Chapter 250: The Thousand Year Tears Of Empress Wa

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It had only been few days after Su Xing cured Gongsun Huang of the Gu Poison, and she had also eaten a Star Breaker Golden Pill. Her vitality that had been greatly debilitated had somewhat improved in the Star Nest for the time, but she was worthy of the name of the number one in magic energy Leisure Star, even using her Dark Rank Magic at this sort of state where she had not yet completely recovered.

The ground moved and the mountains rocked, heaven fell and the earth rend. The Supervoid Peak Cultivator sword array Emperor Liang used the Outer Void Immortals Sword Array to construct was then shattered.

Gongsun Huang’s face was pale, and she expressionlessly also entered the Star Nest.

When Su Xing saw this, his Divine Intent promptly controlled the Purple Rose Liangshan Outlaw Jade Pendant. How could dare be so lax in confronting the Azure Dragon Territory’s top cultivator Emperor Liang. Immediately, the jade pendant cracked, and he disappeared without a trace.

When Emperor Liang saw that, he immediately rushed to the back mountain. Sure enough, he only saw that Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo of the ravine had already been plucked out by the roots. His expression maintained icily arrogant dignity, yet his eyes hid a slight chill. He sighed, not without regret.

The Void Immortal’s Abode cracked apart.

The scene changed, and Heavenly Gem Valley already was replaced by a flickering divine light. In the blink of an eye, Su Xing returned to the Void Immortal’s Abode.

Entering the Immortal’s Abode, Su Xing immediately sat in meditation. The six beautiful girls emerged from the Star Nest and appeared on his left and right.

An Suwen’s Spiritual Aura Distribution and Life Returning Magic Hands began to heal everyone. This trip to the Heavenly Gem Valley could even be said to be extremely ominous and dangerous. Not only did they encounter the Black Turtle Territory’s number one Star Master, they unexpectedly even battled with the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Star Cultivator, Emperor Liang. Truly, this was inconceivable.

A long while afterwards. Su Xing opened his eyes, breathing a long exhale of impure qi.

Shi Yuan saw that Su Xing awoke and patted her stomach. She gestured with her hand, and the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo then appeared in the fertile land. When this bamboo appeared, they saw clear light linger in the Immortal’s Abode, it spiritual power flourishing. An auspicious and peaceful atmosphere enveloped the entire area, making their hearts peaceful and calm.

“Never thought this would be a Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo.” The girls in the surroundings sized up this Divine Bamboo and up until now felt they were dreaming. The Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, as the name implied, needed ten thousand years of nourishment. It was practically a Prehistoric era Spirit Item. Even it was used to forge other magic weapons, that would still be Spirit Treasure level. In actuality, after this Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo inadvertently grew in Heavenly Gem Valley, as well as being enclosed by the valley, it completely lacked spiritual power. Afterwards, a certain generation’s Heavenly Gem Valley Daoist Master even laid down a powerful forbiddance magic. Due to the Heavenly Gem Valley being in seclusion for a hundred years, not minding worldly affairs, this Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo actually was not discovered by anyone.

Afterwards, the Heavenly Gem Valley declined, and the Heavenly Gem Valley’s one vein wanted to depend on the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo to stun the world. For this reason, they used several spirit medicines and spirit waters to expedite its growth to the degree it was at today. But it was a pity that it was accidentally discovered by the Heavenly Underworld Sect. As a result, there was a squabble, and in the end, it concluded in a situation of wasted effort.

This type of Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo already gave rise to a Heaven and Earth Five Spirits “Evil Suppressing Earthly Light.”

Although he lost two Star Weapons and used the Jade Pendant once, as well as squandered a majority of his pills, at the end of this trip to the Heavenly Gem Valley, besides also encountering Emperor Liang, any way it was put, to be able to obtain this bamboo was worth everything.

With the flying sword forged from the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, the next time he bumped into Great Saint Starkiller, he had the power to fight.

“Ah.” Wu Xinjie suddenly cried out.

“What?” The other girls were confused.

“Xinjie fears Young Lord cannot use this Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo to forge the flying sword.” Wu Xinjie was speechless. “This Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo is not yet ten thousand years.”

The Knowledge Star’s words made Su Xing’s heart jump. Hastily, his Star Energy reacted.

His expression promptly sunk.

Nine thousand nine hundred ninety years. Just ten years to Ten Thousand Years, but a discrepancy of ten years was nevertheless a night and day difference.

“Fuck, ten years…” Su Xing was about to go mad.

“If it truly was Ten Thousand years, then the cultivators would already have dug it up.” Lin Yingmei opened her mouth to speak.

Her words made everyone calm down. The Su Xing who had just been pleasantly surprised was very depressed. Using this nine thousand nine hundred ninety year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo for forging was honestly too wasteful, but the waiting period was too long. How would the Star Duels have ten years. Even the beginning of the next phase Evil Smiting Hall only had more than a dozen days.

