Chapter 421: Undercurrent

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“Truly a great imposing aura. If it was not for misgivings about the Star Generals’ Maiden Mountain, we could have long already destroyed this Nine Dragons Palace.”

Just when everyone was drawn in by the Nine Dragons aromatic cart, some people were disdainful.

Ming Die sneered.

“Lady Ming Die, this Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jin is a troublesome opponent.” Great Saint Starkiller muttered.

“This Black Turtle Temple actually is interesting.” Ming Die’s gaze once again landed on Su Xing’s body.

Birth Treasure Outline?

Ming Die raised her eyebrows and eerily smiled when she heard this information: “That Water Illusion Fairy truly has good tricks, to unexpectedly know a man with the Birth Treasure Outline. You two go ask about for information, what that man’s background is…” Ming Die ordered several disciples.

“Could this man be the Purple Thunder Monster?” Great Saint Starkiller knew that three of the four Birth Treasure Outlines were under ownership. Only the White Tiger Territory’s was missing in whereabouts, but the dangers of the White Tiger Territory were absolutely not for the average cultivator, let alone obtaining the Birth Treasure Outline.

“The Purple Thunder Monster? That man that is overturning heaven and earth in the Azure Dragon Territory?” Ming Die smiled: “This is actually to the liking of our Devil Star Palace.”

“Ying’er, we must be careful in the future.” Great Saint Starkiller ordered.

“If it was not for you letting go the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion’s Star Generals, there would be no need for such trouble.” Ming Die sneered.

Great Saint Starkiller forced a laugh. He did not know how he should explain this, for the Star Maidens of the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion could be so ostentatious only if they embraced the attitude of Starfall. This contrarily made the other sect Star Masters let them go for the time being, but who would have thought they would change ideas in spite of their restaurant. “Disciple heard that beforehand, a Star Master and some of these Star Generals battled at the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion…Some of the cultivators spotted the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix.”

The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix, the second most powerful Star Beast on the Star Beast List. However, compared to this, its master was even more unforgettable – Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Sheng, the Star General number one in magic energy.

“The Devil Palace cannot easily meddle with the affairs of these Star Duels. You must look for a way yourselves…” A black butterfly flew onto Ming Die’s fingertip. The woman indifferently answered, pausing for a moment to give a profound expression: “Do not make Devil Ancestor disappointed…”

“Disciple does not dare!” Great Saint Starkiller gravely replied.

“Brave Star Guan Ying, you had best renounce that ridiculous conviction…” Ming Die saw the mocking expression of that nearby Guan Ying who had been silent all the way until now.

Brave Star Great Blade Guan Ying gave this Supervoid Middle Stage female cultivator a look not good in the slightest.

Ming Die did not mind either. She knew that these top-notch martial force Star Generals had an arrogant dignity. Supervoid Middle Stage cultivators perhaps could move about Liangshan Continent unhindered, but as far as they were concerned, this was basically not worth a mention. The previous plan to fell the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion’s Star Generals had unexpectedly died out prematurely, making her not see the scene of trampling on a Star General’s dignity. She knew that forcing Guan Ying any further perhaps would have gains that did not make up the losses. Thuse, she raised three black pearls.

“Guan Ying, hmph, take them.”

“These are…” Great Saint Starkiller was stunned.

“These are Yin Soul Pearls, specially concentrated with Yin Spirit and Yin Energy…These pearls can allow you to reduce the Devil Star might of the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone…”

Guan Ying’s brow wrinkled, not believing her at all.

“So long as you bring the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill to Devil Ancestor, Devil Ancestor has agreed to not only have the Devil Star Palace to do its utmost to help you upgrade your Star Weapon to Six Star, Devil Ancestor himself has the power to help you remove this Nine Nether Devil Star Stone.”


Guan Ying smirked. How could she believe such an extravagantly embellished promise.

“Guan Sheng, do not be unable to differentiate good and bad.” Ming Die unhappily said: “The Nine Nether Devil Star Stone is still our sect-guarding item. If it was not for seeing you defeated so embarrassingly, how could we have given it to you. Your Frost Fair Blade is now already without any room to return. Could it be said that you are prepared to face Lin Chong bare-handed in the future Star Duels?”

“Ying’er.” Great Saint Starkiller shot a glance at her.

