Chapter 371: I Would Turn Into A Stone Bridge, Endure Five Hundred Years Of Blowing Wind, Five Hundred Years Of Shining Sun

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“This is the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp??”

Chan Master Jia Ye entered the boundless light. He spotted the Su Xing sitting in meditation, astonished to see the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp floating over his head. The five dragons of that Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp coiled about, emitting Buddhist light. From that Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp was a steady magic energy that irrigated upon Su Xing’s body, appearing incomparably dignified. Even a Buddha Kingdom Six Ancestor Chan Master such as Jia Ye was moved.

For a moment, Chan Master Jia Ye was somewhat hesitant about whether to make a move or not.

Just at this moment, suddenly, a black shadow flit by.

That silhouette was extremely quick, dissolving into space. Even Supercluster level cultivation like Chan Master Jia Ye’s could only barely detect this. Chan Master Jia Ye waved his palm without thinking, the palm using fragmented shala tree leaves to force away the newcomer.

What appeared before him was a young woman of sweet and fair physique. Her black hair stuck close to her body, and she wore a black mask1 that half-covered her face. On her slender hands were two glinting flying claws.

“Thief Star Flea on a Drum?”

“Don’t even think of getting close to Su Xing.” Her claws launched, flying over.

“What is the meaning of this? How can this man have so many Star Generals?” Chan Master Jia Ye was inwardly puzzled. Nevertheless, his hand was not slow at all, forming a hand seal. Two shala leaves emerged with a snap, stopping the Hoodwinking Flying Claws.

Shi Yuan was a martial force Star General, after all (not).2 The threat her Star Weapon’s power could bring to Chan Master Jia was practically negligible. The girl used Wind Chasing Shadow Hiding. Even with Chan Master Jia Ye’s Divine Intent, he was incapable of catching her.

Chan Master Jia Ye shook his leg, using an ability, “Samgharama Treasure Leaf Sutra.”3 In his surroundings suddenly appeared countless floating shala trees. These shala trees revolved and formed a zone of bliss. Each shala leaf appeared to be lighter than a feather, but a strike on the body was nevertheless heavier than Mount Tai. Even if the Thief Star’s concealment arts were unrivalled underneath the Heavens, being unable to approach was wasted effort.

Chan Master Jia Ye did not think any further. Extending his hand in a hook, he was about to snatch away the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp.


Shi Yuan appeared, and the Thousand Layers Ten Thousand Calamities Web also emerged.

“Poor Monk is not your enemy. Poor Monk wishes only to take back Buddhism’s holy item.” Chan Master Jia Ye spoke, the Samgharama Treasure Leaf Sutra’s countless shala trees encircling the Thousand Layers Ten Thousand Calamities Web. In the blink of an eye, they destroyed this web. Shi Yuan was too late to grieve. The Five Poisons Banner shook at the same time, and the long already fully charged Five Poisons Puppet Mechanisms spat out the Five Poisons.

But all of this was no more than the level of tickling to a Supervoid Cultivator. Chan Master Jia Ye did not even look. With a swift step, he scuttled to Su Xing’s front, grabbing.

“Old Monk, do not touch Su Xing.” Shi Yuan anxiously shouted, the Hoodwinking Flying Claws crisscrossing. Chan Master Jia Ye manifested a Chan staff, blocking the flying claws while extending his hand to grab at the same time.

Shi Yuan was greatly worried.

Just as Chan Master Jia Ye was about to seize Su Xing, all of a sudden, Chan Master Jia Ye’s arms seemed to have been frozen, incapable of reaching any further.

“Chan Master Jia Ye, this is rude.”

Su Xing opened his eyes, his expression calm, but his brow was full of a sort of dignity that made Chan Master Jia Ye feel disbelief. “Lacking in manners indeed!” Chan Master Jia Ye nodded, suddenly reaching out to grab, with the shala leaves like divine soldiers covering Su Xing.

Su Xing was aloof. His figure instantly gave Chan Master Jia Ye a sort of phantom sensation, as if he had instantly transformed into a giant pagoda too high to reach, giving rise to an enormous feeling of oppression. Su Xing’s Divine Intent moved. A formless pressure unexpectedly directly firmly suppressed Chan Master Jia Ye’s powers.

“This…” Chan Master Jia Ye was completely stupefied.

“Su Xing!!!” When Shi Yuan saw Su Xing, she charged over happily. Nervously, she asked: “Did you succeed?”

“More or less.” Su Xing nodded.

More or less??

“Wu Siyou and the others are in some danger, go first.” Su Xing did not explain.

Shi Yuan knew she could not delay.

Su Xing opened his palm. The Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp landed upon it. The boundless light was suddenly sucked by the Colored Glass Lamp. Su Xing’s thoughts moved, and a glistening branch flew from his Astral Bag.

“The Miraculous Bodhi Tree??!”

