Chapter 296: Whether We Are Friends Or Foes, That Is All A Matter Of A Single Thought

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The Top Luan Inverted Phoenix Slash was like a surging river. The Yin Yang dragon and phoenix intertwined as they descended, giving rise to an immense might, and when Dong Junqing used this techniques, her Star Crest glimmered like the sun. Unexpectedly, she had used a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill with a Star Cultivator.

The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill was one of a Star Maiden’s extremely powerful abilities. Any Star Cultivator took it as a fearful existence. It could resonate with other Star Maidens as well as resonate with Star Cultivators, however, this Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill was extremely difficult to manifest. Only when they reached a realm of perfect psychic understanding with a Star Cultivator could they use it. Su Xing thought as much. With that “mirror polishing” between Dong Junqing and Zhao Hanyan, being able to use the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill was nothing odd at all.

The Yin Yang Dragon and Phoenix’s storm wrapped the Void Dragon False Phoenix within, ravaging the inside of several dozen li.

Dong Junqing’s “Top Luan Inverted Phoenix Slash” was actually not as powerful as imagined. It was considered an upgraded version of Yin Yang Cross Slash. After the two flames of Yin and Yang burned out, the Void Dragon False Phoenix was not at all completely subdued. Its dim wings lost their luster and showed the Void Dragon False Phoenix already was at its last gasp.

Dong Junqing seized this chance to attack.

The Void Dragon False Phoenix suddenly cried, which was more resounding than a thunderclap. It surpassed any sound in this world; the dim wings reignited their bright flames, more dazzling than before.  A range of a hundred li was enveloped in red clouds.

“The Void Dragon False Phoenix wants to make a dying strike.” When Su Xing saw this, he immediately urged the twenty-four Flying Swords into a defensive stance. The Metal Swords Heaven Tearing and Wood Swords Langya crisscrossed each other.

Zhao Hanyan agreed. Thirty-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords whooshed out, the sword-light just like a self-dropping galaxy, bolt after bolt hovering around her whole body. They formed thirty-two beams of light, each beam with a Flying Sword transforming, and they became a mysterious and fantastical Sword Array.

Just at this moment, the Void Dragon False Phoenix opened its mouth, and a ball of light swirled at high speeds in its mouth. Instantly swelling from a single layer of thin flow into a surging vortex, a vortex that covered the skies and earth as it launched downwards.

In that instant

The flow of time seemed to stop. A swelling storm of hot wind died out, and even the incomparably steady determination of everyone in that instant froze. Everything in the surroundings gradually blurred, covered by a wave-like light and shadow, swallowed.

Yet in the middle of this frozen space, that illusory crimson light concentrated in the Void Dragon False Phoenix’s mouth appeared to be a dazzling star in the midst of night.

A keen multi-colored light launched from inside the Void Dragon False Phoenix’s mouth. This trail of light was very comparable to a sky-splitting, earth-rending sword. First, it split the entire earth in two. Then, it sharply severed half the cliff. Finally, it slammed into Su Xing’s and Zhao Hanyan’s Sword Arrays without stopping in the least.

The Void Dragon False Phoenix indignantly roared, bombarding the Flying Swords in the same breath with its death declaration, like an unstoppable tide.

Sensing a pressure heavy as Mount Tai on the Flying Swords, Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan’s expressions simultaneously turned grave. The two successively struck hand seals, their Star Energy endlessly imbued into the swords. The fifty-six Flying Swords were like a heaven-concealing canopy, however, the Void Dragon False Phoenix’s concentrated final attack had power far beyond the imagination of the two. The Flying Swords struggled, but immediately afterwards, there was a gloomy tearing noise. The several dozen flying swords were still incapable of blocking such a powerful blow, and the Flying Swords were vaguely about to be blown away.

The Void Dragon False Phoenix roused its heaven-concealing wings. Its dragon tail wriggled, its dragon claws clenched, and it made a shrill bird-cry.

That ray of multi-colored light that sprayed out swelled up just like a lunar high-tide. The Sword Array the Flying Swords tottered on the verge of collapse. Even an Eighth or Ninth Rank Demon Beast would dread this attack of the Void Dragon False Phoenix, let alone that Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan’s Flying Swords were far from reaching this realm. By the time the Flying Swords broke, multi-colored lights filling the sky were like a falling galaxy. At that time, a range of several dozen li enveloped within would be destroyed. If it was the typical Su Xing, he could probably use the Escape Technique to dodge. However, Skilful Star Yan Yizhen was currently at the final moments of capturing the Yin Yang Carps, so he could not evade even if he wanted to.

