Chapter 278: The Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly

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The originally swaying Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly cried. That golden flame of its whole body immediately swelled towards them, covering everything.

When Su Xing, Tang Lianxin and Mu Duiying saw the incoming blaze of torrential power, they each retreated a step. Su Xing called forth Langya, and the sword-lights shot towards the fire, but then another golden light suppressed them.

The Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly was the supreme Star Beast for tool refinement masters and the like. Naturally possessing the sun’s Essence Flame, that was how it got its name. It could allow a tool refinement master’s forging to become like a tiger that had grown wings, and the flames it used were even more powerful. Su Xing saw that the Langya had been suppressed and did not hesitate at all to launch a Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder, but all of it was dissolved by the fire. It was obvious how valiant the Essence Flame this Star Beast emitted was.


Mu Duiying’s figure was vaguely gone and was just about to attack, but she was inside the Great Sun Essence Flame. The girl’s invisibility completely lost its usefulness. That swathe of bright fire made her incapable of vanishing, which made her at an even greater loss of what to do. “This Star Beast is too powerful.” Little Restrained had been forced back. She inherently was an assassin, still capable of sneak attacks, but a direct confrontation was honestly not something she was good at in any way.

She somewhat innocently looked at Su Xing. Those twinkling eyes seemed to say – maybe, look for something else?

“Go attract its flame, I will handle it!” Su Xing shouted.

Mu Duiying twitched her lips. How can one Star Master handle it alone. With this train of thought, Mu Duiying was better off ordering the Yin Room Black Panther to go kill the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly. She herself had pushed her assassination arts to the limit, her figure leaving behind several phantoms.

Tang Lianxin at this time called forth her Four Star Great Void Golden Lotus. The Great Void Golden Lotus transformed into millions of unstoppable threads that went to block this flame.

Su Xing leaned forward and dashed, a movement dazzling to the eyes which felt pretty good. In several breaths’ time, along with the arrival of the two girls’ protection already before the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly, he looked at the dreamy and blazing butterfly in front of him, and Su Xing’s face wore slight amazement.

This Star Beast truly was gorgeous.

The Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly raised its wings. Those wings seemingly became a beast’s sharp claws, upon which a terrifying flame was worn that wanted to stop Su Xing. However, its nightmare had already begun.

Under the gaze of the girls who spectated as if they were watching a movie whilst eating popcorn, Su Xing was fast as lightning. One step directly kicked onto those front claws of the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly. The Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly was too late to fully use its illusion. Along with a ripping sound of breaking space, the entire blaze suddenly pounced, a glaring blaze suddenly spraying out, as if it was madly bubbling fountain of blood.

The Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly cried, playing a sad melody. An enormous pillar of flame suddenly sprayed out of its body, bringing a temperature higher by a thousand fold. It engulfed a range of several meters in front of it, the high temperatures making the air give rise to distortions. Everything in the surroundings became unreal.

“It would not burn to ash, would it.” When Mu Duiying saw such a situation, she continuously retreated.

The flames were increasingly fierce, practically blocking their line of sight. Little Restrained Mu Duiying could not see clearly the situation within, only feeling that Little Sister Solitary Star Tang Long’s Star Master was truly very unreliable. As a Star Master, he would unexpectedly stake everything alongside his Star General, which was truly too messy.

Turning her head to look at Tang Lianxin, she found that she was abnormally indifferent.

Could he have a trick?

Just as she thought this, a figure leapt out high, leaving Mu Duiying stupefied.

This guy’s martial force was a bit abnormal.

Su Xing had already leapt up high, for he had no real interest in challenging flames like this that could melt steel. His body flipped in midair, and when he descended, he already pointed his fingertip. His whole body was enveloped in a barrier of purple qi, heavily smashing the butterfly that was stupidly spouting fire.


Su Xing’s knee was like a drilling machine, accurately hitting the butterfly’s wing. An enormous power immediately was deflated together along with those wings spraying fire. The blaze abruptly stopped, unexpectedly spraying in the other directions all at the same time.

The Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly’s fire wildly swelled.

Su Xing cursed, and that flame immediately swallowed him.

A powerful Essence Fire burned the gold, jade, and red stone mine. The Yin Room Black Panther had been scorched into yelping, so the power was apparent.

Su Xing fell out safe and sound.

“This butterfly seems to be a bit not too well?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow, feeling that the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly was apparently injured.

“Ah, rogue, shameless, pervert!” Mu Duiying screamed.

Su Xing then discovered that all of his clothes had been burned clean away. Even he blushed and hastily changed into new clothes.

“The Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly seems to have previously been infuriated by someone.” Tang Lianxin showed slight unrest, after all, it was her Star Beast. Seeing it like this, her heart felt uncomfortable, but at this time, the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly completely erupted. Its whole body folded and then extended its wings. Astonishingly, it became a human-like light figure, still with several thread-like rays of light wings on its back.

“This Star Beast is so cute.” Mu Duiying’s eyes were fastened on it. She laughed: “It is time for This Lady to display her skill…”

Su Xing was too late to stop her. All of a sudden, the girl’s figure warped, and she rushed over. Her shadow under the Great Sun Essence Flame was very dazzling. Su Xing was helpless, only able to call forth Langya to help open a path for her. Even if Su Xing’s martial force was not bad, he did not have those excellent Star Weapons that Star Generals had and was completely helpless.

Mu Duiying did not hesitate to adopt a straight charge through the center style. Her speed was quick beyond reason, and her silhouette instantly became a shining line, and his shadowy vagueness shot together towards the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly’s chest.

But just when the attack was on the verge of bursting out, it nevertheless was abruptly extinguished. A nearly transparent barrier of flame blocked head-on this keen assassination move. The Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly’s wings transformed into a frightening tentacle shaped red flame, a blaze like light. Every inch of its surface burned like a blade’s edge sharp beyond compare.

Under the glint of the sparks scattered everywhere, this pair of lights that shot out and dazzled the eyes wrapped life and death. The Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly’s wings extended, releasing a seemingly otherworldly sound. The enormous light rays directly forced the group back continuously.

Mu Duiying raised her double sabers, the smile on the corner of her mouth excited and cute. Her toes lightly stepped, gracefully stepping along air. From far away, it seemed as if she was standing still. In actuality, she was floating several inches in the air above the ground.

Despite there only being just a bit of distance, their speed in battling nevertheless would give rise to a qualitative leap for this reason.

Seeing the cold light of her double sabers flit by, her body techniques were like a demon.

Astonishingly, she used her Dark Rank Assassination – Flickering Light Passing Shadows.

The Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly’s wings shook, and several million flame blades simultaneously waved, like that ancient and unending rainstorm. The stretching rays of light and blaze on its two wings brought burst upon burst of rain-like golden light, but Mu Duiying’s Flickering Light Passing Shadows nevertheless was sharply breaking through. The layers of flame blades were treated as nothing. The demon-like figure freely maneuvered among the layers of attacks, and the tips of the double sabers drew arc after arc of brilliant light.

The Frost Moon Ruinous Light brought a prick of cold light, accurate beyond compare as it passed through the gaps between the countless blades. The transparent flame wings instantly whirled, and the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly was forced to break away from the engagement distance, flapping its wings to soar.

The blaze sprinkled like blood.

“Hey, how can I fight if you run into the sky.” Mu Duiying was gloomy.

The Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly loosed an odd hiss. Its wings wrapped together, and the rays of light were even more glaring.

“Elder Sister, run, quickly!!”

Tang Lianxin hastily shouted.

Mu Duiying blinked.


Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly suddenly fell like a meteor.

Its speed flashed by.

The earth violently quaked. A Great Sun Essence Flame like waves rolled over. In a range of more than a dozen li, the night was a brilliance, like a bonfire.

