Chapter 444: Siyou

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Su Xing used the Jade Pendant to teleport back from the Black Turtle Territory to the Azure Dragon linked Four Styles School’s Immortals Abode. The Water Illusion Fairy Xi Yue and Zhang Feiyu who came along felt extremely fresh. The Liangshan Jade Pendant could create three Immortal’s Abodes, teleport over ten thousand li, but it was very rare for a Star Master to actually use it.

Every frantic escape in the Star Duels was a possibility to live on, extremely previous. Who would be willing to keep opening Immortal’s Abodes.

Zhang Feiyu said, “Su Xing, you’re too extravagant, you truly do not plan things. I can’t be at ease handing my Little Sister to you.”

Su Xing rolled his eyes at her: “The Immortal’s Abode can offer a precious item, why wouldn’t I open another one, let alone that one chance to flee is enough.”

“No wonder.” The vast majority of Star Masters were Heavenly Spirit Outlaw Jade Pendants. The treasures from opening an Immortal’s Abode could not compare with those from the Purple Rose level.

The space in the Immortal’s Abode flashed.

Tang Lianxin walked out, her expression slightly joyous.


“Has Elder Brother come to take the Gen Wu Divine Iron? Lianxin has already finished refining them.” The twelve bright cases appeared in the air.

Su Xing took them into his Astral Bag in passing. Currently, Zhang Yuqi’s status far surpassed the Gen Wu Divine Iron. “Elder Brother, what is the matter?” Tang Lianxin thought that her refinement of the Gen Wu Divine Iron had a problem.

“Something has happened to Yuqi. I’m preparing to go find Chai Ling.” Su Xing smiled and explained.

Tang Lianxin glanced at the girl against Zhang Feiyu’s chest, somewhat confused yet only nodding slightly, not saying anything.

Su Xing introduced everyone.

Although they were prepared, to find out she was the Earthly Solitary Star was still considerably surprising.

“Gen Wu Divine Iron? For Milord to have even something like this, Xi Yue wonders what you are doing.” Xi Yue curiously said.

“This is all thanks to Yuqi.” Su Xing said.

“There’s no time to lose, we’re going to find that Noble Star right now.” Zhang Feiyu was stern.


Su Xing’s group could not delay. The progression of events at the Palace of Empress Wa was already nearing a crisis.

Sparks showered everywhere, a fervor permeating the entire area.

The ringing sounds of clashing iron, Noble Frost Demonic Lotus and the Golden Qilin Lance instantly passed through more than a hundred exchanges in the blink of an eye.

“After following Su Xing, Xiao’er wonders how Little Sister’s martial arts are right now?”

Lu Xiao already arrived above Wu Siyou’s head when she was switching to defense. The lance did not hesitate in the slightest to slash downwards. Wu Siyou spun around in passing, the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus in her hand drawing out a jet-black sword-light carrying snow. Again, she blocked Lu Xiao’s lance.

Four Star?

Lu Xiao’s eyes glinted.

As expected of the successor of last generation’s overlord. The distance between their previous encounter in the Buddha Kingdom was no more than a month, yet in this short time, the Three Star Destined Weapon had already ascended to Four Star. “Siyou, Xiao’er truly, truly wants to work together with you to ascend.”

“Then sign a contract with Su Xing.” Wu Siyou answered.

“Could it be you truly are prepared to sign a contract with him?” Lu Xiao smiled.

Wu Siyou was silent.

Jade Qilin’s body was delicate, like a butterfly. Each and every time, she made evasive maneuvers that were unimaginable. Each step, each movement of her wrist was like a butterfly flapping its wings.The gentle flaps raised a domain within the storm of her attacks.

The Golden QIlin Lance glittered with a dazzling slash.

Jade Qilin was collectively recognized as the head of martial force among Maiden Mountain’s one hundred and eight generals. However, this martial force could be better described as evenly matched. In a close quarters battle, Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song also was an expert.

The pair tyrannically battled incomparably, making Yan Yizhen incapable of interfering.


A sword-light blew out from the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus’ tip.

Lu Xiao sidestepped, the sword-qi grazing past her body.

Wu Siyou’s cold eyes caught the path of Lu Xiao’s evasion. Noble Frost Demonic Lotus spun and stabbed. The sword-qi eerily turned and sprayed out, just like a cyclone, sweeping a vacuum into the air.

