Chapter 397: Han Bing

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On some remote island in the Black Turtle Territory, Qingci unfurled a banner, releasing endless Starlight.

The women accompanying her looked nervously at this Starlight, and Jin Qiongyu was particularly restless.

“Elder Sister Qingci, is Mingyue actually alright?”

Cold sweat dotted her forehead as Qingci silently read an incantation. The banner flapped, and suddenly, in the center of green light emerged a petite figure.

“Qin Mingyue!”

Qingci shouted.

Qin Mingyue was muddleheaded, as if she had been immersed within a very sweet dream. She rubbed her eyes that still were not too awake, and in her line of sight appeared an indistinct figure. “Sister Qingci?”

Her consciousness suddenly sobered. Qin Mingyue was shocked. “Elder Sister Qingci!” The little loli looked in disbelief at her intact body, “Mingyue…is not dead?….”

“Fortunately, just when you were Starfalling, Elder Sister Qingci used this treasure to fix1 your ‘Star’…” Wang Jingzhi explained.

Qin Mingyue looked in disbelief at that multi-colored treasure banner. “Is this banner so incredible?”

“This ‘Heavenly Star Birth Banner’2 can only save you once. Next time, you will not be so fortunate.” The Qingci who had consumed extreme amounts of energy to call forth Qin Mingyue panted.

Guo Xue stepped forward and tenderly wiped away Qingci’s sweat.

Qingci smiled at her.

“It is all because of that Lin Chong!!” Jin Qiongyu gnashed her teeth said without any reservation: “Elder Sister Mingyue, Your Servant shall use all her strength to help upgrade Elder Sister’s Star Weapon to Five Star. At that time, you definitely will sweep aside the Panther Head and take revenge!”

Qin Mingyue pouted and nodded.

Qingci wrinkled her brow: “For the time being, we must not come into conflict with Lin Chong and them.”

“Why, Elder Sister? That man surprisingly can contract multiple Sisters just like Elder Sister. To think that a man can prevail, Jin Qiongyu’s heart is very uncomfortable.” The Jade Armed Craftsman Jin Qiongyu was full of resentment.

Wang Jingzhi was very perplexed as to why Jin Qiongyu would hate Su Xing so much. Even Lü Fang felt baffled. She had been the one defeated by Su Xing, so it was sensible for her to have something to say. Could it be that Jin Qiongyu and he had a previous encounter?

“Your Servant and he address each other as siblings, and Your Servant recognizes him as Big Brother. This is not at all to make us move first.” Qingci wrinkled her brow, her voice tender with a hint of sternness.

“What plan does Elder Sister have?” All of the girls were curious.

Qingci asked back: “Lin Chong and Wu Song, why would these Sisters who have not signed contracts in a thousand years follow Su Xing?”


This question honestly stumped them.

Was it courage?

Was it strength?

Any way they thought, it was not too possible. It could not be that a Star Master top-quality in courage and strength would appear in the Ninth Generation Star Duels? They were not too convinced, “Perhaps there was an encounter between them that we cannot think of.” Wang Jingzhi said. When she remembered the opening of the Birth Outline, Su Xing only had four beauties by his side at that time.

“No matter what encounter they had, there is definitely this one reason…Su Xing’s personality!” Qingci said.


Qingci and Su Xing got to know each other inside the Buddha Kingdom’s Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda. She personally witnessed every detail of how the Solitary Star Lu Shaqing of the Meditative Mind signed her contract. At that particular interaction, even Qingci was somewhat moved. She could not help but concede that Su Xing as a person was very strange – this type of strangeness had manifested within a sort of incongruous temperament…No mistake, it was indeed incongruous. He was unlike those Star Masters, unlike those Star Cultivators, even unlike a person from all of Liangshan Continent.  

It was as if he had come from Star World.

Qingci was confident it was precisely this kind of mysterious temperament had the greatest destructive power. If you interacted with him more, the more you would curiously probe to the bottom of this matter. By doing so, they would always degenerate so long as that man kept himself above a certain level.

“But what does that have to do with Elder Sister saluting him as Big Brother?”

“Your Servant is merely doing so to shackle Lord Su.” Qingci softly laughed. Seeing that the little sisters were at an even greater loss, she explained.

Top-notch Heavenly Stars the likes of Lin Chong and Wu Song had degenerated into Su Xing’s claws and teeth. In Qingci’s perspective, a great degree was due to drawing them too deeply in. By Lin Chong and Wu Song’s personalities, Su Xing’s personality was considerably warm. However, to only be warm was to be a gigolo. Means of strength were actually the most important. Qingci called Su Xing as Lord actually in order to pull their relations closer.