“Use the Intertwined Branch Sword!!” Zhao Hanyan’s voice entered his ear.

“En.” Su Xing nodded.

Their Divine Intents moved, and the two were in perfect synchronization. At practically the same time, two serene blue lights flew out. The Intertwined Branch Swords floated above Su Xing’s and Zhao Hanyan’s heads. Green light flashed, and a green bridge emerged that connected the two people together. A green light then wrapped around the two people.

Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan formed hand seals at the same time. The two swords were intertwined. They became a green bridge that shot straight forwards. The blue light linked together, and like a hot knife through butter, with only the sound of the Void Dragon False Phoenix’s sorrowful cry, the Intertwined Branch Swords shot into the Void Dragon False Phoenix’s body. This powerful Star Beast at this time already was an arrow at the end of its path. Its wings finally fanned a flame in preparation to first trap these people and then flee.

These flames suddenly faded after forming halfway.

A cold figure appeared in the middle. Her two hands moved in a pattern, naturally and flowing, and in a very lovely way. The Void Dragon False Phoenix released flames that immediately dispersed before even drawing near her. Upon her bare back, there was a blood-colored tattoo that now had added to it the shapes of two Yin Yang fishes. She emitted an aura of ice-cold resolution. She was Yan Yizhen.

“Little Yi, you’ve done it?” Su Xing asked in pleasant surprise.

“Master, leave the next things to Your Servant.” Yan Yizhen was resolute. After she said this, Yan Yizhen once again looked at the Void Dragon False Phoenix. The Qi Flames of the Void Dragon False Phoenix in front of her already greatly ebbed, but this powerful Star Beast still made Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan feel helpless. The Intertwined Branch Swords’ combined attack seemed to be effective. Probably, the two had not yet reached that genuine psychic link, the Perfect Harmony Realm.

The Void Dragon False Phoenix looked at Yan Yizhen, making a phoenix cry and dragon roar. Its colored wings fluttered, its dragon tail swayed, and it spat out multi-colored light.

Yan Yizhen’s ten fingers slowly clenched, the Star Crest on her forehead shimmered, and at this time, a strange scene occurred.

The warm Yang Carp and the cold Yin Carp successively appeared on Yan Yizhen’s left and tight. This pair of Yin Yang Carps nevertheless swam around without water around Yan Yizhen’s whole body. Wherever they passed, there was an illusory stream of Yin and Yang. Two kinds of light rays swelled on Yan Yizhen’s Yin Yang Pisces Fists. Su Xing noticed that Yan Yizhen’s fists that originally had three stars in their surroundings now had an additional starlight, but this starlight was completely different from the lights of Yin and Yang.

The Void Dragon False Phoenix screamed.

Yan Yizhen’s pupils at this time glowed with the two colors of Yin and Yang. The servant rose steeply upwards, afterimages emerging in succession. Her figure drew out a gorgeous arc that leapt towards the Void Dragon False Phoenix. Her fists tightly clenched, smashing straight on.


The Void Dragon False Phoenix spat out scarlet light rays in an attempt to resist.

But the maid’s silhouette was just like a phantom that pierced through its attack, her two fists wildly dancing.

A cold light of dense chill and an intensely burning flame successively exploded on the Void Dragon False Phoenix’s body, combining into a twisting storm.

Acting as a support-type Star Beast, the Yin Yang Carps could allow any “Yin Yang” type Destined Star Weapon to rise a level. Yan Yizhen’s Yin Yang Pisces Fists already had Three Star. Under the current assistance of the Yin Yang Carps, she practically held an overwhelming advantage over the Void Dragon False Phoenix.

Su Xing flipped out the Birth Treasure Outline, very curious about the status of the current Yan Yizhen.

Star Position: Skilful Star

Star Name: Yan Qing

Nickname: Wanderer

True Name: Yan Yizhen

Rank: Thirty-sixth

Star Weapon: Yin Yang Pisces Boxing Gloves (Four Star)/Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow

Star Beast: Yin Yang Carps

Realm: Extreme Border First Stage

Innate Skill: Boxing Arts

Five Elements: Water

Yellow Rank Special Move: Swallowflash Samsara/Yin Yang Palm

Current Status: Contractor/Su Xing

Detailed Materials: In Yin Yang Carps’ state. Realm and Star Weapon overall upgraded!

