Chapter 404: Niangzi’s Feelings

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“Elder Brother…why have you come? This is…”

Tang Lianxin was currently inside the Immortal’s Abode refining a Heavenly Spirit Astral Treasure “Phoenix Perching Red Clouds Clothes”1 for Gongsun Huang when she sensed the Immortal’s Abode had signs of activity and went forward to welcome Su Xing.

Seeing Su Xing and two girls whom she had never met appear at the same time, she was temporarily blank.

“Lianxin, this is Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Niangzi and Damage Star White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Yuqi…” Su Xing introduced.

Tang Lianxin showed astonishment. She slightly nodded her head, gazing at Su Xing with an expression full of inquisitiveness.

Su Xing then explained the short version of the events that transpired. Even with Tang Lianxin’s detached personality, she was somewhat unable to believe the twists and turns within.

“Solitary Star Gold Coin Spotted Leopard Tang Long? You’re really the Solitary Star?” Zhang Yuqi covered her mouth. She looked at that Great Sun Essence Butterfly somewhat as if she was in a dream.

“En, Elder Sister, as you please.” Tang Lianxin replied with her customary aloofness.

“Did you actually contract ten Sisters?” Zhang Yuqi asked, stupefied.

“What’s the point in fooling you.” Su Xing smiled, gazing at the Bright Star.

When Hu Niangzi heard this, she actually was briefly shocked. Afterwards, she did not bad an eyelid.

“How is this possible.” Zhang Yuqi frowned. Contracting ten Star Generals was unprecedented, could it be that Maiden Mountain changed the rules?

“Everything is possible.” Su Xing smiled.

Zhang Yuqi’s head hurt so much that she might as well have just stopped thinking. She turned to look at Su Xing’s Void Immortal’s Abode. Clicking her tongue, the abundant spiritual power far exceeded any ley line that Zhang Yuqi had ever seen. Furthermore, the center of the Immortal’s Abode was full of serene mountains, forests and lakes; everything that should have been there was there. She could even hear the sounds of birds and bugs, as if this was a world unto itself.

“The Purple Rose Outlaw Writ…With Young Su here, the other Star Masters of this generation would cry without tears. It looks like this generation’s overlord is Young Su, exclusively…Little Sister Niangzi is truly very fortunate.” Zhang Yuqi laughed.

Hearing her words, Su Xing and Tang Lianxin were not happy at all. Recalling Maiden Mountain’s trials, Tang Lianxin’s ice-cold pupils were even more frigid.

“What’s wrong?” Zhang Yuqi was confused.

“Nothing, this sort of thing can be mentioned later.” Su Xing did not wish to bring up this topic.

Zhang Yuqi stared curiously at Su Xing but did not pursue her question.

“Why are the other Elder Sisters not present?” Hu Niangzi asked.

“They’ve all gone out to take care of some things.”

“Does Dear Husband not have the Sisters follow at your side?” Hu Niangzi felt that she could not understand. Having contracted so many Sisters yet having none at his side, what was the use?

Su Xing forced a smile. There was no way around this. If they still could have stayed together like this, he would have liked to see that. Perhaps Maiden Mountain would have also liked to have seen that, but his strength could not possibly grow further.

“Little Sister Niangzi does not understand this. They definitely have gone to upgrade Star Weapons. With so many Sisters together, is that not able to turn all of Liangshan Continent on its head.” Zhang Yuqi smiled.

Hu Niangzi was silent.

“Elder Brother, did you meet with trouble for the Gen Wu Divine Iron?” Tang Lianxin asked at this time.

Su Xing remembered this matter. He flipped his hand, and twelve pieces of Gen Wu Divine Iron flew out of his Astral Bag. “Many thanks to Yuqi, things were much more smooth than I had imagined.”

Tang Lianxin cast a look of thanks at Zhang Yuqi: “If Elder Sister is in need, Lianxin can help Elder Sister refine a few Astral Tools and Treasures.”

“Don’t mention it. Actually, Yuqi also made a deal with Young Su before, it wasn’t free.” Zhang Yuqi waved her hand.

Su Xing again explained things.

Tang Lianxin did not say anything.

