Chapter 441: Thousand Year Tears

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The current situation was a bit subtly bad.

Looking at the jade-bodied Zhang Yuqi laid horizontally on the bed, Su Xing’s brow showed intense worry. He took her pulse, gave her acupuncture, administered medicine, spirit medicine, pills…In brief, whatever methods Su Xing could call forth to heal wounds, he completely tested them, but White Stripe in the Waves was unable to awaken. Su Xing could not recall from whose stories, Grimm or Andersen, that Sleeping Beauty originated from.

Could it be that he had to use something as terrible as a kiss to awaken her.

“Why?” Zhang Feiyu grabbed her little sister’s shoulder, shaking her.

Xi Yue hastily stopped her, so as to avoid shaking Zhang Yuqi apart before she woke up.

“Little Sister!! Yuqi!! You little foul-footer…” Zhang Feiyu’s vocals were expressive, shedding silent tears, but that shouting voice made Su Xing feel increasingly awkward.

At the sound of another cry, Su Xing interrupted Zhang Feiyu because he was concerned that she would add even more of her terrible anger.

“It seems something indeed is wrong with that weapon forged with the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone.” Su Xing surmised.


Zhang Feiyu glared at him. “You, quickly help me wake Little Sister up, otherwise, I will not give Xi Yue to you…”

The implicated Xi Yue’s face turned red, both shy and expectant: “Why would you involve me…”

Su Xing rubbed his forehead.

“Calm down!”

“Calm down, my ass. My little sister is sleeping like an idiot on the bed. Could it be that you cannot see that she currently can be violated at anytime?” Zhang Feiyu was irritated.

“…” Su Xing.

“…” Xi Yue.

“Milord, it would be better to sign a contract with Zhang Yuqi.” Xi Yue fixed her gaze on Zhang Feiyu.

“Isn’t this a bit like taking advantage of her?” Su Xing’s heart very much wanted to sign a contract with this blowjob girl, but seeing that Elder Sister nearly about to storm away, he still had to courteously ask.

“Taking advantage of her, you sissy…Are you still that concerned right now? You must sign a contract with Yuqi. If you don’t, I’ll [BLEEP] you.” Zhang Feiyu did not care that much at all. She actually was very willing to offer up her own little sister. The reason was very simple. By doing so, they could avoid future sister internecine strife, let alone that her own contractor was very fond of Su Xing. This was precisely a match made in Heaven.

There was no choice of Star Master that was more perfect. If it was any other man, to think of touching her little sister, Zhang Feiyu would have already cut them to pieces first.

Su Xing also knew that he could not let go of this mermaid. He had grown used to that blowjob that hung off her lips and that figure in water. Looking at Zhang Yuqi’s pale complexion, his heart was uncomfortable.

Nodding, Su Xing was no longer reserved.

Zhang Feiyu looked down on him: As if this is your first time.

Su Xing concentrated on Zhang Yuqi. Several groans occasionally broke free of the girl’s lips, seemingly pained. According to Zhang Yuqi’s current state, she should be incomparably debilitated. According to the formalities of Liangshan Continent’s Star Duel Covenant, so long as one wished to be a Star Master, she could be contracted.

Su Xing lowered his head and kissed her lips.

This made the girl’s groan that was thin as a reed enter his own throat. In that moment, Su Xing forgot about the contract, but his heart was wholly on his wish to alleviate Zhang Yuqi’s pain.

This kiss seemed to be like a miracle cure. Zhang Yuqi’s groans slowly subsided. Su Xing began to dominate the girl’s lips. His tongue hooked in her warm and supple tongue.

It was most probable that there was no one else in this world who could be more experienced in hot kisses with Star Maidens than Su Xing.

Water Illusion Fairy Xi Yue and Boatman Zhang Feiyu and even Hu Niangzi stared dumbstruck. That was an extremely inseparable. Their passionate kiss made them unable to help but feel their hearts beat faster.

Xi Yue’s face was envious. She truly wanted herself to become the partner for Su Xing’s deep kiss.

“To kiss my sister.” Zhang Feiyu gasped. She shrieked, for her little sister had been defiled. Xi Yue stopped her, shaking her head.

Zhang Feiyu bit her chapped lips, feeling sick to her stomach.

The kiss ended.