Lu Xiao’s lance retracted, striking apart the sword-qi in an attack not to be outdone, but Wu Siyou’s true attack only began now.

Without any more superfluous maneuvers, Wu Siyou’s double-headed Noble Frost Demonic Lotus split in her hands, becoming the double swords Noble Frost and Demonic Lotus. One was cool as frost, the other astonishing as ink, following her in close quarters.


Wu Siyou’s swords crossed.

Due to the energy, a hole was ripped into the air.

Lu Xiao’s breathing stopped. The Golden Qilin Lance blocked horizontally, making the swordtip brush past her cheek, drawing a line of blood. The other sword swung down the other way at the same time, stabbing towards Lu Xiao’s thigh.

Time simply was unable to reflect the speed.

Lu Xiao swayed. This gap arrived before Wu Siyou’s eyes, and with a kick, she stepped onto Wu Siyou’s knee, and then, she stepped onto her shoulder. That slender thigh was like a drill, an enormous penetrative force immediately pushing Wu Siyou practically to her knees.

Jade Qilin was not to be outdone. Her hands gripped the lance and stabbed downwards.

If it was any other Star General, Lu Xiao’s graceful attack would have ended things, but Wu Siyou was well-versed in these things. Her shoulder shrugged, almost mountain-like, and a powerful killing intent burst forth. Immediately, Lu Xiao was shaken off.

The ground was turned to dust by the lance. Lu Xiao held the shaft, landing light as a feather.

“Siyou, do you not wish to collect the Thousand Year Tears? Could it be you have come to the Palace of Empress Wa only for the sake of obstructing Xiao’er?” Lu Xiao smiled and asked.

The light of the azure Thousand Year Tears already was beginning to fade.

The Palace of Empress Wa was on the verge of fading away.

Wu Siyou was unfazed: “Then, Lu Xiao, are you prepared to stop?”

“Apologies…No can do.” Lu Xiao smiled.

She vanished!

Lu Xiao gently strode forward, her figure astonishingly disappearing. Even Wu Siyou was unable to catch on to a trace of Lu Xiao.

Yan Yizhen stood guard of An Suwen’s surroundings.

Suddenly, a gale roared.

A gale from who knows where blew directly in Wu Siyou’s face. Her long hair and the hem of her clothes gently fluttered in the storm. The Harm Star was unmoved, practically a statue, looking at this storm as if it was nothing.

“Siyou, take this.”


An intense explosion.

Lu Xiao appeared in front of her.

The double swords crossed, blocking in succession. Wu Siyou’s speedy reactions left even Lu Xiao feeling danger.

But how could Lu Xiao’s attack be so simple.

A golden light brushed past space. When Wu Siyou received the attack, the power suddenly toppled mountains and overturned the seas. Wu Siyou was expressionless. A light flashed past her starry eyes. The Noble Frost and Demonic Lotus double swords surprisingly shook out of her palms by this explosive power. The Four Star Weapons drew a graceful curve in the air, sticking into the idol of Empress Wa. The skin of her hands split, and blood gushed forth.

Dark Rank Technique.

Cavalry Breaks Apart Thousand Militaries!!!1

The double swords flew off, leaving Wu Siyou wide open. Unarmed and defenseless, she face towards Lu Xiao.

At this time, Lu Xiao’s Dark Rank Cavalry Breaks Apart Thousand Militaries manifested.

The lance pierced through a thin line, stabbing with perfect accuracy towards Wu Siyou’s chest. This thrust practically put Wu Siyou in a situation where she sat and awaited her death.

“Elder Sister Siyou.” An Suwen turned pale from fright. She wanted to use Mind-steeling Smoke And Rain, but this time was already too late.

Lu Xiao’s eyeballs glanced. She considered giving up on stabbing Wu Siyou’s heart, but when she saw the Pilgrim’s completely fearless smile, Jade Qilin suddenly felt danger.

The corner of Wu Siyou’s mouth slightly curled. Suddenly, her body techniques changed, walking with mysterious footwork. Inevitable death had surprisingly been amazingly avoided. The lance penetrated Wu Siyou’s shoulder, but this was not at all able to stop the Harm Star’s absolute counterattack.

