Chapter 378: Fortune And Misfortune Are Interdependent

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A row of golden characters like reversed images manifested.

Star Position: Rat Star1

Star Name: Bai Sheng2

Nickname: Daylight Rat3

True Name: Bai Yutang4

Rank: One-hundred sixth

Star Weapon: Dreamless (Zero Star)

Star Beast: ????

Realm: Heartbeat Fifth Stage5

Innate Skill: Wine Brewing6

Five Elements: Wood

Yellow Rank Special Move: Worry-free Without A Care7

Dark Rank Special Move: None

Current Status: No Contractor (Weak, Cannot be conquered)

Detailed Materials: Star Duel Covenant cannot be signed within Evil Smiting Hall

“Ah, such a weak Star General.” Although he was already prepared, when he finished looking at the Birth Treasure Outline’s material, Su Xing still was greatly surprised.

The little girl before his eyes was surprisingly the one hundred sixth Rat Star Daylight Rat Bai Sheng. Seeing that realm, that technique, that Star Weapon, he thought that she was not a martial force Star General. Let alone Su Xing, perhaps even a Stardust Cultivator could insta-kill her.

So weak, no wonder Bai Yutang is that timid and scared.

“You’re hurt.” Su Xing somewhat admired the little loli. The blood flowed without end, but she nevertheless showed great optimism, without any fear, completely carefree and without worries while even singing. However, now that he recalled that singing voice, Su Xing felt even more hurt.

Such a cute loli ought to be protected.

Gongsun Huang beckoned with her hand. A stream of wind trapped Bai Yutang. The little girl then walked over and said something.

Only then did Bai Yutang’s fear slowly dissipate, yet the caution in her eyes still did not disappear.

Su Xing walked over at this time. Turning apart those blood-soaked clothes, inside were several very deep cuts and odd bug bites, like she had been bitten by a gu. Ordinary medicines basically were incapable of curing this.

Bai Yutang’s waiting eyes curiously followed Su Xing’s inspection.

A moment later.

“Little Huang, we saw a creek with all sorts of grasses before. Do you still remember the place?” Su Xing hugged the little loli.

The little loli hesitated for a moment. Her little hand grasped Su Xing’s clothes, nervous yet cute.

Gongsun Huang sat on Su Xing’s shoulder, nodding.

Wandering The Clear Skies, the little loli was startled. As one of the renowned Star Generals, not having flown before was unbelievable.

A while later.

A lake with hundreds of tender shoots appeared before them. Beside the creek was a ring of countless herbs. The lakewater was full of a medicinal fragrance. Evil Smiting Hall had many rarities, and using herbs like this that had soaked in the creek water for several thousand years naturally possessed curing functions, more powerful than some medicines.

Relying on the medical arts Su Xing inherited from An Suwen, using these various grasses and medicinal waters in addition to an appropriate method, the gu poison in the wound could still be dispelled.

However, first of all, he needed to face an extremely great battle.

“Little Candy8 can you clean your wound by yourself?” Su Xing asked her.

Rat Star Daylight Rat Bai Yutang moved her arms. Her expression turned painful, so she clearly was unable to.

“Do you mind if I help wash you?” For the sake of his own reputation, Su Xing had a requirement that he obtain permission from the party involved. He certainly was not that sort of weird uncle that had a lollipop in hand.

Bai Yutang thought for a moment. Her very moe eyes wandered between Su Xing and Gongsun Huang. In the end, she nodded.


Su Xing had a righteousness that inspired reverence. He straightened his chest, and then he took off the girl’s clothes. Bai Yutang did not oppose, very obediently allowing Su Xing to also take off her trousers. That docile appearance was like a father helping his six or seven year old daughter bathe. Su Xing’s heart originally had an odd feeling, but that also dissipated along with hers. That went without saying, of course. The other person was only six or seven years old, the age of a daughter. There was nothing wrong with someone acting as the Big Brother to help his little sister take a bath.

Su Xing felt that he truly was a weird uncle. Maybe he was thinking too much.

Her adorable and sculpted body very quickly was undressed into a great white expanse. Su Xing made Bai Yutang soak in the water as if it were a spa. The little loli suddenly wrinkled her nose, her expression very painful. Her hand subconsciously grasped tight Su Xing.

“If it hurts, groan.” Su Xing saw that she was resisting the pain.

“Zi.” Bai Yutang timidly squeaked.

“Cough, cough.” Su Xing nearly choked, this Rat Star was too innocent.

