Chapter 263: The Time Of Opening Evil Smiting Hall

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“Next time, Your Servant certainly will go pay a visit to the Treasure Feast.” Su Xing cupped his hands.

“En. Farewell.” Longnü slightly bowed, her etiquette proper.

Turning around, her figure was graceful, dignified and fitting.

“Is this Longnü the Crystal Dragon Palace’s Star Master??” Su Xing creased his brow, somewhat unwilling to accept  this fact. Observing with Seeing Clearly, her cultivation unexpectedly was at Supercluster Early Stage, an Ancestor-level cultivation, honestly inconceivable. Perhaps the Xie Zhenyuan and Yan Wudao claimed to be stunning beyond compare also were merely so.

Pity that he was unable to use the Birth Treasure Outline, otherwise, he could see what Star Maiden that Mengrui was.

“She is unmistakably the Crystal Dragon Palace’s, but whether or not she is a Star Master is unclear.” Wu Xinjie had no way of being certain. Any way it was put, Kagoshima Market Quare was the Crystal Dragon Palace’s jurisdiction. To make the Mount Putuo shopkeeper be reverent and fearful, only the local boss could accomplish this. But if she was a Star Master, the Supercluster Early Stage cultivation also made Wu Xinjie speechless.

Currently, the Azure Dragon Territory’s Three Great Star Masters, Xie Zhenyuan, Yan Wudao and Zhao Hanyan should be attacking Supercluster Stage cultivation, especially when the Ling Yan Princess possessed the Purple Rose Jade Pendant. She should be the first to be able to break through to Supercluster Ancestral Master level of cultivation, but at the minimum, that needed the Third Phase to end. They had never heard of the Longnü before them, and that she unexpectedly broken through to Supercluster Stage honestly was unimaginable.

Wu Xinjie immediately thought, it was the Crystal Dragon Palace that was also known as the treasure of the realm. They even had legendary extinct Spirit Medicines the likes of the “Thousand Year Tears” and “Water Phoenix Crystal Marrow.” If they truly did not spare effort to nurture a Star Master’s talent, this actually would not be a difficult problem.

The Crystal Dragon Palace and Purple Firmament Immortal Palace of Liangshan Continent’s Three Palaces always hid their tracks, not appearing in public. Even if it was the most important Birth Treasure Outline, they also did not care for it. These types of secretive sects were perhaps the largest variables in the Star Duels, especially the latter Purple Firmament Immortal Palace which had once turned out a previous overlord. Sects like this maybe would calculate even more in the Star Duels.

Now that the Longnü before them unexpectedly had this sort of cultivation, that Purple Firmament Immortal Palace that once produced an overlord was actually at this stage, and recalling that the Devil Star Palace also had a Great Saint Starkiller, he could not be careless in these Star Duels.

“The Crystal Dragon Palace is somewhat interesting.” Su Xing pondered. He tossed Crystal Plate, then caught it in his hand: “We had better first go collect the materials.”


An Suwen’s white hands softly rocked. Several droplets of meticulously refined Ten Year Tears of Empress Wa dripped into the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. A kind of milky aroma sunk into the bamboo. The Evil Suppressing Clear Light was increasingly sparkling, the Evil Suppressing Cloud Marks flickering more, as if clear and peaceful bamboo scent enveloped the Void Immortal’s Abode in harmony.


Spending several billions worth of assets finally induced the last ten years of growth for the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. An Suwen thoroughly stretched and exhaled, wiping the fragrant sweat from her brow.

“Elder Sister truly is very incredible.” Shi Yuan nearby said in admiration.

“This is Suwen’s duty, nothing more.” An Suwen smiled, “Little Sister Yuan’er, how is your Five Poisons Banner refining?”

“En, almost there. This Young Lady recently was researching the Five Poisons Banner Array Su Xing gave. Using Puppets to make the array actually has problems. However, even if there are problems, This Young Lady will keep going, hm, hm.” Shi Yuan tugged her sleeves and said.

The space broke open.

Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen entered the Immortal’s Abode.

“Sister Yingmei, Sister Little Yi.” The two girls lively called out.

Shi Yuan jogged over, “How are the two Elder Sisters’ Star Weapons?”

“En.” Lin Yingmei nodded. Clearly, there were no problems.

“Has Young Master not yet returned?” Lin Yingmei asked.

“He is probably on a honeymoon with Little Sister Lianxin.” Shi Yuan stifled a laugh.