By the time everything stopped, Mu Duiying was stunned discover she had been tackled to the ground by Su Xing, her stomach squeezed to somewhat stifling.

“You’re an assassin, don’t be reckless.”

“…” Mu Duiying twitched her lips somewhat in grievance. Obviously, she was the one supposed to be helping them obtain the Star Beast.

“But still, thanks.” Su Xing smiled.


At this time, they heard a bone-chilling whine. Mu Duiying climbed up and saw that Tang Lianxin was currently both her palms outwards. More than a hundred golden lotuses congregated around the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly, interweaving with each other into a golden net.

The Four Star Great Void Golden Lotus was also considerably fierce.

In addition, having just been attacked by Su Xing and Mu Duiying, the current Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly was exhausted, but its flames endlessly pounced towards Tang Lianxin.

A radiance suddenly burst forth between Tang Lianxin’s hands. At this very moment, the Great Void Golden Lotus lights concentrated between the Solitary Star’s palms was increasingly dazzling.

The brilliant golden flames in her hands quickly spread in every direction, trickling past the girl’s arms like rivers, also extending a pair of transparent wings that stirred up warm ripples. Finally, it condensed into burning Golden Lotus Armor.

She practically was like a valkyrie descended.

Su Xing’s eyes were fixed on Tang Lianxin’s figure, his expression incapable of suppression and became taut. His pupils were contracted more than just a moment before. He knew that Tang Lianxin wanted to capture the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly by herself and was unavoidably somewhat worried.

The next instant, several dozen rays of gorgeous flame blades shot out from the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly’s wings, turning the mine into an ocean of destruction wrought by light.

Her body was enveloped in a barrier, and Tang Lianxin’s small change in clothes did not have any damage. A storm-like torrent of fire surrounded her. Tang Lianxin also shouted at the same time, dispersing the Great Void Golden Lotus around the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly to immediately capture it.

The radiance was beginning to dim. When Tang Lianxin saw, she knew that the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly’s drive was already reduced. Just as she was about to use the Evil Smiting Writ to capture it, just at this moment, all of a sudden she heard a thunderclap. A lightning bolt struck at Tang Lianxin, and Su Xing blocked in front of her when he saw it.

Several sharp light rays shot down once more.

These struck upon the Great Void Golden Lotus net.

The Four Star Great Void Golden Lotus unexpectedly completely shattered, becoming lotus seeds. Upon breaking free of the Great Void Golden Lotus net, the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly immediately raised its wings and fled. Su Xing was about to chase when he saw that, but those lightning bolts continuously crashed.

Atop a cliff face, Su Xing spotted the sneak attacker. She was an ice-cold girl with a stone-like expression. The girl wore white armor with refined long clothes, with every sort of jade ornament. She was extremely gorgeous. In one hand, she held a translucent hammer, and in her other she clutched a nail. Every time she struck, it would always shoot out lightning bolts, flame, sword-light and every other sort of terrfiying power.

That Star General??

Five Star???

And he saw that Star Weapon had five Stars circulating around like fairies on the jade hammer.

“Hm, hm, hm. Unexpectedly thinking of stealing Your Servant’s Star Beast, truly you are very brazen. Allow Your Servant to send you off on a journey!” The girl icily said.

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  1. Soo is she a dummy star general? Multiple Generals have certain beasts they can contract not just one choice. Or she’s the future master general for our Su Xing

      1. She don’t? Damn.. I’m sure he’s going to get at least one out of this phase. Also, That’s considered a spoiler right?

      2. That’s a bummer. The girl is a riot. I love hopeless/dumbass heroines and I just know she would’ve made a good combo with some of the others, like Shi Yuan or Xinjie.

    1. Yes, multiple Star Generals can share compatible Star Beasts, but each Star General has several different Star Beasts to choose from as well.

  2. ” Just as she was about to use the Evil Smiting Hall to capture it, just at this moment, all of a sudden she heard a thunderclap.”
    Evil Smiting Hall -> sholud be Writ

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