Chapter 386: The Thousand Year Intertwined Branches

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Meiniang’s right hand gripped a black trident. That trident had an Asura demon’s form, its body seemingly soaked in blood. In the faintly discernible red blood-light, four stars twinkled. This was the Blood Sacrifice Asura Trident.1 Not outside of expectations, she was the one hundred and third ranked Strong Star Female Yaksha Sun Erniang.2

But, this alone was not likely to make Su Xing feel flabbergasted. In actuality, in Sun Erniang’s left hand, she similarly held a Star Weapon. That Star Weapon was a barbed whip. This whip had three snake heads, its entire body a gloomy green color ignited with a verdant flame. It had three stars. Astonishingly, this was the one hundred and second ranked Execute Star Gardener Zhang Qing’s3 Star Weapon – Skin Flaying Torture Heavenly Whip.4

What was going on?

Su Xing never thought that a Star General could use another Star General’s Star Weapon. Sun Erniang’s Star Master was also named Zhang Qing, however, Su Xing had never believed that this Skin Flaying Torture Heavenly Whip was his.

Flipping his hand, he brought out the Birth Treasure Outline.

The Female Yaksha Sun Meiniang held a trident in one hand and raised a whip in the other, not giving Su Xing the chance.

Even though he did not know what Sun Erniang had put inside the wine and food, she had not only sealed the Star Nest, even his Life-cast Flying Swords were also sealed. Su Xing did not have Flying Swords of the Psychic Communication Realm that Zhao Hanyan had. He could only prepare to activate a magic weapon. More than fifty Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords abruptly flew out, criss-crossing as they attacked, blocking Sun Meiniang.

“Quickly.” Zhao Hanyan’s tone was like silk, feebly speaking.

Su Xing hastily used the Birth Treasure Outline, its golden light shining.

Star Position: Strong Star5

Star Name: Sun Erniang6

Nickname: Female Yaksha7

True Name: Sun Meiniang8

Rank: One hundred and third

Right Hand Star Weapon: Blood Sacrifice Soul Absorbing Trident9 (Four Star)

Left Hand Star Weapon: Skin Flaying Torture Heavenly Whip4 (Four Star)11

Star Beast: Scarlet Asura

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques Second Stage

Innate Skill: Essence Absorption12

Five Elements: Wood

Yellow Rank Special Move: Spirit Captivation13

Dark Rank Special Move: Soul Allure

Current Status: No Contractor (can be conquered)

Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill: Yaksha Lady14

Detailed Materials: Yaksha Lady: Can absorb all of a Star Maiden’s Essence Qi to undergo transformation into Yaksha Lady, martial force realm all-around upgraded

No contractor??

Su Xing was shocked. Then the person Zhao Hanyan cut down was a Star General?!

Gardener Zhang Qing?15

Su Xing carefully looked at that man collapsed on the ground taking his dying breaths. Only then did he notice that the other party’s complexion was immaculate and even somewhat effeminate. His body had many wounds cut open by Flying Swords. Surprisingly, she was a woman dressed as a man.

“Today, your flesh and blood will be remuneration for Xiao’er!!!”16 Meiniang was unable to restrain her anger. The two Star Weapons danced together, immediately beating back Zhao Hanyan’s Flying Swords. The Ling Yan Princess’ consciousness was basically not too clear. The Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords also did not have much usefulness.

The Female Yaksha also did not expect to surprisingly encounter the Zhao Hanyan capable of Psychic Communication Flying Swords. Falling into a conclusion where her “Dear Husband” had been seriously injured, so as to avenge Zhang Xiao, Sun Meiniang transformed into the Asura Yaksha without hesitation and pounced.

The Skin Flaying Torture Heavenly Whip drew back and struck, the snake’s fangs coiling towards Su Xing.

A sinister astral wind seemingly was pulled to bits and pieces by the whip and intercepted Su Xing outside his range. However, even if he could force his way through, he was not too certain. Confronting a Ten Thousand Techniques Second Stage Star General, Su Xing thought to himself this sort of Star General was far from being a foe he could emerge victorious over as of now.

He hastily evaded the snake whip.

Meiniang’s wings flapped, and the other Star Weapon Blood Sacrifice Soul Absorbing Trident rolled out a blood-light still shot towards Su Xing’s stomach.