“Now, I’ll help you heal and dispel the gu poison. Bear with me.” Su Xing warned.


Su Xing first took out some medicine that he applied to his fingertips. Mobilizing his Star Energy, those sinister wounds twisted along Bai Yutang’s soft skin. It appeared very frightening, and Su Xing wondered who could attack such a cute little girl so maliciously. Recalling Jiang Shuishui’s completely tragic fate, Su Xing’s heart was very angry.

The gu poison had already spread across Bai Yutang’s body, from her little budding chest all the way down to her thighs.

Su Xing actually did not have any feelings of desire. This was merely a father taking care of her wounds. Bit by bit, he dispelled the gu poison. Even if he touched the sensitive places of Bai Yutang’s body along the way, he was more worried about whether he would cause her pain.

Bai Yutang’s willpower was very resilient, not uttering a word during the process to drive out the gu poison, only letting out a rat-like squeak from time to time when things actually were very painful.

A very long while after, the dark green poison was finally dispelled by Su Xing. Su Xing’s fingertip stroked Bai Yutang’s wounds, and then he bandaged them. A Star General’s body was indestructible. Those seemingly certain scars would naturally completely heal after a time.


Su Xing heaved a great sigh. At this time, only then did ne notice that little loli Bai Yutang had fainted onto his chest from the pain. Those little hands clutched at Su Xing as if he was life-saving duckweed, already full of trust for him.

Su Xing looked at Bai Yutang and truly felt resentment. If Maiden Mountain wanted Star Duels, then Star Duels it was, but to take this seven or eight year old girl to be a Star General was too inhuman. Su Xing saw that she had fainted from the pain. Her body was full of cold sweat. Quickly thinking, he might as well help bathe her.

With Great Aunt Censorship in his mind, Su Xing did this all absolutely without evil thoughts, without the slightest bit of distraction.

“Your Highness.”

Suddenly, a very soft voice entered his ear. Su Xing gasped. He had nearly give his own wife the cold shoulder.

“Little Huang, apologies.” Su Xing turned his head back, and his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

Gongsun Huang walked on the water’s surface. Her red cloak had already been taken off, and her body was threadbare, about the same size of Bai Yutang’s body. However, Su Xing still could not stop his heart from skipping a beat. “Little Huang, what are you doing?”

Gongsun Huang’s eyes were still exceedingly refined. Blinking, she watched the quietly sleeping Rat Star, that expression seemingly saying: “I want to bathe.”

Speaking, her figure floated, reaching Su Xing’s chest.

Her soft and satiny skin was extremely silky.

Su Xing made himself calm down, “This place is infused with hundreds of medicines, bathing will be healthy…” These words seemed somewhat strange.

Gongsun Huang shook her head. She opened her arms, glimpsing her completely unprotected intimate places. Her expression’s meaning was even clearer – she wanted to have Su Xing help her.9

Su Xing could not possibly favor and discriminate one over the other, hurting Little Huang’s heart, but he did not know why Little Huang’s naked body was apparently even more enticing than Bai Yutang. Obviously, the pair were the same in age, their figures identically developed. Could it be that Gongsun Huang had those traits? Su Xing shook his head, dispelling the wicked thoughts in his heart. He would treat it as a father helping his daughter take a bath. Su Xing felt there was no big deal.

Great Aunt Censorship, do you feel this way, too~~~~ His fingertips stroked across Gongsun Huang’s skin, the satiny feeling somewhat comfortable. The little loli was very pleasured, sitting against Su Xing’s chest. Su Xing wore clothes, and although the scene would anger men and gods alike, reaching the stage of censorship’s glowering eyes, this could not count as dubious any way it was put.

“Does Your Highness wish to contract her?” Gongsun Huang enjoyed the caresses of Su Xing’s fingertips, her voice somewhat floating with satisfaction.

“Little Huang, what do you feel?” Su Xing asked for her opinion.

Gongsun Huang nodded. She would not oppose. She was actually quite fond of this cute little sister that was the same age as her.

“However, I can’t sign a contract in Evil Smiting Hall. This is relatively troublesome.” Slowly, Su Xing forgot about his previous awkwardness. Discussing matters of Bai Yutang was somewhat distressing. The little loli’s nature had a sort of feeling that made one want to protect her. If he could contract her, Su Xing felt this was not a bad thing, but the problem was that though the distance in Evil Smiting Hall appeared very close, it was possible that it was considerably very far. However, at the present time, Su Xing was in a rush to refine the Earth Element Flying Sword. This matter could not be delayed.

“Go ask her.” Gongsun Huang said.

