Chapter 247: Emperor Liang

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The bell’s sound shook. All of Heavenly Gem Valley seemed to have frozen. All breathing was suddenly eliminated, and a kind of dreadful quiet descended upon everyone present. The Boundless Bell could settle wind, thunder, water, fire, heaven and earth, and the dual modes, a very abnormal Prehistoric Spirit Treasure. During the bell’s ringing, the attacks of Su Xing, Lin Yingmei and Gongsun Huang lost their brilliance.

Great Saint Starkiller raised the Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Sword. This sword’s intangibility was also formidable.

When Su Xing saw this, he raised the Heaven Tearing Golden Swords and attacked together. He and Lin Yingmei had Speed Is A Crucial Asset In War, and that speed was fast as a phantom. Even if Great Saint Starkiller had the Boundless Bell protecting him, he was not an opponent for two people, after all.

“Ying’er is not here today. For me to kill these four is perhaps a tad difficult. It seems this man unexpectedly has four Fiend Stars following him, truly unimaginable. He must have some extraordinary power he has yet to use. It would be better to seize the chance to first see what skill he has so that he is easier to deal with in the future.” Great Saint Starkiller thought to himself. He was not at all a show-off, and seeing Su Xing’s four Star Generals’ stances, how could he be impulsive and opinionated like the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. Brainstorming, he thought that Su Xing should still have some sort of trump card.

“Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, still unwilling to inform me what matter you all have come for?” Great Saint Starkiller leisurely asked.

“Of course it is to seize the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo and kill their Star Master.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon smiled. How could he dare expose the matter of Heavenly Gem Valley possessing the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. If this sort of thing was known by him, Devil Star Palace would definitely investigate the Heavenly Underworld Sect’s culpability in keeping silent. Furthermore, should this sacred object be obtained by Great Saint Starkiller, if that Devil Star Palace was not like a tiger that grew wings, it would be extremely stirred. Although the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was insufferably arrogant, he nevertheless knew things were severe.

Su Xing had second thoughts about wanting to blurt out the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo to drive a wedge in the relationship between the two, but he immediately thought that the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon would not necessarily admit this, which would bring Shi Yuan trouble, on the contrary. This brought no advantage whatsoever, and thus he remained silent.

Seeing the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon unwilling to speak, Great Saint Starkiller sneered and no longer pursued the issue.

“We shall see what abilities this man of four accompanying Star Generals has. Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and he cannot be compared.”

Great Saint Starkiller’s chuckling made the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s expression unsightly. Great Saint Starkiller suddenly shouted, raised his hand, and the hundred Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords formed a mysterious sword array. The Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Sword was inherently composed of three hundred sixty-five flying swords, becoming the number of days in a year, capable of forming something very ancient, variable as the things in the universe. Great Saint Starkiller currently was capable only of controlling a hundred, but he was number one in the Black Turtle Territory, completely unsurpassed.

This sword sparkled like a golden light, releasing a galaxy that appeared around Great Saint Starkiller’s body. This scene was somewhat amazing, and then he struck several seals in succession.

All of the starlight and galaxies flashed several times, immediately becoming a hundred identical starlights simultaneously glowing brilliantly.


Great Saint Starkiller pointed a finger at Su Xing, a low shout in his mouth.

The more than one hundred starlights trembled in the air, one by one beginning to abnormally disappear from where they were. Instantly, they covered towards Su Xing and Lin Yingmei. Su Xing raised the Miraculous Bodhi Tree, divine light swiping. The Boundless Bell then rang, and the Miraculous Bodhi Tree was immediately swept cleanly, making Su Xing squander an Immortal Water Pill Dew in vain.

Su Xing rubbed his hand, purple light shining brilliantly, and thunder roll boomed loudly. A fist-sized purple refinement appeared between his hand. In addition, Su Xing’s ice-cold expression gradually changed, his eyes dazzled.

Instantly, the ball of lightning swelled to the size of a child’s head. Su Xing’s hands pushed, and amidst the boom, the lightning ball violently launched with a “puchi” sound. A ding-dong soundwave came over, and the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder was astonishingly shattered into smoke and dust, vanished without a trace.

“Such an abnormal Spirit Treasure, just who is he?” Su Xing thought. Seeing all of his magic abilities lose their usefulness, he could only firmly stake everything.

Lin Yingmei raised the Arctic Star Serpent Spear, fighting with the hundred starlights. When Great Saint Starkiller saw this, he bit open his fingertip, spitting out a mouthful of Essence Blood, smiling. “If you do not have any skill, then you have made me disappointed.”

The Essence Blood congealed, immediately changing shape.