Chan Master Jia Ye was astounded, showing a complex expression. He put his palms together and subconsciously took several steps back.

“Great Master, do you still want to obstruct me?” Su Xing calmly looked at Chan Master Jia Ye.

The Miraculous Bodhi Tree and the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp combined. Suddenly, bluish-green light flashed, and the Five Dragons flickered with multiple colors.

“Amitabha.” With things already this far, how could Chan Master Jia not understand what was happening.

Abbess Water Moon motioned with her hand, continuously adding several amulets onto the Compassionate Ferry Jade Pure Bottle. Her hands squeezed into hand seals. Aiming a finger at the illusory Heavenly Solitary Star, a blue light the thickness of her pinky shot straight out of the bottle. Abbess Water Moon continuously changed hand seals, circulating her magic energy, and that blue light continued to pursue.

The Heavenly Solitary Star’s Devil Sealing Crescent Moon Chan thrust, and a crescent light shot out.

It completely shredded the Compassionate Ferry Jade Pure Bottle’s radiance.

Great Master Still Void and Great Master Shen Hui hastily thought to rush over when they saw this. Just at this moment, the light at the top of the pagoda receded suddenly. Everyone was astonished, and in several breaths’ time, that light that was seemingly a world unto itself had disappeared without a trace. Three people emerged from within.

“Oh, no.”

Great Master Shen Hui saw that the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp was in Su Xing’s hand. Suddenly, there was a great change. His figure flashed by, directly grabbing at Su Xing. Great Master Still Void did not fall behind, also using full power.

Although the two Supervoid Middle Stage Ancestors were already more or less exhausted, they reckoned they still had enough to dispatch a Galaxy Cultivator.

Su Xing sneered.

Twenty-four Flying Swords emerged, forming two overlapping lights. The sword-lights flashed, immediately beating back the pair.

“Recite the Ten Thousand Buddhas!”

When the Buddha Six Ancestors saw this, they completely did not hesitate to fall back.

The weakening Ten Thousand Buddhas once again manifested their boundless dharmas.

Wu Siyou and the others were suffering extremely.

Su Xing took a step, appearing with Shi Yuan in between the girls. He then waved his hand, and in the void, a giant lotus flower void unfurled. When this lotus appeared, it transformed into a golden canopy that enveloped Wu Siyou and the other girls. That dharma hovering by their ears immediately disappeared.

Wu Siyou was stunned, her eyes somewhat stirred.

“I’ve troubled you all just now.” Su Xing regretfully said.

Wu Siyou shook her head. “It is all thanks to Suwen…”

“Suwen is still resting.” Su Xing smiled. Turning his head, he gazed at those Buddha Kingdom Six Ancestors putting up a final struggle.


“The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower??!”

Everyone was shaken.

The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower was Buddhism’s supreme secret technique. Only those sorts of cultivators who truly achieved supreme enlightenment could possibly comprehend it. This Meditative Mind Lotus Flower represented that a cultivator had the highest achievement in Buddhism. Legend said that when this technique emerged, the three thousand Buddhist sects and millions of dharmas would be instantly comprehended with a snap of the fingers. However, the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower honestly was too demanding. Even the Buddha Kingdom Six Ancestors were unable to bloom one.

In the Buddha Kingdom, there was only one person who had blossomed the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, and he was treated as a Buddha-like existence.

And he was precisely Holy Monk Four Noble Truths!

“How could a Star Master like you possibly blossom the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower??”

Great Master Still Void showed a hateful expression and attacked Su Xing.

“Great Master Still Void, becoming angry is certainly not good.” Su Xing icily said. The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower’s petals opened to reveal a Buddha. Suddenly, a powerful pressure pushed directly on Great Master Still Void. A sort of fear made Great Master Still Void’s hands and feet incapable of budging. This was not at all a difference in cultivations, and neither was it Su Xing using Divine Intent to suppress him. Rather, it was because the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower concentrated Buddhism’s mahayana and opened that each petal was full of the concentrated reverence and piety of those who followed dharma. With millions of dharma gathered, so long as a Buddhist Cultivator was still reverent of Buddhism, it was difficult to not have a feeling of fear arise in the heart.

That was why the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower had that “Bloom To See Buddha” reputation.


Great Master Still Void put his palms together and shut his eyes.

Su Xing then gazed at Great Master Shen Hui.

“It is the Will of Heaven, the Will of Heaven!” Great Master Shen Hui exclaimed. He showed his palm, ending his aggression. “Poor Monk did not expect that Benefactor could surprisingly blossom the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower!”

When he finished speaking, the two Great Masters were suddenly pale in the face. Their whole bodies trembled, gazing at Su Xing with fright.

Su Xing’s gaze showed killing intent. He itched to kill these pompous Six Ancestors to relieve the hate in his heart, “That is also the Will of Heaven!” Su Xing coldly said, his Flying Swords slashing.

