Chapter 447: Indulging In Illicit Affairs With Women

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The night was cool as water, the moon bright as a mirror.

Su Xing flipped to and fro, unable to fall asleep. Because Little Huang used four Dark Techniques, she consumed too much energy and was currently fast asleep in the Star Nest, resting. Hu Niangzi also apparently began to loathe the Star Nest, unwilling to enter. Chai Ling arranged another room for her, and the cute Bai Yutang was tricked into the Noble Star’s room by the Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast. It was very rare, but on this night, there was only Su Xing by himself.

He wondered how Yingmei, Xinjie, Siyou, Little Yi, Suwen, and Yuan’er were on the outside right now. They ought to be doing fine, right. There was no activity in the Star Nest. Su Xing tossed about repeatedly, their faces always in his mind. One month was not long, but when things grew quiet, a very long time seemed to have passed.

Counting the days, Maiden Mountain’s trial should more or less be about to begin, and he did not know what trial it was.

However, judging by Chao Gai’s not at all relaxed expression, rather than say it was a trial, it was better to say it was a throttling.

How could Su Xing sleep in peace. His thoughts rapidly spun, and then he left the room.

Outside the palace hall was a valley. Not only was the Noble Star able to earn money, she could even enjoy it. With verdant hills and limpid waters, this was the work of Heaven. Faraway, there was even white mist drifting into the sky.

What lay before Su Xing was a lot. Besides refining the Earth Book’s projection, the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed and other Buddhist powers, the Black Turtle Seal he obtained from the Black Turtle Temple and the twelve Earth Element Flying Swords had become new assignments. However, forging the twelve Flying Swords required several days’ time. Su Xing set it aside for the time being. First of all, he was to refine the Black Turtle Seal.

He found a quiet and secluded place,

Su Xing released the Black Turtle Seal.

This four-sided great seal was finely crafted, with four embossed characters on the underside – Black Turtle Guarding Seas.1

Prehistoric Lost Treasures and Immemorial Lost Treasures were about the same, but what was forged would be a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure. For things like this Black Turtle Seal that had been pressed under the Black Turtle Temple for who knows how many centuries, its spiritual power was overflowing. Before even refining it, he could sense it was extraordinary. Su Xing originally could have sought ought Tang Lianxin’s help to refine it. However, the girl had been constantly laboring for half a year, day-in and day-out without stopping. She did not close her eyes at all refining the Gen Wu Divine Iron. Su Xing naturally could not trouble her any further. Moreover, in any case, he was of the Four Styles School, the tool refinement Great Sect, Ju Yueke’s genius disciple.

“This is perfect to test that Four Styles Forging.” Su Xing tenderly smiled when he recalled Tang Lianxin’s painstaking research.

He had proficiency with the Heavenly Water Heart Fire, the Earth Book, the Fire Spirit Magic Sarira, the Wind Spirit Magic Sarira, and the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder. Now was only refining a Lost Treasure into a Spirit Treasure, which was not difficult.

Doing as he said, Su Xing’s Divine Intent was imbued into the Black Turtle Seal.

Suddenly, his complexion concentrated. He sighed and pointed. The mouth of the Black Turtle on the seal held a weak, mung bean-sized blue flame. It honestly was not visible unless one was attentive. “This is Earthly Yin Cold Fire?” Su Xing knew that things that were closer to Sun Essence belonged to Heavenly Fire and were categorized as Extreme Yang, and the deepest darkness was characterized as Extreme Yin. The two types of Yin and Yang Flames were encountered, not sought.

However, cultivating them were astonishingly famous abilities – like the Extreme Yang’s “Golden Crow’s Spirit Flame,” which he once witnessed in the Vermilion Bird Territory. However, Yin Fire was extremely rare. Books wrote about some “Earth Primordial Cold Flame,”2 “Nine Nether Ice Li,”3 however, they were all legends. Now, it was actually very rare to hear of someone refining it. Deep inquiries to find this kind of Yin Fire were too few.

One could well imagine how difficult the flames under the abyss were. 

Su Xing thought. The Great Good Fortune Pill’s frost-flame, it appeared that this flame induced the Great Good Fortune Pill.

“Perfect. I have the Heavenly Water Heart Flame that can refine it.” Su Xing chuckled. One more method was one more choice. He had never been stingy.

Striking a hand seal, that feeble blue fire hovered in the air.

That blue fire was extremely cold, but weak. Once released, a range of a hundred meters froze over. Su Xing felt cold, afraid that after he finished refining it, the mountain river would become an ice river.