This scene was very familiar to Su Xing. Every time he wanted to use a Star Weapon, he would use Essence Blood. When Su Xing saw this, he no longer ignored this, simultaneously spitting out Essence Blood. Both parties executed the same movements.

When the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon saw that Great Saint Starkiller and Su Xing were squaring off, his heart was secretly happy. Although he hated Su Xing to the bone, he knew that with his two Star Generals sent into the Star Nest, tangling any further would have no good outcome. Besides, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon had not forgotten that the purpose of this trip to Heavenly Gem Valley was not for a Star Duel, but for the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. Coldly grinning, “Great Saint Starkiller, this will be left to you. Your Servant shall go find the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo first.” He said as he used Devil Smoke Shapeshifting to suddenly escape.

Great Saint Starkiller wrinkled his brow.

Su Xing did not bother with him. Seeing that the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s two Star Generals already entered the Star Nest had completely alleviated the pressure, Yan Yizhen was enough to fix him up. It was just a pity he could not personally finish this man off. Su Xing thought to himself this was a pity, but he knew that the situation was grim. Great Saint Starkiller? That legendary number one Star Master of the Black Turtle Territory practicing Transforming Star of Annihilation?

The Essence Blood of both parties changed forms, and the Wind Slashing Dragon Fang Axe and the Vajra Evil Smiting Sword appeared at the same time.


Great Saint Starkiller moved his hand, raising the Wind Slashing Dragon Fang Axe to battle with Su Xing, his martial force surprisingly very good.

“This is bad, he is Great Saint Starkiller!!”

Wu Xinjie could not help but cry out in surprise from below. She never expected to run into the Black Turtle Territory’s number one Star Master at Heavenly Gem Valley. Originally, it was at the Fourth Phase that they had a chance of seeing him.

Wu Xinjie brought out Silver Blade. Despite her wounds, she aimed at Great Saint Starkiller.

The battle between Su Xing and Great Saint Starkiller was exceptionally fierce, two figures indistinctly overlapping. The axehead and long sword clashed to and fro. A dragon’s cry and Brahmanistic chanting each bursting forth, wrapped together into a battle, extremely breathtaking.

However, Su Xing in the end had inherited the Innate Skill of the Panther Head known as the strongest in martial force out of the one hundred and eight, “Battle Doctrine.”1 In addition to several bouts of endurance, his martial force also was out of the ordinary. The battle was increasingly intense, and Su Xing was more and more excited.

Great Saint Starkiller gradually was unable to persist. Abruptly, he swung the axe upwards and raised a cold light.

The sound of wind shattered.

Wind Slaying Slash!

Su Xing was shaken, also slashing down with the Vajra Evil Smiting Sword. A sword-light rushed out from the sword, like a giant needle that charged straight through Great Saint Starkiller’s body. This was Great Wisdom King Cleave, but Great Saint Starkiller had obtained the “Wind Slashing Dragon Fang Axe” by inheriting it from Zou Qi, who had already refined the Dark Rank Move. Seeing Great Wisdom King Cleave, Great Saint Starkiller did not hesitate at all to use “Dragon Hiding In Pond.”

Like a dragon, it abruptly disappeared under Great Wisdom King Cleave.

Any way it was put, it was still a Star General’s Dark Rank Move, unlike anything ordinary. A sharp axe sound following a dragon’s cry rushed up from under Su Xing. Without any warning, it was exceptionally fierce.

A dragon suddenly wailed.

An ice-cold figure directly shattered Dragon Hidden In Pond. After all, Great Saint Starkiller was not a true Star General that could take in a Destined Star Weapon into her body. His Dragon Hidden In Pond was far from being as sharp as Zou Qi’s original. This move nearly could break his Sword Array when Zou Qi originally used it, and Great Saint Starkiller using it was a bit inferior. His surprise attack was extremely fast, yet not faster than Lin Yingmei’s eye.

Black light flashed.

Great Saint Starkiller was sent flying.


Lin Yingmei instantly reacted, rushing forward with a sudden stride, raising her spear to stab.

Great Saint Starkiller flipped his palm, and a small jet-black banner suddenly appeared in his hand. After lightly waving it, this banner all of a sudden swelled and became a light barrier, protecting his whole body. After the silver arc slashed towards this screen, it was surprisingly directly repelled, simply incapable of harming it in the slightest.

Lin Yingmei was stunned. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear burst with a white arc to attack, becoming an ice-cold to the bone freezing wind that covered the black light screen within. The cold wind twisted and violently tore, but that unremarkable black barrier was like a golden metallic vajra, unexpectedly unmoved.

