Chapter 376: Splitting Your Forces Down Three Paths

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The torrential rain struck upon Chai Ling’s body. Queen Noble Star allowed the rain to strike and soak her whole body.

“The broken arrow beauty plays the konghou? An Elder Sister has appeared in this Buddhist verse. Could it be saying that Sister Konghou has a connection with Su Xing??” Chai Ling raised her head, her pupils wet. She again recomposed her mind, once again putting all her thoughts on Divine Mathematician Jiang Jing’s final Heavenly Mystery.

In the sky, the stars of Star Maidens resonated and flickered with their grief.

The Heavenly Mystery written down using the Connecting Heaven Pagoda and the last strands of her willpower, bringing her own Divine Calculation to the limit. In addition, this prophecy for Su Xing’s Star Duels was not only a brief glimpse into his immediate destiny, but it was even more so the mystery of the Start Duels.

“Without her, your lifetime is nothing but a dream of golden millet.” Konghou stroked her chin and muttered to herself.

“Who knows.”

In the rain, Konghou’s somewhat spiritless muttering resounded.

“Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Jin, why do you so painstakingly amass understanding of the mystery of the Star Duels?”

The heavy downpour was split open along a burning question.

Chai Ling and Konghou shot glances at one another, not surprised at all.

A mighty woman garbed in gold walked out from within the rain. The heavy rain that fell on her body became nothingness.

“Chao Gai, huh.” Konghou’s lazy and somewhat sad expression suddenly radiated with energy. Accompanying her languid tone, Konghou’s figure suddenly moved. The rain was split open, her murderous aura allowing for no conversation.

Even the Thousand Buddha Star who was unexcelled in Liangshan Continent showed rare caution at Konghou’s provocation. Chao Gai’s palm opened, and a formless killing intent flowed past her fingers.

“Must you take action now?”

“Sister Konghou, do not be impulsive.” Chai Ling spoke out to stop her.

Konghou softly snorted. The killing intent in her fingers withdrew. “Chao Gai, should Maiden Mountain act in these Star Duels, Your Servant1 will not sit idly by.”

Hearing this threat, Chao Gai did not bat an eyelid, yet her expression was even somewhat pleased.

“It seems This One’s worries were unneeded.”

Chao Gai’s gaze once again returned to Chai Ling’s body, and she said: “Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling. This One advises thou to stop before going too far. If you truly wish to comprehend the mystery of the Star Duels, then feel for yourself the cruelty of the Star Duels. Staying uninvolved is merely the conduct of a coward, and to sacrifice a Little Sister to obtain the Divine Calculation, this not the style of the queen Noble Star.”

Little Whirlwind Chai Ling’s expression was not good at all.

“This Palace has no need for thee to come lecture.”

Chao Gai clearly only wanted to give this warning to Chai Ling. As for how she would reply, Chao Gai did not care. Profoundly glancing at them, “Do your best!” Thousand Buddha Star took a step backwards, disappearing into nothingness.

As if nothing had ever happened.

“Your Servant actually feels that what Chao Gai said is very correct, Chai Ling.” Konghou then said. “To comprehend and stay outside the Star Duels is not a bad plan from personal experience. Is that man not your chance, Chai Ling?”

“A chance is also his chance. This Palace is not so unbearable.”

Konghou teased her with a smile: “A woman who waits for her chance is bound to be lonely!”

Chai Ling exerted Star Energy to sweep aside the rainwater, covering her lips with the feather fan, concealing her inner fluster. “Do not speak about this for now. Elder Sister must follow This Palace to go watch him together? After all, this Heavenly Mystery has manifested Elder Sister’s name.”

“Not going. Your Servant wants to go back and sleep. This sort of sad scene is better left to you, Chai Ling.”

Konghou yawned, her face disappointed.

Chai Ling forced a smile.

The rain stopped. Jiang Shuishui looked back and smiled, soundlessly thanking him.

Su Xing wanted to step forward and say something, but seeing the girl’s expression that was sadder than a withered heart, his voice was choked in his throat. Jiang Shuishui looked up at the Stars, her body beginning to become hazy, like a mist. Following the sunlight, she ultimately faded away, leaving behind only a final, unforgettable image of grief.