“But would she contract?” Su Xing laughed.

“Your Highness is very special.” Gongsun Huang said.

“Am I?” The person in question actually did not feel so.

“Wu.” Suddenly, Gongsun Huang moaned. Her slim legs subconsciously clamped Su Xing’s fingers between them.

Su Xing was taken aback. He noticed that he was not paying attention as he was chatting just now, however, at this time, acting guilty would make the two embarrassed. Su Xing pretended that nothing had happened as his fingertips swept past that flower, seizing the chance to pull his hand out from Gongsun Huang’s clamping legs, “You’re just about cleaned up. Can Little Huang wipe herself clean?”

Gongsun Huang nodded, her face slightly red.


There was a voice to the side.

“Little Candy, you woke up?” Su Xing knew that she had already awoken. His discussion with Gongsun Huang just now ought to have been heard by her.

Bai Yutang nodded and curiously looked at Su Xing and Gongsun Huang’s intimate position.

“Where are you now? Do you wish to sign a contract with me?” Su Xing asked her.

“Contract?” Bai Yutang blinked her eyes, somewhat bewildered.

“Star Duel Covenant!” Su Xing reminded her. At this time, the corner of his shirt was tugged. Gongsun Huang’s naked body wanted Su Xing to help dress her clothes.

Su Xing honestly felt that he had become a father, older brother or the like, and Gongsun Huang had that sort of feeling of the little sister that would not grow up. Without thinking, he picked up those little pieces of underwear for Gongsun Huang to wear.

Dragon in the Clouds very seldom took the initiative like this, and Su Xing naturally would not wrong her.

“I can’t Star Duel.” Bai Yutang said.

“It’s okay, Big Sister and Big Brother will protect you.” Su Xing was fully self-confident.

“Oh.” Bai Yutang was noncommittal.

“Well? Where are you right now?” Su Xing asked her.

“I’m hosted inside Elder Sister’s restaurant.” Bai Yutang saw that the gu wounds had been expelled, so she was slightly faithful in Su Xing. However, to be able to make Bai Yutang believe in him this much, Gongsun Huang also was a major reason. Her relaxed nature made Su Xing tenderly help put on her clothes. That sort of feeling of trust inadvertently fused into Bai Yutang’s heart. Sensing this point, Su Xing truly secretly admired Gongsun Huang was just a bit like a sage that posed as an ordinary person.

“What’s the restaurant called? What province?” Su Xing asked her.

“Province??” Bai Yutang did not understand: “The restaurant is called…Drunken something…”


“Your Highness, look out!”

Just at this moment, a shadow flew down from the sky. Gongsun Huang waved her hand, and a clump of green light flew out of her palm to slam right into the shadow. The shadow was several green viper flying blades.

Su Xing’s expression sunk, and he shielded Bai Yutang.

The little loli was somewhat afraid, yet she did not flee.

In the forest came a rustling. A gigantic green snake slithered out, spitting out its terrifying snake tongue. Its green light fully flourished, emitting a poisonous presence. Upon this green snake’s head was a little girl of a very young age. She wore green long clothes and wore a snake tiara.

It was yet another loli. Truly, this was a conference of lolis.

However, compared to Gongsun Huang’s exceedingly refined manner and Bai Yutang’s timid confusion, the expression of the loli in front of him was the epitome of malice.

“I already knew it was you. To be able to use such poisonous means against such a cute little girl, there is only a similarly uncute little girl.” Su Xing twitched his lips.

The one riding the green snake was not just anyone.

She was the ranked thirty-fourth Savage Star Double-headed Serpent Xie Diao. Bamboo leaf green flying blades fluttered around Xie Diao’s whole body. Her smile blossomed: “And just who are you…” Su Xing’s expression withered. Xie Diao had forgotten about him.

“But, that is not important. You will become gu materials for Xie Diao.” Xie Diao extended a hand: “Little Green, advance!!”

“Little Huang, you protect Little Candy. Careful of her Star Master…” Su Xing surreptitiously used Sound Transmission.

Gongsun Huang nodded.

Since he was fighting against time and had rushed straight back into Evil Smiting Hall from the Buddha Kingdom. Although his energy had more or less recovered, that was prepared to be used in Star Beast capture. Su Xing could not allow Gongsun Huang to once again squander her magic energy, otherwise, he would have wasted time again.

“A Star Master unexpectedly wishes to face Xie Diao’s ‘Green Scaled Unicorn Python,’10 Little Green, do not hesitate to eat this annoying man.” Xie Diao ordered.

