Chapter 275: The Little Whirlwind’s Thoughts

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“Chao Gai sought out This Palace!”

Currently laying open a chessboard with Wu Xinjie, the Chai Ling playing chess suddenly spoke.

“Why would she want to seek you out??” Wu Xinjie lifted her head from the game of chess, seemingly asking yet not.

“And why else would she, only to discuss the past Star Duels, the previous overlord, oh…and your young master, Su Xing!” Chai Ling absent-mindedly replied.

“What did she say?” Wu Xinjie moved her pieces, her brow slightly wrinkled.

Chai Ling seemed to smile yet not, “Knowledge Star, you ought to know the Heavenly Mystery. Actually, you ought to be the most clear that in the past Star Duels, Star Masters contracting two was already the limit, yet he has contracted seven…if this continues, the Star Duels will be a thing in his bag. Call out for that Maiden Mountain to endure this!!”

“What, the Little Whirlwind has become Chao Gai’s mouthpiece?” Wu Xinjie slightly smiled.

“You schemed this way to make Su Xing attract Sisters, you definitely knew this sort of situation would occur, but you must be clear, how can the Maiden Mountain that can make the rules have those rules be so easily toppled by someone. Anything you do would be in vain.” Chai Ling subtly moved her piece, “Just like these pieces of ours. The horse cannot move horizontally, the soldier must not cower back, and the generals must not leave for a reason. These are the rules. If this chess is changed, is it still chess?!”

“Does the Noble Star feel we sisters are that Maiden Mountain’s chess pieces?”

Chai Ling covered her mouth, her tone somewhat self-mocking: “If not chess pieces, then why Star Duel!”

“This time, the champion is not yet clear.”

“And you are this convinced that he will complete this wish?” Chai Ling was amazed. Perhaps in the very first two generations of Star Dels, there would be a sister that thought of ending the Star Duels, but following the passage of time, this sort of consideration was increasingly rare; custom was a terrifying weapon, one that would make people lose sight and unable to free themselves. Liangshan Continent was increasingly throwing itself into the ranks of the Star Duels’ contests.

This generation even manifested the situation of the Star Masters of the Great Sects each possessing their own Prehistoric Spirit Treasure.

And that victor’s wish, Chai Ling was also very skeptical of anyone being able to endure this sort of supreme enticement.

“Little Whirlwind, as the Noble Star, you should understand much about the Star Duels. Xinjie has a question that she always cannot solve and wishes to ask you for guidance.” Wu Xinjie twitched her lips.

Chai Ling indifferently said: “Speak.”

“In the past eight generations of Star Duels, other than the previous Wu Song, there should be seven overlords at the very least, but we have never heard of their wishes? Chai Ling, do you know what they were?” Wu Xinjie somewhat incomprehensibly gazed at Chai Ling.

“This question, This Palace indeed has investigated.” Chai Ling shook her head: “But after ascending Maiden Mountain, they were never again seen since. As for just what happened, the past generations of Noble Star also are not clear. Perhaps they went to Star World and obtained immortality, or perhaps they freed themselves from the cycle of the Star Duels. Who knows…” Chai Ling was not in the least concerned.

“Never again seen since?”

Chai Ling nodded.

Wu Xinjie sunk into contemplation.

Chai Ling felt that the Knowledge Star had no need to go concern herself with things that happened after victory. Since Maiden Mountain could create the rules, it was obviously above Liangshan Continent. The victor could receive a wish and certainly remained in Maiden Mountain. Asceticism was also possible, never mind that eternal life was not worth her concern.

“Knowledge Star, This Palace feels you also are quite tricky, to have been able to recruit sisters like the Leisure Star, the Skilful Star, the Majestic Star and even Harm Star Wu Song. That man having you truly is his fortune.” Chai Ling looked around at the sisters in the Immortal’s Abode, her tone unfathomable. Surveying this place, any one of the Heavenly Star was a Star General shockingly capable of raising a reign of terror in Liangshan. At this time, they nevertheless were dominated by a man. Even Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling was somewhat envious.

And it was no wonder that Maiden Mountain would get angry.

Wu Xinjie shook her head and smiled: “Xinjie did not use any tricks.”

“Elder Sister, there is no need to deceive This Palace.” Chai Ling was unconvinced. “Who in this world does not know the Knowledge Star’s tricks.”