By doing so, at the Final Phase, if Su Xing was to obtain the Star Duels and ascend Maiden Mountain, they would inevitably be enemies. If he renounced their sibling relationship and took action, this sort of betrayal would shake Lin Chong, Wu Song and the others who were devoted to righteousness.

So long as they were shaken, their faith would break.

At that time, Su Xing’s seemingly enormous alliance would then collapse.

However, what made Qingci perplexed was that she was confident that with Su Xing’s eyesight, he ought to have considered this point, but to be without any opposition and grow even more close was somewhat confusing.

“Elder Sister’s considerations are honestly long-term.” They were astonished, not expecting that Qingci had thought to even the final Phase.

“But this is only a possibility? What if Su Xing does not act?”

“Your Servant does not believe he will be unmoved, even if he is confronted with Maiden Mountain’s revenge.” Qingci calmly said.

Wang Jingzhi and the others sighed.

“But, if he were to act and Wu Song and Lin Chong are not shaken by that man’s betrayal of justice?” Lü Fang asked.

“Perhaps they truly love that man enough to hover between life and death.” Qingci smiled: “Your Servant does not believe something as unreasonable as this will occur.”

“En, that is logical.”

“Right now, we must separate.” Qingci then said: “Your Servant will go gather the other Sisters that have not signed a contract for Uprising. Qiongyu, you are in charge of refining Star Weapons. This is our sole advantage.”

“Qiongyu will not make Elder Sister disappointed.” Jin Qiongyu gravely said.

“The other Sisters will be in charge of gathering materials and searching for Sisters that have not signed contracts.” Qingci said.

“Alright. Where is Elder Sister going?”

“Black Turtle Sea.”

Next day.

Su Xing and Zhang Yuqi jumped down from the Black Turtle Sea’s most dangerous depths. White Stripe in the Waves was like a mermaid, nimbly swimming in the water. Su Xing’s Escape Technique could not catch up to her speed.

Seeing her agile body, Su Xing was envious. This was Maiden Mountain’s Water General.

They were not the same as martial force or magic energy Star Generals. Water Generals were extremely good at marine combat, capable of navigating all waterways, turning everything on its head. The pressure of the deep sea was completely useless against a Water General. In the Star Duels, if a first-rate martial general were to Star Duel a Water General on the ocean surface, if they were even only slightly careless, they could be buried at sea, with no hope of reprieve. However, Water Generals were not necessarily truly matchless. In actuality, if a Star General were to reach a certain Realm or if a Star Weapon were to reach a certain level, splitting the sea would be merely an appetizer. Even if a Water General’s world overturning Star Magic were any stronger, it would be useless.

Eight hundred thousand li.

Su Xing already reached the ocean depths.

“How do we search?” Su Xing used Sound Transmission.

Zhang Yuqi looked up and down the pitch-dark water. Her Divine Intent unfurled without limit.

Suddenly, Su Xing patted her white shoulder.

Zhang Yuqi turned her head to look. Limitless Nether Fish already were barreling their way. White Stripe in the Waves smiled, and the White Water Mirror Heart emitted a beam of light. Ripples in the water like soundwaves directly knocked this school of insufferably arrogant Nether Fish into disarray.

“Let’s go!” Zhang Shun’s index finger poked Su Xing. She directly kicked her legs and swam away.

Su Xing followed closely behind. Along the way, they encountered many Demon Beasts. The honestly very dangerous ones, they avoided. Stopping and going like this, Su Xing arrived at a deep sea mound. He was astonished to discover that the middle of this mountain had a marine trench.

Zhang Yuqi indicated, and then she swam in.

The pressure of eight hundred thousand li was already making Su Xing somewhat dizzy. Seeing this even deeper dark passage, he cursed. Fuck me, is this Liangshan Continent actually Jupiter?3 Aiiya, as he swam in.

Past one million li, a stifled feeling was crammed into Su Xing’s lungs.

In actuality, Star Cultivators did not need air to breathe, but to support this capability, they needed Star Energy. This million li deep seafloor seriously was universally shocking. His Star Energy was completely flattened. Now, Su Xing already was somewhat unable to persist.

No wonder that even though people were fully aware that the Black Turtle Sea had Gen Wu Divine Iron, there were no Supervoid Cultivators. It seemed this was the reason.

His consciousness rapidly ebbed. The darkness pouncing from all sides made Su Xing’s line of sight completely fuzzy. At this time, his Divine Intent also severed.

This is bad.

Su Xing hastily circulated his powers.