Su Xing panted. Zhang Yuqi’s lips were seriously outstanding, manifesting the tenderness of water, the mildness of ice, he nearly was unable to stop.


Su Xing rubbed his forehead.

“What’s happened, is Little Sister better?” Zhang Feiyu hastily stepped forward. Zhang Yuqi’s complexion was somewhat better. Of course, she could not rule out that this bastard’s kiss made her little sister’s face turn red from lack of air.

But Zhang Yuqi still did not wake up.

“What is going on? Why has she still not awakened?” Zhang Feiyu truly was panicky.

“Dear Husband?” Hu Niangzi felt confused.

“Did you not sign a contract?” Xi Yue’s eyes were wide.

Su Xing gravely nodded his head. Following the logic of the Kiss Contract, there should have been no problem. When he kissed Zhang Yuqi just now, what Su Xing thought about in his mind was not the Star Duels, only the hope he could allow the girl to rally.

According to the conditions of the Kiss Contract, they should have fulfilled it.

Su Xing’s heart had an ill feeling of foreboding, so he flipped out the Birth Treasure Outline.

Golden light glowed.

Zhang Yuqi’s data materialized.

Everyone looked, and they were all stunned.

In Current Status, there was a phrase: “Soul Has Been Lost1 (Cannot be conquered)”

“Soul Has Been Lost?” This never-before-heard-of status made everyone confused.

“Just what the hell is that Nine Nether Devil Star Stone? Why are things like this?” Zhang Feiyu’s expression flowed with an angry bewilderment.

Su Xing’s answer – he was unable to answer. He had no idea what this thing was.

Pertaining to the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone, other than already knowing this was a Devil Stone of Star World and that it could be forged into a Star Maiden’s Star Weapon, there was no more information.

“Dear Husband, what do we do now?”

Hu Niangzi wrinkled her brows.

“Dammit, I will go kill Guan Ying right now!!” Zhang Feiyu’s anger exploded.

“Don’t make trouble.” Su Xing shouted to stop her. “Do you still want to add on to our problems?”

“You…” Zhang Feiyu had just thought to hit back when she suddenly noticed that the brow of the man in front of her was tightly wrinkled. That concern was not an appearance at all, rather unease that came from his heart.

This kind of worry made Su Xing loathe all kinds of screaming.

In light of the face for you stealing Little Sister’s first kiss, I shall not argue with you…Zhang Feiyu thought, but she immediately felt this reason was honestly ridiculous.


A long silence.

“We have to first go clearly grasp what the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone is before we can remedy it.” Su Xing lifted his head.

“Are you going to the Devil Star Palace?” Xi Yue was even more worried.

“Not for the time being. Right now, I’m going to find a person I know. She has the highest quality information in Liangshan Continent. I’m confident she will know the reason.” Su Xing said.

“Who is so incredible?” Xi Yue said in astonishment.

“Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling!” Su Xing spat.


All of the girls were shaken. They looked at Su Xing, those expressions uniformly saying – Impossible, you even have a friendship with the Queen Noble Star placed outside of the Star Duels????

Inside the Palace of Empress Wa.

The Thousand Year Tears of Empress Wa flowed out, interrupting Yan Yizhen’s killing stroke on Agile Star Featherless Arrow Zhang Biluo. Zhao Hanyan, Xie Zhenyuan and Long Nü did not hesitate at all to release every kind of magic weapon to gather the Thousand Year Tears of Empress Wa. The crystalline river that was like a dragon spitting out pearls flowed directly into every sort of magic weapon.

The group exhausted their greatest strength to gather just a few more of the Thousand Year Tears.

The Thousand Year Tears of Empress Wa could not be directly used at all. Rather, it needed to undergo a cultivator’s refining, to refine these teardrops ino true Thousand Year Tears of Empress Wa. However, this process was extremely difficult. Sometimes, a tone of tears could fail, thus, the group strove to gather as much as possible.

And the Thousand Year Tears of Empress Wa also indicated the closing of the Palace of Empress Wa.

Yan Wudao could only put away his baleful aura, after all, he had come to the Palace of Empress Wa for the sake of the Thousand Year Tears. The One Air Bottle he had just obtained and undergone a simple Divine Intent instillation was perfect to use.

The current situation had become considerably interesting.