“Be at ease, This General naturally will make an all-out effort. Regardless of Shi Jin or the Purple Thunder Monster, This General will not hesitate at all.” Guan Ying grabbed the three Yin Soul Pearls and stored it at her waist.

“This is good.”

Ming Die smiled.

On an island ten li away from the Devil Star Palace’s islet, black qi at this time soared into the sky. The Yin Soul did not disperse.

“Shiyu,1 do you want to give up on this Black Turtle Temple?” An old man with yellowing skin turned his head and asked with concern. Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jin, the Three Ruans Water Fort, Guan Sheng, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon that had contracted double Stars, and a Water Illusion Fairy teaming up with a Star Master in possession of the Birth Treasure Outline, this Black Turtle Temple lineup could be described as a bit too strong.

He addressed the Fiend Spirit Sect’s sole Star Master Jiang Shiyu2 with particular distress.

The man behind him had a grand and impressive appearance. His cultivation was at the peak of Galaxy, but he nevertheless was full of self-confidence.

“Elder Five Calamities, please be at ease. Although the enemy is very strong, the Black Turtle Temple is within the deep sea. With Hudie3 at my side, Shiyu still will have a chance to loot a burning house.” Jiang Shiyu slightly smiled, asking: “Hudie, will you shrink back?”

A young woman wearing gaudy clothing walked out from space. Her blue long skirt was bound high up on her waist. Her coat, brocade and short jacket stuck to her waist that was slim as a willow. The skirt dragged behind due to its extreme length. This made people think of a poem, “Her skirt sweeps six spans of the Xiangjiang River.”4

The girl addressed as Hudie tenderly smiled: “Hudie will also do her utmost. Although Guan Sheng is bold and powerful, Hudie cares only about the Three Ruans and the Zhang sisters.”

Elder Five Calamities nodded, he was very appreciative of Jiang Siyu’s self-confidence.

Very quickly, several dozen islands were already giving rise to different phenomena. Some were enveloped in multi-colored light, some rolled with black qi, some whined with the sounds of ghosts, and others were dead calm, auspicious and peaceful.

Su Xing took a little look around. The islands were already gathered full of people. Each and every one of the Black Turtle Territory’s prestigious sects and Star Masters that should have come, had come.

“You both had better do your best.”

The Illusion and Reality Sect’s two elders left behind these words and flew into the sky. The other islands each also launched multi-colored escape lights. These escape lights were each of the elder cultivators of the great sects that had come. Each had extraordinary abilities, and among them, a woman of Supervoid Stage surrounded by black butterflies made Su Xing feel particular chills.  

“All Fellows, if you would please.”

Ming Die slightly smiled.

“Fellow Ming Die, if you would please.”

These Elder Cultivators formed hand seals and raised magic weapons. Light rays intersected in every direction, twisting to form a net. A sea range of a hundred li suddenly was covered by it, for they had established a powerful forbiddance magic circle.

Su Xing immediately felt a terrifying pressure push against him. He was unable to move, and after flipping out the jade pendant, a ray of cold light flashed. Only then did he get through.

“Honestly, such an extravagant style.” Forbiddances, Liangshan Continent’s most inconceivable power that more than a dozen powerful cultivators could only barely form by working together.

“Is there any need?” Hu Niangzi did not understand.

“Xiyue heard that in the past Star Duels, other Star Generals were inextricably locked in battle inside Black Turtle Temple, being taken advantage of by other sneaky Star Masters. Afterwards, sneak attack Starfalls were many, and for the sake of avoiding having more occurrences like these, those Great Sects would set up a forbiddance beforehand. In the case outsiders enter, they would need to stop thinking of leaving.” Xi Yue explained.

“So it turned out to be this.” Su Xing was enlightened.

This had to be the sandpiper and clam going to war against each other, only for the fisherman to catch them both.

Seeing this situation, Su XIng suddenly recalled the Azure Dragon Territory’s Palace of Empress Wa. He wondered how Yan Yizhen and An Suwen were.

Just as he thought this, Zhang Yuqi reminded him. “Young Su, we should go.”


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  1. 世宇
  2. 江世宇
  3. 蝴蝶, lit. “butterfly”
  4. 裙拖六幅湘江水, translation adapted from The Columbia Anthology of Yuan Drama


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