Chapter 380: Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion

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“Did Papa chase them away??” Bai Yutang blinked her eyes.

Su Xing’s cheeks streamed with tears. Bai Yutang clearly took the Crying Star’s words just now very seriously, but he was only in his twenties. Now, he unexpectedly had a daughter. Su Xing had originally wanted to set Bai Yutang’s address right, but seeing the little loli’s innocent and pure eyes, he could not utter the words. Perhaps to Daylight Rat Bai Yutang, the word “father” contained an even greater feeling of safety.

“At least I’m not a weird uncle.” Su Xing consoled himself.

Bai Yutang looked at the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix, her pupils somewhat afraid as she ducked into Su Xing’s chest.

“This is Di Nü.” Gongsun Huang had given her Star Beast a very lazy name.


Bai Yutang was still somewhat afraid. To the Rat Star who was only at Heartbeat Fifth Stage, the empress-like might of the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix in front of her was too intense. The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix was also called the Di Nü Phoenix Bird. In the Star Beast List, it was side-by-side with the Golden Qilin for second strongest Star Beast. If based on strength alone, the Di Nü Phoenix Bird was stronger than the Golden Qilin, regardless of whether it be its graceful figure or its magnificent capabilities. However, the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix honestly was too proud. Even though it had become a Star Beast, it would only participate in a few battles. Thus, it was ranked second with the Golden Qilin. In the past, there were Di Nü Heavenly Phoenixes that refused to battle, leading to their own Star Generals ending in Starfalls.

However, Star Beasts like this that infinitely drew near the level of Holy Beasts, even the deaths of their contractors did not mean much to them at all.

Like this Di Nü Phoenix Bird, regardless of how Su Xing and Gongsun Huang worked together, they could not possibly capture it. Everything was thanks to Lady Snake Scorpion’s unique Gu poison. Recalling the eliminated Heavenly Star twins and the Lady Snake Scorpion who fled Evil Smiting Hall with her tail between her legs, Su Xing sighed in “understanding.”1

“Papa, drink wine. Are you hurt?”

Bai Yutang carefully raised Dreamless.

Su Xing was surprised. He did not expect that Bai Yutang’s perceptive ability was very careful. Capturing the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix made Su Xing battered and exhausted, however, before he woke up Bai Yutang, Su Xing had already made himself look unharmed. He did not expect this little loli would still be able to discern a bit.

Having such a clever daughter was not bad.

Su Xing let Gongsun Huang also drink a mouthful.

The exceedingly refined Leisure Star showed a rare face of satisfaction.

“Tangtang, we don’t have a lot of time. What Star Beast are you looking for, Big Brother will help you go capture it.” Su Xing hugged Bai Yutang against his chest.

Bai Yutang’s little hand grasped Su Xing’s lapel, cautiously saying: “Tangguo only wants an Essence Spirit Rat.”2

“Let’s go look for it right now.” Su Xing nodded.

“Right, Tangtang, do you want to sign a contract with me?” Su Xing smiled and asked.

“Alright.” Bai Yutang very obediently nodded her head.

Su Xing’s heart was like it had tasted the sweetness of honey. This little loli was honestly too adorable. He could not hold back from once again pecking the little loli’s cheek.

“Where do you live? I’ll come find you next time, wait for Big Brother.”

“Tangguo lives at…” Bai Yutang cocked her head, dazed: “Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion.3 That is what the Elder Sisters told Tangguo.”

“You even have Elder Sisters.” Su Xing was taken aback.

“There is also Mama. They take very good care of Tangguo.” Bai Yutang’s eyes closed into crescents.

It seemed that Bai Yutang’s livelihood was pretty good, so Su Xing was a bit relieved. However, the little loli obviously did not remember where her home was. It was no wonder. To be so muddle-headed, she definitely had been very well protected. Are they Star Generals, too? Su Xing muttered, “En, the next I come find you, don’t forget about me.” Su Xing teased her.

Bai Yutang shook her head, adorably saying she would not.

Black Turtle Territory, East Mountain Island, Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion, on this day of rest.

“How has she not yet returned yet!!!”