Great Master Shen Hui continuously dodged, crying out: “Why is Benefactor doing this?”

“If a person kills someone, then they must realize the feeling of being killed. Great Master, is Your Servant wrong?” Su Xing’s expression sunk.

Great Master Shen Hui and the others knew that the man in front of them blamed them for acting against Wu Siyou and the others, but they already were arrows at the end of their paths, battered and bruised to exhaustion by the Star Generals. If Su Xing acted now, how could they oppose. Let alone that Su Xing had blossomed the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, and that the Five Dragons Lamp had already been lit with Bodhi, even if they had anymore Star Energy, they were incapable of harming him.

“Benefactor stole our Buddhism’s holy object first. How can you have reversed black and white.”

“So what if I did?” Su Xing was disinclined to waste anything on this logic.

The Flying Swords cut with a swoosh.


A cold light blocked the Flying Swords. Heavenly Solitary Lu Zhishen obstructed Su Xing’s front.

“Chan Xin?”

“My monastic name is Shaqing. Su Xing, since you have already blossomed the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed, you ought to lay down your intent to kill.” Lu Shaqing said.

“Shaqing, you also saw that these monks bullied my wives. Even the Ten Thousand Buddhas appeared. Can I still treat people fairly?” Su Xing chuckled.

“Lord Husband, it is best to forget about this.” Wu Siyou at this time stepped out to ameliorate.

“Just what is happening here?”

Abbess Water Moon gazed at Su Xing in shock.

“Poor Monk fears that Benefactor Su Xing’s mind has always had the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed for things to be thus. It seems we have all misunderstood him.” Chan Master Jia Ye laughed.

Su Xing declined to comment. He gazed at Chan Xin.

“He is but a Star Master, how could he have possibly blossomed the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower?” Abbess Water Moon still did not dare believe.

“Delusion is difficult to see through because it is premised upon the false notions of an ‘I’ and a ‘you’, which boundlessly robs the mind of clarity of insight. This delusion has stained the mind for a very long time, and is the basis and driving force of the continuous cycle of life and death. This is why it is often not possible for delusion to be wiped-out immediately.4 In Buddhism, all things, all dharma, are inherently empty!”

The pagoda’s void vanished and became an ordinary space. Buddha West Approaches slowly walked out, benign-faced, reciting an admonition.

“Holy Monk!”

The Buddha Kingdom Six Ancestors saluted.

“For this Benefactor to be able to comprehend the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed, he has experienced hardship. He has a connection with my Buddha. You all still are unable to sweep away the filth in your hearts, incapable of seeing clearly. In fact, you should not. Meditate in seclusion for three years.” Holy Monk Four Noble Truths calmly said. He pointed a finger, and the group recovered their vitality.

This was not an order, but he allowed them no way to decline.

“Holy Monk, he has but slain Stupa and Senior Monk Extreme Happiness…” Aratha hastily said.

“Cause and effect coexist. This cannot be blamed on another person.” Holy Monk Four Noble Truths was dispassionate.

Aratha sighed. He knew that since matters had reached this stage, this could only be blamed on him losing his fundamental nature. Although he was somewhat unwilling, Buddha Kingdom’s Holy Monk had spoken. How could the Six Ancestors dare disobey. Furthermore, this counted as a discreet way to help them out of trouble. Buddha West Approaches had exhorted them to meditate for three years. Su Xing knew to reap a benefit when he saw it.

After the Buddha Kingdom Six Ancestors saluted, they took their leave, watching Su Xing with incomparably complex expressions, especially with distress towards that Meditative Mind Lotus Flower.

“Many thanks to Holy Monk for helping Your Servant succeed. This Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp has already been lit with the Miraculous Bodhi Tree by Your Servant. Now, Your Servant returns it to its rightful owner.” Su Xing presented his palms, and the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp flew before Holy Monk Four Noble Truths where it floated around.

Holy Monk Four Noble Truths glanced at it. He faintly smiled: “This object and Benefactor were brought together by fate. Benefactor, just take it.”

The Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp became a bolt of gold light that disappeared into Su Xing’s Astral Bag.

Su Xing did not refuse.

“Qingci, you alright?” Su Xing saw Qingci was extremely weak, supported by Li Longkui, who was feeling confused. He did not appear to be deliberately feigning while she was completely spent, pale in the face.

What was the meaning of this?

Su Xing glanced at the others. Wu Siyou and the girls did not know.

“Lord Su, Qingci never expected you to be able to bloom the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower. Qingci is truly impressed.” Qingci forced a smile.

Su Xing did not know what a good reply was.

“Shaqing, really, many thanks for just now.” Su Xing then thanked Lu Shaqing. If it was not for Heavenly Solitary Star Lu Shaqing acting on the Ten Thousand Buddhas, at that time, the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower basically could never bloom.

