Chapter 328: Sow The Lotus Seed, Bloom To See Buddha

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Divine Mathematician Jiang Shuishui being so careful made Wu Xinjie and the other Sisters feel somewhat apologetic, “Relax, Elder Sister Shuishui. Su Xing won’t hurt you.” Shi Yuan patted her chest in guarantee.

Jiang Shuishui looked at Su Xing like a little white rabbit that had encountered a big bad wolf.

She could not be blamed for believing as much. The current Su Xing was escorted by beauties. Any way he was looked at, he did not seem to be a good person, let alone that in Jiang Shuishui’s mind was the deep-rooted seed of “Star Masters and Star Duels.” Even if Su Xing truly wanted to kill her, Jiang Shuishui would not have any sort of complaint.

“Little Sister, be at ease. We can guarantee him. If not, Great Noblewoman Chai would not have pointed us here. Little Sister, could it be you feel Chai Ling would entrap you?” Wu Xinjie comforted her.

Jiang Shuishui grunted.

“Elder Sister Chai Ling was kind to Shuishui. What do you want Shuishui to do?”

Wu Xinjie and Su Xing looked at each other, and then they explained the matter of the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed. The important thing was to make the Divine Mathematician help make a calculation. Among the one hundred and eight Sisters, the Divine Mathematician’s fortune telling could be said to be somewhat defiant of the natural order. As the proverb says, “The mysteries of Heaven must not be revealed,” but the Divine Mathematician Jiang Jing could reveal it. Although sometimes it was not necessarily accurate, the “Divine Mathematician” had always been very useful in the Star Duels.

“Do you want a Divine Calculation?” Jiang Shuishui’s thin eyebrows slightly knit together.

“We wonder whether or not you could do so?” Wu Xinjie’s heart was full of expectation.

“Since it was Elder Sister Chai Ling who introduced you, this is no problem, but the Divine Calculation requires favorable conditions. Many elements need time to prepare. Will that delay you?” Jiang Shuishui apologetically said.

They already somewhat understood before coming here, Su Xing did not have objections.

“The quicker, the better! If we are late Buddha Kingdom’s Feast of All Souls, we will not be able to catch up.” Wu Xinjie said.

“Within three days, will that do?” Jiang Shuishui carefully asked.


“Your Servant shall go with you to help prepare.” Lin Yingmei voluntarily said.

Jiand Shuishui could not discern Lin Yingmei’s precise details, but she knew that Lin Yingmei was a powerful Elder Sister, so she did not object.

Following after Jiang Shuishui’s departure.

Light rays glowed, and figures appeared.

Gongsun Huang, Yan Yizhen, Tang Lianxin1 and An Suwen had long already been impatient to leave the Star Nest.

Regardless of how it was put, although they followed along with Su Xing’s senses, they generally felt something was lacking.

“Elder Sister Jiang Jing is so refined and elegant. To open a tavern here and to find a Star Master is also odd. There isn’t the slightest bit of Star Duel.” Shi Yuan could not understand.

“Suwen actually can understand very well.” The An Suwen who had to leave her Health Cottage deeply held the same feeling.

If an Earthly Star of Spirit Energy or a Martial General were no special existences, the majority participating in the Star Duels certainly would not necessarily appear very significat. In the Star Duel Phases, the greater part was continuing in their own ways. Running a business was fine, wandering also fine. In short, until the Fourth Phase ended, they would maintain the attitude of their familiar livelihoods. If it was not for meeting Su Xing, An Suwen probably would be the same as Jiang Jing, acting as a shopkeeper to quietly pass the Star Duels by.

But what made the Efficacious Star very confused was why Jiang Jing would sign a contract.

After all, if Spirit Energy Star Generals like them did not find a Star Master that was “capable of contracting two Star Maidens,” those that signed a contract in the Star Duels could only alter the lives of their contractors and nothing more. Something like involving an outsider was not something Jiang Shuishui could do, in any case.

“Xinjie heard Chai Ling say there was a reason.” Wu Xinjie surmised.

“Let’s take advantage of these three days’ time. Let’s not stop first for now.” Su Xing spoke. Right now, the mission he bore was very serious. He was simply racing against time. Ever since that time where Wu Xinjie lost her virginity, Su Xing’s Star Energy had reached the bottleneck of Galaxy Late Stage. These days, he spent every single moment cultivating, and he had reached the critical juncture of breakthrough. Reaching Galaxy Late Stage perhaps could be useful to the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed.

