Chapter 369: A Pair Of Glittering Stars

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The capabilities of Great Master Shen Hui’s seemingly fierce non-human beings could repress Star Generals, but how could he have foreseen that Efficacious Star Divine Physician would be here. By the contract she had with the Star Beast Good Fortune, An Suwen activated her Dark Rank Star Magic “Mind-steeling Smoke And Rain.” This Star Magic could shift whatever injuries any person sustained onto the user herself. However, by doing so, An Suwen alone bore the already extreme non-human beings. If it was not for relying on Good Fortune’s healing, she would have already been unable to persist from the very beginning, after all, this was but a Supervoid Middle Stage cultivator’s power.

Without a Five Star Destined Weapon, Star Generals basically had no way to contend.

“But how?”

Great Master Shen Hui was shocked.


An icy shout interrupted, again tearing open a ghastly wound on Great Master Shen Hui’s body.

The Great Masters were both mentally and physically exhausted. They used all their abilities without exception yet were unexpectedly powerless to contest. This was somewhat inconceivable. Their grand and magnificent three Supervoid Cultivations surprisingly were helpless against several Star Generals.

An Suwen being struck back into the Star Nest made the hearts of the girls infuriated.

The three Great Masters had been frightened into continuous retreat. If this got out, this practically would be disgraceful.

Great Master Shen Hui instantly already lost his drive for further battle, but how could Aratha and Great Master Still Void bear this shame: “Great Master, we can only use the Ten Thousand Buddhas of the Platform Sutra of Sixth Patriarch. We ask that Great Master lend his aid.”


Great Master Shen Hui hesitated a moment, nodding in agreement when he saw the Star Generals in pursuit.

Great Master Shen Hui and Great Master Still Void used all of their power to tangle with this rage.

Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda, Seventh Floor.

The battle on the floor above made the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda wobble endlessly, as if it was a small leaf in the middle of a surging wave. Jolted up and down, under such disturbing shaking, Holy Monk Four Noble Truth was calm in the face, slowly propagating dharma.

Currently, there were altogether five people still listening to dharma. They were Qingci, Chan XIn, the yellow-clothed person, and Abbess Water Moon along with Chan Master Jia Ye.

As far as the contest over the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp was concerned, they clearly did not care.

However, not everyone could remain aloof. Chan Xin was an exception.

It was as if Chan Xin’s heart was being scratched by a cat right now. She was filled with a sort of indescribable feeling of unease. If it was before, to be able to hear the Holy Monk speak of dharma was something Chan Xin absolutely could only dream of. Now, she had even uprooted an enormous Bodhi tree of the Central Celestial coming to Buddha Kingdom for the sake of making Senior Monk Four Noble Truths take a look. Although this shook the entire Far West Buddha Kingdom, this was still not shown.

Now, this long-cherished wish was accomplished, yet Chan Xin all along could not settle down.

Each time the floor above jolted, that surging murderous aura seemed to flow over her body. Unease, fright, confusion, conflict, the feelings that the Heavenly Solitary Star ought not to have totally broke free.

Four Supervoid Cultivators had taken action.

Will he die?

Chan Xin’s mind only had this question, half-hearted about this Holy Monk’s Chan Technique.

“Sister Qingci, shall we go up?” Wang Jingzhi asked.

Qingci hesitated. To be frank, she was relatively shocked. Originally, she had thought that Su Xing had come for the Heavenly Solitary Star. How could she have known that Su Xing unexpectedly was here for the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp. Then why would he treat the Heavenly Solitary Star so well along the road? Qingci did not understand, however, now that four Supervoid Cultivators had set out, Qingci wiped cold sweat for Su Xing. Originally, she had thought that it would be a brief instant, that Su Xing would leave the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda, but she had not expected that the battle on the floor above would be increasingly intense, unexpectedly affecting the entire Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda.

Just that imposing air alone made Qingci’s heart shiver.

Just what did Su Xing do to those Four Supervoid Cultivators. How could things be so severe.

According to logic, as Su Xing’s sworn Little Sister, Qingci ought to go forward and take a look, but thinking of Su Xing’s identity again made Qingci unable to make a determination. Seeing Chan Xin aloof as she listened to dharma, Qingci thought to silently observe. Just what relationship did Su Xing and Chan Xin have.