Su Xing’s mouth gaped, not having thought the Yin Yang Carps unexpectedly were so powerful. She unexpectedly already entered the Extreme Border Realm, and her Star Weapon had Four Star. She was practically unrivalled in the first stages. No wonder the Yin Yang Carps would be so difficult to settle and even draw the Void Dragon False Phoenix over. This type of Star Beast perhaps was one a Martial General would long for day and night.

When Su Xing lifted his head to look once again at Little Yi, Dong Junqing was unwilling to remain idle and joined in the fray. Without any pause, the Void Dragon False Phoenix finally was captured by Dong Junqing using the Evil Smiting Writ and became her Star Beast. Seeing the Steadfast Star General of Double Spears capture it, Yan Yizhen was indifferent. She knew that when she captured the Yin Yang Carps, Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing helped her immensely, but the maid did not have any reluctance, returning light as a feather to Su Xing’s side.

The Yin Yang Carps swimming around her body slowly faded.

Su Xing nodded, giving an approving expression.

“Worthy of being called the legendary Yin Yang Carps.” Zhao Hanyan exclaimed.

“The Void Dragon False Phoenix isn’t bad either. Capturing it used a lot of time.” Su Xing watched that Void Dragon False Phoenix with envy. With this sort of powerful Star Beast acting as a mount, Su Xing felt this was a very thorny problem.

Zhao Hanyan pursed her lips, silent.

“Right, the eighteenth of next month is This Princess’ birthday. This Princess wants to have you come meet Father Emperor.” The Ling Yan Princess remembered something.

“Your birthday?” Su Xing was taken aback.

“Father Emperor wishes to arrange a banquet for This Princess. Since you and This Princess have the Intertwined Branch Swords, it is expected that you should come.” Zhao Hanyan feigned calm, nevertheless, her heart was somewhat nervous.

Su Xing wrinkled his brow, not very much inclined to participated in her banquet.

“Could it be you want to decline?” Zhao Hanyan’s brows rose, her almond eyes widened: “This is the first time This Princess has invited anyone, and you are this heartless?”

“Right now, you should know my situation.” Su Xing said. “The Ten Great Sects are all searching for me.”

“What are you afraid of, so long as This Princess does not speak, who in the world would know that you are the Purple Thunder Monster’s true face. Furthermore…” Zhao Hanyan chuckled: “Furthermore, at that time, This Princess and you still will have something to do.”

“What thing? The thing between a husband and wife?” Su Xing said in ridicule.

Zhao Hanyan clicked her tongue: “Shameless pervert, after the Third Phase, the Star Duels will truly begin. This Princess actually does not wish to be enemies with you. You have the Purple Rose Jade Pendant, correct?”


“How many Immortal’s Abodes have you opened?”


“And this is it. The Purple Rose Jade Pendant can establish three Immortal’s Abodes, but the distance must be ten thousand li apart. Such a far distance is very dangerous, but if you can establish an Immortal’s Abode, the rare potions and treasures of the Immortal’s Abode will be a great help in the Star Duels someday.” Zhao Hanyan said.

Su Xing nodded. There was some logic.

“Now that Chao Gai has descended, the sects can no longer meddle in the Star Duels. At that time, we shall cooperate, and we can pass the final phase together.” Zhao Hanyan stared at Su Xing.

Su Xing smiled. This Ling Yan Princess perhaps was unaware that Chao Gai had locked onto him. His troubles were so many. “I’ll ponder over it first. I’m leaving Evil Smiting Hall. I still have other things.”

Hearing Su Xing not give her a clear reply, Zhao Hanyan was somewhat annoyed. She firmly stared at this unromantic guy.

“However, no matter what, you must come to This Princess’ birthday banquet.”

“For what? To introduce me to father-in-law?”

“Is the Knowledge Star still following you?” Zhao Hanyan asked again without answering.

Obtaining a positive answer, Zhao Hanyan narrowed her eyes. She smiled and said: “This Princess requires a helping hand from the Knowledge Star to come open the Bright Moon Longevity Palace’s Thousand Year Puzzle. The Longevity Palace may possess the Tears of Vega. If you do not wish to be compelled by the Intertwined Branch Swords, then do not regret it.”

“I will inform Xinjie, but everything depends on how she replies.” Su Xing answered.

Zhao Hanyan nodded without saying anything. Seeing that Dong Junqing was already almost finished with the capture, she threw over an invitation card and unceremoniously left some parting words.

“For the Longevity Palace on the eighteenth of next month, whether we are friends or foes, that is all a matter of a single thought.”

Hearing ZHao Hanyan’s words that were seemingly threatening yet not, Su Xing smiled.

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