Everyone would arrange the upcoming time on their own.

The mission’s most important counted on Tang Lianxin.

Due to when they faced Great Blade Guan Ying, Heaven Tearing was nearly destroyed by the Four Star Destined Weapon. It required him to rely on Tang Lianxin to refine it again. Su Xing could only nurture it inside his body, but by doing so, the time was too long. Besides, after coming to possession of the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly, Tang Lianxin’s forging arts already reached into a perfect state. Restoring it again was twice the effect and half the effort compared to nurturing it.

If they were to refine it again, they needed to find an abundance of spiritual energy, a place untouched and uninhabited. A tavern clearly would not work. Mount Yellow Gate’s spiritual energy counted as enough, and it was an exceptionally good location. For the sake of Tang Lianxin’s safety, Yan Yizhen would act as her protector. With the Yin Yang Pisces equipped Yan Yizhen, she had a fighting chance against even a Supervoid Cultivator.

“Yuan’er!” Wu Xinjie secretly called for Thief Star Shi Yuan.

“Sister Xinjie, what’s the matter?” Shi Yuan asked.

“I am somewhat at unease about the Ecliptic Palace. Go check to see what sort of background this Ecliptic Palace has.” Wu Xinjie said.

“No problem, This Young Lady was already impatient.” Shi Yuan rubbed her palms together.


“This Young Lady is but the best thief under Heaven and very professional.” Shi Yuan chuckled. Glancing at the meditating Su Xing, her figure immediately slinked stealthily away.

Wu Xinjie returned to Su Xing’s side.

Gongsun Huang waved the Pinebrand Ancient Sword, setting up an astrological protection magic.

Wu Siyou said: “Knowledge Star, going on this trip to the Buddha Kingdom, are you certain you can bloom that Meditative Mind Lotus Seed?” The Harm Star’s words were not without worry. The Meditative Mind Lotus Seed was Buddhism’s greatest secret treasure. Only those like the Zen master monks capable of seeing through the Buddhist path were capable of blossoming the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower. In the case that the Lotus Flower bloomed, Buddhist powers would practically reach a realm too high to reach. Wu Siyou honestly did not expect this sort of Buddhist Path’s supreme treasure unexpectedly would appear in the body of Su Xing, a layman who had never even touched Buddhism.

She wondered whether or not that Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai’s head was kicked by a donkey?

She conferred a calamity to force him to do something, however, to truly bloom the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed, that actually was a very big harvest.

Wu Siyou was somewhat unable to understand what Chao Gai was planning.

“There is no need to worry. Chao Gai’s Meditative Mind Lotus Seed does not necessarily flourish with the comprehension of every sort of Buddhist Path Cultivator’s traditional Zen teaching or dharma. ‘Sow the lotus seed, bloom to see Buddha.’ Xinjie surmises that it ought not be difficult to bloom.” Wu Xinjie self-confidently answered.

Hearing her words, only then did Wu Siyou slightly relax.

“That said, why does Little Sister Siyou address Young Lord as Hubby?” Wu Xinjie, whispered, intentionally or otherwise.

Wu Siyou avoided Wu Xinjie’s line of sight somewhat without confidence.

Wu Xinjie chuckled. “Since you already address him as Hubby, when will Little Sister be willing to sign a contract with Young Lord?” Wu Siyou knew with a look at the Knowledge Star’s grin that the Knowledge Star understood the meaning of Hubby. With red clouds on the rise, Wu Siyou did not utter a word.

“Yingmei is very expectant of fighting shoulder to shoulder with Siyou.” Wu Xinjie continued. “Xinjie, too.”

“Your Servant will ponder it herself. Your Servant shall first go to see what Jiang Jing requires.”

Wu Siyou turned around, and the Harm Star’s back dragged an irremovable preoccupation.

Wu Xinjie slightly shook her head.

“What broken forbiddance, isn’t it being freely intruded by This Young Lady!”

Shi Yuan stepped on that yellow line. This place just happened to be the Ecliptic Palace’s restricted area. The imposing air of the palace hall a hundred meters in front of her flourished. The pavilions, sculpted fences and reliefs all had a noble air. The Ecliptic Palace’s outside had cultivators of high cultivation standing guard every fifty meters. Moving about were several people forming a cultivator patrol, their precautions considerably strict. Crashing her way to the imperial palace, the Shi Yuan who had stepped into old tombs and past old ruins was impressed.