“Wait, see how the Heavenly Solitary Star makes her determination.” Qingci thought. They could only do so.

To be enemies with four Supervoid Cultivators, Qingci felt honestly this was very unwisely seeking one’s own destruction.

“I will now transmit to you the markless repentance and reform to destroy the offensive actions done within the three periods of time and to purify the three karmas. Good Knowing Advisors, repeat after me: ‘May this disciple be, in past, present, and future thought, in every thought, unstained by stupidity and confusion. May it be wiped away at once and never arise again.”1

Senior Monk Four Noble Truths sat upright on the lotus platform, his mouth spitting up lotus flowers, each word a pearl.

The group listened silently and respectfully.

At this moment, Abbess Water Moon and Chan Master Jia Ye opened their eyes. They looked at each other, some shock in their eyes.

They had just received Great Master Still Void’s Sound Projection. Unexpectedly, he wanted to have them go assist at the top of the pagoda, to activate the Platform Sutra of Sixth Patriarch Array and open the Ten Thousand Buddhas. What was going on? That man unexpectedly could render Buddha Kingdom’s peak Buddhas to be without choice. Surprisingly, they were about to activate the Platform Sutra of Sixth Patriarch?

Everyone knew that the Buddha Kingdom had Six Ancestors, but these Six Ancestors were not at all the sort of vain title and such of the Azure Dragon territory, rather, this was confirmation of the Platform Sutra of Sixth Patriarch. The Platform Sutra of Sixth Patriarch was Buddhism’s most famous Sutra. Following what Sixth Patriarch had declared, when he declared that the Six Paths combined into one. The Ten Thousand Buddhas had always suppressed the luck of Buddha Kingdom, otherwise, how could the Buddha Kingdom have possibly survived in the midst of the dominance of several Territories, declaring themselves the Pure Land World.

Star Generals were this formidable?

Chan Master Jia Ye and Abbess Water Moon looked at each other in dismay, somewhat hesitant. The Holy Monk was propagating dharma. To be this rude always meant losing etiquette,

“Your mind has a thousand knots. Go undo these knots. To endure remaining here will only increase your worries, and your mind will be increasingly bewildered.”

Holy Monk Four Noble Truths had apparently anticipated this. He calmly spoke, not becoming angered.

“We shall trouble the Holy Monk.”

Abbess Water Moon and Chan Master Jia Ye were helpless. Although they did not want to participate in a dispute with Star Generals at all, they knew that the Platform Sutra of Sixth Patriarch Array required them to go. Someday, if they fell into a bind with others looking on without concern, that was the same as self-destruction in Buddha Kingdom.

The pair flashed away, bolting for the top of the pagoda as Qingci stared in astonishment.

Just what was happening on the floor above for all of the Buddha Kingdom Six Ancestors to go?

“Ha, ha, interesting. They want to activate the Platform Sutra of Sixth Patriarch. Are they chanting the Ten Thousand Buddhas? It seems Buddha Kingdom really has no way out against these Star Generals.” The yellow-clothed man laughed, completely in spite of the Holy Monk’s dignity.

These words made Chan Xin’s expression change.

Her eyes were somewhat struggling.

“Dharma is the Great Way. The nature of the mind is dustless. This Benefactor was brought to Poor Monk by fate, but your heart cannot shed its unease. The cause is ill-feeling, how can the meditative mind be comprehended.” Holy Monk Four Noble Truths slowly said.

Chan Xin had a sudden epiphany, her heart clear. She put her hands together piously.

“Disciple shall now go rid the cause.”

Sadhu, sadhu.” Holy Monk Four Noble Truths chanted.

Chan Xin ascended to the next floor, her eyes no longer confused, walking for the top of the pagoda.

Since even Chan Xin had gone, Qingci had no reason to stay in this place. If she did not show herself, someday, Su Xing would not be easy to say, let alone that Qingci had no interest at all about this Chan technique. She announced her guilt and also followed upwards.

Very quickly, this room was only left with the yellow-clothed man.

“Truly interesting. It seems in the end, only Your Servant has connection with the Holy Monk’s Chan technique.” The yellow-clothed man laughed aloud.

Holy Monk Four Noble Truths slowly said.

“Emperor Liang is the Azure Dragon’s most senior. How can Poor Monk’s dharma have a connection with Emperor Liang.”