Su Xing snapped his fingers. A Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder dissolved into this blood-light, but the snake whip seized this gap and drew across Su Xing’s body. An acute pain accompanied the venomous fangs that bit into his blood vessels. Fortunately, his body had a Detoxification Pearl that suppressed poisons.17

Sy Xing then spat out Essence Blood, becoming the Heaven And Earth Inverted Boxing Gloves. His palms caught the bloody trident.

“Dragon Punch!”

Both fists whistled with an eerie dragon roar. Su Xing’s figure was immediately pulled long and thin, seemingly transforming into a dragon.


The dragon cry directly shook Meiniang’s abdomen, beating back the Female Yaksha. Su Xing’s second fist followed directly after. His wrist suddenly stiffened, for the Skin Flaying Torture Heavenly Whip wound around Su Xing’s boxing technique. Sun Meiniang oddly sneered. The whip’s poison light ignited, pouncing towards Su Xing and becoming a blaze that wreaked havoc as it devoured Su Xing’s Star Energy, burning Su Xing into a sky lantern.  

Dark Rank Technique – Sky Lantern Sacrifice!18

Sun Meiniang’s eyes glinted with cold light.

Just at this moment, suddenly, the poison fire dispersed. Su Xing’s body techniques suddenly mysteriously changed. His body technique abruptly accelerated, as if space had been distorted. She obviously saw that Su Xing should have been burnt to a crisp by the Sky Lantern Sacrifice, but now it appeared that Su Xing had already broken free of the poison fire.

Speed? Reaction?

No, that already was not something reactions could do!

Dark Rank Technique!

Sun Meiniang was astonished. Immediately, she saw that the Star Weapons on Su Xing’s fists emitted a familiar imposing air.

“Watch this.” Sun Erniang was unconcerned. Raising the Blood Sacrifice Soul Absorbing Trident, the blood-light in front of her suddenly dispersed. Each ray of blood-light was sharper than a blade.

But Su Xing wandered about indeterminately in space, making Sun Meiniang completely land on nothing. Her forehead dripped with cold sweat. By the time Sun Meiniang sensed it, she was already too late.

Su Xing’s fists directly struck her in the abdomen, throwing down Sun Meiniang’s arrogant body, her mouth hanging agape.

It was the Dark Rank – Heaven And Earth Inverted.

Su Xing’s wrist flipped, and the Thousand Year Intertwined Branch Sword in passing stabbed at Sun Meiniang’s heart.

The Yaksha Transformation Body of the Sun Meiniang who had suffered a heavy blow was Ten Thousand Techniques Realm, after all. Her silhouette quickly disappeared into the dark night.

Not good.

Su Xing was too late turn around, his fists directly blocking.

His gloves directly caught the Female Yaksha’s attack. Thereupon, several wounds deep enough to see bone appeared on his body, “Courting death.” Sun Meiniang’s trident stabbed.

Dammit, too fast.

Su Xing hastily evaded, nearly being stabbed through the heart, once again sensing the terror of a Ten Thousand Techniques Realm Star General. This was different from previous sparring session. This was a life or death battle, completely without any leeway.

Su Xing’s escape technique disappeared backwards. Sun Meiniang only slightly stepped forth to pursue. In Ten Thousand Techniques Realm, escape was a completely senseless action.

Not being able to use Flying Swords greatly restricted Su Xing’s abilities. Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder continuously flew out. The purple lotus flowers were also unable to obstruct Sun Meiniang’s aggression.

“Let This Lady finally serve you.”

The Female Yaksha suddenly pounced forth.

The snake whip directly sealed Su Xing’s route.

Su Xing did not change expression. His two palms clapped together, and suddenly, a golden lotus blossomed in the air. Treasure ksetras and bodhi emerged in large numbers, and limitless lotus flowers blossomed layer after layer. Blinding Buddhist light shone on the entire Cross Island, making Sun Meiniang very uncomfortably pause for a moment.

“Vajra Evil Smiting Palm!”

Su Xing’s palm was brandished, and a giant Buddhist palm mark descended.

The Five Dragons Colored Glass Lantern could comprehend Buddhism’s countless secret techniques and abilities. The Vajra Evil Smiting Staff was the bounty of these past dozen days. However, the Vajra Evil Smiting Palm did not constitute a threat to Sun Meiniang as far as she was concerned. The Blood Sacrifice Soul Absorbing Trident directly stirred the Buddhist palm to pieces, however, Su Xing only seized the opportunity to fight for a bit of time. Taking advantage of this moment, he unleashed countless Purple Mansion Immortal Thunders.

A booming explosion stuck Sun Meiniang’s body.