The Green Scaled Unicorn Python’s length was at least three hundred feet. Its bucket-like body would need two fully grown men to span around it. The moss green snakeskin was not only glossy like a mirror, it could also move across any terrain as if it were flying. Its black stripes were proof of the Green Scaled Unicorn Python’s poisonous nature, spiraling from its tail to its head where it concentrated into a strange flower pattern. In the middle of the flower pattern was a sharp horn. This horn appeared to be a strange black and red color, thus it was called a Gu Poison Horn.

The Green Scaled Unicorn Python opened its mouth.

Xie Diao snorted and then broke away from the Green Scaled Unicorn Python’s head, flying into the air. Her eyes were like a viper’s, staring for gaps in Su Xing’s group. So long as there was any slack, this little loli would not hesitate at all to send her Gu Poison Flying Blade into her opponent’s body.

Su Xing called forth his Flying Swords.

However, before the Flying Swords could strike, they were obstructed by Xie Diao’s several hundred flying blades. Each flying blade had four stars. Surprisingly, this was an impressive Four Star Destined Weapon.

This made Su Xing not dare to be careless.

Giving up on abilities that senselessly squandered Star Energy, Su Xing decided to simply use brute force to bring about victory. Thinking of this, instantly, Su Xing already quietly approached, raising the Heaven Tearing in his hand, hacking at the Green Scaled Unicorn Python’s head.

It seemed that Su Xing was very familiar with the Green Scaled Unicorn Python. His attack was straightforward, directly fatal. He wanted to destroy the Green Scaled Unicorn Python’s horn.

So long as the symbol of the Green Scaled Unicorn Python suffered heavy damage, the Green Scaled Unicorn Python’s power would greatly diminish!

If he slashed other spots, of course he was capable of giving the Green Scaled Unicorn Python certain injury, but the effectiveness nevertheless was not as distinct as attacking this horn.

Its weak point was too obvious.

Su Xing shouted, flying onto its head.

The Green Scaled Unicorn Python suddenly turned its head one-hundred eighty degrees, spotting the twinkling, solemn might of Buddhist light that was as gorgeous and glaring as the sword-light of Heaven Tearing appearing in front of its eyes.

The Green Scaled Unicorn Python indignantly bellowed. The horn on its forehead released black light.

A black light deep as the night sky instantly swallowed Su Xing.

Su Xing’s Divine Intent moved, instantly advancing through and tearing apart the black light. Circulating his Star Energy, his cold silhouette suddenly appeared. Sneering, the weapon in his hand brought an air-shattering shriek and violent astral wind, ruthlessly slashing into the Green Scaled Unicorn Python’s back. Directly entering deep, the light of the crimson slash practically cut its body in two.


The Green Scaled Unicorn Python seemed  to have been struck by lightning. Its body violently shuddered, throwing back its head to shriek. Its tail heavily swung at Su Xing. How could Xie Diao’s Star Beast have underestimated him. Just the wind from raising its tail was enough to blow Su Xing away.

Seizing this fleeting moment, the Green Scaled Unicorn Python suddenly rushed forth, as if it wanted to bind Su Xing like a rope.

However, when it opened its mouth again, a berserk purple thunder zapped and lacerated its flesh.

Xie Diao’s complexion was white, her expression fearful.

The Green Scaled Unicorn Python screamed. It opened its maw and showed its sinister, ugly mouth. It wanted to bite to pieces this man that made its blood flow, but Su Xing was far more powerful than it thought.

Now that Su Xing’s combat abilities had gradually matured, a Star General with a Star Weapon was not easy, but confronting this sort of Star Beast still was not so easily bested.

Su Xing knew that he needed to resolve this as soon as possible. Who knew if that Lady Snake Scorpion was spying from somewhere. He fiercely pounced forth, the Heaven Tearing Divine Sword appearing in his hand. He was ready to strike while the iron was hot, once again giving this python several more cuts.

The Green Scaled Unicorn Python had erred in estimating Su Xing’s battle strength. Its horn let out a beam of black light. Su Xing’s sword cut it apart, and then the swordtip made the Green Scaled Unicorn Python’s flesh split apart.

When the next slash swept forth, the Green Scaled Unicorn Python knew it was in danger. Seeing that the situation was unfavorable, it immediately soared, evading, drawing a certain distance away from Su Xing.

That Star Beasts possessed intelligence looked to be true.

