Chapter 265: Perfect Harmony

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The odd stones were rugged, the thousand peaks jagged.

Green bluebird vines hung on both sides, a cool breeze gently blew, and the creek water guzzled, evoking the image of a beautiful and secluded place.

Dragon Spring Stream.1

The Azure Dragon Territory rarely had “streams” become the foundational school of a sect.

A man and woman walked past this tranquil place with great strides, as if that beautiful scenery of Dragon Spring Stream was nothing. Upon their faces hung indescribable dejection and unreconciliation. This man and woman were the Complete Star Stream Leaping Tiger Chen Zhanlu and Gong Song. After they walked out from the Void Immortal’s Abode with unsightly expressions, they continuously traveled towards Dragon Spring Stream’s main palace – walking over to Waterfall River Hall. Encountering the Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song on Tiger Creek Mountain, to them, being defeated by her when she was unarmed simply was the greatest humiliation.  

Although Wu Song was extraordinary in unarmed combat arts and also used a Yellow Rank Move, besides that the Pilgrim Wu Song was also an expert in fighting tigers, from the perspective of the Stream Leaping Tiger, being defeated practically could not have been any more natural. But Chen Zhanlu was very furious, unreconciled. She could accept defeat, but she could not accept a defeat where the opponent did not even use a Star Weapon.

“Zhanlu, could it be we are still going?” Gong Song was somewhat anxious.

Harm Star Wu Song simply was their natural nemesis. Even if Dragon Spring Stream altogether moved, they would not necessarily take down Wu Song. Recalling not so long ago that there was some Sun Sect that wanted to contract Wu Song and ended up being destroyed, although Gong Song was very dedicated to the Star Duels, he nevertheless did not want to throw his life away. The imminent Evil Smiting Hall was on the verge of starting. To provoke her at this time was somewhat not too wise.

“Hmph.” Chen Zhanlu turned her head. Grinding her sharp baby teeth, she looked like an angry tiger cub. “Young Master, do not forget. That Perfect Harmony is still here. Wu Song definitely will discover it. She will obstruct us there, at the Perfect Harmony.”

“But Wu Song!”

“Zhanlu knows what Young Master is worried about. We had best first inform the Headmaster of this matter, see what decision he will make.” Chen Zhanlu snorted.

Gong Song nodded.

Along the way, some of the Dragon Spring Stream’s disciples respectfully greeted them. Gong Song could not help but once again puff out his chest. Although he had just entered the ranks of Star Cultivators for not even three years, his status in the Dragon Spring Stream was just like it was second to none, and this was all due to the Complete Star Stream Leaping Tiger Chen Zhanlu. The Star Duels were extremely dangerous, and many Star Generals had even been recognized by Liangshan Continent’s public as a set of cannon fodder. Despite this, other than materials courting death that were cannon fodder the likes of the “Leader Star” Song Jiang or “Divine Mathematician” Jiang Jing.2 The majority of people chasing after the Star Generals still were numerous. Just by contracting, they could enjoy the Star General’s Innate Skill, and advance their cultivation even more quickly than ordinary Star Cultivators. These two points were sufficient to make cultivators restless.

Some Star Cultivators, so long as their luck was not that bad, they basically could reach Supercluster Stage cultivation by the Fourth Phase. This type was but the realm of the Liangshan Continent’s ancestors. Ordinarily, this could not necessarily be reached without sixty or seventy years, but signing a Star Duel Covenant nevertheless easily solved that.

“Junior Brother Gong Song!”

Inside Waterfall RIver Hall, a female cultivator slightly smiled. Although she was a Senior Sister, she was quite respectful.

“Is Headmaster present?” Chen Zhanlu asked bluntly.

“An Ancestral Master Xu Wangchuan3 from the Most High Path has come. Headmaster is currently in a discussion with him.” The female cultivator said.

“Ancestral Master Xu Wangchuan?” Gong Song exclaimed. The Most High Path was worthy of being called the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Great Sect, for its Ancestral Masters were all Supercluster Stage cultivation. A Great Sect capable of having three Ancestral Masters would have to thank the heavens. Sects like the Dragon Spring Stream had only Headmaster Daoist Master Dragon Spring as the only one to reach Supercluster Stage. Recently, the Most High Path had suffered misfortune again and again, which could be rated as the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one joke. The Elder Immortal Extreme Clarity praised as the strongest Supercluster Stage and the Supervoid Stage Enviless of the East had both perished in battle, shocking Liangshan. However, because of the Most High Path’s actions and conduct at Five Poisons Mountain, no one sympathized with them. On the contrary, they all saw next year’s “Alliance of Ten Drills” as a joke.

