Chapter 416: The Beautiful Scene Of Queen Jinglun

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Su Xing, Hu Niangzi, and Gongsun Huang searched the Yellow Crane Island’s forest for the tracks left behind by the Evil Lizard. A long while afterwards, Su Xing caught sight of several women wearing odd attire that sternly stood in wait. Their eyes were full of concentrated vigilance, as if they were guarding something.

Su Xing guessed that the cold pool of that Baby’s Breath was in the middle. He saw that though the cultivations of these young girls was merely Galaxy Stage, each and every one of them was like a deity, their countenances dignified. Recalling that Yellow Crane Gate was seemingly in somewhat of a ruckus, if he forced his way through, that would perhaps give rise to unnecessary trouble. Su Xing pondered for a moment, exchanging looks with Gongsun Huang and Hu Niangzi. Gongsun Huang entered the Star Nest while Hu Niangzi waited outside.

Following this, he used Hiding, avoiding the eyes and ears of these girls. He carefully slinked away; a long while afterwards, Su Xing effortlessly infiltrated a hundred meters. Seeing those girls standing guard not notice him at all, Su Xing breathed a sigh of relief, and then he continued to sneak carefully in.

A slight chill came through the air. He was already drawing near the Cold Pond.

Su Xing’s heart was delighted when at this moment, a faint voice came from the Cold Pond that mercilessly extinguished Su Xing’s joy. Su Xing was startled, held his breath and heard a woman’s voice speak.

“Queen1 Jinglun,2 the Yellow Crane Gate’s sect master Daoist Master Yellow Crane is determined to not lend the Yellow Crane Tower.”

“He still is unwilling to lend it?” A languid beauty’s voice indifferently replied.

“The Yellow Crane Tower is the Yellow Crane Gate’s holy place. That Daoist Master said that only the successive generations of Headmasters can come and go. Our threats did not move him.”

“The Yellow Crane’s holy place? Truly laughable. If it was not for Me requiring the forty-eight Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls3 on the Yellow Crane Tower, why would I ever treasure that sort of decrepit building. Inform that Daoist Master Yellow Crane, I will give him ten times the reward. If he refuses, then do not blame Me for being overbearing.” The woman being addressed as Queen Jing Lun had a tone full of tyranny. Su Xing could imagine her high and mighty attitude from just listening to her voice.

“Slave Servant does as you bid.”

The sounds of rustling departures faded into the distance.

There was silence for a long while. Another warm woman’s voice said: “Is Queen Jinglun truly preparing to make a move against the Yellow Crane Gate? The Yellow Crane Gate’s influence is not small, and this place is also their domain, perhaps Queen’s hands will be dirtied.”

“Ziyu,4 someone else taking the Yellow Crane Tower will leave Me at wit’s end. I definitely do not value it, but this Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearl can help Me upgrade My Star Weapon to Five Star. How can I let this go.” Queen Jinglun teased.

“What Queen said is true.”

Star Weapon upgrade?

Su Xing was immediately stupefied upon hearing this. This Queen Jinglun was a Star Maiden? What Star Maiden could be so imposing, to unexpectedly be able to have this sort of capability. Her speech could be so disdainful to this Yellow Crane Gate; Su Xing was unable to hold back the curiosity in his heart. He parted the shrubbery, carefully casting a glance, very curious just what sort of character this Queen Jinglun was.

This look nearly made Su Xing’s beastly instincts erupt.

He spotted a woman standing tall in the Cold Pond accepting the care of several maids. She was absolutely naked, her butt jutting out. That extremely good figure exposed in the air had an additional plumpness and lacked wiriness. Her mien was charming, and the makeup on her face was very beautiful, just like the world’s most perfect masterpiece. Even people made of stone would melt away from just her graceful curves. Her purple hair cascaded down to her shoulders.

Four beautiful maids around the woman washed her body. They were faintly discernible as beauties as well, but they lost their splendor before this woman in front of them. If it could be said that woman’s body was completely ripe just like a fruit that made one devour it in a single gulp, these maids were too immature.

Even though he had seen countless beauties, the Su Xing who had innumerable encounters with such beauties still actually drew in a breath.