Su Xing had mistakenly lost the chance to kill this Green Scaled Unicorn Python. His heart could not help but slightly feel this was somewhat of a pity, but the python was severely wounded, its strength significantly deteriorated. To defeat it, even kill it, actually was not longer an impossible task.

Su Xing did not hesitate. His foot stepped on the ground, and then he also soared, rushing again at the Green Scaled Unicorn Python!

The Green Scale Unicorn Python stared fixedly at Su Xing. The green light from its snake eyes was like an enormous light in the night that shot in all directions. Covering the red and black scaled gigantic beast, it swayed now and then, carrying a whistling gale.

Its back had a giant wound, as if it had been ripped violently open by some powerful force. Blood flowed continuously from that injury, dripping onto the ground, forming a stream that concentrated into a pool of blood.

The Green Scaled Unicorn Python opened its mouth, leaking highly toxic saliva that flowed out of its mouth.

Its rage was extremely deep, resentment completely crammed into its mind.

It was this Star Master character in front of it that emitted a strong and strange scent from head to toe, giving it a heavy blow, making it suffer an enormous injury. This was practically unbelievable. Star Beasts all possessed intelligence. Sensing the anger in its mistress’ heart, the Green Scaled Unicorn Python also was mad.

Its strength was greatly depleted. As the Savage Star’s Star Beast, to be injured was an absolute disgrace.

Rapidly flicking out its tongue, the Green Scaled Unicorn Python itched to slowly chew apart this human that was more evil than itself, to swallow him into its stomach. Seeing that this target was rushing at it, the Green Scaled Unicorn Python suddenly twisted its body and giant tail, swinging its head down.

Su Xing only heard a whoosh. A gale blew, and immediately afterwards, the light above his head went dark. A violent power, like Mount Tai itself, pushed towards him.

Su Xing immediately lowered his body, and then he evaded to his left side.

With an enormous “boom,” the Green Scaled Unicorn Python’s tail swept past his body, heavily slamming on the lakewater, ripping apart the pool.

Suddenly, the Hundred Grasses Lake jolted out a wave. The mist lingered, dense and pervasive, mingling with poison, turning the air turbid and evil.

When its strike missed, the Green Scaled Unicorn Python did not give Su Xing any chance to catch his breath. Immediately, it began to launch its second wave of attacks.

The Green Scaled Unicorn Python opened its mouth. Several dozen thick poison lights sprayed out from its mouth, like massive pythons a size smaller than it. Bellowing, it bared its fangs and pounced towards Su Xing, its momentum astonishing.

But the Green Scaled Unicorn Python had only just begun when it suddenly felt its tail was in incomparable pain. Turning its eyes back, it spotted Su Xing’s swordtip had already pierced into its tail, as if it was a nail hammered in.

The Green Scaled Unicorn Python felt great fury at the same moment. Su Xing also took the opportunity to approach. Calling out the Flying Swords, they twisted for the kill. Sword-light flashed, and the Green Scaled Unicorn Python that had just thought of spitting poison suddenly had its mouth torn open with a bloody cut.

The Green Scaled Unicorn Python howled, curling its body. The Star Beast forcefully repelled Su Xing.

The Green Scaled Unicorn Python did not pursue. It knew that today counted as enough. Having encountered an abnormally terrifying opponent, its eyes focused on the lake. At once, it turned and frantically sucked in a mouthful of the Hundred Grasses Lake to use for healing.


Su Xing thought to himself that this Star Beast was intelligent, but he would not give it a chance. The next second, his Flying Swords enthusiastically kissed the Green Scaled Unicorn Python.

Su Xing also blasted the Green Scaled Unicorn Python’s body with Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder and other such powers.

Worthy of being called the Savage Star’s Star Beast, even though the Green Scaled Unicorn Python sustained such an assault, it still could prolong its last breaths. Su Xing practically was using full power.

“The Green Scaled Unicorn Python’s snakeskin is very expensive material to use for clothing. Maybe I should give it to Suwen?” Su Xing licked his lips, chuckling.

Before his words finished, Su Xing moved like lightning. Instantly, he scuttled to the Green Scaled Unicorn Python’s head, one foot directly stepping on its flat face. Pity that the Green Scaled Unicorn Python had yet to react, for following a snapping noise, its entire body suddenly leapt.

In the end, the fierce Star Beast no longer considered the excruciating pain on its body. The Green Scaled Unicorn Python suddenly opened its mouth, spraying a sort of thick, dark purple smoke. A green tornado engulfed the range of two zhang to the front. The entire lake wildly danced, blowing into an enormous hurricane.