“Your Meditative Mind Lotus Flower is not yet perfect, correct.” Lu Shaqing saw through him with a glance.

The thousand layered lotus flower in the void seemed to cover Heaven, but upon closer inspection, the center of the flower still had a bud that had not fully opened.

Su Xing nodded, not concealing this.

The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower was worthy of being called Buddhism’s supreme secret treasure. Even when a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure like the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp and something as imposing as the Ten Thousand Buddhas were added to Su Xing’s Heart Still As Water Realm, the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower still did not fully bloom. Vaguely inside his heart, there was still something missing, and Su Xing could not clearly describe it.

Zhi Shaqing nodded.

“Let’s go, Sister Yingmei is still waiting for us.” When Shi Yuan said these words, Qingci froze.

“En.” Su Xing gazed at Shaqing, quite reluctant to part.

“Heavenly Solitary Star, are you willing or unwilling to participate in the Star Duels with us?” Wu Siyou saw this and spoke.

“In this life, Shaqing does not have any intentions to participate in the Star Duels at all.” Lu Shaqing calmly replied.

“Then Your Servant truly feels this is a pity.”

“If there is a connection, then we shall meet again.” Su Xing slightly smiled, preparing to leave.

Hearing Su Xing say these words, Lu Shaqing’s heart could not help but have a ripple. “Su Xing, wait a moment!!”


Su Xing turned around.

“Shaqing is determined to comprehend the Chan of the Star Duels with the Holy Monk, but having received a disturbance…” Lu Shaqing was very solemn.

“Can I help you do anything?” Su Xing scratched his head.

Lu Shaqing grasped the Devil Sealing Crescent Moon Chan. She took in a deep breath, her gaze like a torch. She seriously and imposingly stared at Su Xing: “Cut it down…”


Before Su Xing could come to his senses.

Heavenly Solitary Star Lu Zhishen shockingly revolted. That Devil Sealing Crescent Moon Chan drew past Su Xing. A terrifying force brought an intense wind pressure, shooting in all directions like a blade. Countless fragments already instantly sealed all of the space. A tyrannically chilly attack without the slightest bit of intent of kidding around!

Su Xing was too late to deal with it. He subconsciously used his martial arts abilities, his entire person instantly ducking close together, as if he was a flying fish sticking close to and gliding over the water’s surface. His speed increased a level.

The Devil Sealing Crescent Moon Chan’s imposing air seemed to not exist before him. This scene made everyone stupefied, but the true attack absolutely was not these seeming fragments of wind pressure. Rather, it was the Heavenly Solitary Star’s fist that was already fully charged.

Within the powerful wind pressure, Su Xing’s figure was like a sea swallow piercing through a hurricane.

“Arhat Punch!!”

The Heavenly Solitary Star’s punch already seemed about to heavily cut Su Xing down to pieces. Su Xing was dumbstruck, completely unaware of what Lu Shaqing was doing. The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower opened, and his two fists went forth and slammed against the Arhat Punch.

When Yan Yizhen and Gongsun Huang saw that Lu Shaqing attacked Su Xing, they were also about to make a move, but Wu Siyou stopped them.


“This is the karma that Lord Husband and the Heavenly Solitary Star must resolve. We must not make a move. Shaqing will not harm Lord Husband at all.” Wu Siyou slowly said. The Heavenly Solitary Star already was determined to comprehend the Chan of the Star Duels. However, by doing so, she required the Five Aggregates to be calm, to know the world was an illusion. Buddhism’s greatest taboo was the word “feeling,”5 the so-called “Have too much feeling, and you shall fall. Have too much perception, and you shall ascend. Have half of feeling and half of perception, and you shall have the world.”6

True Buddhism Great Chan can be said to be a feeling-less object.

Su Xing had only just thanked Lu Shaqing. Yan Yizhen and the others could not easily take action, and moreover, that Buddha West Approaches would perhaps obstruct them. They could only stare closely at Su Xing.

“But what use does attacking Su Xing have?” Shi Yuan was greatly confused.


Qingci’s side softly called.


Wang Jingzhi and the others were taken aback.

“Attacking Lord Su is only to have Lord Su make a move. When asked how to explain the word ‘feeling,’ there is only killing intent that is capable of ridding it. So long as Lord Su shows killing intent towards Shaqing, the word ‘feeling’ in the Heavenly Solitary Star’s heart will naturally break.” Qingci sighed. Her heart did not know why she felt somewhat regretful. She should have seen that it was plain the Heavenly Solitary Star held no feeling towards Su Xing, but when this matter truly occurred before her eyes, Qingci only felt her heart constrict.

In the end, she had lost to Su Xing.

“Elder Sister Qingci, when you speak with us, do not always mention that man as Lord Su. It is annoying.” Lü Fang complained.