Shi Yuan used Wind Chasing Shadow Hiding, and her figure became a lump of darkness.

Those cultivators basically did not sense her. Even when Shi Yuan walked past right behind their backs, they only felt an odd breeze.

Shi Yuan very quickly entered the inner portions and found the most eye-catching main hall. She easily broke into it, and the Thief Star used her excellent hiding arts to avoid the all-seeing guards. Smoke rose in spirals in the main hall, and the center had an idol, seemingly Buddhist, yet also appearing Daoist.

Just as Shi Yuan prepared to find some things pertaining to the Ecliptic Palace in this place, she suddenly heard light footsteps. When the Thief Star looked, her figure flew behind the image in hiding.

A man wearing a yellow long robe and draped in long hair entered. His face was ordinary, but his expression was very sherp. He stood in front of the icon, burning incense and bowing and praying three times.

“Imperial Empress.”

At this time, a man knelt outside the hall, respectfully burning incense yet nevertheless not daring to enter the hall.

Shi Yuan recognized with a look that this was Wei Guang who had stopped them not long ago.

Imperial Empress??

That man is the Ecliptic Palace’s Imperial Empress?

How’s it a man.

Shi Yuan thought in bewilderment.

“What is the matter?” The Ecliptic Imperial Empress half-knelt on the prayer mat, closing his eyes in meditation.

“Disciple has possibly encountered a Star Master just now!” Wei Guang said.

When Shi Yuan heard, she snorted. As expected, that man had come to report it.

“A Star Master?”

The Ecliptic Imperial Empress still kowtowed, his expression pious enough to earn others’ respect.

“What sort of Star General?”

“Disciple does not know, but that Star Master is somewhat odd. Disciple cannot guess, but perhaps it is a formidable Heavenly Star Martial General!” Wei Guang said, thus beginning to explain word by word the matter that transpired.

The hall was silent.

“You have done well. That Star General is not one you can face.” The Ecliptic Imperial Empress’ voice was neither sad nor joyous.

“Imperial Empress, what should we do now?”

“Since it is a Heavenly Star Martial General, This Empress shall go probe their limits. You are to not act without thinking for the time being. Before ‘Connecting Heaven,’2 This Empress does not wish to attract other troubles.”

“Disciple obeys your command!”

“Withdraw now.”

Shi Yuan wrinkled her brow as she listened. Before Connecting Heaven? It seemed this Ecliptic Palace was apparently planning something. No wonder their security was so tight, but she did not know what this was. Seeing that this Ecliptic Imperial Empress unexpectedly wanted to test them out, Shi Yuan’s heart was annoyed.

But seeing that the Ecliptic Imperial Empress’ cultivation was out of the ordinary, Shi Yuan did not dare act blindly without thinking. While he kowtowed, Shi Yuan quietly walked out from her hiding place, making a nasty face at the Ecliptic Imperial Empress. The Ecliptic Imperial Empress was currently in reverent prayer. How could he have realized a girl would stand right in front of him. The Thief Star was not the best thief under Heaven for nothing. Naturally standing right in front of him, she shot a glance at this strange “Ecliptic Full Restrained Great God.”3 She looked at the idol’s forehead pearl and thought, “This Young Lady is but the best thief under heaven, with lots of professional ethics. How could she leave empty-handed.”

As she thought this, Shi Yuan took out the jewel embedded in the statue’s third eye, leaving without anyone realizing.

Shi Yuan practically treated the Ecliptic Palace as her own backyard, leisurely wandering about with no one suspecting a thing. She investigated that connecting Heaven plan, and Shi Yuan saw a constructed Connecting Heaven Pagoda, however, she could not find any outlines. Losing interest, just as she was about to leave, she recalled something. “This Young Lady said she would rob you all clean, and This Young Lady certainly is very much of professional ethics.”

Shi Yuan looked at several of the Ecliptic Palace’s halls, and then walked towards a “Dark Yellow Pavilion.”

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  1. He managed to get her off the island?
  2.  通天, this is tentative. I already know the context, but there might be a better way to express this that I find later.
  3. 黃道滿泥大神


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