The Bai Yutang that was far to one side had retreated to a safe distance upon seeing this scene.

What the Green Scaled Unicorn Python sprayed out, Su Xing did not dare taste. His body techniques rapidly retreated. Then, he jumped high. A Buddhist light glowed around his body, and lotus flowers blossomed in midair, becoming a thousand layered protection. His body somersaulted in the air. When he descended, his knees already protruded, heavily smashing into the dazed Green Scaled Unicorn Python’s head.


Su Xing’s knees accurately struck his target. One fist turned the Green Scaled Unicorn Python’s spitting into a whimper…Basically not giving the Green Scaled Unicorn Python any time to cry, Su Xing’s body suddenly whirled in midair. When he fell, his right leg carried a frightening whistle as it suddenly plunged!

His heavy kick struck upon that horn while the Green Scaled Unicorn Python was still wailing.

Suddenly, an enormous power directly chopped it down, leaving an enormous hole in its head. A great amount of blood sprayed out. The Green Scaled Unicorn Python madly writhed its body from the pain. It was infuriated, and Xie Diao also retreated so as to avoid being caught in it.

The Green Scaled Unicorn Python finally realized its situation!

“Trash, quickly kill him!” Xie Diao saw that her own Star Beast was gradually being beaten back, simply feeling that this was unbelievable.

Looking at this man, the Green Scaled Unicorn Python knew that today, it had already become the tiny Star Master’s prey. The Green Scaled Unicorn Python was very resentful and very unreconciled. Even if it were to die, it wanted to give the enemy the price of acute pain.

Its mistress gave her orders.

The Green Scaled Unicorn Python’s snake eyes immediately locked onto the faraway Bai Yutang. From the girl’s meek attitude, it could ascertain she lacked the strength to even truss a chicken. Harboring this thought, the Green Scaled Unicorn Python raised its remaining power. Its snake tail violently swept back, suddenly piercing towards the girl like a sharp sword. Looking at the girl frozen in shock, the Green Scaled Unicorn Python was confident she had been scared witless by its aggression, and its snake pupils took note out of the corner of its eyes that the man behind it did not move.

Of course, that Bai Yutang and that little girl in red cloud clothes probably were merely so.

The Green Scaled Unicorn Python fiercely opened its maw.

Gongsun Huang’s eyes blinked. Suddenly, she raised the Pinebrand Ancient Sword.

A red light flit by.

She pierced the Green Scaled Unicorn Python’s belly. It bellowed, and blood rained down.

Su Xing at this time rushed back.

His Flying Swords fell.

This Star Beast was trapped and killed by the Flying Swords.

Xie Diao’s head hurt. Agape and tongue-tied, she looked at Su Xing’s actions in disbelief.

Her Star Beast had unexpectedly been defeated.

“Next is your turn.” Su Xing’s figure flashed, rushing over.

“Watch this!”

Countless green viper flying blades flew out, becoming a swift and severe storm.

But that green light was very quickly intercepted by Su Xing. His Flying Swords descended directly from the front. Then, several golden needles rained down, surprising Su Xing.

“Do not think of hurting Elder Sister.”

Another voice came from the heavens. A practically identical little girl descended, and beside her was a beautiful lady.

“Fuck, the both of them.”

Su Xing was taken aback.

The newcomers were Lady Snake Scorpion and her other Scorpion Star General.

Meanwhile, Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan piloted the Fire Beacon Chariot to very quickly arrive at a mountain cavity. The Connecting Heaven Token had been deciphered by Wu Xinjie. They easily found the entrance, but what the Knowledge Star did not anticipate was that the exit was abnormally extraordinary.

However, Wu Xinjie had yet to enter the Connecting Heaven tomb when they met with trouble.

“Ha, ha, Elder Sister, we meet again. Why do I not see Lin Chong this time.”

A black clothed woman, her hand holding a double-edged axe, smiled very thoughtfully.

Wu Xinjie wa very speechless. This woman was none other than the ranked one-hundred and fifth Healthy Star God of the Dangerous Road Yu Yuandan. When they first left Su Xing, they had encountered Yu Yuandan inside the Dragon Tiger Ruins.11 At that time, because they had Lin Chong, Yu Yuandan nearly died, but they did not expect to encounter her once again. Wu Xinjie could not help but sigh that the world was small.

However, come to think of it, Yu Yuandan and her Star Master probably specially sought out these tombs to increase their strength. As far as Earthly Star were concerned, this indeed was the best route.