The yellow-clothed man took off his hood, revealing a smart and bright face, a distinct countenance and two eyes sharps as swords. He was dignified, not furious. Compared to the solemnity of Holy Monk Four Noble Truths, he was not to be outdone. This man was precisely Emperor Liang.

“When We originally came to see you, Great Master just happened to be in seclusion, and We were unable to request an audience. Today, we finally can see the Great Master.” Emperor Liang smiled.

The two of them were both peak Supervoid Late Stage Cultivators. The courage to make someone raise his hand was sufficient to make someone feel oppressed. Fortunately, this place was already without anyone left, otherwise, this propagation of dharma might have become torment.

“Truly, Poor Monk has troubled Your Majesty.”

“Not at all, We only wish to ask Poor Monk a question – Have you comprehended this Transforming Star of Annihilation?” Emperor Liang calmly smiled and asked.

The imposing air of Holy Monk Four Noble Truths made a rare ripple, immediately calming down, silent.

“How did this happen?”

Chan Master Jia Ye and Abbess Water Moon rushed to the top of the pagoda and were stupefied by the scene before them.

“Buddhist Cultivators truly like to appear one by one.” Wu Siyou grasped her double-ended sword, her slender pupils brimming with a cold expression.

“Use the Platform Sutra of Sixth Patriarch, otherwise we will die here.” Great Master Still Void hastily called out.

Gongsun Huang, Yan Yizhen and Wu Siyou cooperated for an attack.

A terrifying murderous aura filled their hearts and made them change expression.

Knowing that Star Generals were unmatched in close combat, although Chan Master Jia Ye and Abbess Water moon did not have time to think more, having been frightened by Wu Siyou and the other’s imposing air, they hastily formed hand seals. The Platform Sutra of Sixth Patriarch inherently required the Six Ancestors, but Stupa and Senior Monk Extreme Happiness had died. Great Master Shen Hui actually had the qualifications to assume the a position. Although they were short one person, that could no longer be minded too much.

The five of them simultaneously recited scripture. Immediately, the unbounded void was full of Brahmanistic dharma. Countless scriptures flew out, and Gods and Buddhas descended as far as the eye could see. The expressions of Wu Siyou and the others changed. They felt their heads hurt as if they were splitting apart. Those countless Brahmanistic chants drilled into their minds. No matter how much Star Energy they used, the group were incapable of dispelling it. Under this Brahmanistic chanting, the group found it completely difficult to move their toes and fingers, let alone attack.  

This was the Ten Thousand Buddhas.

“Not good.”

Wu Siyou’s eyes had a chill.

Countless Buddhist sounds appeared from the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda and spread across the entire Central Celestial. Instantly, the innumerable masses knelt and bowed their heads to the ground. Incense burned nonstop, and the phantoms of gods and buddhas filling the sky hung suspended, making the entire Buddha Kingdom fill with magnificence.

Huangfu Tianyi gnashed his teeth, “Damned Buddhism.”

The Flying Swords and talismans violently attacked to kill the Wu Xinjie and Lin Yingmei trapped in the Northern Dipper Heavenly Cycle Array. The Northern Dipper Heavenly Cycle Array could draw away a Star General’s Star Energy, and Huangfu Tianyi was confident that even if they did not die, they would be seriously wounded, allowing Jiao Ruoxue to act afterwards. The two peak Heavenly Star were his Starfall things then.

It was perfect in his imagination.

Just at this moment, Wu Xinjie sighed, and Hua Xue possessed Wu Xinjie’s body. Nine snow-white tails unfurled. In that instant, Wu Xinjie’s pupils brimmed with the two glints of charm and holiness. Before Huangfu Tianyi could understand what had happened, he suddenly heard a “hua-hua” noise in the void, as if  chains were being pulled around. Immediately afterwards, he saw chains of twinkling golden light suddenly appear in Wu Xinjie’s surroundings. These chains were seemingly spiritual, circling around to form a battle array.

The Northern Dipper Heavenly Cycle Array instantly broke.

“But how.” Huangfu Tianyi was shocked.

Wu Xinjie pointed, and the black gold chains flew out like snakes. The chains gathered to form the shape of a whirling galaxy. The Flying Swords and talismans completely broke, and then Wu Xinjie’s eyes moved. The chains spread without limit, in the end growing a thousand meters. Between her and Lin Yingmei, a starry sky world formed.