Suddenly, at this moment, a dazzling white light flashed in the darkness.

A pair of plump and moist jade lips directly passed through the darkness and stuck to his mouth. Then, Su Xing only felt his body suddenly brim with strength. That sort of pressure unbelievably abated instantly. Su Xing opened his eyes wide and looked. Zhang Yuqi’s face wore a grin, her delicate hands covering her lips. Clearly, she had just used her lip contact to extend the power of a Water General to him.

Su Xing nodded at her, inwardly thanking her.

Zhang Yuqi smiled. She grabbed Su Xing’s hand, nimbly turned around, and like a mermaid, escaped into the water below.

A long while after, Su Xing only felt his eyes dazzle.

Having been in Liangshan Continent for so long, this was still the first time Su Xing had been guided by a woman voluntarily.

The black world of the ocean depths suddenly filled with silvery light.

As if there was a bright moon in the water.

Su Xing narrowed his eyes and stared. This bright moon scattered in large amounts.

Gen Wu Divine Iron?!!

Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb.

Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan passed through the densely packed troop and horse figurines, palaces and pavilions. Finally, they found the main hall.

A vast gate was before them.

On both sides stood towering and imposing military general statues.

“So it turned out this place is the tomb of the Connecting Heaven Lord Emperor.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

Shi Yuan showed an impressed expression. “Elder Sister, is there some profound theory to this gate?”

Wu Xinjie looked and nodded: “Indeed there is a theory. This gate can only admit two people at a time. It has been designed honestly thoroughly.”

“Then the two of us are just perfect.” Shi Yuan giggled.

Wu Xinjie stepped forward to open the gate.

“It can only admit two people? Then it appears you can only stop here.”

An ice-cold voice sounded out. In this quiet world, it seemed especially ear-piercing.

Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan were shocked.

Two girls gracefully landed on the hall’s plaza, wearing smiles.

“The premise of this opinion is that you do not willingly Starfall.”

The ice-blue long-haired girl’s hand beckoned. In the blink of an eye, her hair that nearly reached her butt fluttered, and countless icy Flying Swords emerged from thin air. These Flying Swords were numerous, vaguely innumerable. They let out a terrifying chill, as if they were about to freeze the palace.

Thirty-three Dark Sky Star Frost Swords4

Wu Xinjie was astonished. It was unexpectedly an Immemorial Sword Chant.

“Feixue5 recommends that Elder Sister and Little Sister had best listen. Han Bing’s6 opinion has always been very important.

The long golden pony-tailed girl showed a toothy grin, revealing spotlessly white teeth.

The ice-cold long-haired girl was extremely beautiful, her hair falling down like snowflakes, carrying a bone-chilling cold.

Wu Xinjie sensed a powerful pressure.

Supercluster Stage cultivation Star Master!!

“Yuan’er, attack the gate.”

Wu Xinjie suddenly shouted.

The two of them turned around.

“Come and face defeat!” Han Bing spat out these four words.

The thirty-three Dark Sky Star Frost Swords fell.

Suddenly, Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan’s figures tumbled. The Star Frost Flying Swords directly slashed apart the gate. Just at this moment, the two statues seemed to come to life, ferocious as if they had been provoked. They swung their halberds and polearms, blocking Han Bing and Feixue.

“Hee, hee, you followed us for so long, just treat this as a bit of payback.”

Shi Yuan giggled, instantly flashing with Wu Xinjie into the hall.

The two general statues did not delay. They attacked Feixue and Han Bing.

“So it turned out to be this, this is the mechanism!”

Feixue clicked her tongue.

“Han Bing, we were duped.”

Han Bing was expressionless.

The Thirty-three Dark Sky Star Frost Swords immediately covered the space, fully loaded with an icy aura of death.

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  1. As in “fix into place”
  2. 天星生辰旗
  3. As in the plant
  4. 玄天星霜劍
  5. 飛雪, lit. Flying Snow
  6. 寒冰, lit. Cold Ice


  1. 1. A fatal flaw of Uprising has been(probably) been revealed!
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    B. It’s not a legitimate Contract type, but neither does it technically break any rules as it oughta be counted the same as using an innate skill. The implications of this oughta be pretty obvious, but this actually puts Qingci at a bigger disadvantage compared to Su Xing who can only really be guilty of dimension hopping and coming into contact with the ‘Hearts’ of the Star Maidens *before* coming to Liangshan Continent…. though, it was entirely against his will at the time.
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      1. It would cause problems if he had made the Earth Book thing public you realize.
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        Su Xing was being less an asshole and more pragmatic about his actions.

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