Qingci’s pale face was suddenly red. She had become somewhat accustomed to this.

“However, he is very incredible, to surprisingly be able to make the Heavenly Solitary Star stir her feelings. Just what is the background of this man, to even bloom the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower? Honestly, it is confusing.” Wang Jingzhi was actually increasingly curious about Su Xing.

The others deeply felt the same.

“If Elder Sister does not kill him, she will regret it in the future.” Li Longkui coldly helped remind her.

“Qingci has propriety.” Qingci did not wish to say more.

“Shaqing, what are you doing?” Lu Shaqing’s attack was fierce, each move rushing towards Su Xing’s vital spots. There was an abundance of a spirit of a life or death struggle.

Su Xing honestly could not understand how when they had just been on such good terms that she could about face so suddenly? This was too baffling.

“If you wish to blossom the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, then do not spare Shaqing any feeling!” Lu Shaqing’s expression was ice-cold to the bone.

Su Xing called forth a Flying Sword. Heaven Tearing descended, the sword’s tip slashing.

Lu Shaqing’s staff broke it. This was not enough, there was no killing intent!!

The Heavenly Solitary Star jumped, her figure already like a meteorite outside the sky. Carrying a frightening kinetic energy and air-ripping whistle, she swiftly rushed down from the sky. Before she even got close, a massive pressure already pushed towards Su Xing, covering the sky and earth.

The ground rolled up with cracks, the air surged with noise, adding even more might.

Su Xing pointed, and Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder became several giant lotuses that revolved around.


The lotus flower suddenly broke apart.

Su Xing flashed by, dodging Lu Shaqing’s strike.

“If you wish to bloom the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, just act.” Lu Shaqing coldly smiled. Her hands gripped the Devil Sealing Crescent Moon Chan, one hand grabbing at the air.

A powerful sucking force grasped Su Xing’s whole body to pull him over,7 and the Devil Sealing Crescent Moon Chan came sweeping at him head on.

Sensing Lu Shaqing’s resolution, Su Xing stowed his relaxed appearance. He activated the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower to unfurl in response to Lu Shaqing’s exclamation. Borrowing it to jump high, he soared to high altitudes, “Although I don’t know what you’re thinking of doing, Shaqing, Your Servant shall oblige you.” Su Xing only treated this to be the same as when he originally sparred with Lin Yingmei, and his will to fight ignited.

With one hand gripping his hair fluttering with the gale, the Su Xing who swiftly plunged from the sky put one hand in front, and then pulled his other hand completely behind him. The Star Energy of his whole body circulated to protect him, and one after another of countless violently revolving air rings seemingly springing forth from nothing appeared in his surroundings. In the end, they gathered into a powerful, dragon-like tornado, enveloping Su Xing. The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower bloomed inch by inch as it rapidly fell, carrying with it a powerful force as it plunged!!

Everyone was stifled.

Lu Shaqing’s expression carelessly moved. She used one hand to meet it head-on.


An enormous noise like an earthquake jolted the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda.

Only after a long while did it slowly settle.


Su Xing grit his teeth in amazement.

The Tathagatha Divine Palm he had learned from kung-fu was surprisingly caught by Lu Shaqing with one hand. Her tremendous Monster Strength was completely not inferior to his power.

“Shaqing, this still isn’t enough.” Su Xing smiled.

Before Lu Shaqing could understand.

The Star Energy rings on Su Xing’s body descended one after another. Each time, they struck her body, raising ripples of seeming disintegration.

The pagoda once again shook. This time, everyone nearly was unbalanced.

Did Su Xing finally act out?

Qingci sighed.

The dust cleared. Lu Shaqing was somewhat in a difficult situation. Her clothes had burst apart, revealing snowy shoulders and a bare back. Even her tube top was exposed, her breasts towering. Flowery tattoos were practically crammed from her shoulder down her back, beautiful enough to be shocking.

“Eh, sorry.” Su Xing sweat. The Chan thoughts in his mind suddenly vanished. He hastily flipped out a set of clothes to cover her with.

Lu Shaqing’s face was completely red, her eyes nevertheless moist. “Why???”8

“???” Su Xing was taken aback.

“Why is your killing intent not enough!!” Lu Shaqing raised the Chan staff. Su Xing nimbly evaded. The Heavenly Solitary Star wrathfully drew near. Those clothes covering her fell away from her body. The girl drew near, one hand seizing Su Xing’s collar and about to pummel him.

When Su Xing saw that things were not good, he used softness to conquer strength, pressing on Lu Shaqing’s wrist and shoulders, then exchanged their centers of gravity. Lu Shaqing watched, stunned. Before she could understand, Su Xing already pushed her onto the ground, and their lips nearly pressed together.

“Shaqing, what killing intent?” Su Xing said.

A manly Yang entered her nostrils. Lu Shaqing only felt her heart’s distractions become increasingly entrenched, unable to budge at all.

