Chapter 353: Lay Down The Butcher’s Knife, Become Buddha On The Spot

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Recollect the past Thousand Flowers Seven Treasures Platform, one flower, one leaf, one tathagata. Unaware of Buddhist flowers of the past few days, they seemingly could shake the magic thunder of those days.1

The thousands of leaves of the large lotuses lay strewn across the thousand li of a blue plain, continuous into the thousands of li beyond. Each of the giant lotus’ blue leaves were replete, emitting a Buddhist aura. Even the Aratha of the Dharma Buddha Zhili2 would not help but chant upon seeing this.

To be able to see with his own eyes the legendary “Thousand Leaves Lotus Flower Measureless World” was exciting for even a Six Ancestor.

“Even Buddha Zhili has said, the Buddhists’ Immemorial Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda is honestly endlessly marvelous.” A voice came from the side. A hearty and reserved monk calmly walked over.

“Great Master Still Void.”3

Aratha was immediately deferential when he saw this old monk, stowing away his contempt.

The Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestor Great Sects altogether were the “Void Mountain Secret Ksetra,”4 “Dharma Sect,” “Samgharama Temple,”5 “Mirror Flower Nunnery,”6 “Happiness Together Courtyard” and the “Stupa Saber Fast.”7 Aratha was proud because of his Supervoid Middle Stage Cultivation, being among the Chiefs of the Six Ancestors. However, there was one above him, and that was the “Void Mountain Secret Ksetra.” This Buddhist Sect was extremely mysterious, and the cultivation of the Secret Ksetra’s presiding Great Master Still Void also had reached Supercluster Middle Stage. Although they were of the same cultivation, Great Master Still Void cultivated the mysterious “Nirvana Jewel Wheel Ten Thousand Lives Sutra.”8 Even Aratha felt pressured.

“Great Master Still Void has also come.”

The expression of the Dharma Sect’s Aratha was somewhat complex.

Great Master Still Void slightly smiled and nodded.

“For this Holy Monk’s passing of teachings, how could Poor Monk miss this.”

“Meaning, if Great Master is able to obtain the Holy Monk’s true teachings, perhaps you can break through those fetters and enter Supervoid Late Stage, henceforth birthing yet another Holy Monk inside Buddha Kingdom.” Aratha seemingly smiled, unknown whether or not that was mockery.

Great Master Still Void was silent.

“Does Senior Monk Aratha not also have the opportunity to obtain the Great Way?” Another old monk, dressed in a blue kasaya appeared.

“So it is Chan Master Jia Ye of the Samgharama Temple, salutations.” The Buddhists greeted.

“Salutations.” Chan Master Jia Ye nodded.

“These words are not false. For the Holy Monk to pass on his teachings, any one of us Buddha Kingdom Six Ancestors can expand the influence of the Buddha Kingdom upon obtaining this supreme Chan Technique. The Holy Monk also has the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp. From then on, it would not be strange for the Buddha Kingdom to possess a Transforming Star of Annihilation Six Ancestor.” Aratha said.

“No truer words spoken, so this thing certainly cannot be given to outsiders.” Aratha’s words indicated.

“Poor Monk has just found out that Great Master Jin Cheng of the Vajra Temple has gone to kill a Star General. Poor Monk wonders if Senior Monk Aratha knows this? The Vajra Temple has always blindly followed your sect. Could it be because of this reason?” Chan Master Jia Ye asked.

“For Star Generals to come pilfer the Holy Monk’s Chan Technique, does Chan Master feel this should be expected?” Aratha laughed aloud. “The one who came is but that Heavenly Solitary Star. This legendary Star General perhaps honestly will obtain the Holy Monk’s bowl and robe, the so-called unprecedented. How can this sort of matter occur.”

“Great Master Still Void, what do you say?”

“Amitabha, everything follows karma. For some monks to protect the Holy Monk’s robe and bowl, Senior Monk can understand.”

“Is this alright?” Hearing Great Master Still Void so sly and evasive, Jia Ye smiled and asked back: “Any way it is put, there was a Heavenly Solitary Star Lu Zhishen in one generation signed a contract with the Void Mountain Secret Ksetra to participate in the Star Duels?”

“This matter was the foolishness of the Secret Ksetra. Monks ought to take the world as an illusion. The mundane Star Duels actually are in violation of the orders of Void Mountain Secret Ksetra. The previous masters do not recognize this.”

Seeing that the leading Great Master Still Void clearly was somewhat fearful and unfavorable towards Star Generals, Chan Master Jia Ye said no more. Aratha was somewhat happy, smiling and saying: “Precisely, Great Master Still Void is bright, everything follows karma.”

“Besides the Mirror Flower Nunnery’s Abbess Water Moon and the Stupa Saber Fast’s Stupa9 and Senior Monk Extreme Happiness being absent, we otherwise could have simultaneously congregated at this time.” Aratha thoughtfully said. “Especially that Stupa, he definitely is very expectant of the Star General.”