“Big Brother need not be dejected. Actually, there is another way.” An Suwen slightly smiled.

“Elder Sister Suwen, is there a way?” Shi Yuan curiously asked.

“Induced growth.”1 An Suwen was not at all unfamiliar with this sort of thing.

Induced Growth Spirit Water was Liangshan Continent’s most mysterious Spirit Water. The majority of Hundred Years and Thousand Years Spirit Medicines and Spirit Items could not truly wait that long. Therefore, medicine refinement masters would arrange every sort of material to refine Induced Growth Spirit Water to expedite the age. By doing so, not only could they make Spirit Medicines speed up their growth, they could also reach the efficacy of Hundred Years or more. An Suwen looked at the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo’s medicinal fragrance in front of her, which really was not a genuine Prehistoric Spirit Item. Most probably, they had used many Spirit Waters to induce its growth to reach today’s stage. It was just that though induced growth was good, absorbing too much Spirit Medicine would give rise to resistance and would become totally ineffective. An Suwen surmised that Heavenly Gem Valley definitely used many methods on the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo in front of her. In the end, there actually was nothing that could be done that they finally stopped induced growth, leaving the last ten years.

“Xinjie fears ordinary Induced Growth Medical Waters should be no use.” Wu Xinjie shook her head. If they could induce growth as quickly as possible, Heavenly Gem Valley definitely would not continue to wait ten years.

“Supreme Grade Induced Growth Spirit Liquids could do.” Gongsun Huang calmly spoke, her gaze directed at An Suwen: “You know of it.”

An Suwen nodded, “An Suwen just happens to know of a secret recipe named ‘Thousand Year Tears of Empress Wa.’”2

“Thousand Year Tears?”

Wu Xinjie and the rest drew in a deep breath when they heard this name.

“This sort of things must be even more precious than Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo.” Su Xing also was speechless. “A drop of sparkling tears, fairy is drunk for thousand years;”3 Thousand Year Tears in Liangshan indeed was a very important and well-known super Spirit Liquid. A drop could make a normal ginseng grow into a thousand year ginseng. Ten drops was ten thousand year ginseng. This sort of thing reportedly was the result of a Prehistoric period. When the immemorial saint Empress Wa saw the hundred sufferings and thousand evils upon the people of the world, she shed tears of pity. The plants with one drop grew a thousand years, and the people with one drop could rise from the dead. Cultivations swelled by a hundred years, for it practically was a super Spirit Treasure. This sort of thing only appeared in historical records. Rumor had it that three drops of the “Thousand Year Tears of Empress Wa” once appeared at the Crystal Dragon Palace, and each drop was exchanged with Supreme Grade Magic Weapons, talismans or Spirit Treasures. The price converted to gold was a trillion.

That Emperor Liang could reach Supervoid Peak and become the Azure Dragon Territory’s best at forty years old, everyone surmised the cause was he had consumed a drop of Thousand Year Tears of Empress Wa.

“Little Sister Suwen, can you make the Thousand Year Tears?” Wu Xinjie said excitedly.

“Elder Sister Xinjie, don’t mock Suwen. Little Sister is unable to make it. Legend says the materials for the Thousand Year Tears of Empress Wa already are extinct. However, Suwen actually can make a Ten Year Tears of Empress Wa that is capable of expediting ten years of growth.” An Suwen softly said.

Although a Ten Year Tears of Empress Wa was greatly lacking, it just so happened that using it to induce the growth of the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo was most suitable.

Su Xing also knew that Divine Items like the Thousand Year Tears of Empress Wa that were defiant of the natural order could not be vainly attempted for too often, so as to avoid confusing their mindset or becoming obsessed. “Expediting ten years of growth is also fine. Little Sister Suwen, I’ll leave it to you.”

“However, we must go to Kagoshima to buy materials, and they are somewhat expensive.” An Suwen said apologetically. Although this was only a Ten Year Tears of Empress Wa, those materials at the minimum were several billion.

Su Xing smiled: “What’s that between you and Big Brother.”

“Good. Yingmei and I will accompany Suwen to go buy materials from Kagoshima along with the materials to upgrade the Wood Element Sword. Young Lord, you must properly put in the effort. Little Sister Lianxin is still waiting for Young Lord to move in and marry her.” Wu Xinjie giggled.

“Then you girls must be careful.” Su Xing instructed.

Bian City’s Imperial City. There was a high building suspended in the clouds, manifestly superior above the Imperial City. This pavilion was named Astrological Divination Pavilion.4 Besides the emperor, even Princess Ling Yan and the princes were not permitted entry.