A roar resounded inside this restaurant. The tables, wine mugs, and tea plates were rattled into clattering about. A young woman with long, trailing pink hair and wearing a pink skirt resentfully stamped one leg onto a table, nearly flipping it over. In one hand, she supported a tray.

In front of her was an intoxicated woman. Her blue hair was level with her ears, and she was dressed somewhat carelessly. Her bandage tube top exposed a large expanse of snow-white skin and shoulders. She was currently using the top-notch Astral Tool “Twinkling Star Stone,”4 a whetstone, to grind a silver saw-toothed weapon that was in her hands.  

“Xinyue,5 are you not the slightest bit worried about the girl?” The pink woman’s face was very red.

“Tong’er,6 there is no use in being worried right now.” Xinyue closed one eye and helplessly said. Seeing the tray in Tong’er’s hand held a large slab of savory beef that was to be paired with wine, she licked her lips: “Tong’er, this is the roast beef that you cooked. Let me taste it first.”

“Youuu…” Tong’er flung the roast beef aside: “No food for you today.”

“Huh.” Xinyue was shocked.

“Mistress,7 your darts are not at the correct heat…” A woman wearing a green short garment and wide sleeves showing snowy skin pointed as she danced light as a butterfly. The tray that flew over was propped on her finger, and the woman giggled.

“Roast beef, This Great Saint likes.” She sniffed, immediately swallowing a piece without ceremony.

“You truly are not concerned with Tangtang in the slightest…This Old Woman does not agree with any of you.” Tong’er was very angry.

The green-clothed girl gave Xinyue a “you had better go quickly comfort her” expression.

“Tong’er, Evil Smiting Hall is already about to draw to a close. At this time, there will not be too many Star Generals, so there is no use in worrying any further. Tangtang is very clever. Did we not also give her a ‘Nine Heavens Divine Escape Talisman?’8 Even if she were to encounter danger, she could escape.” Xinyue helplessly said.

Tong’er grunted, a “This Old Woman still worries” manner.

“Let alone, has Little Ke9 not gone out to search for her? They will return soon enough.”

“But it has been so many days.”

“Everyone, stop quarreling. Quickly come and taste my freshly brewed ‘White Bones Wine.’”10

From the kitchen came a seemingly smiling woman with a cloud bun and wearing a revealing white qipao that also exposed the sides of her breasts daintily walked out. In one hand, she held a vegetable knife, and in the other, she propped up a tray of wine.

The smell of the white bones11 was penetrating. Though she called for them, the rest retreated.

“Bailian,12 you did this again…”

“Do you want to kill someone.”

“Come and have a taste? Three dozen cups of White Bones Wine, I brewed it with great difficulty. You must listen to Elder Sister’s words. Little Sisters are definitely not busy, and Elder Sister used lots of effort to brew.” Bailian smiled insincerely, an expression of “you must properly enjoy this.”

The girls shivered.


“Bailian, This Old Woman wants to expel you.”

“Be obedient.”

“Ahhh, my Tangtang, quickly come back….”

A ruckus arose inside the store, screams everywhere.

Outside the restaurant, an indifferent and languid woman sat atop a stone lion, drinking wine. Hearing the chaos inside, she said with a bored tone: “Aiya, truly so noisy…”

Inside Evil Smiting Hall, the Essence Spirit Rat was currently scurrying about at high speed. Su Xing originally thought this rat would be rather easy to catch, but he did not expect it would actually be very clever.

“Little Huang, let’s split up and catch it.” Su Xing directed.

Gongsun Huang self-satisfactorily turned into a ray of escape light.

“Papa, don’t hurt Baibai.13 It likes to drink wine.” The Bai Yutang on his chest clenched her little hand nervously.

Su Xing smiled. She had even thought up of a name already. Baibai?

What an honestly cute name.

Su Xing nodded, however, although they could lure it with wine, that would require time. After Gongsun Huang captured the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix, one day absolutely was not enough. For this reason, Su XIng wanted to quickly capture this rat. To leave Bai Yutang behind alone in Evil Smiting Hall, his heart was not steady at all. He bit open the tip of his tongue, spitting out Essence Blood that transformed into the sparkling Golden Immortal Linked Life Ring.