“It’s a Galaxy Magic Weapon refined using a Lost Treasure!!”

Su Xing looked and immediately raised the Green Lotus Peak. The Green Lotus Peak became an enormous mountain that pressed towards Great Saint Starkiller, and the sky sprinkled a clear mist.

Great Saint Starkiller was taken aback, not afraid but happy, on the contrary. That Boundless Bell above his head rocked incessantly.

Growing and multiplying without end, the bell’s sound was melodious.

Although it could not stop the Green Lotus Peak, those layers of sound waves could make the Green Lotus Peak unable to press onwards.

“Unexpectedly having two Prehistoric Spirit Treasures, it seems to be his trump card?” Great Saint Starkiller thought that Su Xing was using his full power. His eyes were delighted, and his mouth urgently uttered a brief incantation all of a sudden. His pupils flickered with a strange black light. Immediately afterwards, his figure was slightly fuzzy, suddenly disappearing from where he was.

The Green Lotus Peak and Lin Yingmei’s attacks completely pounced upon empty space.

As expected, this Great Saint Starkiller cultivated some unknown Devil Art, for it to be this strange.

Su Xing saw that Great Saint Starkiller had not even revealed his Star General and thought he had a trump card. His Divine Intent discreetly seized the two divine items the Four Symbols Seal and the Devil Suppressing Stele in preparation to seize a chance to give the opponent a nice surprise.

Without any warning, the space behind Su Xing fluctuated. Two silver-colored arms stretched forth from the empty space. With a kacha sound, the two arms suddenly increased several times in size. One hand transformed into a sharp claw, fiercely scratching at Su Xing’s cranium. The other flashed behind, and the massive silver-colored fist directly attacked Lin Yingmei’s back.

At the same time, black light twinkled. A jet-black flying dagger the size of a head appeared at a space several zhang above Gongsun Huang. It wavered, bringing a sinister black qi as it ferociously slashed downwards.

Great Saint Starkiller unexpectedly used three different types of eerie abilities to simultaneously attack Su Xing, Lin Yingmei, and Gongsun Huang. In addition, his two other powers were only for the sake of suppressing Lin Yingmei and Gongsun Huang. His true objective was to get rid of Su Xing in a single blow. Compared to the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, Great Saint Starkiller was frighteningly crafty.

Su Xing nevertheless secretly smiled, forming a hand seal.

The Green Lotus Peak flashed by, escaping to above Great Saint Starkiller.

Great Saint Starkiller’s expression changed. The Boundless Bell at this time continuously rocked to jolt the Green Lotus Peak, actually breaking all of his abilities.


Great Saint Starkiller had not yet breathed a sigh of relief when he suddenly heard a gunshot. His reactions were extremely quick, but his stomach hurt. The fact was that he had been penetrated by a lead bullet in the pulmonary lobe.2 Wu Xinjie had aimed for the right opportunity to fire. Star Energy and bullet were linked together, and even Great Saint Starkiller was unable to form a defense.


Lin Yingmei, Gongsun Huang, and Su Xing simultaneously attacked.

“Dammit.” Great Saint Starkiller saw this already could not be helped. He would undoubtedly die if he delayed any further. Hastily, he called the Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords to go attack.

Just at this time, he suddenly heard a scream.

The injured Gem And Evil Leisurer was without the Great Array’s protection, not an opponent in the end. The twelve Heavenly Collecting Demon Corpses destroyed him, and Ancestral Master Yin Luo howled with laughter.

“Great Saint Starkiller, I shall come to assist you!!”

When Ancestral Master Yin Luo saw that Great Saint Starkiller was being suppressed, he immediately shouted. His eyes nevertheless gazed at Great Saint Starkiller with an excited killing intent. On the surface, he shouted while secretly seizing all of his Divine Intent and abilities to prepare to instantly finish off Great Saint Starkiller. Before they had come, he had specially allowed Great Saint Starkiller to follow along. The Underworld Heavenly Sect Master secretly ordered Ancestral Master Yin Luo to find an opportunity to get rid of this number one Star Master of the Black Turtle Territory.

And just when Ancestral Master Yin Luo was about to kill Great Saint Starkiller with a single blow, there suddenly was a powerful royal qi that pressured everything like a violent gale. Its power shook Heavenly Gem Valley into trembling, and a True Dragon descended from the east.

It was Emperor Liang!!!

Author’s Note:

I’ve been really busy these past few days, and it wasn’t easy to speak. It’s always very difficult to upload. Starting tomorrow, I can finally relax. I want to promise, but forget it. We’ll see tomorrow. Yaaaa…

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  1. 戰鬥教義
  2. An area of the lung


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