“They are also within the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda. Perhaps they have already reached the sixth floor.”

“Then everyone must not delay.”

One punch.

Just one punch.

The Supercluster Stage cultivator no longer could stand. The monks of the Vajra Temple were completely dumbfounded, scared into fleeing out of their minds. Su Xing was also slightly surprised. Immediately, he could not resist flipping out the Birth Treasure Outline for a look.

Star Position: Solitary Star

Star Name: Lu Zhishen

Nickname: Flowery Monk

True Name: ???

Rank: Thirteenth

Star Weapon: Devil Sealing Crescent Moon Chan10 (Three Star)

Star Beast: Withering Thriving Lotus Flower Beast11

Realm: Matchless Seventh Stage

Innate Skill: Meditative Mind/Monster Strength

Five Elements: Earth

Yellow Rank Special Move: Arhat Boxing/Crescent Moon Spade12

Dark Rank Special Move: Heavenly King’s Devil Sealing Chan Technique13

Current Status: Null

Detailed Materials: …

Not outside of expectations, she truly was the thirteenth ranked Heavenly Solitary Star Flowery Monk Hua Zhishen, her Matchless Ninth Stage14 not comparable to Wu Siyou’s or Lin Yingmei’s but both Innate Skills were particularly eye-catching, “Does she not have a True Name?” Su Xing curiously exclaimed. It was reasonable to say that if a Star General self-disclosed their True Name, only then would the True Name appear in the Birth Treasure Outline, but Lu Zhishen self-addressed as Chan Xin. However, the Birth Treasure Outline did not reveal anything like this. That Chan Xin was not at all a True Name.

Great Master Jin Cheng very quickly disappeared from the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda. Clearly, he had already left this pagoda, and Su Xing did not have interest in minding about the rest. Without asking, he sized up this Solitary Star Flowery Monk. A pity that Yingmei and Siyou were not here.

“Poor Nun has implicated Benefactor.” Solitary Star Chan Xin put her palms together.

“No matter, no matter. If you can understand, then I’ll be very gratified.” Su Xing smiled.

“Never expected the monks of this place to tear up their face, to be so afraid of Little Sister Chan Xin.” Qingci’s brows tightly furrowed, appearing like she had fought for Chan Xin on the behalf of justice.

Chan Xin completely lacked any ripples: “This is something Chan Xin ought to face.” The Solitary Star’s attitude actually appeared very good, not placing any of what happened in her eyes.

Qingci shook her head, nevertheless not recognizing this: “Little Sister Chan Xin does not know, but the Vajra Temple is one part of the Buddha Kingdom’s Dharma Sect. Their actions possibly are at the direction of the Aratha of the Dharma Sect. These Ancestors fear Little Sister’s identity will seize the Holy Monk’s robe and bowl, fearing you will make things much more difficult. Perhaps the Buddha Kingdom’s other Six Ancestors do not necessarily recognize this. This Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda appears more and more dangerous. Does Little Sister Chan Xin still wish to go?”

Chan Xing’s calm eyes already were her reply.

“Qingci has overthought. Lord Su…Since you two know each other, shall the three of us travel together, how about it?” Qingci’s eyes emitted a faint light. The gentle expression she showed Su Xing made Su Xing blank for a few seconds.

“Vixen.” Shi Yuan inwardly tooted.

“Since we have connection to meet once again, let’s go together.” Su Xing did not decline.

The Heavenly Solitary Star Flowery Monk.

Legend said she was a Star General that could blossom the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower. Before he met her, Su Xing still had considerable interest, but seeing Chan Xin’s resolute eyes, he knew a contract was perhaps an unattainable thing. She truly was completely focused on pursuing the Meditative Mind.

However, Su Xing did not wish to give up. His thinking was no different from the beauties inside the Star Nest. If he honestly could not obtain the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp, at the very least, the Heavenly Solitary Star was an opportunity.

The three of them swiftly flew. Practically from the start of the Stupa Pagoda’s fourth level, the Stupa Pagoda’s myriad Void Worlds already merged together with one another. Su Xing now was considerably longing for Wu Siyou. He wondered there the Harm Star Pilgrim had gone to at this moment.

“Right, Chan Xin, do you know what Buddhist mystery this Fifth Floor Stupa Pagoda has?” Su Xing asked her.

Chan Xin pointed her finger at something far away.

Raising his head to look, on the horizon was seemingly a gigantic lotus flower hidden in the mist, even faintly discernible.

“This is…” Su Xing choked.

“A world in a flower.”

Qingci softly said.

The sparks of clashing metal flew about.

Figures disengaged.

