Chapter 438: You Have An Oriole, I Have A Phoenix

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“There is no need for Dear Husband to take action.”

Hu Niangzi gripped the Golden Wind and Morning Dew double sabers and stood in front of Su Xing. Although she looked exhausted, she did not cover her water-like beauty. Qingci was slightly suspicious, flipping out her Birth Treasure Outline and aiming it at Hu Niangzi. Su Xing naturally was also blunt.

Both of their Birth Treasure Outline appeared at the same time.

The two golden books radiated light, and waves of golden light shone clear and crystalline.

Su Xing’s Birth Treasure Outline successively flipped through the materials for Nine Tattooed Dragons and Qin Mingyue.

Star Position:  Fierce Star

Star Name: Qin Ming

Nickname: Fiery Thunderbolt

True Name: Qin Mingyue

Rank: Seventh

Star Weapon: Wolf Toothed Fire Beacon Mace (Four Star)

Star Beast: Fire Feather Thunder Beast

Realm: Matchless Sixth Stage

Innate Skill: Thunderclap Intimidation1

Five Elements: Fire

Yellow Rank Special Move: Fire Beacon Reaching Sky2

Dark Rank Special Move: Dark Rank Special Move: Flame Engulfing Mountains Rivers3

Current Status: Uprising (cannot be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

Because he knew from Lin Yingmei that Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue was a very fierce loli, when he saw the materials for Qin Mingyue’s status, Su Xing was not every surprised. It was actually when Su Xing looked at Nine Tattooed Dragons that he was startled.

Star Position: Minute Star4

Star Name: Shi Jin5

Nickname: Nine Tattooed Dragons

True Name: Shi Jinglun6

Rank: Twenty-third

Star Weapon: Nine Dragons Divine Arms7 [Yellow Dragon Staff8 (Four Star), White Dragon Sword9 (Two Star), Crimson Dragon Bow10 (Two Star), Green Dragon Saber11 (Two Star), Black Dragon Club12 (Two Star), Sea Dragon Halberd13 (Two Star), Earth Dragon Shield14 (Two Star), Sky Dragon Chains15 (Two Star), Dragon-trapping Nine Section Staff16 (Two Star)]

Star Beast: Single Horned Pixiu Beast

Realm: Matchless Fifth Stage

Innate Skill: Dragon Tattoo

Five Elements: Earth

Yellow Rank Special Move: Dragon Leaning Mountain17 (Staff), White Lake Overturning Waves18 (Sword), Dragon Piercing Heart19 (Bow), Heavenly Net Earthly Bond20 (Chains), Rain Of Centipedes21 (Nine Section Staff)

Dark Rank Special Move: Yellow Dragon Worships Heaven (Staff), Dragon Burning Extreme Break22 (Bow), Nine Dragons Nine Flashes (Nine Section Staff)

Current Status: Not Contracted (can be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

“Nine Dragons Divine Arms.” Looking at that long list of weapons, Su Xing’s eyes were dazed. The reputation that the legendary Nine Tattooed Dragons had nine weapons was not in vain, as expected. She practically had everything she needed available. Although what combat paid particular attention to was specialization, more weapons contrarily being more mixed, if Shi Jinglun was to randomly change weapons during battle, that would be a frightening variable.

The Su Xing that was full of combat experience was very clear, a sudden change in attack rhythm would bring great chance of victory.

What made Su Xing impressed was that Shi Jinglun was even able to upgrade all of her Star Weapons to Two Star, with the Yellow Dragon Staff even nearing the Five Star level. Only the master of a palace could have so much capital. However, what made Su Xing curious was that Shi Jinglun’s status was not yet Uprising. It was very odd.

Shi Jinglun’s heart was slightly unhappy to be looked at with the Birth Treasure Outline. She looked at Qingci with slight confusion – trifling with a Star Master in addition to addressing her opponent as if they were siblings despite being enemies, she felt that even neutered person would hurt in the balls.

After looking through the materials, Su Xing again pointed the Birth Treasure Outline at Qingci. However, as before, the golden light of the Birth Treasure Outline glowed without a bit of reaction. Su Xing was suspicious that Qingci could possibly be Song Jiang, but this Purple Rose Treasure that supposedly could illuminate the names of all Star Maidens nevertheless was unable to. Could it be that Qingci actually was only a Star Master? Was his planning excessive?

“Elder Sister, make a move.” Li Longkui was impatient, her killing intent soaring. Her Star Weapon had already reached Three Star, and her baleful aura was even more exaggerated.

“Just make a move. Be careful that you are not tricked in turn by someone putting on an act.” Zhang Feiyu’s words did not spare them. Seeing her Little Sister was still comatose, she already was violently thinking of quickly ending the Black Turtle Temple affair.

“Using such great effort for the sake of this Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill, to use martial force is the sole method that is best at persuasion. Of course, if you are not careful and die in the process, you can only blame yourself for your ineptitude.” Shi Jinglun spun her staff.