“This is,” Huangfu Tianyi was astonished.

“Eight Gates Black Gold Chain,” Jin Qiongyu cried out.

“Hmph.” Wu Xinjie’s lips curled into a sneer.

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain twinkled with a dark light, becoming rays hiding into the air. When they appeared again, they were already in front of Huangfu Tianyi. That triangular tip was like a viper poking it out its deadly snake tongue.

“Young Master.”

Faceless Jiao Ruoxue hastily returned to defend, but she had only taken a step when her ankles were locked up. Turning her head back to look, Wu Xinjie’s Eight Gates Black Gold Chains had already bound her.

Oh, no.

Jiao Ruoxue turned pale with horror. Her palms used her boxing technique, but the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain hooked as it wished, winding around her arms. In the blink of an eye, her whole body was tightly trapped. No matter how Jiao Ruoxue struggled, she could not budge at all.

“Yingmei, Young Master’s Ten Thousand Buddhas has manifested. Let us not waste any more time.” Wu Xinjie smiled, her nine tails spreading out.

Lin YIngmei nodded. Aiming at the stupefied and speechless Jin Qiongyu and Qin Mingyue, she took an ice-cold pace, attacking them.

Jin Qiongyu consecutively used “Wind Thunder Lightning Flash.”

The thunder-light filling the skies was easily broken by Lin Yingmei’s spear technique.

“Scram, you.” Qin Mingyue’s expression was grave. Sensing the chill in Lin Yingmei’s spear, she was overcome with a stifling feeling. The little loli was nevertheless fierce, her hands grasping the Wolf Toothed Fire Beacon Mace, raising her heavy body to face this head on.

Jin Qiongyu did not dare disobey, immediately turning around and fleeing.

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain at this moment went for her, and Jin Qiongyue used Star Magic to strike.

“Little Sister, watch this mace.” Qin Mingyue straddled her Star Beast, shouting.

“Little Sister is impolite, you should be spanked.” Lin Yingmei simultaneously sat upon her Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast. If a Star General sat on a Star Beast, her own body would combine with the Star Beast’s Star Energy. Each and every move would be even more powerful. Lin Yingmei did not dare look down on the similarly Five Tiger Qin Mingyue.

The air in Lin Yingmei’s surroundings instantly froze. The intense cold made them hide away three chi. Borrowing the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s ice-cold speed, Lin Yingmei’s spear was extremely chilling to the bone.

Her powerful strength brought with it extreme speed. Her entire person was a white blur, completely unable to make out the shape of a person.

Fierce Star Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue also was not to be underestimated. The imposing aura of her whole body burned, summoning a suffocating heat wave.That Wolf Toothed Fire Beacon Mace was like a sky devouring monster opening its jaws.

Ignoring the Fierce Star Fiery Thunderbolt’s enormous oppressive feeling, Lin Yingmei’s eyes exploded with cold light. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear was like a net. The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast flapped its ice-cold wings, and a cold light enveloped its mistress. From head to toe, she smitted a lethal bone-chilling cold. Under this sort of ability, the Star Energy of Lin Yingmei’s whole body began to concentrate and expand in an unbelievable manner. It was as if Lin Yingmei had become the world’s coldest existence. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear already borrowed the powerful force of the impact to fiercely strike, a deadly murderous aura instantly shooting out.

In this instant, the domineering airs of the two Five Tiger Generals fully opened, not holding back in the slightest.


An enormous noise made the Central Celestial jolt. Even the Buddhist disciples all permeating under the Ten Thousand Buddhas had their minds shaken awake.

Ice and fire shook apart.

Qin Mingyue and her Star Beast staggered backwards in retreat. During their retreat, the space in between rolled over with flowers of flame endlessly as if something was missing. A giant flame blossomed in the sky, but it was immediately extinguished by gale of cold.

In this instant, Qin Mingyue’s armor had an additional cut on it. The Star Beast she rode also already showed slight ice-cold lights. In contrast, her attacks could only bring to Lin Yingmei wounds that were feeling wholly dissatisfactory.

“Lin Chong, look again.” Qin Mingyue called out with a hoarse voice. Her Star Beast rolled a transparent fire, and the little loli once again launched a fierce attack, unwilling to give up.