“Go away.”

Lu Shaqing pushed, her arm strength boundless as she directly pushed Su Xing aside.

Qingci was already speechless. She felt that Lu Shaqing attempting to force killing intent out of Su Xing to sever her feelings was simply a gain that did not make up the losses. Now, it seems that Su Xing not only lacked killing intent, on the contrary, he on the contrary had apparently thrown himself into a battle with her. The more they enjoyed themselves, the more their styles were intimate.

How was this feelings of killing?9 Clearly, this was flirtation.10


Suddenly, Lu Shaqing halted her attack. She coldly glared at Su Xing, her skin already secreting sweat. The Heavenly Solitary Star glanced at Shi Yuan and the others. All of a sudden, she coldly snorted, again attacking Su Xing. Su Xing proceeded to block.

Just at this moment, Lu Shaqing changed directions, astonishingly aiming her attack at Tang Lianxin.

This sudden turn made everyone surprised.

Lu Shaqing’s hands gripped the Devil Sealing Crescent Moon Chan, slashing at Tang Lianxin.

The relaxed smile disappeared from Su Xing’s face, and his figure flashed by.

Twenty-four Flying Swords opened their imposing swordtips brimming with swiftness and severity, slight killing intent diffusing.

Sending Lu Shaqing back.

Tang Lianxin was startled. Su Xing appeared in front of her, the Flying Swords protecting them. His tone was disdainful: “Lu Shaqing, are you serious?”

Killing intent?

Lu Shaqing felt killing intent, but her heart nevertheless had a sort of indescribable discomfort.

“So it turned out to be this, after all. Only this can make you raise the mind to kill?” Lu Shaqing again recovered her calm. The faint distress in her eyes was covered fabulously.

That instant, both sides had extremely cold imposing airs.


Wu Siyou, who could no longer watch, obstructed in the middle of Su Xing and Lu Shaqing, rebuking them head-on.

“Wifey, what’s the matter?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow.

“Lu Shaqing merely wishes to sever the word ‘feeling’ that she would do this.” Wu Siyou said.

“Sever the word ‘feeling?’” Su Xing temporarily did not understand.

Wu Siyou glared at him, her expression saying, Was it not because of your mistake that made the Heavenly Solitary Star angry.

Su Xing looked at Lu Shaqing in shock: “Could it be actually because of this?”

The slight red on Lu Shaqing’s face was a clear answer.


“It is not good to speak so much. Benefactor Su Xing, if you truly care for Shaqing, then please help Shaqing slay these thoughts.”

“Shaqing, Shaqing…So it was this all along.” Su Xing raised his hand to look at the sitting Saint West Approaches, his voice somewhat interrogative: “Holy Monk, could it be that this is the plan?”

“To comprehend the Meditative Mind, the word ‘feeling’ will only increase perplexion.” Holy Monk Four Noble Truths answered.

“Shaqing honestly is extremely funny.” Su Xing coldly laughed.

All of the girls were taken aback. They never thought Su Xing would dare to use contempt this way, speaking to Holy Monk Four Noble Truths with an angry tone.

“Could it be that Benefactor believes that it is wrong for Shaqing to comprehend the Meditative Mind?” Holy Monk Four Noble Truths opened his eyes and faintly smiled.

“I did not say that.” Su Xing said.

“Shaqing. En, who said that you had to kill your feelings to comprehend Chan. If a person does not have feelings, then he is a dead man walking. Shaqing, could it be that the Holy Monk also feels that you need to turn yourself into a walking corpse first to comprehend Chan?” Su Xing asked.

“Shaqing merely wishes to break these distracting thoughts, what relationship does that have with being a walking corpse?” Lu Shaqing said.

“I only know, that the proof people existed in the world is only because of feeling…Great Master also knows that how could those followers of Buddhism not have come out of feelings. Buddha said that, ‘I glanced back five hundred times into pre-life, only to exchange for an encounter with you in this life.’ How can this killing of feelings not be laughable.”

Lu Shaqing did not have a reply.

Su Xing looked, shook his head, and walked towards Lu Shaqing, slowly reciting: “That day, closing my eyes in the Sutra Hall’s fragrant mist, suddenly I heard your chanting of incantations…”11

Lu Shaqing was taken aback, and the others were also stunned.

Su Xing slowly recited as he walked over. “That month, I shook all of my Sutra Containers, not for ceremony, but only to touch your fingertips;”12

Su Xing drew increasingly near, making Lu Shaqing’s heart suddenly feel a sort of indescribable confusion.

Su Xing continued to recite. It was obviously very soft, but Lu Shaqing heard him very clearly, her heart shaken.

“That lifetime turned to mountains, turned to waters, not to study life, but only to meet with you along the way.”13

When Su Xing finished chanting the last stanza, he was already in front of Lu Shaqing. His face wore a faint smile, making Lu Shaqing have a sort of feeling of wanting to duck away from his gaze. However, her legs were seemingly run through with stakes, and she could only be trapped in this place.

