Chapter 364: Everything Is An Illusion

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“Slave Servant asks that the Great Master not disturb Master.”

The one whose fist smashed through the void was an apathetic maid. Her fists were Yin and Yang, cold and warmth mutually reflecting.

Suddenly at the same time, a girl of seven or eight years of age stepped on air. She wore a multi-colored cloud cape, grasping a sword of multi-colored light, her manner exceedingly refined, as if she could be compared to Holy Monk Four Noble Truths.

Another two girls in blue and gold palace dresses appeared in the back and front, each absolutely gorgeous.

All of the girls had a similar characteristic, that their foreheads flickered with Star Crests. Their identities did not need explaining.

“Star Generals????”

“No, no, no, this is impossible…” Great Master Still Void was overwhelmed. This was more exaggerated than seeing the actual Buddha. Although he was very perplexed by the Star Duels, he nevertheless knew the mighty fame of the Star General. Seeing the four Star Generals that walked out of the light, Great Master Still Void thought he was seeing things, stirring his empty eyes.


An enormous noise.

A starry silhouette landed by Yan Yizhen.

“Elder Sister Siyou.” An Suwen saw that Wu Siyou was injured because she had used her Dark Rank and wasted a lot of Spiritual Power. She immediately used Spiritual Aura Distribution.

Aratha descended. The man’s face was malevolent, his fangs protruding.

“What is the meaning of this? How can there be another five Star Generals??” Aratha similarly felt shaken.

How could Great Master Still Void have known.

“You said ‘Master’ just now. Could it be that that man is your Star Master?” Great Master Still Void asked in shock.

“Big Brother only wishes to blossom this Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, we ask that Great Masters be lenient.” An Suwen gently said.

An inhale.

Great Master Still Void had never felt this astonished.

“What a joke. How can one man have so many Star Generals. Poor Monk does not care who you are, obstructing him today will kill the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower? Hmph, what qualifications does a Star Master have.” Aratha furiously bellowed, instantly pouncing.

“Suwen, there is no need to waste your breath on these hypocritical Great Masters.”

Wu Siyou coldly said. Seeing this pagoda top already was incapable of sealing the Star Nest, the Harm Star called forth the White and Black Unicorn Tiger to and attacked together. The others also did not be careless. Yan Yizhen’s Yin Yang Carps swam around between her fists, advancing all around the Skilful Star’s Realm. Gongsun Huang’s feet stood on air as she released Star Magic from the Ancient Pinebrand Sword she held.

An Suwen and Tang Lianxin also attacked. One used the Child And Mother Linked Hearts Needles, and the other called the Great Void Golden Lotus. Especially the Earthly Solitary Star Gold Coin Spotted Leopard’s Great Void Golden Lotus that could transform into the Eighteen Arms of Wushu, able to catch people off-guard.

The four Star Generals cooperated with their full powers, baffling the two Great Supervoid Middle Stage Cultivators that were unbridled in all places.

Shi Yuan released the Five Poisons Array as she stood guard beside Su Xing. Seeing Su Xing in meditation, she was anxious and worried. Even if the battle outside the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp was separated by a void, the Thief Star could sense that aggression pounce in her face, only making the Flea on a Drum’s whole body shiver.

“Su Xing, hurry.” Shi Yuan thought.

Su Xing’s forehead leaked sweat.

And at this moment, Su Xing met with a great trouble. After he released the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp, Su Xing’s consciousness immediately was bound. At this time, he was at the center of some mysterious world.

A colored glass world opened in the middle of his sea of consciousness. Multi-colored auspicious clouds and immortal qi lingered. Countless Flying Heavenly Immortals flew about in the sky. In the surroundings were monasteries and golden halls, bodhi trees in blossom.

And even farther away was a heaven-connecting pagoda.

Manifestly superior in this Colored Glass world were the five dragons coiling about.

When Su Xing looked over there, he only heard Brahmanistic chanting, like thunder in his ear. Listening closer, the “Diamond Sutra,” “Nine Wonderful Lotus Flowers Sutra,” “Nirvana Sutra,” “Altar Sutra of Sixth Patriarch” and other sutras intermingled. The originally distinct dharmas were simply static to Su Xing’s ears.