Lin Yingmei’s eyes had an unrelieved worry. An Suwen gently said: “Is Sister Yingmei worried about Big Brother’s calamity?”

Lin Yingmei slightly nodded her head, but she also knew that worry was unnecessary. Given Su Xing’s personality, the more Chao Gai hindered him, the more he would not yield, as if he could support the Heavens by himself if they were to fall. Thinking to this, Lin Yingmei herself was not aware the corner of her mouth had curled.

Space again rocked.

All of the girls turned their heads, believing Su Xing had returned, but when they saw who came, Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen’s eyes sunk. Immediately, they assumed attack stances, their Star Weapons appearing in their hands, their offensives fully ready.

The Pagoda Shifting Heavenly King Chao Gai slightly smiled, not arrogantly yet seemingly so.

“This One has only come to see you…”

“Then we truly thank you for your troubles.”

A cold laugh charged through the Immortal’s Abode.

Chao Gai turned her head. Su Xing, Wu Xinjie and Gongsun Huang had already appeared. The Su Xing who spoke stared at Chao Gai, his tone unamused.

“The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, have you bloomed it?” Chao Gai said.

“You did not have to go to the trouble.” The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower had manifested signs of withering. Su Xing always was using his sea of consciousness to control it, which actually was considered steady. “What, still waiting?”

“Evil Smiting Hall will start after seven days and will last for a time of three months. Afterwards, all Star Generals will become complete Stars. At that time, if you still persist in the wrong ways, you shall regret it. This One came this time to remind you. The more Star Generals you have, the greater your disadvantage.”

Chao Gai’s words made Lin Yingmei angered.

Her spear stabbed directly, a cold-light flowing.

Su Xing used the Heaven Suppressing Stillness Hand without the slightest hesitation, a large hand of purple cloud slapping down.

The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda rose and broke up the attacks.

“In your eyes, could it be your sisters are all tools!” Su Xing coldly said.

Chao Gai said: “There is no need to get angry. Sooner or later, you will know This One’s labors.”

Su Xing stuck out his middle finger.

Although she could not make sense of this gesture, Chao Gai’s heart still had an indescribable anger: “Hmph. If you cannot pass even the calamity This One conferred, then how can you say that big talk of confronting Maiden Mountain. You are on your own!” Chao Gai glanced at Su Xing, turned around and left. As it turned out, the Void Immortal’s Abode cracked, and Tang Lianxin appeared.

Seeing Chao Cai, Tang Lianxin showed a shocked expression.

Chao Gai did not say anything more, her figure dissolving into light and scattering.

“Elder Brother, was that Chao Gai?” Tang Lianxin asked.

“Precisely Chao Gai!”

“That she came to this place, could it be?”

“No need to mind her. So long as I, Su Xing, still have one breath, I will never allow you all to suffer harm.” Su Xing solemnly said.

Wu Xinjie broke into laughter: “How can the sisters endure what Young Lord said.”

Su Xing laughed.

Passing through this incident, the originally uneasy mood of the Immortal’s Abode was unintentionally ended.

Returning to relaxation, the grim form still did not easily relax. Su Xing asked the Four Styles School to help with the matter of Tang Lianxin’s Star Weapon. By the time the Solitary Star manifested the Great Void Golden Lotus, it would make everyone dumbstruck.

Golden lotuses filled the sky, with four stars brilliantly glittering.

“A Four Star Star Weapon, so incredible.” An Suwen cried out in surprise.

“I also did not think it would be this quick.” Tang Lianxin herself also did not foresee she could advance her Star Weapon to Four Star within a single day. This speed practically was soaring into the sky with a single flap.

Ju Yueke said she would not allow Tang Lianxin to feel wronged, but she never expected there would be such a pleasant surprise. Carefully thinking, this actually was a matter of course. The Four Styles School was Liangshan’s peak tool refinement great sect. Even if it was in decline, its capital was very ample. Star Weapon upgrade materials all were very rare, however, Tang Lianxin was an Earthly Star and was a tool refinement Star General. Her Star Weapon upgrades were far from being as demanding as the other Star Generals’.

An Earthly Star’s Four Star Star Weapon, however, still required sixteen pieces of treasure stone and eighty liang of Spirit Sand. For this little amount of items, the Four Styles School still could bring these out.

“Yingmei, are you still missing anything?” Su Xing asked.