Su Xing was even more excited. He slightly opened his mouth, and that frost-flame flew into his mouth. Entering his body, Su Xing instantly only felt his whole body’s organs, limbs, and meridians all freeze. His entire shivered, and cold air leaked out of him. Su Xing immediately activated the Heavenly Water Heart Fire to envelope the blue frost. He circulated the Star Energy in his body, and only then did that extremely cold feeling gradually disappear.

So powerful.

He nearly was done for.

Su Xing took a deep breath, activating the Heart Like Mirror. He began to slowly refine that ice and frost into his body.

Thus, a strange scene appeared.

Su Xing quietly sat on a rock. The surrounding river turned to ice, the vegetation froze. The deathly stillness of a world of ice and snow had appeared. A northern wind howled, and the person himself was completely covered in frost. He was covered in a thick layer, like an ice sculpture, but in this icy chill, Su Xing’s surroundings manifested a golden lotus. The golden lotus flower bloomed, and upon touching the ice, it withered yet bloomed again and again.

This cycle multiplied, growing without end, unending.

On the palace.

A blue and white-clothed, lustrous young girl was currently looking at Su Xing in the distance, her eyes full of complex feelings.

Hu Sanniang’s eyes were occasionally sorrowful, occasionally bitter, occasionally joyous. Every sort of feeling flashed by non-stop.

“Has something embarrassing been done to this Little Sister by that man? Do you need to make a confession?”

A demon-like voice carrying a very magnetic force rang out.

Ten Feet of Blue Hu Niangzi was startled. Her heart was stunned, and turning her head to look, she spotted a considerably tall woman standing in front of her. She was wrapped in black skintight clothing, stretched taut along her shapely curves. That figure truly was quite good, and even Hu Niangzi admired the sight.

However, Hu Niangzi showed surprise. She unexpectedly was totally oblivious as to when the woman had walked near her, as if she was already waiting at this place.

This kind of feeling genuinely was too terrifying. If she wanted to kill her, was that not an end in one strike.

“Has Your Humble Servant guessed correctly?”

The woman smiled. She again returned her gaze to the Su Xing cultivating in the courtyard, “This man truly is hard-working. En, only a hard-working man is worth a woman’s dearest love. LIttle Sister had best tell him directly. Misunderstandings like this are only in those melodramatic third-rate novel plots.”

What is happening.

Hu Niangzi’s tongue went numb. A feeling of dread emerged all over her body. She felt her whole body, her hands and feet, seemed to have been locked down by invisible shackles. She unexpectedly was unable to budge. The woman appeared carefree, calm, and friendly, but her imposing aura made Hu Niangzi feel like she was facing a great enemy.

This sort of pressure was stifling.

Will I die?

Under Hu Niangzi’s strong willpower, her fingers slowly moved.

Hu Niangzi suddenly noticed that the woman was carrying a bundle of silk on her shoulder. A beautiful body was faintly discernible within, and as she was sizing up Su Xing, Hu Niangzi was shocked to discover that the woman being carried was not just anyone. She unexpectedly was the master of the Great Circle Castle – Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling.

Just who is she???


Gold and blue light flashed across her spotlessly white palms. The Golden Wind and Morning Dew double sabers appeared.

“Your Humble Servant has somethings to do. Your Humble Servant asks that Little Sister take a nap.”

The woman smiled and suddenly drew near.


A shout broke free of Hu Niangzi’s throat. Like a flying magpie, she danced, and her saber-light was imposing.

Dark Technique – Flying Star Magpie Dance!

The woman’s figure dispersed, like a disappearing phantom.

Hu Niangzi’s eyes widened. She stooped, and her opponent’s punch gently exploded against her belly. Just with such a light punch, Hu Niangzi nevertheless felt might more powerful than Mount Tai.

Her consciousness rapidly receded.

Dear Husband…Run away, quickly…Hu Niangzi toppled over. Before she lost consciousness, warmth flashed past the woman’s gaze.

Su Xing refined this Yin Fire, his speed extremely quick. If it was any other cultivator, just refining this feeble Extreme Cold fire would require several dozen days, even longer. Su Xing might as well use every sort of method to accelerate his progress. A long while afterwards, the ice sealing Su Xing’s body slowly disappeared and melted. That feeble Yin Flame was nearly completely absorbed.

Su Xing snapped. A frost-like flame flew out. This flame was slightly larger than a soybean, its frost-light fluttering. An icy wind rose, seemingly like a thin sheet of ice.

