Chapter 309: Comparable To Rengui, White Clean Tears

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Star Position: Knowledge Star

Star Name: Wu Yong

Nickname: Resourceful Star

True Name: Wu Xinjie

Rank: Third

Star Weapon: Heaven Concealing Star Feather Fan (One Star)

Star Beast: ????

Realm: Matchless Second Stage

Innate Skill: Seeing Clearly

Five Elements: Water

Yellow Rank Special Move: Think Then Act

Dark Rank Special Move: Speed Is A Crucial Asset In War/Wind From Empty Cave

Current Status: Possessed1/Nine-tailed Spirit Fox

Detailed Materials: …

Su Xing flipped out the Birth Treasure Outline. Golden characters came into view, and seeing the row of information in front of him, he was somewhat taken aback. Nine-tailed Spirit Fox? Possessed?

When Qingci saw Su Xing’s Birth Treasure Outline, her eyelids slightly rose. It appeared she was more surprised.

“Woman, you truly like to dampen one’s spirits.” The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox possessing Wu Xinjie coldly grinned.

“Quickly come out of Xinjie’s body.” Su Xing said in a low voice, his Flying Swords dragon roaring. Fully charged, Langya and Heaven Tearing crisscrossed each other. So long as Su Xing’s Diving Intent moved, they could attack.

“Young Lord, Slave is but the Knowledge Star’s Star Beast. Just now was no more than a tiny little test given to Young Lord. There is no need for Young Lord to be angry.” Wu Xinjie charmingly moved about, naturally so.

“However, you have made Slave quite disappointed. That Soul Transforming Water black lake just now was something Young Lord honestly should not have entered.”

“Then don’t blame me.” Su Xing did not wish to waste his breath on talk. He did not want to see Wu Xinjie’s possessed body be controlled by the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox. He solely thought of a way to force this Nine-tailed Spirit Fox out of her.

A green rainbow appeared, and the twelve Langya descended.

Wu Xinjie giggled. She extended her right arm, her expression still lovely and moving. “Then Slave shall give Young Lord a final test…” Wu Xinjie’s pupils flashed with a cold light. Immediately, her arms burned with a raging white fire. Then, the earth split apart, sending out several dozen white blazes the size of pythons pouncing towards the group.

The white flames were disastrous, reaching the skies and razing the earth.

“Young Lord, please be careful.” Qingci hurriedly retreated. Her long sleeve waves, shooting out a serene green light that enveloped her whole body.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s white fire wound around the Flying Swords, a white and green light interlocked in battle.

Su Xing took up Heaven Tearing, leaping upwards.

Confronting the aggressive Su Xing, Wu Xinjie’s smile was somewhat in disbelief. Nine white as frost and snow fox tails appeared on her body. Wu Xinjie’s hands became claws, and the white flames became sky ripping lights as she frightfully attacked Su Xing.

These white flames were surprisingly powerful. Like arms in Wu Xinjie’s hands, she used them to block Su Xing’s attack.

The white light dispersed.

Wu Xinjie suddenly appeared at Su Xing’s side, a sneer flashing across her lips: “Young Lord certainly wants to become enemies with Slave. That will be a gain that does not make up for the losses.” Her words had just fallen when five severe winds tore over, directly striking Su Xing’s Heaven Tearing onto the verge of collapse. The strength of the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s powerful claw made Su Xing surprised. This practically was even stronger than some Heavenly Star Martial Generals.

“Courting death!”

Su Xing’s expression was biting cold. He opened his mouth.

Rock Piercing Water Droplets shot out of his mouth with a succession of bangs.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s speed could be described as demonic. At such a close distance, she dodged Su Xing’s Rock Piercing Water Droplets.

Not good!!

Ten fast beyond compare sharp weapons carved towards Su Xing’s body.

His Divine Intent moved, and the long already charged up twelve Heaven Tearings thundered with a dragon roar that destroyed these sneak attacks, but when they attacked Wu Xinjie, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox once again dodged. Her figure constantly changed and was fuzzy. After being possessed, as if relying on Wu Xinjie’s Matchless Realm, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox was much more troublesome than he had imagined.

Qingci at this time slightly nodded in indication at the young girl sitting on the Winding Jade Treasure Horse.