The Meet Star’s Crimson Star fell into Su Xing’s heart. Meet Star Divine Mathematician Jiang Shuishui’s last bit of Star Energy and the Heavenly Mystery were passed on to Su Xing.

Su Xing sighed, putting his hands together. The golden lotus blossomed in the air, raining down a solemn Buddhist light that sprinkled upon the Ecliptic Palace’s rivers of blood.

Everyone was silent.

At the top of Yellow Gate Mountain, they erected a burial mound.

Su Xing opened his mouth and spat out Essence Blood. The Essence Blood turned into a droplet that finally revealed itself to be shining pearls. These pearls stacked together like an abacus, and following Su Xing’s Divine Intent control, the pearls spiraled around the burial mound, immediately drilling into the grave.

All of the girls mourned.

Placing the Five Elements Sentencing Mental Calculation into Uncle Hai’s tomb could be considered resolving Meet Star Divine Mathematician Jiang Shuishui’s final wish.

Sorting out their grief, Su Xing and the girls glanced at each other.

Jiang Shuishui’s death gave Su Xing a great shock and produced in him a sort of deep urge to protect them. Su Xing was very clear that now already was not the time to be on a scenic tour. Chao Gai’s advice was full of warning, and the top priority now was to quickly increase their strength.

“Elder Sister Xinjie, did you decipher Jiang Shuishui’s Divine Calculation??” Shi Yuan asked.

Wu Xinjie frowned.

The qilin’s snow shines red. White wave raises golden wind. Bright moon’s inviting cup intoxicates a night. The broken arrow beauty plays the konghou. The sound is faint for a millennium. Without her, your lifetime is nothing but a dream of golden millet.

“Are these the Sisters Young Master will sign a contract with in the future?” Lin Yingmei raised her eyebrows.

“Even if it is not, this could be related.” Wu Xinjie was not too certain. In actuality, Jiang Shuishui sacrificing her life to use Divine Calculation already was close to calculating the general idea of Su Xing’s future in the Star Duels, but within were many variables that had not yet come. However, what most made Knowledge Star Resourceful Star take note was not these but the very last phrase.

“Without her, your lifetime is nothing but a dream of golden millet?!”

“This sounds like a big bummer.” Shi Yuan said.

“Is ‘the sound is faint for a millennium’ referring to Siyou? If we don’t have her, it’s like we’re missing something?” Su Xing concentrated expectantly on Wu Siyou. The latter’s cheeks were slightly red. How could she not know what Su Xing was thinking of.

The Harm Star feigned ignorance, “Let us worry about the Divine Calculation later. We already do not have too much time. We ought to finish arranging our affairs.”

The girls wanted to say something but hesitated, glancing at each other. Clearly, they had a plan.

“Helping you upgrade Your Star Weapons is the quickest way to increasing your strength.” Su Xing had also given this thought. Now, the sole way to contend against Maiden Mountain was this.

“Wrong, the top priority is to help Young Lord increase his power by forging the Immemorial Flying Swords.” Wu Xinjie shook her head.

Su Xing was taken aback.

“Although Master has blossomed the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, Maiden Mountain will come face us in the future. The first thing done will be to target Master.” Yan Yizhen explained.

Su Xing also had thought of this, but more than a month of time honestly was too desperate a situation.2 This was the first time Su Xing felt that time truly was not enough.

“But if…”

“Young Lord, are you willing to believe in us?” Wu Xinjie smiled.

This question was very unneeded.

“Actually, Xinjie has already thought of the next arrangements. One month’s time ought to be able to deal with Maiden Mountain.”

Su Xing listened with respectful attention.

Wu Xinjie’s plan in actuality was very simple. First of all, to upgrade Star Weapons need not be mentioned. The higher the number of stars, the stronger the Star Weapon. This was the most direct way to increase their power. Previously, because of the delay with Su Xing’s Meditative Mind Lotus Flower and Evil Smiting Hall, their Star Weapons did not make any progress. However, now that Chao Gai did not have any calamities, the beauties had no need to worry about Su Xing further.

The important point of upgrading Star Weapons naturally was that they already had Majestic Star Lin Yingmei’s Five Star materials. So long as they could break through the Four Star threshold, confronting Maiden Mountain had even greater chance of success.