Lin Yingmei’s brows knit together: Casting off the innocent appearance of a loli, hidden deep within the Fierce Star’s bones indeed was a boldness to fight with all her might.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast moved about perfectly in the air, directly dodging Qin Mingyue’s first pounce, but the Fiery Thunderbolt’s Star Beast suddenly exerted strength, becoming a shocking bolt of lightning, summoning a stifling wind to directly advance.

The cold spear received it, and Lin Yingmei’s spear technique slashed consecutively while the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast also unleashed a cold light to battle.

Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue’s retreat rapidly stopped. Her body had sustained some injuries that were insignificant. Those little problems on her body still could not affect her movements. The Star Beast swayed its body, shaking out a massive flame, continuing again to approach Lin Yingmei.

But the angry cry in that flame body was even more luminous, making all who heard it have their hair stand on end.

This was Qin Ming’s full power.

The all out efforts of both made direct contact.

In the admiring gazes of the Buddhist disciples, in the sky, the blinding flames and the bone-chilling cold once again bumped into each other. Lin Yingmei’s expressionless face showed extreme tranquility. That was not at all a wide back for a Star General, yet she nevertheless made the Buddhist disciples feel insignificant.

During the frightening contact, the giant wolf-toothed mace already violently swung right at Lin Yingmei. The enormous wind pressure even made the long bangs over Lin Yingmei’s eyes flutter up. Those ice bearing light clear as ice were incomparably peaceful.

The surrounding air suddenly was burned into scattering everywhere in a flutter, demonstrating powerful might.


The sky violently jolted as if there was an earthquake. Within the diffusing flames, Lin Yingmei spurred the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast to rush out. Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue’s Wolf Toothed Fire Beacon Mace could bring about a giant stifling strength when it attacked, and every wave could create flames and explosions, contending directly, absolutely dangerous.

But Lin Yingmei was fearless. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear and the Wolf Toothed Fire Beacon Mace slammed into each other, activating Star Magic, not falling to a disadvantage.

The two struggled in the air. Their silhouettes currently seemed to have become the sun and the moon. The people below did not dare look directly, stealing away the scene of the Ten Thousand Buddhas.

Star Energy was completely released. Sitting on Star Beasts allowed the two Star Maidens to become Fiend Stars in name and reality. Revolving endlessly in the sky, the glaring light of their battle continuously waved about. Flames and ice and snow scattered in all directions, fluttering about through the whole sky.

Qin Mingyue exerted all her strength to continuously attack, her momentum incomparably astonishing. Enormous explosions consecutively boomed, nevertheless, they left behind only individual fireballs in the sky.

Futilely progressing her own useless efforts.

Compared to Lin YIngmei, Qin Mingyue always fell behind.

The aerial battle made everyone unable to draw breath. This level of combat already was not something they could imagine. The battle strength of two great Five Tiger Generals Star Generals were but the highest tier of the pyramid, and their close combat abilities naturally could not be underestimated.

The squall of the sky was larger and larger. The hurricane of flame that Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue’s wolf-toothed mace gave rise to had disintegrated countless buildings. Already, they were almost encroaching on the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda. Lin Yingmei’s figure already was quickly drawn into a line. A “clangclangclangclang…” sound continuously resounded. Their weapons created countless struggles, as if they would never stop.

There were several hundred exchanges.

The corner of Lin Yingmei’s eye already spotted the trajectory of Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue’s attack. The battle more or less was coming upon a rest.

Fiercely gritting her teeth, the Star Energy in her body was like a gale as it circulated. Enormous energy frantically stirred her body structure. Cold air enveloped Lin Yingmei’s whole body.

Qin Mingyue felt her skin touch the chill of ice-cold, unable to shrug it off.

This was far from good.

Lin Yingmei suddenly flashed away, dodging Qin Mingyue’s attack, already appearing beside the little loli. The body of ice and snow again radiated a dazzling light. The enormous light made Buddha Kingdom illuminated, and they could not help but shut their eyes.

Lin Yingmei’s expression was stern. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear thrust out, just like a Heaven and Earth splitting sword. After a brief pause, there was an abrupt rebound, and light fell directly down from the sky.

In the instant she thrust, time and space seemed to halt. The surrounding air seemed to instantly be stopped in place. Qin Mingyue had a sort of dream-like suffocating feeling. That speartip of flashing ice-cold light seemed to be sole thing in the world in existence, attracting Qin Mingyue’s mind.