“Your Servant will refine to Three Star later.” Lin Yingmei said. The materials were complete, but compared to the Solitary Star’s Four Star, the Majestic Star’s Three Star perhaps would make the girl even more worthy of envy. She was a Heavenly Star, a martial force Star General in particular. This type of Star General always was extremely difficult. Across all of the current phase, Three Star was top-ranking.

“Is this Profound Silence Crystal any use to you?” Su Xing took out the Profound Silence Crystal he found in the Silent Path.

“Ah.” Lin Yingmei was stunned, “Your Servant requires forty-eight pieces of Profound Silence Crystal to refine the Five Star Star Weapon…” Carefully counting, there were fifty-two pieces of Profound Silence Crystal. With this, as long as she upgraded to Four Star, Lin Yingmei’s Five Star was at hand.

“Young Master, how did you obtain this?” From what Lin Yingmei knew, Profound Silence Crystal was very rare.

“Luck.” Su Xing summarized the events, somewhat regretfully looking at Little Yi and the rest of the beautiful girls, “Little Yi, your Three Star will need to wait a few days. Little Huang, Xinjie, Suwen, Yuan’er, your Three Stars maybe will need to be put off.”

Due to the recently cultivated Thousand Year Tears, as well as refining the Flying Sword and such, Su Xing also had enormous expenses. The ores and Spirit Medicines he should exchange nearly left him strapped for cash. If it was not for Yuan’er settling the “Puppet Wood Essence” by herself, even the forging of the Five Poisons Puppet would become a problem.

All of the girls smiled.

“Big Brother, there is no need to worry. Leaving the Star Weapons to Elder Sisters Yingmei, Little Yi and Little Huang will be enough.” An Suwen said.

“Yes. Upgrading or not upgrading our Star Weapons really does not matter.” Wu Xinjie grabbed Su Xing’s arm, giggling.

“Star Weapon upgrades are somewhat of self-respect.” Su Xing shook his head.

The beauties were delighted. It turned out their Young Master still was quite “vain.”

In actuality, Su Xing also was aware that Star Weapon upgrades was not necessarily a reason to sign a contract. Very often, Star Masters would help Star Generals gather every kind of material, especially closer to the end when Star Weapon materials were increasingly exceeding hundreds of pieces of stones and ores, even possibly scouring the skies of Liangshan. One person by himself gathering all of these in the end was too difficult. Since the girls cared about him, Su Xing naturally did not want to disappoint the beauties.

“Right now, the top priority is that we had better help Young Lord refine the Flying Sword.” Wu Xinjie chuckled. “Lianxin, how much time is required to refine the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo into material for twelve Flying Swords?”

“Three days.” Tang Lianxin responded.

“Three days. En, Evil Smiting Hall will begin in seven days, perfect. Sisters, for these seven days, we shall carefully plan the matters of the Star Beasts, so as to avoid making Young Lord flustered.” Wu Xinjie winked.

“Are we not going to the Far West Buddha Kingdom?” Little Yi opened her mouth, doubtfully saying. Compared to Evil Smiting Hall, Su Xing’s Meditative Mind Lotus Flower was even more worthy of worry.

“One month at the minimum is not a problem at all.” Su Xing said.

“En. Xinjie and Young Lord have talked this over. After a month will be the Swirling Kingdrom’s1 grand Feast of All Souls.2 At that time, ten thousand Buddhas will speak of the classics, which is the perfect opportunity to hurry over, a help to Young Lord’s Meditative Mind Lotus Flower.” Wu Xinjie explained.

Su Xing nodded his head.

Since even the Knowledge Star said as such, everyone did not have opposing ideas.

“So the Evil Smiting Hall has three months, but we need to settle everything within one month.” Wu Xinjie seriously said. “For the sake of Young Lord, the sisters must think clearly.”

All of the girls’ face were grim, gravely nodding their heads.

Then, they discussed the concrete details of the plan for the next seven days.

Lin Yingmei then suddenly found a problem –

“We arranged to meet Siyou after two months. Now that things have changed, does that mean Siyou cannot go to Evil Smiting Hall.”

“This cannot be helped. Perhaps we can introduce Siyou to Chai Ling?” Wu Xinjie said. Suddenly, they found they also had promised the Little Whirlwind the matter of her Star Beast. The Knowledge Star looked at Su Xing tilting his head with one eye closed, wearing a happy expression.

She suddenly felt: It cannot be said for sure that Liangshan Continent’s thousand years situation of sisters fighting one another in the Star Duels will truly end by his hand.

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  1.  娑婆國
  2.  盂蘭盆會


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