This woman honestly was an absolute beauty.

Queen Jinglun currently was conversing with a young girl wearing a purple vest and a long skirt. They did not take note at all, but her every action and her body’s finest details were completely taken in by Su Xing’s eyes.

“Is Queen truly preparing to go to Black Turtle Temple.” The Zi Yu girl said.

“For such a grand occasion, how can I not go.” Queen Jinglun slightly smiled.

“But I hear that the Devil Star Palace’s Great Saint Starkiller has most recently given Guan Sheng’s Frost Fair Blade a Nine Nether Devil Star Stone to use. The Black Turtle Territory’s people surmise that Great Saint Starkiller will take action against the other Star Masters inside Black Turtle Temple. Perhaps it will be dangerous for Queen.” Zi Yu said.

“The grand Brave Star has surprisingly fallen to the state of a Devil Star. Truly lamentable. If I have the chance, I shall go test her.” Queen Jinglun was not at all worried, her tone even thoughtful: “So I must have these Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls.”

Zi Yu righteously said: “Tantai Ziyu5 definitely will tread through water and fire for Queen.”

Queen Jinglun’s face wore a slight smile. She said: “Ziyu, come down and bathe with Me. This Yellow Dragon Cold Pond really does enjoy a well-deserved reputation. Rumor has it that it  can nourish your skin, so do not be modest.”

Tantai Ziyu hesitated a moment. She was incapable of refusing Queen Jinglun’s smile. She nodded, reaching out her hand to undress. The young girl’s white naked body very quickly wasr revealed in front of Su Xing’s eyes. It was different from Queen Jinglun’s. The girl completely faced him directly.

Queen Jinglun and Tantai Ziyu washed under the service of the four maids.

This scene was somewhat erotic.

Su Xing turned his gaze, and just at this moment, there was suddenly a gurgling sound from the forest beside him. The shrub parted, and a horned Demon Beast walked out snarling. Its bronze-like eyes suddenly glinted with golden light as it stared at Su Xing.

Oh, shit!!

Su Xing’s heart chilled.

The single-horned Demon Beast roared, and the forest rumbled.

A chill that reached the bone came from the cold pond.

Su Xing shot into the sky, instantly using an Escape Technique. He then ran. Seeing that this woman’s influence was seemingly extensive, and with the Black Turtle Temple before him, he did not want to complicate things.

“So quick at running.”

Su Xing flashed into the sky, leaving behind an afterimage.

He had only just left when Queen Jinglun’s palm leveled the place he had been hiding at.


The dozen beautiful maids immediately congregated at the Cold Pond on their riding swords.

“A man!”

Tantai Ziyu’s face chilled.

“What are you all doing. Queen is bathing, and for a man to be unexpectedly be let through.” Tantai Ziyu slapped the woman acting as the leader. She slapped her face so hard that a painful handprint appeared on her face and blood leaked out from her mouth.

Queen Jinglun did not say anything, but her expression was full of unhappiness.

The girl did not dare quibble, “Disciple has neglected her duties. She shall now bring that man back.”


Queen Jinglun coldly said.

“Queen??” Tantai Ziyu was perplexed.

“My Single Horned Pixiu Beast6 is already in pursuit. To allow you all who could not even detect him to go chase after him, truly is a joke.” Queen Jinglun said, displeased.

“Disciple should die!”

The dozen girls knelt in self-blame.

Tantai Ziyu shouted: “Return and punish yourselves!”

“Forget it, they cannot be blamed. That man was no more than fifty paces away from Me, yet I unexpectedly did not notice. It seems he is an expert in presence concealment…” A thoughtful smile hung on the corner of Queen Jinglun’s lips.

She did not know how long her sensual sight in the Cold Pond had been spied on by that man. Queen Jinglun’s heart had some displeasure, yet it did not so easily flare up. This could only be blamed on her being so audacious in bright daylight. To be spied on like this, Queen Jinglun lost her interest in bathing.

The maids dressed her.

“Good. I will now personally visit upon the Yellow Crane Gate.” Queen Jinglun pursed her lips, her fingers playing with a lock of hair that drooped down.

