Chapter 418: Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearl

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Daoist Master Yellow Crane, for the sake of not allowing Shi Jin to order someone to sneak attack the Yellow Crane Tower in the middle of the chaos, had added a powerful forbiddance. Liu Tianya hovered in the air, his Star Energy concentrating onto his sword. An insufferably arrogant might concentrated over his whole body, as if he was master of Heaven and Earth.

The Supervoid Sword Saint was terrifying, as expected. Even if he was so far away, he could sense the pressure.

So as to avoid trouble, Su Xing first ingested a Change Appearance Pill. He used an Escape Technique to infiltrate the vicinity of the Yellow Crane Tower. At this time, everyone was focused on Liu Tianya breaking the forbiddance. Who would have thought there would be someone else.


Liu Tianya slashed into space.

The sword-qi seemed to split apart the galaxy. The entire Yellow Crane Island shook, and a hundred zhang deep gorge suddenly appeared. Yellow Crane Island had surprisingly been cleaved apart by his slash.

An enormous rumbling noise.

The forbiddance also finally dissolved.

Liu Tianya then gently pointed.

The forty-eight Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls were each embedded into a corner of the Yellow Crane Tower. With Liu Tianya’s abilities, one slash could free them. When Su Xing saw this, he immediately slinked over, directly arriving at the top of the Yellow Crane Tower to collect those Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls at the top.


Liu Tianya abruptly shouted. Although Su Xing’s Hiding was excellent and even a genuine peak, at such close proximity, it was difficult to avoid the Divine Intent of a Supervoid Cultivator. Liu Tianya’s figure leaped, and he charged.

So fast.

Su Xing had only just extracted one Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearl when a chilly sword-qi whooshed for a cut without a word.

The unstoppable sword-qi immediately shattered the top of the tower.

The Supervoid Sword Saint was undoubtedly equal to the Five Star Destined Weapon of a peak Star General. How could Su Xing tangle with him. Su Xing raised his hand and used Heaven Tearing to go intercept.

The next second, Liu Tianya flew up, pouncing towards Su Xing. The sword in his hand accurately slashed by. In this exchange, no sword-qi shot out from the sword at all, but the instant Su Xing’s Heaven Tearing touched the weapon, the sword-qi nevertheless instantly rushed out.

Worthy of a Supervoid Sword Saint, possessing an incomparable sword cultivation technique, Liu Tianya completely used Star Energy to adhere to the surface of the weapon, making the sword’s body become an even sharper blade.

Now, this lethal weapon already arrived before Su Xing’s eyes, waiting to shred its prey to pieces.

However, Liu Tianya nevertheless completely did not have the feeling that victory was at hand. He tightly knit his brow. It was very difficult to imagine that when a Supervoid Cultivator faced a Supercluster Cultivator in close quarters that he would show such an odd expression.

In Su Xing’s black pupils, familiar rays of light jumped out at him, that sort of keenness that only a Star General seemingly could manifest.

Their surroundings suddenly became dim. Then, before Liu Tianya could be in time to react, Su Xing already retreated with profound dance steps, then flinging out Heaven Tearing.

Such quick speed!!

Liu Tianya was shocked, and then his fingers extended.

Divine Intent covered like a tide. He wanted to trap Su Xing, which with his Supervoid Cultivation was naturally very easy. However, at this moment, the space between them blossomed with layers of golden lotus flowers. Buddhist light glowed unbounded, displaying sarira, bodhi, gold leaves and every sort of Buddhist holy object. Under the Buddha-like might, his Divine Intent pressure was immediately disintegrated.

In this instant that Liu Tianya paused, Su Xing again disappeared from under his nose with Light Smoke Dance Steps.

Liu Tianya could sense Su Xing’s powerful oppression from behind. Just how did he flank behind like this!? Liu Tianya felt disbelief, but he very quickly lost the mood to ponder. Instantly, the qi on his sword directly slashed behind him.

Su Xing was pushed back. Like eyebrows, this sword-qi honestly was fine. Even if he was like this, he still could have room to maneuver. Liu Tianya did not say a word. He immediately used his countenance to turn the wind blade on the sword into a succession of attacks to act as his reply.

Several dozen wind blades once again whistled as they launched towards their target, as if they were extending the sword, but this was completely useless.

Vajra Evil Smiting Palm!

Su Xing immediately thrust out his palm.

A giant golden Buddhist Palm covered Liu Tianya.

