Chapter 452: Star Piercing Arrow

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Dust filled the space, cramming into every corner. A giant stone golem howled as it was smashed into pieces.

In the ancient, winding corridor, two girls appeared. One held an Arctic Star spear, cold and heroic, as if every description for coldness and dignity obtained the most perfect interpretation on her body.

The other girl was refined as a poem. On her back was a longbow, and her hand held a short spear, astute and experienced. She similarly was full of a haughtiness too high to reach.

These two girls were not just anyone, they were Lin Yingmei and Hua Wanyue.

Having experienced so many days, the Double Star Forbiddance finally broke to its final layer.

However, this Double Star Forbiddance was truly formidable. Every sort of enormous statue, puppets, and a few among those golems even neared the level of Supervoid Stage.

Several of the giants crumbled, showing the mechanism gem within. When Lin Yingmei saw this, the wind rose, and she took those gems into her hand. Hua Wanyue was very bewildered by Lin Yingmei’s actions.

Lin Yingmei naturally would not explain that she did this for the sake of giving them to Thief Star Shi Yuan to refine for her puppets.

“Are we at the end?” 

Lin Yingmei asked.

“We ought to be.” Hua Wanyue nodded.

“Ought to?”

“If I am not wrong.”

The pair walked a certain distance and finally came to the final hall. An elevated platform was placed over there. The entire hall was very spacious. Other than a giant golem guard, there were no other existences.

Three arrows floated upon the platform. Those arrows were extremely beautiful in appearance, twinkling like stars, a thoroughly azure jasper. The platform had a forbiddance array. Even from a very far distance, Lin Yingmei could sense a sort of pressure.

“Those are…” Lin Yingmei’s eyebrows rose. Her hand tightly gripped her spear.

“Those are Star Piercing Arrows!!”1

Hua Wanyue’s answer did not hide anything. As far as her collaboration with the Panther Head for so many days was concerned, Hua Wanyue had no need to hide anything.

Star Piercing Arrow.

Lin Yingmei was astonished. She had once heard of this arrow. They were extremely powerful arrows for facing against Star Generals. A previous generation of Star Duels once had a bow and arrow using Earthly Star Sister that obtained the Star Piercing Arrow and was successful in every endeavor in the later stages. Once she killed a Heavenly Star, she ascended Maiden Mountain.

“Hmph, the sixth generation Star Duel’s Prominence Star Ugly Prince Consort Xuan Zan2 obtained the Star Piercing Arrow by chance. Wanyue’s senior died to this arrow.” Hua Wanyue calmly answered.

This Star Piercing Arrow could be said to be drenched in the Hero Star’s blood.

Lin Yingmei was pensive.

“Yingmei, many thanks for accompanying me.” Hua Wanyue raised her hand, giving some leftover Star Weapon upgrade materials to Lin Yingmei.

“What are you doing?” Lin Yingmei said.

“You have signed a contract. Wanyue who has obtained the Star Piercing Arrow may possibly be an obstacle to you and your master’s ascent. Wanyue will not force you to help me obtain the arrow.” Hua Wanyue said. It appeared that to finally obtain this arrow perhaps would be extremely difficult. 

“Thanks.” Hua Wanyue took a deep breath.

“Then you had best not go through with this.” Lin Yingmei’s lips curled as she stepped into the hall.

Little Li Guang Hua Wanyue felt surprised.

“Since Your Servant has promised, Your Servant naturally will fulfill her vow and walk with you to the end. How can Your Servant shrink back at the final juncture.” Lin Yingmei disdainfully smiled. In the eyes if Majestic Star Panther Head, the Star Piercing Arrow or whatever could be treated as non-existent.

“There is no need to worry. Even if we become enemies someday, Yingmei also very much wants to battle with the peak Wanyue.” Lin Yingmei calmly said. Her words had not the slightest cowardice.

This was obvious. A top-notch martial general’s dignity often was more excited with greater danger, so without touching on benefits, Jade Qilin would joke together with Su Xing, would make fun of Siyou. Regardless of who the enemy was, a true Star Duel would occur after the Three Heavenly Books. All Star Generals would be in a regretless determination of victory, satisfied with life or death.