It was not as if Wu Xinjie did not think of not using tricks, but Su Xing’s nature was basically disgusted with this sort of behavior, so even if she had some tricks, she had no choice but to restrain herself.1

“Truly? All of them were by that man’s doings alone?” Chai Ling was astonished.

“Precisely this way.” Wu Xinjie somewhat a little bit pleased with herself.

Seeing Chai Ling was still somewhat doubtful, Wu Xinjie mocked her: “Noble Star, did you not also willingly ingest Together To Hell with Young Lord?”

The Little Whirlwind opened the Golden Thread Feather Fan, concealing her expression.

“However, This Palace has remembered something. Knowledge Star, have you forgotten about her?”


“Although she is insignificant, she is also nevertheless a most crucial Little Sister. Recruiting her to your side will certainly be beneficial.” Chai Ling said.

“You speak of Jade Armed Craftsman Jin Dajian?”2 Wu Xinjie shook her head. How could she not have thought of this point before. Once before, they mentioned this Little Sister. Jin Dajian was inferior in martial force among the one hundred and eight. There practically were not any Star Cultivators willing to sign a contract with her, but her abilities nevertheless were extremely good. Like Tang Lianxin, An Suwen, and Shi Yuan who had those sorts of specializations, she could carve precious stones and extract essence jade.

In the future, Star Weapon upgrade materials and stones would be expensive, and they would need to extract the essence of items. They would need to depend on jade carving masters. If they had the Jade Armed Craftsman, those skillful hands could aid them. They could greatly raise their Star Weapons’ upgrade speed and save enormous expenditures.

It was just that all those supplementary Earthly Star sisters were better and better at hiding. Before the Fourth Phase concludes, practically no one could find them. In the boundless Liangshan, Wu Xinjie could only depend on things like the “Four Styles School” to encounter them by chance.

“This Evil Smiting Hall is a good opportunity. The Jade Armed Craftsman will need to show herself.” Chai Ling said: “Furthermore…” She gazed at the reclusive Tang Lianxin and smiled: “Furthermore, a tool refinement master and a jade refining master’s Star Beasts both match up. Perhaps you can run into her.”

“Let nature take its course for this sort of matter. Young Lord has his own views.” Wu Xinjie was without a choice.

Chai Ling moved to take a soldier, gracefully saying: “Let nature take its course. This is not at all like the Knowledge Star’s style. Yes, This Palace can point out one or two things for you.”

“Then you still keep up the suspense.” Wu Xinjie unhappily said.

“Gold, jade and red everywhere, dragon and phoenix compete in favor; who says their paths differ, those who disagree scheme, completely in the center!” Chai Ling indignantly recited.


“This is a phrase This Palace sought the “Divine Mathematician” Jiang Jing to calculate. Knowledge Star, you can consult.”

“The Divine Mathematician? You know her location?” Wu Xinjie was stunned. Divine Mathematician Jiang Jing was also considered spiritual energy type Star General among the one hundred and eight, but her computing ability was very powerful. There was one major characteristic, and that was she could calculate the mysteries behind a certain event.

“The Divine Mathematician’s Innate Skill ‘Divine Calculation’3 is but very beneficial to This Palace. Of course This Palace knows.” Chai Ling’s expression was very lovely: “If you, the Knowledge Star, wishes to seek her, This Palace actually can give you information.”

Wu Xinjie smiled to thank her. Jumping her chariot to the end, she checkmated Chai Ling.

Chai Ling froze, stored her fan and twitched her lips.

“You really are ruthless.”

Space broke open.

Su Xing and Shi Yuan returned to the Void Immortal’s Abode.

The others girls in succession each went to hug him. Even the coldest Wu Siyou’s brows rose.

“Your speed was very fast, just one day’s time and you captured her Star Beast.” Wu Xinjie stepped forward and smiled.

“Our luck’s not bad.” Su Xing said. “We ran into the White Stripe in the Waves.”

“The White Stripe in the Waves?”

“Damage Star Zhang Shun?!”

All of the girls showed slight surprise.

Su Xing summarized what happened.

“Truly an interesting Little Sister. Young Lord just so happens to not have a Water General, do you not have plans to take her into the harem.” Wu Xinjie giggled.