There was a monk with an exposed chest and a shaven head. The muscles of his whole body bulged, and seeing his glaring Vajra, a fierce and vicious stance, his whole body was baleful. Upon first glance, he seemed like a butcher, but if it was said his identity was Buddhism Six Ancestor Stupa Saber Fast’s Stupa, perhaps no one would believe it.

Stupa Saber Fast was Buddha Kingdom’s Great Sect. The dharma cultivated within its doors was particularly different, and its meditation, contemplation, comprehension, unempty and formless, their Buddhist secrets completely defeated their purpose. What the Stupa Saber Fast cultivated, astonishingly, was “Slaughter Saber Technique.”15

No mistake, saber technique.

Buddha says: Lay down the butcher’s knife, become Buddha on the spot.

But this Stupa Saber Fast contrarily ran in the opposite direction. Although Buddha had said butcher’s knife, that really did not mean a butcher’s knife. Rather, it was every delusion and attachment, but the Stupa Saber Fast cultivated delusions and attachment, breaking through from the extreme.

Buddhism was myriad different sects, each claiming attainment of Nirvana. The cause always was not important, what was important was the consequence. The Stupa Saber Fast actually was determined to not fall short. The Stupa Saber rose above the others in Buddha Kingdom, becoming specialized in killing, attachment, delusion and developing a set of Stupa Saber Techniques.

Among Liangshan Continent’s Sword Cultivators, the Stupa Saber Fast was considered the Buddhism most willing to meditate on Chan.

And this Stupa was their genius, the sole Supercluster Late Stage of the Buddha Kingdom Six Ancestors, yet he could obtain his Six Ancestor position relying on his powerful saber technique.

“Never expected the renowned Wu Song would unexpectedly desire that Holy Monk’s Chan Technique.” Stupa’s face had a scar. When he smiled, he very naturally brimmed with stubbornness.

Battling with Stupa was not just anyone, but Wu Siyou.

The cool and elegant Pilgrim’s attitude was biting cold, not uttering a word.

“Very good, very good. Poor Monk just happened to want to use Stupa Saber to ask for a lesson.”

Stupa’s hands clenched a hundred kilogram épée.16 Although he did not initiate, the presence the épée emitted penetrated into bone. In Stupa’s surroundings, the fresh grass was torn to shreds by his ferocious aggression.

Wind tore at at Wu Siyou’s eyes, but when it neared her, the wind immediately was incomparably gentle.

“Your Servant also wishes to experience the Stupa Saber Technique of Buddhism, to see whether or not it can cut out Your Servant’s anger.” The Pilgrim’s tone was faint. She allowed the sword’s wind to blow, swaying her clothes, while she remained indifferent.

“Watch this saber.”

Stupa’s hands gripped his sword, and he leapt to slash.

The épée slashed about, the sword qi being rolled into a severe hurricane that was thrown towards Wu Siyou, covering the heavens and earth.

Wu Siyou’s eyelashes drooped, faintly glancing at it.

Wu Siyou’s finger instantly disappeared underneath the épée. Fortunately, Stupa had meditated on close quarters sword techniques. His reactions were extremely swift, and the épée changed its attack direction to his side.


A crisp sound.

Noble Frost Demonic Lotus bit onto the épée.

“Lay down the butcher’s knife, become Buddha on the spot.”

Stupa shouted.

An intimidating might astonishingly met her. There was an enormous noise that shook the sky and earth, and the faraway Thousand Petal Lotus Flower shuddered, too.

“Killed her?” Stupa sensed that there was already no more resistance under the épée.

But immediately, his complexion suddenly changed.

Not good.

Sword-light bit into his flesh, splattering blood.

Stupa promptly used an escape technique to create distance. Wu Siyou appeared from behind him, unscathed, the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus in her hand having just tasted the Buddha’s blood. The Harm Star looked at the trails of blood on her double-ended sword and faintly said.

“Lay down the butcher’s knife, become Buddha on the spot – these words ought to be given to Great Master.”

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  1. IDK why this passage is here.
  2. 至力佛祖
  3. 寂空大師
  4. 空山隱剎
  5. 伽藍寺
  6. 鏡花庵
  7. 浮屠刀齋
  8. 寂滅寶輪萬壽經
  9. 浮屠子, his name is literally Stupa.
  10. 封魔月牙禪
  11. 枯榮蓮花獸
  12.  羅漢拳/月牙鏟
  13.  天王封魔禪法
  14. Yeah, in the raws. For now, I don’t know if she’s Seventh or Ninth.
  15. 殺戮刀法
  16.  重劍, is literally “heavy sword,” but the established translation is “épée”


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  2. Thanks for the chapter! I think that in this case you would be justified in translating 重劍 as a heavy sword the first time around, and merely sword thereafter. Épée is probably the established translation in the context it is most used nowadays, that of Olympic fencing. This is not that context.

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