At this time, the Astrological Divination Pavilion’s four to five hundred square meter was arranged with a profound great array. This array was mutually reflective, with a hundred and eight stars mechanisms. Among them were a few stars mechanisms that were clearly dim. Close to a hundred male and female cultivators each standing someplace above the stars, incantations rushing forth, incessantly forming hand seals. For a while, the sound of hollow spirits lingered. Each mechanism flickered with a bizarre luster, slowly emerging in large numbers, continuously changing.

Standing at the Heavenly Spirit Star Position was a youth bound in a hooded cloak, his mouth chanting a cryptic language, his hand holding a token and small banner.

This array was known as the “Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Star Image Array.” This was something initiated by the Great Liang Dynasty’s national scholar Mo Shangxian.5 Not only was he a Supreme Grade Mechanism Great Master, he was also an extremely powerful magic circle expert. Every sort of array combined with the one hundred and eight Stars in the sky evolved into the sun, moon and stars, a prehistoric starry sky, capable of reacting to the positions of the one hundred eight stars and could be rated as profound.

Emperor Liang stood on a balcony outside the Astrological Divination Pavilion, his handsome and bright face firm as stone. His chilly eyes gazed straight at the sky, and those cultivators behind him only sensed that Emperor Liang’s back was more towering than a high mountain, more vast than the sky, and more turbulent than the great sea. He was such an exceptionally stubborn man that right now, he actually activated this Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Star Image Array solely to find one person.

Battling the Purple Thunder Monster, although Emperor Liang seized two of Su Xing’s Star Weapons, as far as Emperor Liang was concerned, this simply lacked any meaning at all. By all possible means, something like the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo had to be taken back. Judging from that Monster’s personality, he feared that the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo would be used to harm Liangshan, so Emperor Liang did not hesitate to pay the price of activating this Forbiddance Great Array.

Just as he thought this, the sound of vomiting blood came from behind him.


The magic circle broke, and Mo Shangxian ceased his chanting, lifting those extremely clear yet limpid azure eyes.

Emperor Liang furrowed his brow. Suddenly, a golden light flashed from the middle of the array.

A mighty and magnificent girl appeared all of a sudden.

“Emperor Liang, you unexpectedly dare to use forbidden magic to seek out the traces of a Star General. Truly, you are very brazen.” The newcomer was Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai.

Even if she was confronting the Great Liang Dynasty’s emperor, the Azure Dragon Territory’s ruler, Chao Gai’s tone was strict as before.

Their divine might opposed each other with equal harshness, the treasure light of the True Dragon resisting.

Shaking the Astrological Divination Pavilion to the verge of collapse.

“Chao Gai, you have finally appeared.”

“Emperor Liang, This One maintains the rules of the Star Duels. If thou darest to utilize cheat magic to destroy the rules, This One also will not forgive thee.” Chao Gai was expressionless.

Emperor Liang indifferently smiled, unconcerned with Chao Gai’s threat: “Maintain the rules? In this generation of Star Duels, there is a man that has destroyed the rules. We are actually helping you all.”

“The affairs of the Liangshan Maiden’s Star Duels have still not reached the point for thee to meddle with!” Chao Gai sneered.

“It seems you also know such a man? Liangshan Maiden, and just what do you plan to do?” Emperor Liang asked thoughtfully.

“That has nothing to do with thee!”

“This man truly is not someone that the Liangshan Maiden has assigned?” Emperor Liang’s tone was gradually chilling, carrying a cold intent. “We are baffled. How could a character the likes of a Purple Thunder Monster appear. Not only has he contracted Lin Chong, he also has time and again created miracles. When We saw him yesterday, there were more Star Generals in accompaniment. If this news was to leak out, how interesting would that be.”

“This One has already warned him. After the Third Phase passes, the Liangshan Maiden naturally will make him pay the price, but thou needst not be of defiant behavior, so as to not entirely destroy the wisdom of a generation, a gain that does not outweigh the losses.” Chao Gai indifferently smiled. Her powerful dignity made all of the cultivators in the Astrological Divination Pavilion seem to face a great enemy, unable to utter a word.

The two people used Divine Intent to conduct their dialogue. The others could not hear half a word, but they nevertheless could sense they each were in the midst of crossing swords.

“Then We shall wait and see. The Liangshan Maiden had best not make Us disappointed.”

Emperor Liang said meaningfully.

Chao Gai was silent.

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  1.  催生, or forced maturation
  2.  千年媧皇淚
  3.  一滴晶瑩淚,天仙千年醉
  4.  占星閣
  5. Of the same name as Shi Yuan’s Mo Attack Mechanism Records. IDK if they really are from the same clan, though.


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      1. Thee = “You” is the object of a sentence. eg: I offer unto thee.
        Thou = “You” is the subject of a sentence. eg. Thou needst not be so hasty.

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