This Supervoid Sword Saint raised his sword.



Killing intent pounced from all directions. Su Xing looked and saw that the Nine Dragons Palace’s other disciples already were rushing over. In addition, Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jin was even faster, her slender body skyrocketing up like a dragon.

Su Xing was about to sink into this vast sea of murderous aura in just the blink of an eye.

Su Xing executed the Chaotic Tail Escape without any hesitation.

A ray of blood-light flashed.


Disappearing from where he was, Shi Jinglun landed on nothing. Her beautiful eyes were astonished.

Su Xing already was high above the clouds, similarly using Wandering The Clear Skies.

Supervoid Cultivator???


“Where are you running.” How could Shi Jinglun be so willing when she saw that Su Xing had wrested away Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls. Sitting upon the Single Horned Pixiu Beast to chase, this headache of a Star Beast was originally captured with much effort from both her and Qingci. Nine Tattooed Dragons had confidence she was not inferior in terms of speed.

“Courting death.”

On that side, Liu Tianya also had fury in his eyes, with a sort of feeling of great anger to grind bone and scatter ash.




Blood-light flashed several times, and he became fast beyond imagination.

“What sort of Escape Technique is this…” Shi Jinglun was startled.

In her eyes, Su Xing’s whole body was bound in a flashing red light. The swiftness of his speed made her unable to discern reality and falsity, but within a breath’s time. Su Xing thoroughly disappeared into the horizon, as if he had never come in the first place.

Shi Jinglun even thought that her eyes were blinded.

“Where did this Supervoid Cultivator come from to have speed so fast.” Liu Tianya had the same thoughts as her.

Shi Jinglun was unresigned. She ruminated, biting her lips.

“Who else could he be.” Shi Jinglun sneered.

For a Supervoid Cultivator to also have this kind of power, there was only the Devil Star Palace. The Devil Star Palace, for the sake of obstructing her Star Weapon upgrade, used this kind of method. Nine Tattooed Dragons did not feel this was odd.

“…” Liu Tianya was silent.

By the time Shi Jinglun completely collected the Yellow Crane Tower’s Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls, upon calming down, there were only forty-three. Five were missing. To appear outwardly as Supercluster cultivation and even be able to steal these then escape cleanly away in the middle of a battle against a Supervoid Cultivator, this made Liu Tianya feel terror.

“Five are missing?” Shi Jinglun wrinkled her brow.

The Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls were created from the White Tiger Territory’s Yellow River silt. Shi Jinglun used the Nine Dragons Palace’s influence in the Black Turtle Territory to search a long time and only found two. Without mentioning the danger of going to the White Tiger Territory to gather Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls, there was no more time now.

“It seems we can only slow down for now.” Shi Jinglun sighed. She subsequently shook her head: “Let us return. The Black Turtle Sea’s other powers ought to be nearly done.”

“Prepare the chariot to return to the palace!”

Tantai Ziyu issued the command.

Su Xing lifted his head and saw a chariot off in the distance.

“Looks like I can’t use the Chaotic Tail Escape too much.” Su Xing let out a sigh of relief. Ever since Su Xing blossomed the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, the Chaotic Tail Escape also reached a new realm under his Meditative Mind. Using it no longer required heavy injury, but it still felt painful. Furthermore, his cultivation would drop afterwards. It seemed this Chaotic Tail Escape truly was something so incorrigible that it truly angered men and gods alike.

The repercussions were purely evil to the point of discomfort.

Su Xing ingested medicine, fiddled with the five Yellow Dragon Pearls in his hands, and only then did he return to the Cold Pond.

“Dear Husband? What happened just now?” Hu Niangzi asked.

“I just made Shi Jin postpone her Star Weapon upgrade. Heh, heh.” Su Xing said. “Does the Cold Pond still have Baby’s Breath?”

Shi Jinglun had been bathing here just now, and he did not know if the Baby’s Breath had been taken away.

Hu Niangzi’s hand flipped. In the palm of her hand appeared several blue herbs. Suspended along the herbs were little flowers, like falling stars. This was Baby’s Breath.

“What a relief. Let’s go back for now.” Su Xing nodded. This trip finally was considered not futile, and to see Shi Jin also counted as a very big harvest.

“Tangtang, can you refine Dark Rank Wine like this?” Su Xing asked.

Tangtang cutely affirmed.