Secondly was Su Xing’s Earth Element Sword of the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Five Elements Sword. The Black Turtle Territory was the place the Star Duels’ Fourth Phase “Three Volume Heavenly Book” would begin. The Black Turtle Sea of the Black Turtle Territory just so happened to have the Gen Wu Divine Iron3 Su Xing’s Five Elements Sword required. He had to go to the Black Turtle Territory.

Afterwards, Efficacious Star Divine Physician An Suwen and Earthly Solitary Star Gold Coin Spotted Leopard Tang Lianxin would stay behind and guard the Immortal’s Abode, presiding over logistics. One was in charge of upgrading their equipment, and the other refining medicine. This way, the chances of victory would be even higher.

“Of course, finally, number one in magic energy Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Huang’s Star Beast also cannot be settled for!”

Wu Xinjie’s thinking was the exact same as Su Xing’s, but the reason why Su Xing was so hesitant was because this plan had one aspect he was incapable of making a firm resolution.

This was that they had to separate.

To finish these within one month, going separate ways was unavoidable.

“Xinjie, Yingmei, Siyou, and Yuan’er are in charge of seeking materials for Star Weapons. Young Lord, go help Little Huang capture her Star Beast, then go to the Black Turtle Territory. With Little Yi protecting Young Lord, there will be no problems. And Suwen and Little Sister Lianxin shall remain in the Immortal’s Abode. Young Lord, how do you feel about these arrangements?” Wu Xinjie smiled.

“After one month, we will assemble once more in the Immortal’s Abode.”

Su Xing was reluctant to part with them, but he knew that now was not the time to be tangled up. Thus, he asked them: “How do you fell?”

“Although we are reluctant to part with Su Xing, it’s only one month. That’ll pass by really quick.” Shi Yuan was also hesitant, but there was no helping it. Su Xing had contracted Eight Star Generals. Naturally, he could not possibly follow the previous experience of Star Duels. Just upgrading the Star Weapons of eight Star Generals was sinking energy into a bottomless pit. Now, the best way was to separate.

They would thoroughly magnify the advantage of eight Star Generals.

“Alright, we can only do this.” Su Xing nodded, making his decision.

“We set out tomorrow. Tonight, Yingmei, say whatever you need to Young Lord.”

Wu Xinjie suggestively winked. Lin Yingmei paused, her face hot with fire.

Night fell.

“En, Young Master.” Lin Yingmei moaned, her purple-red mouth nipping Su Xing’s shoulder, her beautiful eyes tightly shut. Her face showed an expression either of pain or bliss.

Each of Su Xing’s intense thrusts made the Lin Yingmei of extraordinary heroic air show an expression that was hundreds of times more charming.

“Yingmei, oh…you’re…so beautiful…”

“En,” Lin Yingmei’s arms wrapped around Su Xing’s neck, a very weak appearance. Her red lips nipped, her body shuddered, and her snow-white thighs that were supported by Su Xing leaked honey like rain.

Lin Yingmei felt a burning inside. Her inner flower opened then closed, closed then opened. She was made utterly limp by Su Xing, utterly soft.

Su Xing saw his beloved wife’s pitiable appearance, finally letting her off. He tenderly set Lin Yingmei on the bed, and the two of them embraced each other, quietly enjoying insurmountable bliss. Su Xing had a very odd feeling. Whenever he and Yingmei reached their peak, Lin Yingmei’s figure seemed to be somewhat unreal, like an illusion, as if she could disappear at any moment. These times made Su Xing hug her tight out of distress. The Yingmei immersed in the splendor of sex was unaware of this change, nevertheless enjoying the embrace of her beloved master after the event. However, every time Su Xing hugged her tighter made Lin Yingmei’s body even more unbearably soft.  

“Yingmei, be careful on the outside. Hubby will miss you.” Su Xing lightly bit Lin Yingmei’s sparkling earlobe, tenderly ordering her.

“Your Servant cannot stand guard at Young Master’s side and asks Young Master to be careful.” Lin Yingmei bit her lip, somewhat remorseful.

Su Xing smiled. He kissed her red lips, again listening to her soft and silky moans.

This night was certain to be very long.

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  1. 鄙人
  2. 火燒眉毛, lit. fire burning your eyebrows.
  3. 昆吾具鐵, Author used wrong characters compared to Chapter 191


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