Zhang Feiyu was about to attack.


Su Xing suddenly called her back.

Zhang Feiyu subconsciously stopped, “Wait until this woman forcibly annihilates you?”

Su Xing rolled his eyes, saying to Qingci: “Qingci, after this Black Turtle Temple, I have something ask of you. I wonder if Little Sister Qingci would be willing to agree.” The implication was that this fight would rely on their own skills, and the loser would have to accept the result.

“Lord Su’s request, Qingci naturally will not decline.” Qingci discerned the hidden meaning in Su Xing’s words, gladly agreeing.

Su Xing shot a glance at the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill, and then he looked and smiled at Shi Jinglun: “What Lady Jinglun says is right. We have to each rely on our own skill. If we die, we can’t be resentful.”

“I will generously bury this Lord Su.” Shi Jinglun’s charming gaze drifted over.

Following Shi Jinglun’s figure flying out, Li Longkui and Qin Mingyue also took action at the same time. Qingci raised a Taotie Cauldron to take the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill.

Su Xing rushed over even faster.

“Wife Little Huang!” Su Xing softly said.

Gongsun Huang emerged from Star Nest and sat on Su Xing’s shoulder. The refined and elegant little girl understood tacitly, pointing her sword.

Suddenly, the ground and hills of the Black Turtle Temple shook, the skies and seas crumbled.

Half-destroyed Landscape!

A berserk power frantically squeezed the hall. Shi Jinglun, Li Longkui and Qin Mingyue had no choice but to stop the attack, to defend with all their might. Qingci did not expect at all for Gongsun Huang to use her Dark Rank Technique a fourth time. This honestly was shocking.

“This is bad, we fell for his trap.” Nine Tattooed Dragons’ complexion suddenly changed.

Black Turtle Temple collapsed.

The originally critical Black Turtle Seal’s blue fire immediately extinguished, and the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill emerged.

Seizing this moment, Hu Niangzi flourished her hand, throwing the This Feeling Is Endless Lasso, dragging the thing over.

“You have an oriole, I have a phoenix.” Su Xing’s laugh pierced through the violent ocean.

“Lord Su!!” Qingci grit her teeth, waving her hand.

A ray of black light struck at Su Xing.

Astonishingly, it was the Yazi Saber.


Golden Wind and Morning Dew were tossed, intercepting the Astral Treasure.

“Dear Husband!” Hu Niangzi shouted.

The Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill appeared in his hand.

“Little Sis Qingci, Your Servant’s Wife needs to rest, I don’t want to fight anymore. I’ll come find you next time, don’t forget to brew Big Brother a cup of tea.” Su Xing smiled, grabbed Hu Niangzi and quickly escaped just like that.

When Zhang Feiyu and Xi Yue saw this, they also voluntarily grabbed a handful of the other Good Fortune Pills, glowed with an escape light, and immediately left this place.

Shi Jinglun wanted to go pursue, but under the Chaotic Tail Escape, how could she ever be able to catch up. After several breaths, Su Xing broke away from the fuming Nine Tattooed Dragons of the Black Turtle Temple.

Qingci stared blankly, still not daring to believe what had just happened in front of her.

In just this brief instant, Su Xing easily snatched away the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill. Qingci completely did not expect that Su Xing had already finished planning. Remembering that she was still hesitating indeterminately a moment ago, Qingci made a self-deprecating chuckle.

Qingci, ah.

Could it be you wanted to be scorned by men for a lifetime?

Her laugh was ear-piercing, bearing a slight roughness.

Li Longkui’s expression sunk, pervading with killing intent. The most violent Qin Mingyue was downcast. Having died once before, she currently had not reached a stage of complete recovery.


Shi Jinglun descended before Qingci. Staring fixedly at her, Nine Tattooed Dragons chewed out word by word.

“I need one reason why I should not kill him…”

“A reason to kill him. Jinglun, you actually have many.” Qingci bitterly smiled.

These words surprised Nine Tattooed Dragons. “Qingci, what do you mean?”

Qingci summarized her explanation. After hearing that unbelievable story, Shi Jinglun’s smile vanished.

“What? He is the Purple Thunder Monster???? Why…”

“Because he cannot be killed. After what happened, Little Sister Jinglun ought to be very clear how cunning that man is. To be frank, he recognizes Qingci as his little sister, and there must be a purpose.” Qingci said.

“Hmph.” Li Longkui clearly did not recognize such words that he could not be killed. In the Killer Stars eyes, other than Qingci, there was nothing that could not be killed.

“How can this type of Star Master be.” Shi Jinglun nearly was about to curse QIngci for being stupid. Just as she was about to say it, she still swallowed her words. “Could it be, Qingci, you are not worried that he could be sent by Maiden Mountain? THere is only one reason he can contract so many Star Generals.”

“Regardless of the reason, the Fourth Phase Three Heavenly Books will naturally reveal the result.” Qingci said.