In the Immortal’s Abode, Bai Yutang took out a little bottle with three glittering stars – Dreamless. Every sort of wine brewing material was completely placed into the bottle. The cute little loli blinked, and then her little mouth gently blew on the jade bottle. Afterwards, she shook the bottle.


A delicate fragrance entered the lungs.

Dense fog emerged, and within were gradually flashing stars.

Bai Yutang carefully took a sip, and her face instantly was flushed.

“It’s finished?”

Su Xing was currently looking curiously at how drunk the little loli was. The process was much simpler than he had imagined. Put all the ingredients in, have Bai Yutang gently shake, and the scent of alcohol was already wafting out.

Bai Yutang nodded. Her apple red cheeks made anyone who saw unable to help but take a bite.

“Can I have a drink?”

“Papa.” Bai Yutang passed Dreamless over to Su Xing.

Su Xing carefully drank. The taste of the alcohol was about the same as Orange Jasmine. Bai Yutang’s Dark Rank Wine Brewing was known as “Seemingly Drunk And Stupefied.” It was only one mouthful, but Su Xing felt thoroughly drunk, as if he had ascended extreme bliss, too wonderful for words.

“It’s good.” Su Xing praised.

“Little Huang, Wife, do you want a taste?”

Bai Yutang poured two cups for her Elder Sisters.

Gongsun Huang drank. The wine slid in a line from inside the cup and entered her vermilion lips. Hu Niangzi was considerably ladylike. She gracefully held her goblet, taking a faint sip. Although the expressions of the two were considerably different, the result was the same. They both showed intoxicated expressions.

Gongsun Huang flew to a valley inside the Immortal’s Abode, suddenly pointing her Pinebrand Ancient Sword.

The white clouds dispersed, and the earth quaked.

Dark Rank – Half-destroyed Landscape.

After one Dark Rank, Gongsun Huang immediately used another Half-destroyed Landscape. It was rather demanding for Heavenly Stars to use Dark Ranks, but after drinking Seemingly Drunk And Stupefied, Gongsun Huang successively used two Half-destroyed Landscape without any ill effects.

“Tangtang, your Wine Brewing truly is too amazing.” Su Xing lovingly stroked Bai Yutang’s hair.

The little loli closed her eyes in pleasure, somewhat happy.

“Taking advantage of these additional days, I’ll go help pick some more Baby’s Breath. Brew some more Seemingly Drunk And Stupefied. En, Worry-free Without A Care also can’t be too lacking. At that time, we’ll have to give some to Yingmei and the others to taste.” Su Xing could imagine that drunken scene.

Bai Yutang gently nodded, her eyes squinting into crescents, showing a heartfelt smile for being able to help her Papa.

Which made Su Xing grateful.

He wondered how Gu Tong and the others at the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion were doing.

Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion.

There was the clinking of goblets and chips, the sounds of merrymaking continuous.

Great Saint Starkiller and Guan Ying looked at this restaurant. The Brave Star’s brows rose, her eyes somewhat cold.

According to Great Saint Starkiller’s self-injury trick, he needed only to feign drinking a cup of poisoned wine, and then he could kill a Star General. At that time, the other Star Maidens in the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion would act to face him. And then, even if Guan Ying was unwilling, she would act to protect her master.

The plan was very simple.

The moment he stepped into the threshold, Great Saint Starkiller saw the stone-like woman to the side and suddenly hesitate.

That was a disappointment he had never seen before.

“Ying’er, just what do you seek in the Star Duels?” Great Saint Starkiller turned his head to ask.

Was victory not part of means fair or foul?

Guan Ying did not answer.

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  1. Bai Yutang’s ability to let Star Generals spam Dark Rank Skills with no real drawback seems almost too ridiculous….
    And Half Destroyed Landscape is no joke….

  2. “Taking advantage of these additional days, I’ll go help pick some more Baby’s Breath. Brew some more Seemingly Drunk And Stupefied. En, Worry-free Without A Care also can’t be too lacking. At that time, we’ll have to give some to Yingmei and the others to taste.” Su Xing could imagine that drunken scene.”

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    It’s dumb. Of course Su Xing, despite leaving his star generals behind for no reason, picking a fight impulsively, trying to sneak into people far stronger than he and then escaping, having no plans, succeeds. He managed to successfully beat back a whole clan with supervoid and 4 star general, and escape no problem. He also manage to successfully steal just enough to stop the other party to upgrade their weapon.

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