Su Xing rolled his eyes at her: “What take in or not, she isn’t a commodity…”

Wu Xinjie stuck out her tongue, turning her head to intentionally glance at Chai Ling, that expression seemingly saying: Did you hear my Young Lord’s words?

Chai Ling was pensive.

“Next is Lianxin, you go with me together to Evil Smiting Hall.” Su Xing extended his hand in invitation.

“Young Master, do you want to first rest a bit?” Lin Yingmei said.

“It’s okay. I’m very full of energy.” Su Xing chuckled. Before they emerged, he and Shi Yuan unavoidably made trouble once more.4 The Fine Lady’s Essence Gathering’s depths could restore energy. Even if he had fought the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python, Su Xing’s current vigor was abundant.

Wu Xinjie nodded. An Earthly Star’s Star Beast was not difficult to capture. Now was a race against time. The earlier they could capture Star Beasts, the more they had an advantage. “Young Lord, when you and Little Sister Lianxin go to Evil Smiting Hall in a moment, see whether or not you can find the location of ‘Gold, jade and red everywhere.’”

“Gold, jade and red everywhere?”

“Yes, that place should have Little Sister Lianxin’s Star Beast, and perhaps you will encounter a sister.”

Su Xing understood.

Tang Lianxin and Su Xing gazed at each other. They poured each of their Star Energies into Evil Smiting Hall. Their Star Crests launched, and they immediately became illusions that left the Void Immortal’s Abode.

This time, the place Su Xing and Tang Lianxin appeared at was on a mound of rocks. All around was entirely a wilderness, the air very dry.

“Gold, jade and red everywhere…” Su Xing surveyed for a moment, not finding anything coinciding with the description.

“Elder Brother, let us first go to the surroundings and look.” Tang Lianxin said nothing else, boarding the Fire Beacon Chariot to search this sector of Evil Smiting Hall. Su Xing knew that Tang Lianxin’s temperament did things in a direct manner. He could not help smiling, and he controlled his Flying Sword to follow her up.

Although it was said the Evil Smiting Writ would take a Star General to the domain of a Star Beast, Evil Smiting Hall was large practically beyond reason. To find one or two Star Beasts was like finding a needle in a haystack.

“Lianxin, what’s your Star Beast like? A gold-coin spotted leopard?” Su Xing asked.

“That is a martial force type Star Beast.” Tang Lianxin answered.

Several hours later, the sky very quickly turned dark.

Su Xing and Tang Lianxin gave up on their search for the time being and sought out a place to hide at, lighting a bonfire.

When black night arrived in Evil Smiting Hall, it appeared sinister and eerie. Bizarre Star Beast cries they did not hear during the day now came from all directions, clearly visible.

Many Star Beasts favored coming out at night for their activities. Their danger level absolutely made people terrified, and among them were Star Beasts that were categorized as assassin type, which were even more impossible to defend against effectively.

The temperature of Evil Smiting Hall’s nights was very low. Due to only being able to use Astral Tools in Evil Smiting Hall, other artifacts and such lost their spiritual powers. Even with a Star Cultivator’s surly physique, he was still unbearably frozen. Seeing Tang Lianxin expressionlessly hug herself, breathing on her hands, Su Xing walked over and sat beside her, one arm wrapping around Tang Lianxin’s shoulder.

“Sleep in Big Brother’s embrace.”

Tang Lianxin’s whole body stiffened. Under the bonfire, her cheeks caught red clouds. Su Xing’s chest was more burning, and the chill in her four limbs instantly disappeared. Tang Lianxin softly grunted, not struggling as she quietly closed her eyes.

The two people, were silent that night.

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  3. 神算
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    2. [“Elder Sister, there is no need to deceive This Palace.” Chai Ling was unconvinced. “Who in this world does not know the Knowledge Star’s tricks.”]

    …Chai Ling. If you only knew how wrong you were!
    It was precisely that sort of scheming by Xinjie that almost cost both her ideal Master AND turned her into a hated enemy. Just ask Yingmei.

    I get why Xinjie wouldn’t wanna tr alk about if though. Twas a rather low point for her….
    But to ve fair and to back up Xinjie… She herself hasn’t done anything more than “suggest” or promote a Star Duel Covenant with Su Xing…. and only with Suwen, Yizhen, and Siyou(sorta)

    3. I’m kinda curious what Lianxin’s Star Beast will be like.

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