Not good…

The girl was pale.

The spear technique was like a shooting star, carrying powerful energy that resolutely pierced through Qin Mingyue’s body.


With the sound of a freezing penetration, and the entire world seemed to freeze.

Qin Mingyue was cut down onto the ground by the slash, no longer able to move. Lin Yingmei stabbed directly, and Qin Mingyue despaired.

Moreover, Wu Xinjie’s Eight Gate Black Gold Chain could be said to be a frightening Star Weapon. The moment the chains emerged, they seriously moved about the world unhindered. Jiao Ruoxue was very quickly bound. The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain wrapped tighter and tighter. The Evil Star very quickly felt suffocated. The mask suddenly collapsed under the chains, revealing a beautiful face that was unresigned.

“Little Sister, sorry.”

Wu Xinjie’s eyes glinted.

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain explosively radiated golden light. Jiao Ruoxue groaned, Immediately, she was disintegrated by the chains, turned to ash and dust.

Huangfu Yianyi was greatly shocked. His mind felt a sinking feeling, for he did not expect Jiao Ruoxue to be defeated so quickly.

“Eight Gates Black Gold Chain…how could you have this sort of thing…” Huangfu Tianyi asked in disbelief. The chains constricted his whole body, making his chance to use the jade pendant to flee disappear.

“Because Xinjie is the Knowledge Star.” Wu Xinjie’s lovely smile was like a demon in Huangfu Tianyi’s eyes. Huangfu Tianyi was unresigned, using the Flying Swords, but the Flying Swords were blocked by the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain, completely useless.

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain wrapped tighter. Huangfu Tianyi could not speak, his hopes turning to dust, falling into despair.

Then, the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain released a hurricane.

Huangfu Tianyi screamed, unreconciled, turning into dust. Then, Evil Star Faceless’ boxing gloves immediately appeared.

In the sky, a star fell.

Before Wu Xinjie could exhale, she suddenly heard a groan resound in the sky. Lifting her head to look, Lin Yingmei had already acquired the key moment in her battle with Qin Mingyue. The Majestic Star stabbed, and Qin Mingyue was cut down.

Lin YIngmei jumped down from the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast, both her hands grasping the spear as she stabbed at Qin Mingyue.

With Qin Mingyue’s condition, she already had no way to escape.

“Do you still have anything to say?” Lin Yingmei peacefully said, her eyes nevertheless somewhat distressed.

Qin Mingyue grit her teeth, “Mingyue is only sorry she could not help Elder Sister Qingci. Can Elder Sister promise Little Sister something. Help Elder Sister Qingci, she can help free us of the Star Duels.”


“Apologies, Your Servant has only ever obeyed Young Master alone.”

Lin Yingmei’s spear pierced through Qin Mingyue’s heart.

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  1. 今與汝授無相懺悔,消除三世罪業,讓你們能三業清淨。善知識,各隨我語:弟子等,從前念今念及後念,念念不被愚迷染,從前所有惡業愚迷等罪,悉皆懺悔,願一時消滅,永不復起 Adapted from


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      I wonder who’s paying for all that.

      “Huangfu Tianyi screamed, unreconciled, turning into dust. Then, Evil Star Faceless’ boxing gloves immediately appeared.

      In the sky, a star fell.”

      And he has no one to blame but himself. I’m actually kinda glad he died, even if I didn’t have anything against him and actually respected his shameless use of a Star General for profit, although I feel bad for his Star General.

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    I wonder why Abbess joined in the attack it is not profitable for her. If she didn’t she would be sole surviving Six Ancestor. The same I wonder about Shen Hui (it was the one who spoke with Su Xing and Chan Xin in smal courtyard and offered them protection from rain?). He and Abbess were the only good people in Six Ancestors. Why help and Save people who would turn on them given the chance?

    1. Cuz… group interests outweigh personal wariness.

      Ppl are more apt to stick by ‘those on their own side’ over those who seem ‘clearly NOT on your side’.

      It’s an Us vs. Them sort of issue concerning Buddhist Kingdom affairs and them damn Star Kasters, Star Generals, and Azure Dragon Territory Cultivators.
      Pride, greed, and the like.

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