The “One Clear” of Azure Dragon Territory’s number one sect was perhaps about to change owners.

But they had not expected they would even send out an Ancestral Master at that. It seemed this sort of Great Sect truly was unfathomable. Gong Song could not help but feel very insignificant. The final Seven Stars definitely would belong to the Star Masters of this type of sect.

“Is Young Master afraid?” Chen Zhanlu smirked.

Gong Song smiled in embarrassment. “Gong Song naturally will work as one with Zhanlu!”

Chen Zhanlu did not mind him, wrinkling her brow and asked: “What has the Most High Path come to do?”

“Zhanlu, there are things you do not know. The Dragon Spring Stream is a member of the Most High Alliance. The Headmaster must also be deferential to the Most High Path.” Gong Song explained.

“Hmph. What face does the Most High Path even have right now, unexpectedly challenging a Star General. Even a Supervoid Stage cultivator apparently died at Wu Song’s hand.” Chen Zhanlu was disdainful. Suddenly, the Stream Leaping Tiger’s eyes glinted, showing a crafty expression: “Wu Song, hm, hm, hm, you came at the perfect time…”

“This Xu has come this time because he wishes to borrow Your Sect’s ‘Perfect Harmony Spring’4 for a use. Daoist Master can also see, most recently the Most High Path urgently needs morale, and Zhenyuan is off by a step.”

Xu Wangchuan’s white hair was past his knees, and his face wore a good-natured smile.

On Xu Wangchuan’s left and right were two handsome young men. One was grave and stern, not saying a word, the other silent and expressionless. Daoist Master Dragon Spring had very deep fear. He knew that icily arrogant man not saying a word had been referred to as Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Star Master, Xie Zhenyuan. Upon seeing him today, he was formidable as expected, already having reached the peak of Galaxy, and the other disciple Bing Qingxuan also was of extraordinary cultivation. He had reached the peak of Galaxy Middle Stage, too.

Daoist Master Dragon Spring bitterly smiled. The Perfect Harmony Spring was something an Ancestral Master of the Dragon Spring Stream discovered during a certain generation of Star Duels. Reportedly, if two people simultaneously submerged in this pool, absorbed the quintessence of the springwater, it could allow perfect harmony between their minds, uniting them in body and mind. Originally, it was to be given to companions practicing Dual Cultivation to use, but in Star Duels afterwards, it had seen use. It was discovered that Star Masters and Star Generals could become even more powerful. Since then, it had become a goal of some Earthly Stars in successive generations of Star Duels. (Heavenly Stars are extremely few, with very high conceit. They would not join together with a man in a “married couples’ bath” for that bit of inner quality. Female Star Masters were an exception.)

However, the Perfect Harmony Spring was extremely difficult to find, relying on every kind of environmental factor to naturally form. In all of the world, only the Dragon Spring Stream had the sole secret technique capable of finding it. Thus, the Dragon Spring Stream could join the Most High Alliance by merely relying on a single Galaxy Middle Stage Ancestral Master.

“Your Servant has already assigned a disciple to find it, however, these Perfect Harmony Springs honestly are too few and still has not been found.” Daoist Master Dragon Spring said.

“Evil Smiting Hall is about to open. This Sect hopes you can find it prior.” Xu Wangchuan slightly smiled. “Of course, the Most High Path will be endlessly thankful. Although Liang’s Most High Path has currently run into a bit of trouble, it does not mean anything.”

Daoist Master Dragon Spring promptly consented.

“This Xu has heard Fellow Dragon Spring’s school has a Star Master?” Xu Wangchuan gently said, stroking his beard, an “everything is in my hand” attitude.

Daoist Master Dragon Spring knew that Xu Wangchuan wanted to know the inside details, and he did not hide anything: “She is merely the seventy-second ranked Complete Star Stream Leaping Tiger Chen Da. We still count on the Most High Path.”

“The Stream Leaping Tiger, huh. As expected, she is very compatible with the Dragon Spring Stream.” Xu Wangchuan smiled: “This is natural. This Sect also counts on Your Sect’s Perfect Harmony!”

“These Ninth Generation Star Duels now truly are increasingly intense. Ever since the Purple Thunder Monster snatched This Sect’s Prehistoric Spirit Treasures and broke apart the balance between each of the sects, now the other sects’ Star Masters that do not have Prehistoric Spirit Treasures simply can only be sent off to their deaths…hmph, this way is also good. Our Most High Path for these past few years accumulated many Prehistoric Spirit Treasures that just happened to be able to be taken out for use.”