When Wu Siyou made her move, she seemed to have a mandarin duck’s crest on her head, and her feet seemed to have the tuft of tail of a mandarin duck. At the same time, her legs and feet made circles. The four circles combined from top to bottom, and the left and right swapped into a mating pair, just like inseparable mandarin ducks.

Jade Ring Steps, Mandarin Duck Legs!2

Lu Xiao showed a bitter smile.

This was bad. Pilgrim Wu Song had no need for a Star Weapon to be able to contend against a Star General as a powerful opponent.

The already close by Lu Xiao completely was too late to dodge. Wu Siyou’s slender curves suddenly unfolded. That instant of flexibility was like a butterfly, and her footsteps were swift as lightning, just like the meteor shower of a star chessboard. One ring linked to another, very profound.  

With a sway, not only did she dodge Lu Xiao’s fatal strike, she even closed the distance to be in front of her. Her footwork invaded, her attacks quick, attacking left and right, circling front and back, closely locked with one another, pressing in step by step.

Lu Xiao suffered through Wu Siyou’s footwork. The bones of her body seemed about to be kicked apart, basically unable to make a response. In the end, Lu Xiao could only nail her lance. Only then did she barely break out of Wu Siyou’s killzone.

At this time, Lu Xiao’s whole body was injured, her inner organs seemingly burning.

However, Wu Siyou was no better at all. Her shoulder’s bone was already ground apart by the lance’s baleful aura, blood flowing like a river, painful enough to make Wu Siyou grimace.

“Elder Sister Siyou, Elder Sister Xiao’er, stop fighting.”

An Suwen could not stand this, using Life Returning Magic Hands on both of them.

Surface wounds could be healed but internal injuries nevertheless took some time to recover.

“Little Sister Suwen, doesn’t this make things very difficult for Xiao’er.” Lu Xiao showed a vexed expression. She completely did not expect An Suwen would heal her.

“Continue fighting, Your Servant’s Dark Technique has not yet been used.” Wu Siyou’s hand beckoned, and Noble Frost and Demonic Lotus returned to her palms, again assuming a fighting stance.

“Elder Sister.” An Suwen cried.

“This time, Slave Servant shall assist you.” Yan Yizhen was cold.

“Sister Little Yi…” An Suwen was frantic.

How could they have anticipated that Lu Xiao would return the Golden Qilin Lance to the void. Strength Star Jade Qilin completely did not have that sort of fervor for battle. “Don’t fight, don’t fight. Xiao’er should just collect the Thousand Year Tears and be done.”

“Oh?” Wu Siyou’s brows rose.

“That man Su Xing is already a very big cheater, anyways. There isn’t much difference one more time.” Lu Xiao said, disheartened.

Wu Siyou protecting that man like this honestly made her…very envious.

“The Thousand Year Tears are nearly gone.” An Suwen said.

The azure blue water was increasingly dim. Wu Siyou instantly no longer wished to continue the deadlock. The space of the Palace of Empress Wa warped, shuddering unsteadily. A powerful force seemingly wanted to throw the group out from within the Palace of Empress Wa.

“The Palace of Empress Wa is about to close. Let us be at a bit of peace for the time being.” Lu Xiao smiled.

They did not hesitate any further.

Gong Caiwei walked along some nameless corridor in the Palace of Empress Wa. The repulsion of the space made the young girl increase her pace. The Immortal Hero Princess came to a heap of rubble, a room that did not catch the eye. Looking around, she suddenly formed a hand seal.

Several artifacts flew out from her Astral Bag and revolved in Gong Caiwei’s surroundings.

Gong Caiwei had inherited Zhu Sha’s magic circles, so she was also very adept at breaking arrays. Several dozen arrays were quickly laid, forming a beautiful barrier.

Starlight flickered.

The faintly discernible space suddenly was cut apart as if by a blade.

Legend said that the Palace of Empress Wa once had a top-notch Star Cultivator who did not escape in time. From a freak combination of factors, they were trapped to their death within. Rumor said they once seized the Tears of Empress Wa right from in front of several martial generals of great Star Masters.

This must be the place.

Dense skeletons sitting in meditation appeared before Gong Caiwei.

“Senior Grand Pure One,3 Caiwei offends you.”

Gong Caiwei put her palms together and bowed.

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  1. 走馬破千軍
  2. 玉環步,鴛鴦腿 Apparently, these are dance/body movements.
  3. 太清前輩


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