“Lianxin, how long will it take roughly to refine this Gen Wu Divine Iron?” Su Xing asked. Gen Wu Divine Iron was a top-notch Earth-type Spirit Stone. Its hardness could be compared to the Ancient Holy Beast, Gen Wu, from which it received the name. However, because Gen Wu Divine Iron was honestly too difficult to refine, this was an enormous challenge for a tool refinement master.

If a normal cultivator wanted to use Gen Wu Divine Iron to refine a Flying Sword, it would require at least several years. Continuously using dan fire to smelt it, it was possible to turn it into materials to refine Flying Swords, however, even if it was one of Liangshan Continent’s tool refinement sect master, perhaps Ju Yueke could only reduce the time by only a half.

If it was before, even if Su Xing had obtained the Gen Wu Divine Iron, perhaps it would have no use. Just with the Solitary Star here, even if Tang Lianxin was a top-notch tool refinement sect master, she would be ashamed of her inferiority. She had the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly’s assistance as a tool refining Star Beast, and it could greatly reduce the time, but even so, Tang Lianxin reckoned she would need around forty days.

However, forty days was still too long.

“Lianxin will prepare to return to the sect and borrow the sect’s Four Styles Earthly Fire ley line with master to cut the time in half.” Tang Lianxin said.

To shrink one year into twenty days, this was already the greatest limit of what the Solitary Star could achieve.

Black Turtle Temple was after fifteen days. It was a pity that he could not make it in time, but Su Xing naturally could not plead too much, “Lianxin, then I’ll have to trouble you.”

“Elder Brother does not need to talk about trouble.” Tang Lianxin’s eyes were somewhat dry: “This is the only thing that Lianxin can do to help Elder Brother.”

“Don’t say something so dejecting, we’re letting Niangzi see something laughable. You were willing to stay by my side, I’m already very happy.” Su Xing then hugged Tang Lianxin’s shoulder.


There was no time to lose. Tang Lianxin did not have time to delay any further. She took the twelve pieces of Gen Wu Divine Iron, turned and moved from the Black Turtle Territory Immortal’s Abode to the Four Styles School’s Immortal Abode to begin putting her hand into helping Su Xing refine the Gen Wu Divine Iron.

Zhang Yuqi was very curious about Su Xing’s sect and followed over, having the sense to leave the Immortal’s Abode to just the two of Su Xing and Hu Niangzi.

“They’re all very good people. Niangzi, you needn’t worry too much.” Su Xing saw that Hu Niangzi’s expression concealed a bit of unease, and then he consoled her.

Hu Niangzi shook her head, tightly pursing her lips, rousing her courage to ask: “Dear Husband, are you still willing to help complete Niangzi’s wish?”

“I keep my promises. Even if you don’t talk, know this. Yingmei, Siyou and the others won’t ignore you.” Su Xing tenderly said.

“Dear Husband and the Sisters get along very well.” Hu Niangzi’s expression was complex.

Su Xing knew what she was thinking. Hu Niangzi had forced a contract on hip upon seeing his cultivation. She wanted to seize the chance and use him to face Guan Ying. Before this, Hu Niangzi more or less was somewhat arrogant, but today, knowing Su Xing still had other Sisters following him, in addition to each one being well-renowned far and wide, shaking Liangshan, Hu Niangzi’s heart was ill at ease.

In Hu Niangzi’s eyes, her conduct was more or less unbearable. Although vengeance was promising, her heart nevertheless had a bit of regret.

When Su Xing introduced her, he did not mention the forced contract at all, more or less because he understood her thoughts. He patted the girl’s shoulder, saying apologetically: “Don’t bring trouble on yourself. Actually, I wanted to secretly tell you – I really wanted to sign a contract with you two, including White Stripe in the Waves!”

“Dear Husband, you are somewhat greedy.”

“En, I feel the same way. However, greed is always better than you Sisters slaughtering each other.” Su Xing shook his head, sorrowful.

Although he was unintentionally inducted into the Star Duels, but Star Generals signed contracts to serve their masters. At that time, how could there be any feelings to speak of. If you did not kill, then I would.

However, Su Xing also knew that his own wish was only wishful thinking.