So the Strength Star Jade Qilin that was number one in martial force that relied on this would forever be incapable of scaling the peak, but she forever would never have anyone dare mock her.

This was the battle style of Maiden Mountain’s top-notch martial generals.

“Then, Wanyue owes you a favor.” Hua Wanyue nodded. She knew there was no need for talk between the two of them.

The two of them knowingly smiled, appearing endlessly taciturn.

Hua Wanyue wanted to say something, but then she hesitated. Her heart inwardly regretted why Lin Yingmei would sign a contract. Otherwise, Hua Wanyue truly would have wished to cooperate with the Panther Head. She wondered just what sort of person could captivate Lin Yingmei.

Thinking of this, the pair walked into the main hall.

With a boom, the sounds of countless mechanisms in the wide hall were heard, as if old-fashioned gears were grinding against each other.

The massive puppet machine awakened, a tremendous giant. Hua Wanyue pulled back her bow and fired an arrow. She was astonished to see the effect of her bow and arrow so clearly. THis kind of stone golem was manufactured from a rare Essence Iron. The creators probably knew that those who would come to this Double Star Forbiddance would be bow users. THe final hall’s guardian golem had very powerful resistance to bow and arrows.

“Leave this place to Your Servant.” Lin Yingmei said in a low voice.

“Wanyue thanks you.” Hua Wanyue did not want to waste time. They had already squandered a lot of time in the Double Stars Forbiddance, and once the Double Stars Forbiddance was opened, other Star Masters perhaps would be drawn over at this time. For the sake of avoiding side issues, Hua Wanyue went straight for the Star Piercing Arrows on the platform.

Along the way, countless puppets awoke.

Lin Yingmei’s spear twinkled with light. The speartip concentrated an ice-cold killing intent, releasing a cry. Her starry eyes let out a slightly cold light. The girl’s lips curled, full of interest towards this colossal puppet. 

“You are perfect material to give to Shi Yuan.”

Her figure flashed. Lin YIngmei jumped high, launching her attack.

Her spear swept a cold light.

Directly running through the giant golem.


The killing intent exploded upon the giant golem’s body, leaving a dent, but immediately, these dents surprisingly were inconceivably self-repaired.

“Is it made from Profound Spirit Jade?” Lin Yingmei immediately recognized the ample assets of this giant golem.

Profound Spirit Jade was a kind of very dreamy material. The crystal itself absorbed the spiritual powers of Heaven and Earth, and regardless of whatever damage it sustained, so long as it was not instantly destroyed, it was able to self-repair. This kind of material was simply perfect for the creation of puppets.

The giant golem’s retreat rapidly ceased. Its Profound Spirit Jade body did not sustain any damage at all. Shaking its body, it again continued to begin approaching Lin Yingmei.

The entire ground seemed to quake as if ten thousand horses galloped upon it, rolling with a thunderclap. Each step shook with a rumble, and the ground gave rise to shockwaves, which would make a person’s stance unsteady. An ordinary cultivator, even if they were Supervoid, would be shaken, but Lin YIngmei was a like a boulder in the sea. No matter how furious this Profound Puppet was, her body did not move a single inch. Even the Hua Wanyue who occasionally glanced over was startled.

Lin Yingmei once again walked towards that giant puppet. Her eyes were like snow, incomparably bright.

The Profound Puppet stormed. Its slow jolting suddenly accelerated, and amid an ear-splitting sound, its huge fist already ruthlessly struck towards Lin Yingmei’s head.

An enormous wind pressure even made the girl’s long hair flutter.

The surrounding dust and dirt were blown scattered in all directions, demonstrating its powerful might.

“Are you posturing?” Lin Yingmei smiled.

Majestic Star Panther Head’s speed completely was not something the Profound Puppet could compare to. Let alone that attack appeared extraordinarily strong, seemingly splitting Heaven and Earth, Lin Yingmei’s figure nevertheless did not even suffer.

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  1. 穿星箭
  2. 地傑星醜郡馬宣贊


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