“What are you saying…” Lu Shaqing’s face was even redder, somewhat resentful.

All of the girls were stupefied by the love poem that Su Xing recited. Su Xing nevertheless smiled: “This is nothing more than something a certain Senior Monk wrote, and every word carried this ‘feeling’ word with them for his Buddha. Is killing your feelings the truth of Buddhism?”

Su Xing’s counter question made Lu Shaqing unable to retort.

But Lu Shaqing clearly was still hesitating.

“Shaqing, if you truly wish to kill your feelings to comprehend the Meditative Mind, I will help you.” Su Xing sighed.

Lu Shaqing lifted her head, her gaze complex: “Yes!!”

Su Xing spread his arms. “Make a move!”

Seeing Su Xing did not have the intent to counterattack, Lu Shaqing froze. “Why do you not act?”

“It is because of me that you are trapped. To want to kill your feelings is not simple…” Su Xing pointed to his stomach, calmly saying: “Stab right here, and henceforth, you and I will no longer be interconnected.”

Everyone was shaken.

Qingci felt she had misheard. She increasingly was unable to see through the man in front of her, surprisingly mentioning this sort of art of killing feeling. However, upon careful thought, Qingci’s body shuddered.

“Lord Husband!”


The beauties cried out in alarm.

“No need to mind them. If you stab me, I won’t die. I’ll probably be gravely wounded. Just treat it as you helping me blossom this Meditative Mind Lotus Flower. How about it, this type of killing feelings is very simple.” Su Xing smiled.

Lu Shaqing was stunned, her whole body trembling, her limpid eyes increasingly blank.

Su Xing actually opened his chest wide for her to pierce. How could Lu Shaqing do so. This completely violated her Chan study.


“I won’t hate you.” Su Xing seriously said.

Crafty, you are too crafty. Lu Shaqing, you cannot engage him, he is merely thinking of bewitching you.

Qingci’s heart had a shouting voice, but she nevertheless was unable to speak out.

Lu Shaqing gripped her weapon hesitantly. “Hesitation cannot turn into a big deal, allow Your Servant to cut this karma!!” Su Xing suddenly seized her weapon, and in front of everyone’s eyes he forcefully stabbed at his stomach.

Suddenly, the tip pierced through and appeared out his back.

He was drenched in blood.

“Lord Husband!!”

Wu Siyou and the others suffered and wanted to rush over.

“Don’t come over. This is between me and the Heavenly Solitary Star.” Su Xing held Lu Shaqing’s hand, piercing his stomach.

His consciousness was very hazy. Su Xing used all of his power to maintain consciousness. He could not let go before Lu Shaqing did.

“I will not die and can even obtain your Meditative Mind. You can also kill your feelings, have it both ways. What are you waiting for.” He smiled, maintaining consciousness with difficulty.

It broke.

That fearless expression thoroughly broke Lu Shaqing’s final thought.

Under everyone’s stares, Lu Shaqing released her hand. She stuck her lips on Su Xing’s, a deep kiss full of passion.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Su Xing also did not expect this, and his eyes widened.

Suddenly, he felt his forehead flash with a searing pain, and Lu Shaqing’s forehead also simultaneously glimmered with a Star Crest. The two’s Star Crests began to link, finally interweaving together.

Heavenly Solitary Star Lu Shaqing – had signed a contract!!

“Do not commit folly.” Lu Shaqing coldly said, turning her head away.

Under the Heavenly Solitary Star’s contract, the puncture wound on Su Xing’s body immediately disappeared, and his Star Power was full. A powerful Star Energy welled up in his body, and his boiling blood turned the galaxy in his body into a surging ocean.

Su Xing surprisingly entered Supercluster Stage at the same time.

And simultaneously, he also unfurled the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower’s final bud in a breathtaking blossom.

“Ah, didn’t you want to…” Su Xing was very surprised.

Lu Shaqing was silent. Instead, she gazed at Holy Monk Four Noble Truths. “Holy Monk, Shaqing…”

“To use feelings to comprehend Chan is also my Buddha’s wish.”

Holy Monk Four Noble Truths was sincere.

“Lord Husband, you truly were too impulsive just now.” Wu Siyou and the others ran over, somewhat rebuking.

Su Xing’s stab just now made her heart break.

“I wouldn’t die, and I thought there wouldn’t be any disadvantages.” Su Xing said out of embarrassment. “I didn’t expect it.” Turning his head to gaze at Holy Monk Four Noble Truths exchanging words with the Heavenly Solitary Star, this contract honestly was somewhat unprecedented.

Wu Siyou also did not expect this. “Perhaps Lord Husband’s recitation of that poem touched her.”