“Immediately prepare the cart!”

Tantai Ziyu ordered.

The others did not dare be neglectful.

Queen Jinglun glanced in the direction Su Xing escaped in, deep intrigue in her eyes.

Su Xing’s Wandering The Clear Skies directly flew high into the sky. Behind him was screeching. The clouds rolled, and that Demon Beast that had discovered Su Xing pursued him relentlessly. It had golden eyes, a lofty single horn, appeared to be like a lion and tiger, and it exuded a fierce qi.

A Star Beast?

Su Xing wrinkled his brow, yet he had never heard of this.

Gongsun Huang emerged from the Star Nest. She pointed a finger, and Star Magic struck that Single Horned Pixiu Beast. That Single Horned Pixiu Beast was intelligent, evading. Just as Gongsun Huang was about to release Di Nü, Su Xing stopped her: “Don’t startle the snake in the grass.”7

A gorgeous phoenix the likes of the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix still could not yet be seen by anyone. Currently, Su Xing already knew that Queen Jinglun will also go to Black Turtle Temple, and he naturally did not wish to all of a sudden have an additional opponent – who was he kidding, Su XIng did not believe that Star General would remain aloof after her body had been peeped on.

Gongsun Huang nodded in understanding.


The Single Horned Pixiu Beast would not wait that long. Its figure flashed, and the Single Horned Pixiu Beast roared loudly. The air suddenly released green wind blades, and this fierce beast did not hesitate at all to launch its assault. The violent qi-flames seemingly were about to swallow Su Xing whole.

Su Xing’s fingers snapped. Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder attacked, and the first bolt of Purple Thunder hooked a purple line, shattering with the green wind blades.

The Single Horned Pixiu Beast suddenly disappeared.

The Single Horned Pixiu Beast pounced. The imposing air of its body was seemingly substantial. Just the slightest touch could make one die horribly.

A powerful Star Beast?

It appeared to not fall behind the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix, being in the same category.

Su Xing hastily withdrew. Suddenly, he whirled around, his finger pointed at the Single Horned Pixiu Beast’s eye. A dragon roar flew out, and the twelve Heaven Tearing directly shot at the Single Horned Pixiu Beast’s pupil.

The Single Horned Pixiu Beast erected a magnificent light barrier, like a net, that entangled the Flying Swords. Even with Heaven Tearing’s destructive power, it was temporarily unable to struggle free.

A surprising capability that, at this time, the Single Horned Pixiu Beast already arrived in front of Su Xing, opening its mouth.

Su Xing was calm and unhurried. As he retreated, he let out Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder and other abilities. Once again, the Purple Thunder scattered and fell like rainwater.

Purple lotus flowers concentrated and multiplied.

The Single Horned Pixiu Beast roared like thunder, and the launched Purple Thunders were split apart by visible qi-flame.

Su Xing immediately ascended to an even higher altitude, hastily retreating. Loud sounds detonated behind him one after another. The figure the Single Horned Pixiu Beast created was just like a viper giving relentless chase.

Without any time to catch his breath, this shadowy intent to kill pressed in from all sides.

The Single Horned Pixiu Beast’s speed was simply stifling.

“It is the Single Horned Pixiu Beast.” Gongsun Huang suddenly said.

“Pixiu Beast?” Su Xing was even more surprised upon hearing this name – was that not an existence close to a Holy Beast?

Like its name, the Single Horned Pixiu Beast was considerably ferocious. Its speed was extremely quick, and an altitude of ten thousand meters would not hinder it in the slightest. Even Su Xing had a hard time sensing its trajectory. It appeared to be a shadow from hell. The Single Horned Pixiu Beast already showed a malevolent posture, pressing down upon Su Xing from behind.

A baleful aura of death arrived heavily!

Su Xing once again dodged but without his previous ease.

If it truly was a Holy Beast, then it was honestly thorny.

Gongsun Huang blinked. Immediately, she prepared to call forth the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix.

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  1. 娘娘
  2. 經綸
  3. 九曲黃龍珠
  4. 紫羽
  5. 澹台紫羽
  6. 獨角貔貅獸
  7. The snake being the Star General


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