“You have truly made this decision?’  Shi Jinglun seriously asked.


“Since it is Qingci who decided, I shall believe in you. However, that man is too dangerous. I cannot believe in him and will still need to monitor him.” Any way Shi Jinglun and Qingci put it, they had helped each other from the very start. Their relationship was closer than Sisters.

Qingci looked around and already could not see the original appearance of the Black TUrtle Temple and sighed at the ruins.

“We were unable to save Ruan Xiaowu.”

“This cannot be blamed on you. Who allowed that Sword Star Ruan Jin’er to insist on declining the Uprising.” Shi Jinglun pursed her lips. Although she felt this was a pity, she nevertheless was without a choice. “Right, Qingci, is it possible to have Ruan Jin’er join the Uprising again? With revenge as a reason…Although Guan Sheng was slain, she has not truly Starfallen. THe Three Ruans will not let her go, but for Ruan Jin’er to think of killing the Five Star Destined Weapon Brave Star Great Blade, just relying on the Jinpingmei’s Water Fort alone is practically a fool’s dream.”

“Qingci shall go test her again.” Qingci nodded.

“Then this will be all.”

Shi Jinglun was also weary. This Black Turtle Temple had wasted enormous energy and was actually wasted effort in the end. The Minute Star was incomparably dispirited.

That man.

That damned man.

It was as if she had seen him somewhere before.

“Return to the palace.”

Shi Jinglun released the Nine Dragons Aromatic Cart. The group entered the cart, and it broke the surface, surging through the waves.

The ruins were farther and father away.

Su Xing grimaced in pain. Bai Yutang emerged from the Star Nest and gave Su Xing her last bit of Worry-free Without A Care to alleviate his suffering.

In the future, it was better to use this Chaotic Tail Escape sparingly. It truly would invite misfortune upon him.

Su Xing’s mind gradually recovered clarity.

Hu Niangzi breathed a sigh of relief.

“How is Yuqi?” Su Xing asked.

“Little Sister is still comatose.” Zhang Feiyu said, fidgety.

“There is no need to worry too much. Go back, I’ll help take care of her.”


“Feiyu, your care is in a state of confusion. Star Generals that have contracted can resurrect. If she honestly cannot go on, just sign a contract.” Xi Yue consoled her.

“But where do we find a Sta…” Zhang Feiyu stopped halfway and recalled something as she stared at Su Xing.

Someone was shameless to the point of being awe-inspiring.

“Go back for now.”

“Do not leave from the closest location. Perhaps those sects are already guarding the tree stump and waiting for rabbits.” Hu Niangzi suggested. “Dear Husband has the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo Flying Swords. The Black Turtle Territory’s Devil Sects will not let Dear Husband go.”

Su Xing thought so as well. He tenderly smiled at Hu Niangzi: “Fortunately, there is Wife to remind me.”

“This is what Niangzi should be doing.” Hu Niangzi’s face was a rare red.

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  1. 雷霆氣勢
  2. 烽火連天
  3. 焰吞山河
  4. 天微星
  5. 史進
  6. 史經綸
  7. 九龍神兵
  8. 黃龍棍
  9. 白龍劍
  10. 赤龍弓
  11. 青龍刀
  12. 黑龍鞭
  13. 海龍戟
  14. 地龍盾
  15. 天龍鎖
  16. 困龍九節棍
  17. 龍靠山
  18. 白湖翻浪
  19. 龍穿心
  20. 天網地縛
  21. 蜈蚣連雨
  22. 龍焚極破


  1. 1. [“Wife Little Huang!” Su Xing softly said.]
    – Fellow ladies and gentlemen of culture, he called our favorite Kuudere Loli ‘Wife’! And a good wife she is indeed!
    2. Su Xing called it! That’s EXACTLY who Qingci is!
    3. I forget… but when does Yuqi get contracted?
    4. Did Shi Jinglun recognize Su Xing? They never should’ve ‘officially’ met though…
    – One: Recall Ch. 1
    – Two: Bitch has good instincts.
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    1. Recall the Yellow Crane Island sub-arc? When Su Xing peeped on her bathing? That’s where she remembers him from…

        1. Like I said. Bitch has good instincts then.
          Ch. 416 – 418
          – Su Xing saw her, but was chased off by Shi Jin’s Star Beast so she never actually saw him.
          – By the tine he went back for those pearls, fought Shi Jin and Lu Tianya, and then escaped, he’d used a Change Appearance Pill. No way should she have have ‘normally’ recognized him.

          The only way is through…
          Her gut feeling/some skill
          …Or that resonance phenomena that he has invoked, and was lampshaded on by Chai Ling and Xinjie back in Evil Smiting Hall.

      1. I know he saw her, but she she shouldn’t have rec9gnized Su Xing.

        Didn’t he have the Appearance Change Pill active at the time?

        1. It changes his face, but she must have taken note of his Star Energy signature or some other characteristics he has, e.g., gait, posture, etc.

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