“En, This Young Lady quite wishes to devote herself.” Shi Yuan nodded.

“Your Highness, do you truly believe that feelings are very important?” Gongsun Huang sat on Su Xing’s shoulder and expressed bewilderment.

“En, of course. People are not vegetables, which can be without feeling.” Su Xing smiled.

“Then, does Your Highness like14 Little Huang?” Gongsun Huang blinked.

“Of course, how could you be my wife if I didn’t like you.” Su Xing said.

“How much do you like Little Huang?” Gongsun Huang made a rare follow-up question.

“Buddhist scripture says: I would turn into a stone bridge, endure five hundred years of blowing wind, five hundred years of shining sun, five hundred years of pelting rain just for you to walk past over the bridge.” Su Xing seriously said.

Wu Siyou and the other girls were red in the face.

“Your Highness, Little Huang likes you.”

Gongsun Huang clasped Su Xing’s cheeks, sweetly kissing him.

“Watch this.”

Back to Lin Yingmei and Wu Xinjie, the pair were still waiting for Su Xing to emerge after having settled Qin Mingyue and Faceless. How could they have known that the Buddha Six Ancestors actually would be the first to leave. The result was that before hearing anything, the Happiness Together Courtyard’s group of cultivators began to make moves.

Upon asking, they learned that Senior Monk Extreme Happiness had surprisingly died. Not only this, but the Stupa Saber Fast’s Buddhist cultivators also followed.

The other ancestors were not at all aware of the relationship between Su Xing and Wu Xinjie. However, the Happiness Together Courtyard nevertheless understood that they now had to cooperate with the Stupa Saber Fast to exact revenge.

The air instantly was torn apart by countless Buddhist auras and saber-lights. All of the Buddhist cultivators simultaneously used their powers, artifacts, and magic weapons. Although their power was small, this many people acting at the same time actually had an imposing air that was a bit frightening.

The sabers, swords and Chan staffs in their hands were full of a killing intent that Buddhists ought not have. These cultivators of resentment turned fury had already rushed over along with their killing murderous auras.

Although they did not have the psychic communication on the level of a Star General’s their coordination of this time’s powers made their attack possess formidable power.

However, from Lin Yingmei’s perspective, this honestly was not worth a glance.

All of their aggression was instantly frozen, and the wind ceased its flow.

The artifacts, magic weapons, and arms were deflected by a cold wind. The cultivators were a bit flustered, but something immediately far more frightening was right behind. Lin Yingmei’s eyes flashed with a chill. Swinging her spear, a powerful force rushed into the ground. The vanished wind suddenly bubbled forth and reappeared as a mad gale. Her rising hand brought with it an unexpectedly stirring up blizzard of ice and snow.

Things happened so suddenly, leading to those cultivators to completely unceremoniously slam together with the blizzard. Some cultivators broke through the blizzard’s obstruction, but they instantly were already unable to seize Lin Yingmei’s traces.

A berserk wind roared, flitting directly across the ends of the earth like a dagger piercing the heart.

A succession of groans resounded. Those cultivators fell one after another.

Lin Yingmei ascended towards the sky, her speed extremely quick, as if she wanted to break free the fetters of her body. The remaining cultivators noticed her presence, but they apparently were already too late..

From the sky instantly came a terrifying pressure. All of the cultivators immediately raised their heads together. Lin Yingmei’s silhouettes already wildly pounced down towards them like demons and gods. During her rapid descent, her head lowered, and her leg kicked up. The cold light in her eyes suddenly glinted, and her spear technique was brandished.

Thereupon, the inevitable outcome was a crushing defeat.

“Do not kill them.” Wu Xinjie smiled, “The other Buddhists sects will sort them out.”

“En.” Lin YIngmei retracted her spear.

Suddenly, a Crimson Star dazzled in the sky.

“Truly, he is a man that gives people headaches.”

Faraway, Chao Gai muttered to herself, hiding with difficulty the cheerful smile in her eyes.

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  1. 黑紗, lit. black armband, meaning her mask is the same style as Kakashi Hatake’s
  2. Literally in the raws.
  3. 伽藍寶葉經
  4. 只為眾生你我從無量劫來,迷淪生死,染污久了,不能當下頓脫妄想,實見本性 adapted from
  5. 情, which is part of Shaqing’s name
  6. 情多則墮,想多則升,情想參半,則生人間, I most probably butchered the meaning of this.
  7. Bansho Ten’in! Just kidding.
  8. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. 殺情
  10. 調情
  11. 那一天,閉目在經殿的香霧中,驀然聽見,你誦經的真言 Su Xing is reciting a real life love song written by the 6th Dalai Lama.
  12.  那一月我搖動所有的經筒,不為超度,只為觸摸你的指尖
  13.  那一世轉山轉水,不為修來世,只為途中與你相見
  14. 喜歡, which in a looser sense, can also mean “love.”


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