerful enemy in the Star Duels. She had a secret intent to kill him, but now that the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon in front of her, she could only restrain that desire to kill. Killing that man in the future would not be easy at all; in the contest over the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon, Lady Snake Scorpion’s cultivation was the lowest. However, she was the Roc Demon King’s wife. She had a lot of odd protective treasures as well as many High Grade and Supreme Grade Talismans.


The scene of the squabble over the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon was extremely good to watch. Perhaps such a wonderful scene was difficult to come by in a thousand years of Liangshan.


The Golden Crow’s Divine Flame of Zhong Qi became a golden net that incessantly wrapped the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon, but a seven-colored light was unhurriedly released and condensed into a colorful lotus. Its rainbow light was a hundred zhang, blocking the Golden Crow’s Divine Flame Net. Qi Xia’s light covered it from the top and restricted it as they struggled against each other.


Another completely pitch-black sword with unsharpened edges struck towards the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon. Subsequently, it was covered by a clear and lingering halo but did not give in the slightest. The halo’s clear light did not yield either, transforming into a light that rolled forth.


The Red Lotus Karma Fire poured down torrents of fiery on the spot, but it was trapped by ice-cold smoke.

After this, a multitude of Golden Scorpion FIne Rain Needles and the Lady Snake Scorpion’s High Grade Talismans also were unwilling to be left out.

They saw every kind of the Five Poisons that was on the Five Poisons Mountain with non-dispersing black smoke. All kinds of divine lights emerged in succession, destroyed like waves of rainbows on the horizon. Every sort of magic weapon and power came and went, was pushed and repelled, recalled on contact. Immediately, they twisted again, coming and going, growing without end, fighting busily.

The Five Poisons Mountain’s rainbow illuminated in all four direction, disturbing a range of ten thousand li.

Each cultivator was unwilling to give up. They wanted to take up the best position for the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon, and with the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon being trapped in the middle, unable to break free, everywhere was entirely filled with every sort of magic weapon and divine light. The Ten THousand Year Gu Demon wanted to break through, but it often encountered a rainbow light and was repelled. The fangs of the two monkey heads extended and retracted, its poison light flourishing, with no choice but to cry where it was in tears.

“Xuan Zhenzi, what does your True Immortals Hall want a Fearful Creature like this Ten THousand Year Gu Demon for.” Ancestor Longevity shouted: “Quickly recall your ‘Immortal Moving Hoop,’1 otherwise, do not blame This Ancestor for becoming hostile.”

“The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon has ten thousand poisons. Heh, heh, even if this Fearful Creature is not raised, if it is refined into a magic weapon puppet or magic potion, that is still an exceptional thing. Ancestor Longevity, what grand dreams are you having. You had best recall your ‘Soul Scattering Sword.’”2

The two Ancestors promptly greatly aroused their Star Energies, acting all out.

“It would be better for everyone to divide the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon. Seeing that it has two heads and four arms, there is enough for us to share.” The Red Lotus Fairy smiled: “What do you say, Queen Lady of Ice.”


The Queen Lady of Ice fighting with her did not utter a word.


“Some Supercluster Ancestors having designs on the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon, truly you are very brazen!!” Holy Mother Qi Xia coldly laughed.

She could only stake all of her magic energy to go battle, to be able to obtain what she wanted.


“Would it not be better to yield to Your Servant?”

Suddenly, a soft and melodious voice entered everyone’s ears.

Afterwards, they saw a dragon’s shadow unleashed. This dragon was like a strange beast, pitch-black like ink. It suddenly opened its mouth wide, that maw big enough seemingly to swallow the Five Poisons Mountain whole.

Everyone turned dumbstruck.

The horizon had a woman, stepping over on clouds.

The Five Poisons Mountain’s battle over the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon was so fierce, Su Xing had expanded his horizons. Only, it was a pity he could not personally go in and participate. Otherwise, with the Miraculous Bodhi Tree in hand, he definitely could add himself.


“Ah? Wifey, you’re so aggressive.” Su Xing was unable to conceal his happiness, seeing Wu Siyou’s declaration.

“Your Servant naturally does not wish to owe you a favor.” Wu Siyou said in a low voice. She raised the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus and skyrocketed, sword-light sweeping away everywhere, black demonic lotuses scattering.

“Good, good, good, This Senior did not expect this generation’s Wu Song to unexpectedly be a Galaxy Early Stage Cultivator’s wife. Truly, this is too good.” Enviless of the East laughed. His eyes mocked them, and his flying sword unambiguously transformed into a thousand sword lights.

The Miraculous Bodhi Tree’s green light swept, breaking them layer by layer.

The Dual Mode Profound Dust Sword Array could only activate once within a certain time period, and Enviless of the East was powerless to continue it. Seeing this, his heart truly wished to skin Su Xing alive. Seeing Su Xing at this time swipe the Miraculous Bodhi Tree as well as Wu Siyou seize the chance to advance, Enviless of the East spiritual pressure pressed back, and he leaked a bit of cold sweat.