Su Xing grit his teeth, enduring this noisy baptism as he flew towards that pagoda. Su Xing’s forehead hurt. He knew this kind of illusion was perhaps Chao Gai’s Third Calamity, borrowing the endless light of the illusory Colored Glass Void, trapping Su Xing.

Everything was merely an illusion of his mind. If it was treated as real, then it was real. If it was treated as fake, it was fake. Real or fake, this was but a matter of a single thought.

Even if Su Xing used Heart Like Mirror or the Oneness of Heaven and Man, he was completely unable to see through this.

Lifelike enough to be suffocating.

Su Xing blasted through. The Bodhi flowers successively bloomed and fell, but that pagoda seemingly had no limit. Regardless of how Su Xing flew, he always was still that far away. It was plainly in front of him, yet it was far on the horizon.

The scene at this time changed again.

The golden world at this time manifested several figures engaged in battle.

“Yingmei, Xinjie.”

Su Xing was shocked upon first seeing them.

Upon closer inspection, fighting Lin Yingmei and Wu XInjie was Xie Chang’an’s Five Tiger General Double Clubs Huyan Shuang, however, Su Xing knew this was an illusion or perhaps a projection of this world. They did not hear a single thing that Su Xing said.

Su Xing quickly flew without hesitation. Those illusory figures followed along, the scene of battle increasing in intensity, making Su Xing’s heart worried.

“Ha, ha, never expected to surprisingly encounter the Knowledge Star. Truly, this is too good.”

Among the colored glass figures, Xia Chang’an used a sword array to trap Wu Xinjie. The Flying Swords twisted in attack, and the sword-light pierced through Wu Xinjie’s body. The Knowledge Star had the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox block, but she was powerless. Then, Xie Chang’an’s flying body raised an artifact, hooking Wu Xinjie’s heart.

When Lin Yingmei saw, she hurried in a panic to go save her. The flustered Majestic Star showed an absolutely enormous gap, seized by Huyan Shuang. Double Clubs continuously pounded, ripping open terrifying wounds on Lin Yingmei’s body.

“Today, the Knowledge Star and Majestic Star will Starfall here. You can only blame that Purple Thunder Monster for abandoning you.” Xie Chang’an laughed.

Su Xing felt as if his heart was being cut out. His sea of consciousness seemed to be sucked into something, and his head hurt.

Not good, this is an illusion.

Su Xing hastily guarded his mind, not allowing himself to be bewitched by this illusion.

A scream again rose.

Su Xing turned his head to look.

Outside, Wu Siyou was struck by Aratha’s punch. Half her body was utterly broken, and that Aratha’s Vajra Diamond Characteristics was mighty beyond compare. He manifested four arms, one grabbing the Great Void Golden Lotus, spitting a Buddhist light that took Tang Lianxin’s life.

The Efficacious Star called forth the Good Fortune beast, promptly using Life Returning Magic Hands to simultaneously save the Elder Sisters. Aratha let loose a giant hand that grabbed and squeezed Good Fortune to death, immediately using another arms to grab the girl.

Yan Yizhen and Gongsun Huang were also suppressed into immobility by the powers Great Master Still Void used. The Yin Yang Carps had long been killed on contact by the Still Void Chan Staff. Without the Yin Yang Carps, confronting the most powerful Buddha Kingdom Six Ancestor Great Master Still Void, under that Nirvana Jewel Wheel Ten Thousand Lives Sutra, the two girls were gradually beat back. Their bodies bore heavy injuries, their Starlights gradually dimming.

The circumstances apparently became increasingly extreme.

Each detail was about to pull Su Xing closer into the abyss of hatred and despair.

The heavily injured girls tottering on the edge of collapse were a miserable scene.

Su Xing took in a deep breath. Rather than say his expression was chilly, it was better to say it was ice-cold. Ignoring everything, Su Xing shut his eyes, guarded his mind, and did not allow himself to be distracted by outside things. That lifelike scream and pain were seemingly not seen.