“The Knowledge Star and the Thief Star Star? Ha, ha, ha, the Heavens are helping me. Is there no Lin Chong this time? Yuandan, kill them!!” Yu Yuandan’s master was named Ge Chong,12 very adept at feng shui, like Wu Xinjie, an expert at exploring tombs.

The Thief Star was grim. She did not expect to encounter such a thorny opponent. Other Star Generals were fine, yet this was the one named God of the Dangerous Road.

“You go stall her master, I will handle Yu Yuandan.” Wu Xinjie used Sound Transmission.

“En.” The Thief Star very quickly hid. She waved the Five Poisons Banner, calling forth the Puppet Mechanisms.

“Master, will you use the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain.” Hua Xue said.

Wu Xinjie declined this request. The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain was indeed very powerful, but because it was too powerful she could not overuse it. The mysteries within this Connecting Heaven Tomb were numerous. Wu Xinjie was still counting on the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain to break through danger.

“This is perfect for testing the marksmanship Young Lord left to Your Servant. Hua Xue, you look for an opportunity.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

“As you wish.”

“Knowledge Star, are you thinking of your last words?” Uttering those words, Yu Yuandan sneered, a long and narrow beam of cold light flitting by like a bolt of brilliant lightning.

The girl already used an attack as her reply.

Wu Xinjie softly chuckled, throwing out a talisman, shooting like lightning towards her opponent. It transformed into a longsword, its attack changing paths, completely different from the way they met Yu Yanduan’s weapon before. As if relying on the power of Star Energy, it immediately burst, its might very great. Even Yu Yuandan did not dare underestimate it, directly using her Mountain Cutting Double-edged Axe to go block it, but that sword talisman instantly changed again. In that instant, it counterattacked like a snake coiling its head, completely not leaving any time to breathe.

“Little Sister, do you truly wish to fight?” Wu Xinjie slightly smiled.

Silver Blade appeared in her hand. The bullets would soundlessly shoot out from the sharp blade,13 as if it were a terrifying assassin.

Bang, bang, bang!!

The sounds of gunfire and metal clashing continuously rang. Wu Xinjie’s first attack was a strange assault that ran completely against Star Generals.

That attack was not only incomparably fast, but it was also perfect in terms of defense.

Bullets and sword talismans were continuously thrown out, forming a frightening, inconceivable combination.

So powerful, worthy of the resourceful Knowledge Star to be able to think of this.

As it turned out, the God of the Dangerous Road liked to take the dangerous path. Incapable of obstructing Yu Yuandan’s pace, the Healthy Star was like a peregrine falcon shuttling back and forth like lightning. Even if she was occasionally forced into a dead end of the attack net, her quick and accurate judgement in dodging was sufficient to get her out of harm’s way. In an instant, that black figure was right before Wu Xinjie.

Worthy of a powerful martial general of the Earthly Stars.

The axehead wrapped in an ice-cold aura suddenly slashed down, bringing a blue light to her target’s eyes.

Wu Xinjie slightly smiled, her steps light as the wind, leaning to dodge this attack. That expansive arc of wind nevertheless suddenly changed direction upon touching the ground, changing from a direct path into a sweep. This time, the attack’s speed and power had both sharply increased, and Wu Xinjie had long made preparations for this. The gun and sword talismans that had combined together succeeded in sealing the path of Yu Yuandan’s Yellow Rank.

Cold light made Yu Yuandan unable to help but retreat.

This defense that was absolutely not Star Energy in of itself was capable of resisting. Wu Xinjie counterattacked in this split second. Even though she had made mental preparations and used the weapon as a buffer, the Knowledge Star’s tyrannical attack seemingly could not be looked down upon. Under a powerful impulse, Yu Yuandan’s body was suddenly flicked several meters away, but the moment she touched the ground, the young girl already recovered her balance.

A soft grunt.

Bullets were fired.

Practically in the moment Yu Yuandan caught sight of them, the revolving bullets seemed to penetrate her body.

The Mountain Cutting Double-edged Axe whirled to raise a gale that blew the bullets away.

“Oh.” Upon seeing that she was unable to injure her, Wu Xinjie actually was not surprised at all, “Still wish to fight?”

“Is Elder Sister afraid!” Yu Yuandan grit her teeth, suddenly rotating her wrist, using the action to interrupt her opponent’s words.

Yu Yuandan sneered, coldly shouting. The Mountain Cutting Double-edged Axe danced, sprinkling a green wind towards Wu Xinjie. As if it was an unstoppable hurricane, it tightly enveloped her within blade light.

Yellow Rank Technique!