“Today, This Senior shall help you become a happily married couple that died in the name of love!”

Enviless of the East saw the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon was in imminent danger, and although he saw Wu Siyou needed support against his sword array, he was also nearly exhausted. Gritting his teeth, he then flipped his hand, and a completely jade seal3 appeared in his hand. This jade seal had carved onto it reliefs of the four types of spirit beasts, the Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, the Vermilion Bird, and the Black Turtle. They were vivid and lifelike, ready to appear at a call; the Four Spirit Beasts were adjacent to one another, each watching one of the four cardinal directions of north, east, south and west.

Blue light, red light, white light and black light alternated emerged from to time, honestly breathtaking beyond compare, the peak of perfection.

Su Xing’s heart sunk. He felt that the spiritual energy of that jade seal with the Four Symbols was threatening. Unexpectedly, it was abundant, flooding a range of a hundred meters with its ancient presence. Su Xing knew this was another Prehistoric Spirit Treasure.

“To die under This Senior’s Four Symbols Seal,4 you ought to die happy!!” Enviless of the East coldly laughed and threw the jade seal.

That jade seal’s four-colored light suddenly burst, and the four spirit beasts on the jade seal twinkled with four types of radiance. A white light flashed, and then it concentrated and dispersed. A White Tiger appeared, followed by a red light similar to flames that transformed into a Vermilion Bird. Then, an azure, hundred chi long cloud turning dragon and serpentine and turtle-like Black Tortoise emerged. Astonishingly, these were great and renowned Astral Four Symbols Holy Beasts.

These four spirit beasts of course were not Holy Beasts in of themselves; they merely had a trace of True Spirit, but the aura they emitted still made Su Xing’s body incapable of budging, as if his arms and legs had been trapped. Indeed, they were astonishing.

No wonder the Most High Path was the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one sect. Elder Immortal Extreme Clarity already had a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, the Miraculous Bodhi Tree, that could break everything endlessly, but this “Four Symbols Seal” of Enviless of the East was only stronger than the Miraculous Bodhi Tree, not weaker.

“These Holy Beasts in appearance only dare to bare their fangs and claws, a bluff!” Wu Siyou’s voice resounded, jolting Su Xing back to his senses.

Su Xing was inwardly ashamed of his inferiority, however, this was not something he could help. Su Xing was merely Galaxy Early Stage. How could he possibly bear the Prehistoric Spirit Treasures Supervoid Cultivators like this at the current stage. From another perspective, to bear hardship with equanimity under such a Spirit Treasure, Star Generals were existences that Star Cultivators would catch up to even with encouragement.

Seeing Su Xing back to his senses, Wu Siyou surreptitiously nodded, “Lord Husband, leave these Holy Beasts to Your Servant.”

“Hmph! Arrogant!”

Enviless of the East formed four hand seals.

The imposing restless Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Black Turtle immediately surged forth directly towards them.

The Azure Dragon sprayed out ten thousand zhang of green light, the white tiger’s claws sharp as swords stabbed at their hearts, the Vermilion Bird fanned sky boiling flames, and the Black Tortoise violently charged.

Su Xing swung the tree three times in order to barely break the green light and heavenly fire of the Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird, but the White Tiger and Black Tortoise completely ignored the divine light. The White Tiger opened its mouth, biting, and the Black Tortoise charged at W Siyou.

The White Tiger’s qi swallowed the mountains and rivers. Wu Siyou barely could withstand it, but the Black Tortoise fiercely attacked from another side. Wu Siyou already was spent. Being knocked into by the Black Tortoise’s attack, she actually was forced back several dozen meters. Then, the Black Tortoise spat out a light to cover Wu Siyou.

Wu Siyou used the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus to block and was forced back again.

The four great Holy Beasts continuously attacked viciously, and the Miraculous Bodhi Tree was nearly exhausted.

“Master?! Allow Slave Servant to fight!”

Yan Yizhen worried inside the Star Nest. If it was not for Su Xing’s order, she already would have rushed out of the Star Nest.

“Little Yi, recuperate first.” Su Xing refused, knowing that Little Yi had spent much strength confronting the Lady Snake Scorpion. Even if these four great Holy Beasts had only a wisp of True Energy, there was no way to resist. Furthermore, he had another plan to let Yan Yizhen act as a surprise attacker to kill Enviless of the East when he was unprepared.

Star Generals often had an extreme superiority in this aspect.

Enviless of the East sneered. He did not believe that Su Xing could contend against the Four Symbols Seal. Even if he could swipe the Miraculous Bodhi Tree, in the end, there was a limit.

Seeing Wu Siyou bitterly resist, Su Xing suddenly recalled something. His hand then patted his Astral Bag, and a talisman hopped out.

This talisman, its script flying and black qi overflowing, seemed extremely demonic.

Spotting that talisman, Enviless of the East showed a surprised expression.

“God Transformation Talisman!!”

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  1.  仙動環
  2.  散魂劍
  3. As in the one that stamps emblems.
  4.  四象璽


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