The ice and snow girl sitting atop the Winding Jade Treasure Horse coldly yelled. She raised a crystalline Sky Piercer, spurring the Winding Jade Treasure Horse to charge forth. That Sky Piercer was an icy damask like jade, its cold light penetrating. Three stars twinkled around it, and Su Xing recognized that Star Weapon’s name.

Its name was White Clean Tears!2

This was the fifty-fifth ranked Help Star Comparable to Rengui Guo Sheng.3

“Comparable to Rengui Guo Sheng, have you also come to die? Seeing as how you have obtained a Star Beast, it is best that you obediently leave this place with your master.” Wu Xinjie sneered.

The White Clean Tears slashed out a startling chop.

Emitting ice-cold, the endless killing intent rolled towards Wu Xinjie.

Comparable to Rengui Guo Xue did not utter a sound. Her two pupils carried something that made people feel a pitiless cold. Under this slash, the girl did not hesitate, her keen pace changing speed and forcing the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox to retreat back several dozen meters.

“Truly you make one feel annoyed!” Wu Xinjie’s pupils shrunk, and her killing intent once again swelled.

One claw attacked, and the drifting white flames in the air dazzled, making Su Xing and the rest blinded for a moment.

A claw directly grabbed the Help Star Guo Xue’s cranium.

The girl’s face was like water, the Sky Piercer swept up and down.

Then, like splitting apart a tranquil lake, that instant gave rise to a swift and severe storm.

Continuously smiling charmingly, Wu Xinjie’s attacks combined with the strange white flames. Not a single weapon was worth a mention. Her ten fingers became blades that, to Su Xing, were even more exaggerated than some Star Weapons. He did not know just what the background of this Nine-tailed Spirit Fox was. Regardless, this possessed Knowledge Star honestly at this moment was superb to unbelievable combat levels even somewhat defiant of the natural order. Su Xing wrinkled his brow.

The sounds of weapon clashing resounded in the air.

Comparable to Rengui Guo Sheng made Su Xing recall the Aid Star Lü Fang that similarly held a Sky Piercer named “Vermilion Colored Blood.” Su Xing noticed that the two honestly were somewhat contrasting. Before, when Su Xing read the Water Margin, he knew that the Aid Star and the Help Star were Song Jiang’s bodyguards, and they were considerably the cordial type. Let alone stowing their Sky Piercers, their martial force was that sort of category of looking strong when they were in reality weak.

But Su Xing saw that the Guo Sheng before him holding the White Clean Tears was actually somewhat formidable.

If the Aid Star Little Marquis of Wen Lü Fang he had encountered before was furious like fire, an abundance of ferocity but a deficiency of skill, then Su Xing had ways to handle her, but the Help Star Comparable to Rengui Guo Sheng in front of him actually was cold like ice. Her battle technique was ice-cold to the extreme. The girl was extremely steady and calm, confronting the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s superb speed and bizarre attack methods without the least bit of confusion, dealing with them as if she was a fish in water.

The more one could keep cool inside a battle, the more this sort of person was frightening.

He completely could not be careless around this fifty-fifth ranked Help Star.

Su Xing secretly glanced at the Qingci to the side, somewhat unable to fathom this girl of picturesque charm.

“Comparable to Rengui Guo Sheng, you also dare to be impudent before This Knowledge Star.” The Wu Xinjie of the Nine-tailed Fox gave a lovely smile.

Under the attack of Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s chained white flames, Guo Xue did not managed to get too much leeway. The Winding Jade Treasure Horse had just spend much of its strength on recovery and was basically incapable of persevering. With hardly several bouts, it was then recalled by Guo Xue. A body of white clothes and white armor was scratched with several dozen cuts. A foehn wind rolled, and Wu Xinjie’s hands beckoned, white flames soaring into the sky from every direction.

Guo Xue’s figure swayed, and the ice-cold flowing over her body immediately glimpsed with ice and snow that promptly increased sharply. They washed away the white flames, transforming into a frightening lethal storm that twisted quickly towards Wu Xinjie. It was the matter of practically an instant. The girl’s figure suddenly arrived, raised the spear in her hand, and the White Clean Tears’ light flashed. An eerie chill mixed with the girl to give rise to an oppressive intimidation.

This sort of aggressive air was hard for those who were not Star Maidens to contend against.