Zhao Hanyan, Long Nü, and Yan Wudao’s Star Generals were powerless to continue battle, yet on the contrary, Xie Zhenyuan’s Star General Hou Ruolan that had been called trash was still capable of fighting. If her Heavenly Silkworm Treasure Silk and Backlighting Divine Needle were to actually meddle with them, it would be as easy as turning over her hand.

Xie Zhenyuan might as well did not have this plan. His Star General was simply adorable, merely guarding by his side. The golden needles and treasure silk wove together as she nervously eyed Yan Yizhen.

Originally, Star Masters should have been obstructing their counterparts from obtaining the Thousand Year Tears. A life or death situation surprisingly did not appear, which truly made people flabbergasted.

An Suwen also released an Astral Treasure.

Yan Yizhen was expressionless. She did not care about Hou Ruolan at all, but she would not let go of Yan Wudao.

The girl’s figure moved.

Yan Wudao released his Rebirth Flying Swords, “Fellows, with Yan Qing here, are you all still indifferent?” Long Nü and Xie Zhenyuan thought that what he said had some logic, so they each released Flying Swords to attack Yan Yizhen.

Even Little Yi could only evade and evade again in the face of the three great Supercluster Middle Stage cultivator’s Flying Swords, which were difficult to break free from.


When Yan Wudao saw the quiet and somewhat incapable of harm An Suwen, he noticed that he had apparently seen her somewhere before, but he could not recall. He merely treated her as Yan Qing’s Star Master. A beam of black light flashed, and a black blade attacked An Suwen.

An Suwen blinked. The humane healer Efficacious Star showed surprise, but then a green storm suddenly flew out. It surrounded the black blade, and then the spiritual power in that black blade suddenly died out completely, becoming scrap iron.

“Essence Swallowing Dragons.” Everyone was shaken beyond compare.

No one had expected that gentle young girl would surprisingly be the most dangerous.


Long Nü promptly released the “Night Pearl.” There were rays of light reaching ten thousand zhang, which blocked the Essence Swallowing Dragons. Xie Zhenyuan and Yan Wudao did not dare be careless, controlling the Flying Swords at the same time they contested.

“Ling Yan Princess, why do you still not act??” Yan Wudao was expressionless. He noticed that Zhao Hanyan surprisingly was unconcerned, a calm and composed appearance. Even the Steadfast Star had an attitude of not wanting to care.

“Yan Qing also has Essence Swallowing Dragons, very dangerous.” Yan Wudao reminded about the severity of the situation.

“Mengrui.” Long Nü said.

Guardian of Three Mountains Huang Mengrui ingested a pill and lifted her Flying Waterfall Dragon Cry Sword to attack An Suwen.

“Since Yan Wudao wishes to make This Princess take action, then she shall.” Zhao Hanyan mockingly said. The Ling Yan Princess nearly wanted to call out that they were the women of This Princess’ man, why would This Princess make a move against them.

Yan Wudao only felt Zhao Hanyan’s words were very fishy, but he did not know what part was wrong. Even if Yan Wudao was bright enough, he would never have thought that An Suwen and Yan Yizehn were invited by Zhao Hanyan.

Zhao Hanyan controlled the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords. The corner of her lips curled into a sneer, for she was about to first kill Yan Wudao.

At this time, they suddenly saw a golden light charge over like a shooting star. The Essence Swallowing Dragons were knocked into a disordered heap. An Suwen could only recall her Astral Treasure and retreat.

That Starlight was very powerful.

It easily severed the connection of Zhao Hanyan and others had while collecting the Thousand Year Tears. The leftover power surprisingly jolted each of them several dozen steps back.

Everyone was frightened.

“Star Masters, you have signed Star Duel Covenants. It’s too illegal for you to also take something like the Thousand Year Tears. Terribly sorry, but today, Xiao’er will be taking them.”

The golden light receded, and in the sky appeared a mighty woman straddling a golden qilin. Her hand held a golden lance, and though her bearing was dignified, it did not lose any charm. At those seemingly smiling eyes, anyone would have knowingly smiled back upon seeing them.

Except that no one present was able to smile.

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  1. 失魂落魄, lit. means “dazed” or “beside oneself”


  1. 1. [“Why?” Zhang *Yuqi grabbed her little sister’s shoulder, shaking her.]
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    –> It was most probable that there was no one else in this world who 

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