“Fellow Dragon Spring needs only to be able to lend the Most High Path a helping hand. As for this matter of Prehistoric Spirit Treasures, This Xu certainly will make every effort to go request Ancestor Three Clarities.” Xu Wangchuan slightly smiled.

Daoist Master Dragon Spring continuously said yes.

“Master. Something has happened!!!”

At this time, a female cultivator anxiously came from outside the door and announced.

Xu Wangchuan was displeased. “What is the matter, to be this helter-skelter, throwing aside etiquette before a guest. How scandalous!”

The female cultivator screamed in fright: “Master, this is bad, Junior Brother Gong Song and Little Sister Chen Zhanlu are injured and have returned.”

“What?” Daoist Master Dragon Spring stood up from his seat with a start, somewhat looking at Xu Wangchuan in alarm.

“Let us first go see what has happened.” Xu Wangchuan’s expression was full of concern.

“Yes, yes, yes.”

Outside the Dragon Spring Stream’s Void Immortal’s Abode, Xu Wangchuan, Xie Zhenyuan and Bing Qingxuan were stopped outside. Xu Wangchuan’s eyelids rose. Daoist Master Dragon Spring did not mind that much, worriedly entering the Immortal’s Abode.

When he saw Chen Zhanlu’s vitality was still very good, Daoist Master Dragon Spring was startled.

“What is going on?”

“Master, Zhanlu has a plan!” Gong Song said just like that.

After summarizing what happened, the Stream Leaping Tiger coldly smiled: “Zhanlu feels that Wu Song cannot be said for certain to already have begun to defile the Perfect Harmony Spring by bathing in it. If she does not leave, that would be a waste. Now, the Most High Path has come to court death. As it happens, we can have them go draw away the Harm Star. How does Headmaster feel?”

Daoist Master Dragon Spring muttered to himself, not at all urgently answering.

Chen Zhanlu slightly smiled, an appearance of having a card up her sleeve: “Headmaster needs only to arbitrarily leak information for this to work. Who in Liangshan Continent does not know that the Most High Path and Wu Song have a life and death hatred for one another. Even the Thousand Pagoda Star Chao Gai pays no heed. This number one Great Sect of the Azure Dragon is prepared to lose face to still take revenge. They naturally have one choice. Moreover, Zhanlu can sense that there is a sister nearby.”

“En, good!” Daoist Master Dragon Spring immediately agreed the moment he could not think of any disadvantages.

Exiting the Immortal’s Abode, the old fox Daoist Master immediately put out a grieving and helpless expression. Xu Wangchuan stepped forward and asked with concern: “Fellow, why are you like this? Your Sect’s Star Master is well?”

“Ai, in the end, his life is safe.” Daoist Master Dragon Spring said.

“Did she encounter another Star General?” Bing Qingxuan opened his mouth to ask.

Daoist Master Dragon Spring explained as they walked, repeating the excuse he had prepared beforehand. More or less, Chen Zhanlu had nearly found the Perfect Harmony Spring on Tiger Creek Mountain, but she nevertheless encountered the most terrifying Fiend Star of the Star Generals – Harm Star Wu Song. As a result, the two sides battled, yet how could the Stream Leaping Tiger be the tiger-fighting Pilgrim’s opponent. Wu Song beat her home using just her bare hands, and now, she was recovering.

“Wu Song?!” Hearing this name, Xu Wangchuan’s eyes had a foul light that then sunk.

As Chen Zhanlu thought, the Most High Path right now took Wu Song to be its mortal enemy, one that had to die.

Before Daoist Master Dragon Spring could say anything more, Xu Wangchuan slightly muttered to himself and then said: “Since you have seen Wu Song, then This Ancestor shall go meet her. See just what ability she has.”

“This Sect cannot meddle in the Star Duels and must ask that Fellow Wangchuan understand.”

“This sort of matter need not involve Your Sect. This Sect naturally will make Wu Song pleasantly surprised.” Xu Wangchuan slightly smiled. He looked at Xie Zhenyuan and Bing Qingxuan and slightly nodded.

And how could they know that at this moment, Wu Siyou currently was about to be confronted with the most shameful scene of her whole life.

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  1.  龍泉澗
  2.  “神算子”蔣敬
  3.  許忘川
  4.  交融水乳泉


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