Hu Niangzi showed an odd expression.

“You can rest for now.” Su Xing said.

Hu Niangzi nodded. After Su Xing left, the Bright Star lowered her head and clenched her teeth. She made a decision – Ying’er, wait until after This Wife kills Guan Ying and her Star Master. Then, This Wife will come to Maiden Mountain to join you…Dear Husband has so many Sisters, Niangzi does not need to worry about him.

Hu Niangzi muttered to herself, fully revealing her sadness.

Two Supercluster disciples of the Fiend Soul Sect flew above the sky on their riding swords. The Flying Swords became soul-shadows, sweeping past with black tails. The Black Turtle Temple was about to open, and the Fiend Soul Sect gave its disciples leaving seclusion specially refined “Soul Refining Swords” for protection.

“Even Astral Tools cannot compare to these Flying Swords.” One disciple complacently said.

“This is thanks to Junior Brother Jiang Shiyu. Otherwise, how could we have the sect’s secret Flying Sword. The Soul Refining Swords are so powerful, I wonder how powerful the Headmaster’s inheritance, the ‘Flying Soul Scattered Spirit Sword,’2 that Junior Brother Jiang Shiyu obtained is.”

“However, it still cannot compare to Devil Star Palace’s Great Saint Starkiller!”

“Do you feel that Master will actually move out with full force for this Black Turtle Temple.”

“Of course. The Fiend Soul Sect is a Four Great Devil Sect, and Junior Brother Jiang Shiyu is a Star Master. This Black Turtle Temple’s Good Fortune Pill, Master is even relying on him. I hear if he does not take a few back, heh, heh, Junior Brother will suffer.”

The two laughed as they rejoice in his impending misfortune.

“Truly, he is a pitiable Junior Brother, to surprisingly have to contend against Great Saint Starkiller.”

“Who let him be a Star Master.”

“Shall we help him when the time comes?”

“Heh, heh, save yourself first.”


“However, with this Soul Refining Flying Sword, we can still outrun what we cannot outfight.” The man self-confidently said.

“Where is the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion?”

The two were currently lost in their chat. This sudden sentence entered their ears and scared them into nearly shouting out loud.

Lifting their heads to look, an exceedingly refined and cute little girl was currently staring at them. She appeared young and tender, but her expression nevertheless emitted a kind of pressure that made the pair incapable of drawing breath.

Supervoid Cultivator???


Without another thought, the two Fiend Soul Sect disciples fled a thousand meters away on the riding swords. They were considerably confident that with this absolute Flying Sword, they could run away without any problems.

Gongsun Huang blinked. Her feet tread on clouds, and she nimbly flashed by.

“That girl is so small, could she be the legendary Dragon in the Clouds?”

“We must inform the Headmaster that the Dragon in the Clouds has come.”

“However, why was she asking about the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion. Could it be…”

“Run first.”

In the blink of an eye, they pierced a hundred li through the clouds.

All of a sudden, a figure descended and blocked their way.


The two disciples were frightened enough their souls flew and their spirits scattered. They did not expect the speed of the girl’s Wandering The Clear Skies would be much fiercer than the Soul Refining Flying Swords.

Gongsun Huang’s Innate Skill naturally could not be compared with a Flying Sword. She extended a hand and pointed. A whirlwind trapped the two. “Where is the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion?” Gongsun Huang’s voice was spotless.

“The Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion is at Eastern Mountain island. Go east one thousand three hundred li, and you can see it.”

The two disciples promptly said.


Gongsun Huang’s figure vanished.

The pressure on the two diminished. Each looked at the other in shock. Before they could breathe a sigh of relief, suddenly, they head “You should not have stirred evil ideas just now.”

The gale surrounding them roared like a dragon. The two of them screamed, and their silhouettes immediately disappeared completely, not leaving even the slightest trace. Those Soul Refining Flying Swords became master-less soul-lights that fled.

Gongsun Huang reappeared where she was. Gazing at the Flying Swords flying away, she cocked her head as if she was thinking. Then, without uttering a word, she turned and flew towards Eastern Mountain Island.

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  1. 鳳凰棲霞衣
  2. 魂飛魄散劍


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