“Don’t use this sort of laughable cheap trick. I understand Yingmei and the others far better than you do.” Su Xing shouted at the sky.

Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder fired, blasting that Colored Glass World to bits.

“Do you really think this is a laughable illusion?”

A voice was beside his ear.

That disdainful mocking came from Chao Gai’s mouth.

“Chao Gai, just what cheap trick is your Third Calamity playing?” Su Xing sneered.

“This is reality. Without you, the Star Master, you think the Majestic Star has a chance of winning a battle against the Prestige Star’s Star Master? You think that the current Wu Song and others can fight against two of Buddha Kingdom’s Great Ancestors? You think this is only meant to trick you? To treat this as an excuse to comfort yourself with, this is certainly disappointing.”

Su Xing sneered.

Suddenly, he heard Tang Lianxin and An Suwen’s groans.

At the same time, Su Xing felt something return to his sea of consciousness.

This is…

Su Xing was shaken. Looking again at the projection, An Suwen and Tang Lianxin had already been killed.

Chao Gai’s phantom appeared in front of Su Xing, carrying that holier than thou attitude: “Now you ought to understand, the Five Dragons Colored Glass Light not only can blossom your Meditative Mind Lotus Seed, it will also allow you to fully taste the suffering of the people of this world. That everything is actually happening. If you do not comprehend this mystery, they will die. Oh…at least someone will die…”

Chao Gai gazed at the spent Wu Siyou.

And the fatigued Lin Yingmei.

Double Clubs Huyan Zhuo’s attack was increasingly fierce. Lin Yingmei already was powerless to block and could only lift her weapon. The raised double whips were like vipers, continuously biting Lin Yingmei’s body, leaving splotches of blood, battered and bruised.

Lin Yingmei’s expression lost its normal might, leaving only a deep exhaustion.

“It is because you have violated the contract you signed that the mighty and renowned Majestic Star would fall to this stage. You must hear her dissatisfaction? Listen to This One’s counsel. The sea of bitterness is boundless, yet a turn of the head is the other shore.” Chao Gai calmly said.

Su Xing looked blank for a moment, and then he smiled.

“Chao Gai, you talk too much.”


“Buddha says: Everything is an illusion…” Su Xing was absolutely calm.

Chao Gai was taken aback.

Suddenly, the Colored Glass World, the falling Bodhi petals, and the monasteries collapsed.

Outside the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda.

Huangfu Tianyi and his Star General Faceless Jiao Ruoxue stood on a pagoda, seeing that odd scene.

Wind and snow mixed, the gale chilling.

Everything at that place had been frozen solid, and in the blizzard, two figures endlessly flashed about. Two weapons went back and forth, emitting bone-chilling sounds.

Countless monks already kept their distance surrounding three chi. None dared to watch.

“Wow, that is the Majestic Star and Prestige Star?? Heavens, two of the great Five Tiger Generals.” Huangfu Tianyi simply felt this was unbelievable. The corner of his lips smiled excitedly and irritably: “Two great Five Tiger Generals are battling each other. How exciting this is. Ruoxue, do you feel we can loot a burning house??” He asked.

Jiao Ruoxue shook her head, her denial extremely clear.

Loot a burning house? She felt her master’s brain had broken. Seizing this chance to send experience was a better description.1

“Truly unreconciled, however, not seeing that Skilful Star truly is strange…Maybe we can dispose of that Knowledge Star?” Huangfu Tianyi was unwilling to give up. The top ten ranked Star Generals could not be encountered upon request, and he honestly did not want to miss this.

“The Knowledge Star’s martial force is not anything at all, however, that Star Beast White Fox is actually rather powerful, to unexpectedly break the sword array.” Huangfu Tianyi exclaimed.

Just as Jiao Ruoxue was pondering the feasibility of this, she suddenly gasped, raising her head to gaze at an alley.

“That is??”

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  1. As in she herself would die instead.


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