A penetrating light ripped apart the air. That glittering cold light practically made them unable to avert their gaze. A cold light appeared in the air, and this cold light light dispersed into countless fragments that directly swept towards Wu Xinjie’s forehead.

Without any gaps at all!

This was the girl’s Dark Rank Technique.

Thousand Years Cold Nights Left Long!!4

Wu Xinjie’s whole body bathed inside the snow-white blaze. In that instant, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s clothes of course became shreds of ash, the entire thing falling off with a shudder.

Exposing graceful, completely naked curves.

The white flames condensed into armor.

This was just like an illusion.

When the armor was run through, Wu Xinjie already disappeared from where she was like a phantom.

Unexpectedly, she had dispelled Comparable to Rengui’s Dark Rank Special Move.

The nine fox tails wagged, and Wu Xinjie’s face still maintained a fox’s charm. Losing the cover of her clothes, the current Knowledge Star’s whole body up and down emitted that sort of enticing feeling that made his blood vessels expand.

Before Wu Xinjie could say anything.

A golden light once again pounced.

Wu Xinjie glanced. Her body was then encircled by a golden ring and unable to budge in the slightest

For the sake of truly averting the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox possessing Wu Xinjie and leaving Evil Smiting Hall without a trace, Su Xing did not dare be careless. It was a pity he could not use magic weapons, and he could only activate the “Golden Immortal Linked Life Ring” to find a chance to first trap the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox.


Immediately afterwards, the twelve Heaven Tearing and the twelve Langya revolved around, forming a double-layered Sword Array. The golden and green lights became a golden dragon and green bamboo. WIth a boom, like a flowing river, pouring down in torrents.

Wu Xinjie raised her head, showing shock.

In the blink of an eye, she was submerged in sword-light.

A white spirit flame became an auspicious cloud that protected Wu Xinjie, contending against Su Xing’s Flying Swords.

“Young Lord, you certainly are not tender enough.” Wu Xinjie forced a smile.

At the same time, Guo Xue called forth the WInding Jade Ice Silver Treasure Horse. Straddling it, she charged over. With a Star Beast’s speed, this rush was several times more terrifying than normal, its powerful aggression a stretch that linked together. It was not the least bit inferior to Su Xing’s two Immemorial Flying Swords. It directly charged into the middle of the Sword Array.

Without any hesitation, she raised the Sky Piercer and stabbed.


Wu Xinjie’s pupils shrunk.

The White Clean Tears immediately penetrated her body, yet her figure suddenly disappeared without a trace.


The Winding Jade Ice Silver Treasure Horse’s hooves carried frost. It descended to the ground, raising an ice crystal. The ice and snow girl sitting upon it had an expression that was still indifferent. She glanced at Qingci.

“Xue’er, careful!” Qingci all of a sudden shouted.

“Something’s not right!!” Su Xing at the same time said.

Guo Xue froze.

Suddenly, a pinprick of cold light appeared in the corner of her eye.

The Winding Jade Ice Crystal Treasure Horse whinnied and was knocked onto the ground. Guo Xue’s reactions were extremely quick, smoothly recalling her Star Beast, but she also lost the chance to fight back. A demonic claw suddenly appeared at her chest, penetrating through.

Fresh blood dyed her snow-white a shade of red.

The girl’s face was ashen.

Wu Xinjie suddenly appeared. The girl smirked, and just as she was about to tear apart her heart, Qingci already charged in shock, but she was already too late a step. Just at this moment, a bold of purple thunder like a dragon shot over and sent the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox flying, saving Guo Xue in the nick of time.

“Xue’er, are you alright?” Qingci urgently held Guo Xue.

Guo Xue’s chest was stained red with blood. Fortunately, he had beaten back Wu Xinjie in the end, otherwise, her heart probably would have been directly crushed.

The two women cast surprised and grateful gazes at Su Xing.

Su Xing was silent, icily watching Wu Xinjie – the obviously should have been killed Wu Xinjie unexpectedly did not return to the Star Nest. Rather, she appeared once again, which was truly outrageous.

“Was that just now yet another of the illusions you created?”

Su Xing said in a low voice.

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  1. 附體
  2. 白潔淚
  3. 地佑星賽仁貴郭盛
  4.  千秋冷夜離長


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