“What’s a good name to give it.” Su Xing muttered. A name that Liangshan did not have. Abilities cultivated by oneself often were named by oneself. That tiny bit of flame gently sparked, and the entire sky immediately froze over.

Su Xing saw that because of a mere speck of ice-flame, the surrounding several hundred meters were blown by northern winds and snow. He could not help but reminisce somewhat. He remembered a time on Earth when he saw a book. This book had a female main character named Setsuna Yuki.4 Su Xing was rather fond of this name, but it was a pity that author was abnormal. She was obviously the female lead from start to finish, yet she never showed her face. Only at the end did he see her true identity.

Truly despicable.

Such a beautiful name unexpectedly was only an extra. This truly was a waste of a gift. Do you even understand the rules to novels.

Su Xing thought for awhile and finally decided on the name.

Setsuna Yuki!

Instant Frost Flame!5

Just as Su Xing thought this, a distinct yell suddenly came through the night.

Hu Niangzi’s urgent voice immediately interrupted Su Xing’s thoughts. He raised his head and looked towards the palace, just happening to catch sight of Hu Niangzi and a woman. That woman seemed to easily slip by, and Hu Niangzi then collapsed.

Su Xing’s face drained of color, reaching there within a few breath’s using an escape technique.

The woman clad in skintight black clothing saw Su Xing arrive. She was neither fast nor slow, not caring in the slightest that she was discovered. She merely smiled, turning around and leaving.

“Wife.” Su Xing tested Hu Niangzi’s breathing. Fortunately, she was only unconscious, with no big obstructions. His hand pressed Hu Niangzi’s forehead. Su Xing’s expression suddenly concentrated.

The wind rose.

“Chai Ling?” Su Xing returned to his senses. The moonlight flashed by, and Su Xing spotted the Chai Ling being carried on the woman’s shoulder.

How could Su Xing sit by and watch. Without the slightest hesitation, he used the Chaotic Tail Escape.

Blood-colored light flashed.

The woman in nocturnal clothes slowly tread with footsteps light as a feather.

She cast a glance at him.

A blood-red light flashed in her eyes.

Su Xing had astonishingly arrived right in front of her.

Such swift speed.

The woman’s heart thumped. Her steps gracefully floated backwards, surprisingly evading Su Xing’s punch that was quick as thunder.


Su Xing was surprised. His Chaotic Tail Escape was unexpectedly avoided. Was this woman’s reaction strength a monster’s? Could she be a Star General? The thought flashed through his head. Su Xing endured the painful spasms of the Chaotic Tail Escape, grimacing as he blocked in front of the woman.

“Put her down!!”

“Your Humble Servant is but a notorious bandit, specialized with indulging in secret affairs with woman. Is this Queen Little Whirlwind very sexy?” The woman smiled shrugging her shoulder. 

Chai Ling’s supple butt rippled with waves. Her silk robes fluttered, exposing her underwear that was thin as a cicada’s wing, even forming a T shape.6 Su Xing nearly sprayed blood.

This Chai Ling honestly was secretly bold, to unexpectedly wear a thong underneath… “Your body is very honest. Your Humble Servant has quite a good feeling about you. How about we indulge in her together?” The woman invited.

“Courting death.” Su Xing’s palm attacked.

“Then you indeed are courting death.” His counterpart’s smile instantly became sinister.

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  1. 玄武鎮海
  2. 坤元寒焰
  3. 九幽冰離, 離 is the Trigram that represents Fire
  4. 剎那雪, I don’t know who this would actually be, but it clearly was not Chinese in the first place.
  5. 剎那霜焰, as in a flame that lasts for but a fleeting moment.
  6. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  1. 1. Konghou…. Just what are you scheming? Are you testing Su Xing… or are you that much of a rapey pervert? Ofc it’s the former, but still… NOT. COOL.
    2. [Hu Sanniang’s eyes were occasionally sorrowful, occasionally bitter, occasionally joyous. Every sort of feeling flashed by non-stop.]
    Note that all of Su Xing’s less visually emotive wives are actually quite passionate and deep in their feelings… The only real exception to this is Xinjie who is borderline passion incarnate.
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        Logic is inclined to trend to it being someone who is ‘already there’ rather than someone who ‘broke in’, which if you consider whose place this is… is not very likely, if not damn near impossible.
        And unless Chai Ling is h8ding someone else who just conveniently showed up outta nowhere… that really only leaves Konghou.
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