Wind Shatter!!14

Hua Xue entered possession at just the right time, immediately boosting the entirety of Wu Xinjie’s spiritual power to a new realm. Regardless of how crafty Yu Yuandan’s attack angle was, however frequently she varied her speed, her attacks seemed incapable of harming Wu Xinjie in the slightest. Those omnipresent sword talismans and that practically strange in sound and style firearms whirled in a dance under Wu Xinjie’s control, like an impenetrable rampart, shaking apart each and every one of Yu Yuandan’s attacks.

Yu Yuandan’s Yellow Rank Technique for the first time was unexpectedly unable to taste any results.

After several exchanges, the offensive that the countless sword talismans and bullets formed finally had a hole torn in it. Yu Yuandan saw her opportunity. The Mountain Cutting Double-edged Axe slashed ferociously. A glowing arc of light swept towards Wu Xinjie, completely without room for evasion. Wu Xinjie smiled, as if she had foreseen this. However, the powerful sword aura did not slow in the slightest because of this, only slightly moving towards the side.

Yu Yuandan fiercely shouted, her power suddenly increasing.

“Watch this Dark Rank! Five Mountains Sea Filling!”15

Wu Xinjie felt her wrist suddenly turn heavy,16 but the Knowledge Star was abnormally relaxed. The Nine Tailed Spirit Fox Hua Xue transformed into a specter. Unexpectedly, she unbelievably broke free of the Dark Rank’s pressure.


So strong!!

Yu Yuandan drew in a cold breath.


That Ge Chong loudly shouted. Shi Yuan’s puppets currently were appearing one after another at a steady rate. Although Shi Yuan did not have any combat strength, relying on multiple puppet mechanical beasts, even if Ge Chong was any more talented he was helpless in the face of this crisis. Killing the controller of these puppet mechanical beasts was a good idea, but the Shi Yuan in Wind Chasing Shadow Hiding had completely vanished.

Ge Chong completely could not sense her.

Goddammit. These were obviously two trash Star Generals, dead at even the slightest touch. Unexpectedly, these two were capable of obstructing them. Ge Chong threw out several treasures and Supreme Grade Talismans to destroy a majority of the mechanical beasts.

“This Young Lady has refined nine thousand nine hundred ninety mechanical beasts. Play slowly.” Shi Yuan’s chuckles came from an unknown place.”

“Damned Thief Star, if you have the ability, then come out.”

Ge Chong furiously cursed,

“Do you truly want This Young Lady to come out?” Shi Yuan suddenly laughed.

And she actually appeared.

Spotting her, Ge Chong did not hesitate at all to raise his Flying Sword and several Supreme Grade Talismans to destroy the surrounding mechanical beasts. Then, he used another talisman to trap Shi Yuan’s presence. Following an Escape Technique, he instantly was in front of the Thief Star.

The entire course of events flowed smoothly, direct and efficient.

Shi Yuan stared without moving.

“Fool, die!!”

When Ge Chong saw that Shi Yuan was unable to flee, he laughed and slashed.

Shi Yuan’s body was torn apart. Suddenly, Ge Chong’s smile froze.

A fake?

Not good, Mirror Image Talisman.

Ge Chong immediately whirled around to attack behind him, but Shi Yuan had already disappeared and retreated, waving at him, that appearance seemingly saying – fare thee well.


Before Ge Chong could react.

Suddenly, five rays of Poison Light soared into the sky.

Five Poisons Array!!

Ge Chong’s face paled, and then he understood that he was caught in a trap. The Thief Star had set down the Five Poisons Array at some point and deliberately lured him over. Ge Chong hastily wanted to defend, but the Five Poisons Array was but a Great Array. At practically the moment before he returned to his senses, the five Poison Lights pierced his body. The extreme toxins immediately froze his consciousness.

An unprecedented despair and regret filled his heart, and there was also an unbelievable feeling of being trapped.

When were the Thief Star and Knowledge Star capable of these powers?

“Young Master!” Yu Yuandan spat blood in pain.

And this was the fatal weak point of all contracted Star Generals.

“Apologies, Little Sister!”

Wu Xinjie’s gunfire rang.

A bullet pierced Yu Yuandan’s heart!

To surprisingly die here…Healthy Star God of the Dangerous Road Yu Yuandan’s face of indignation then received the fate of a Starfall.

Author’s Note:

Dream of golden millet does not refer to the main character waking up at the end only to find everything was a dream. This plot is too disgusting…

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  8. 小糖果, he’s already calling her by a pet name 😀
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