“Insignificant trick.”

Sun Meiniang sneered, rushing out of the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder. Although she cut somewhat of a sorry figure, her imposing air did not diminish.

The attack instantly arrived. Su Xing took up a defensive stance, but at nearly that split second, Sun Meiniang’s silhouette already disappeared. Su Xing was slightly surprised. The Female Yaksha wore a cool smile at that moment she already stuck behind him, her two claws slashing.

Su Xing’s reactions also absolutely exceeded Sun Meiniang’s imagination. In her perspective, Star Masters being closed in on by Ten Thousand Techniques Realm martial force Star Generals was akin to being slaughtered, let alone a merely Supercluster Stage Star Master, but the man in front of her possessed a sort of sense of battle against Star Generals that surpassed the normal.

The Strong Star Female Yaksha Sun Meiniang was too late to ponder as to what was happening. Ten Thousand Techniques Realm speed was even faster, and she instantly turned into a phantom that could not be thought over. Her figure wobbled, however, in an instant, her entire figure became indistinct, dream-like and illusory.

Both sides barely stopped for a few seconds. Light flashed in her eyes, and instantly, that pouncing overwhelming attack already came before Su Xing.

Su Xing was exceptionally calm. He turned his hand, and taking a half-turn, he skillfully evaded Sun Meiniang’s oppression. Then, he seized the opportunity to turn from defender to aggressor. The Divine Sword in his hand carved a brilliant attack in the dark night.

But his attack could only penetrate a shallow half-inch into Sun Meiniang’s space, unable to move in any further.

As the Strong Star, it was unknown the number of Star Masters Sun Meiniang used her frightening Innate Skill Essence Absorption on to suck away Star Energy from. To reach Supercluster Stage under a no contract status was absolutely frightening.

Powerful Star Energy formed a barrier that protected against Su Xing’s fists attacks, making him unable to take another half-step further.

Meanwhile, Sun Meiniang’s two Star Weapons crossed and revolted.

Again, there were several unbearably painful wounds.

“This Lady shall kill your woman then.” Sun Meiniang was somewhat anxious in her heart when she saw she was incapable of resolving the situation. Her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill already could not persist for too long. Her heart was unreconciled, and she suddenly attacked the unbearably debilitated Zhao Hanyan.

Su Xing’s Chaotic Tail Escape Technique protected Zhao Hanyan. The acute pain of the Chaotic Tail Escape nearly made Su Xing lose consciousness. He forcefully endured the pain. He grabbed the Four Symbols Seal and the Earth Book, preparing to use them. Originally, he had wanted to wait until he harvested materials to use these Prehistoric Spirit Treasures again. Now, it seemed he already had no choice.


A baleful aura instantly closed down on him.

At the same time, the jadeite light rays of the Intertwined Branch Sword in Su Xing’s hand magnified. Sparkling green branches and vines appeared in the air that wrapped Su Xing within. Su Xing was amazed to sense the Divine Sword in his hand was in resonance.

Countless vines and green leaves in Su Xing’s surroundings formed an endlessly multiplying defense. Sun Meiniang’s attack completely was intercepted.

The Divine Sword in his hand shuddered even more intensely. Su Xing immediately sensed Zhao Hanyan’s feelings inside from this Intertwined Branch. His hand relaxed, and the Intertwined Branch flew into the air. The two Intertwined Branches formed a green bridge, continuously covering Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan, opening jadeite leaves in the black night.

After all, it was the Thousand Year Divine Sword. Sun Meiniang instantly sensed the terrifying power seep into her limbs and bones. The Female Yaksha’s complexion changed. She suddenly flew backwards, taking hold of the dying Gardener Zhang Xiao and using all her strength to escape.

“The one to die is you.”

A feeble voice interrupted.

The two Thousand Year Divine Swords let out a clear cry.

Sun Meiniang was greatly afraid. She saw green light flash, and immediately, there was a blood-curdling scream.

Two Crimson Stars fell at the same time.

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  1. 血祭修羅叉
  2. 地壯星母夜叉孫二娘
  3. 地刑星菜園子張青
  4. 剝皮刑天鞭
  5. 地壯星
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  11. In the raws. IDK if it’s three or four star at this point.
  12. 吸精, lit. “suck semen”
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  16. 霄兒, different from Strength Star Lu Xiao, aka Xiao’er.
  17. Then why did those drugs work?
  18. 天燈祭, also could be Sky Lantern Festival


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