Gongsun Huang’s Star Magic activated, perfectly blocking the Essence Spirit Rat’s path.

The white shadow flickered. Su Xing’s hand moved, making the Golden Immortal Linked Life Ring trap it.

The Essence Blood faded. The Su Xing that had already sustained internal injuries was hurt even more. However, so long as he could grab this Essence Spirit Rat, that was negligible. When Su Xing put all of his mind on the Essence Spirit Rat, all of a sudden, a bone-chilling murderous aura sneak attacked.

That killing intent was very concentrated and heavy, like a mountain.

Su Xing’s heart was astonished. Hastily, he flung up his arms, tossing Bai Yutang to a safe range. Immediately, he did not hesitate at all to call forth his Flying Swords.

The killing intent slammed onto the swords, not slowing in the slightest. What appeared in front of Su Xing was a fang-like axe. The killing intent the axehead slashed with surged like a tide. Each attack made Su Xing feel a sort of heavy pressure.

Su XIng used all of his strength to capture the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix. He had long spent all of his Star Energy. Receiving this strike, there was no way but to use his body to offload the intense killing intent of the axehead. Retreating, he continuously slid backwards.


The baleful aura’s continuous attacks alrady nearly enveloped and devoured Su Xing.

Su Xing grit his teeth. His legs suddenly exerted force. The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower blossomed, and he used the last bit of remaining Buddhist Magic Energy. The fierce power that was like a tsunami instantly counterattacked, launching a fatal strike.

Su Xing rushed through the opponent’s encirclement, but a figure already arrived instantly.

“Yellow Rank Technique – Scarred All Over Body!”14

There was a shout, and a woman wearing blue clothes yelled. Her long axe swung directly down. The killing intent surging on the bright axehead shot out, becoming countless tusks about to swallow Su Xing.

Fuck, Yellow Rank Technique

The killing intent that could seemingly twist the world to death immediately blocked all of Su Xing’s lines of sight. At this moment, even if he wanted to quickly escape, he was too late. The Yellow Rank Scarred All Over Body made the range of the killing intent suddenly turn wide. After it pounced towards its target, it would seemingly seal the entire space. Even if Su Xing wanted to flee, he had no place to hide.

The entire baleful aura more fierce than a tide spread open.


It viewed from the sky, this indeed was a spectacular scene.

In the range between Su Xing and the opponent, killing intent spread boundlessly. Like the fangs of a wild animal, killing intent was emitted in layers, opening a breathtaking ferocity.

Just relying on this, Su Xing knew that the young girl in front of him was a Star General of considerable martial force.

However, she should be only an Earthly Star.

But Su Xing’s strength was currently able to be contend against an Earthly Star somewhat. After all, it was no joke that he had sparred with top-notch martial generals like Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei, especially when Su Xing had inherited Heavenly Solitary Star Lu Shaqing’s Innate Skill Monster Strength.

The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower bloomed and enveloped Su Xing. His eyes burned with an ice-cold flame. This was the expression of a most tranquil state that possessed calm, ice-cold yet brimming with might. Facing this killing intent with no place to hide from, Su Xing now already would not be frightened. Everything felt to be forgotten in the back of his head. The sole fear he could feel was only a full power battle.

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  1. 善解人意
  2.  精靈鼠
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  4. 閃爍星石
  5.  新月
  6.  瞳兒
  7. 老闆娘, lit. female business owner.
  8. 九天神遁符
  9.  小珂
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  11. To be specific, “white bones” is a reference to “the bones of the dead”
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    1. Not overprotective when you take into consideration she went into Evil Smiting Hall alone, with no offensive power whatsoever. It’s a miracle that she lasted as long as she did without dying. It’s like sending a kid into a pack of wolves and expecting nothing to happen.

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  1. They’re Star Generals, so I kinda don’t see them NOT letting her go, though it is weird that they left her to alone….

    But, it doesn’t sound like she’d been there all that long either.


    With her base states… I’m AMAZED she’s survived up to now.

    They just seem like weirdos. Elder Sister weirdos.

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