Chapter 458: Duckweed Are Broken

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The Devil Star Palace was more heavily-guarded than he had imagined. Since Su Xing activated the Dark Breath Talisman, his presence had been hidden, but infiltration was still a difficult problem. Patrolling cultivators and guardian beasts were practically swarming. To infiltrate like this and not be detected was simply nearly impossible.

After a while with no results, Su Xing found the closest inn he could to the Devil Star Palace. Finding one from where he could overlook the Devil Star Palace’s position, he first went to investigate the situation.

The waiter inside the shop was rather blunt. Having operated beside the Devil Star Palace for so long, he heard many a rumor and gossip. Of course, other than that these rumors made the Devil Star Palace appear even more frightening, they were completely useless. For example, the Devil Star Palace’s Palace Master Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was already Transforming Star of Annihilation, that the Devil Star Palace had more than a dozen Supervoid level cultivators standing guard, that Great Saint Starkiller was the leader of all of the Black Turtle Territory’s Star Masters, and more.

Of course, there was no lack of the most recent information within. For example, the Devil Star Palace recently encountered the Purple Thunder Monster in possession of the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo and issued a warrant to chase and kill him. This shocked the entire Black Turtle Territory. However, this news was dubious to the Black Turtle Territory cultivators. The Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo practically subdued all Devil Cultivation Methods in their entirety. This sort of Divine Item was hardly seen in the previous thousand years. Thousand Year Gem Bamboo was extremely rare, let alone Ten Thousand Year.

Besides, the Purple Thunder Monster had once overturned the entire Azure Dragon Territory, with even the Ten Great Sects helpless. They never heard that he had the Gem Bamboo. The majority of all cultivators guessed the reason that the Devil Star Palace would issue these orders perhaps was because of Great Saint Starkiller.

Great Saint Starkiller most recently could be considered the Black Turtle Territory’s influential figure. An excellent Star Master at the peak of Supercluster, with the Great General Guan Ying, head of the Five Tigers. Such an unexcelled arrogant figure surprisingly suffered consecutive defeats. The Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pills were submissively yielded to other people, making Devil Star Palace very furious, so everyone assumed Great Saint Starkiller was thinking of borrowing the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo to get rid of the Purple Thunder Monster.

However, even if he wanted to use it for his own ends, this was useless. Who was he kidding. The Azure Dragon Territory’s Ten Great Sects had been rendered dejected and depressed by the Purple Thunder Monster, having completely lost their reputation. Now that he even had the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, no one but a Supervoid Cultivator dared to be arrogant.

After understanding this information, Su Xing ordered a kettle of tea, pensive.

“Waiter, has Great Saint Starkiller come out recently?”

A calm voice suddenly came from a table.

Hearing someone ask about Great Saint Starkiller, Su Xing turned his head.

He saw two figures wearing cloaks sit two tables behind him, and he looked them up and down. From the voice and figure, they seemed to be two female cultivators.

One was slightly older, the other about eight or nine years old.

“Eh?” Su Xing gasped in shock.

He could not see the appearances of the two women beneath their disguises, but that eight or nine year old little girl sat on the table holding a children’s book, the “Water Kettle Margin,” looking through it with rapt attention, as if the surrounding scenery was completely unrelated to her.

That expression actually made Su Xing recall a certain person.

Could it be???

As if sensing that someone was staring, the little girl raised her gaze.

Su Xing dodged without leaving any traces, yet the corner of his eye did not relax his vigilance.

That older woman chatted a while with the waiter, making the waiter’s lips slightly twitch. Clearly, they were using Sound Transmission.

The little girl nodded. She closed the book and descended the stairs. Walking past Su Xing’s table, the girl shot him a glance.

A moment later, the woman paid her bill and left the restaurant.

Su Xing did not follow.

A long while afterwards.

The southeast area of Devil Star City erupted with an enormous noise.

It shook the entire restaurant’s customers, completely shaking them. They simultaneously crowded the balcony.

A corner of the Devil Star Palace exploded. A massive eight-armed octopus Demon Beast surprisingly climbed out from the city.1

Devil Star City flew into a frenzy.

Another instant later, a hundred rays of black light flew out, attacking the octopus.

“That is the Emperor Eight,2 an Eighth Rank Demon Beast.”

“Oh, a dozen Supercluster Ancestors.”

“Quickly go get a share of the action!”

There was no lack of Galaxy Stages among the spectating customers. They flew over on their riding swords. Although they completely could not face a Demon Beast like Emperor Eight, enough ants could bite an elephant to death, which bolstered their boldness.

It seemed that this was the first time Devil Star City had encountered a Demon Beast’s emergence. The spectating crowds watched from the sidelines in heated discussion.

One said that this Emperor Eight was not putting forth as much power as the Sea Overturning Wild Dragon. An assessment of the Emperor Eight being destroyed used a bit of time. 

Su Xing indifferently sipped his tea, paying no attention to the surrounding conversations.

When he finished his tea, he paid his bill and left.

Each and every one of the pedestrians on the street all rushed onto the road to watch that gigantic Demon Beast battle with a hundred cultivators.

A screaming sound rose everywhere.

“Oh, the Eagle Carp have come as well.

“There are surprisingly two Demon Beasts, how rare.”

“This time, the Devil Star Palace has met with a calamity.”

“Why are there so many?”

The crowd discussed.

Su Xing raised his head. Far away, he spotted an eagle-winged carp-like monster fish. It flew in the sky, and the two powerful Demon Beasts brought pressure to Devil Star City. Devil Star Palace also impatiently flew into a fluster. Hundreds upon thousands of sword-lights shot out from the palace, a sight shocking for the eyes.

Su Xing slightly smiled. His figure flashed. He took advantage of this chaos to sneak his way into Devil Star Palace much more smoothly than he had imagined. Truly, he ought to thank those two Demon Beasts that were good at understanding each other…Or rather, a certain someone…Ruan Mei’er stepped onto the Anitya Dragon King Beast. Her hands flipped through a picture book, expressionlessly watching those two Demon Beasts from a hundred li away upon the sea. Having undergone her “Beast Salivary Incense” lure, this was considered not a waste.

Next is up to Elder Sister.

Devil Star Palace’s corridors were winding, tangled and complicated. Due to the Demon Beasts’ sneak attack, people came and went all over the place inside, somewhat in confusion.

To find Great Saint Starkiller in such a large palace ought not be difficult. Just as Su Xing thought of finding a maid for inquiries, he suddenly paused and ducked into a corner. 

He saw that the black cloaked woman he encountered earlier at the restaurant had appeared inside the palace. Su Xing’s eyebrows rose. Calculating in his head, he silently tailed her.

He walked to an unoccupied passage. The girl suddenly turned her head, a pair of keen eyes sweeping his way.

Su Xing hastily ducked to the side, stifling his breath. The girl actually was very perceptive.


The girl softly snorted, immediately increasing her speed.

Pausing, a long time passed.

Already, they came to the Devil Star Palace’s top floor. At this time, the existences of other cultivators were practically unseen. The girl suddenly stopped. Su Xing saw that this floor had only one hall. Outside the hall stood two black-armors puppets as guard. Their levels appeared equivalent to Supercluster Stage.

And the gate had a flowing multi-colored light. Clearly, there was a forbiddance.

A pair of Supercluster Puppets and a forbiddance. It seemed that the person residing within was not ordinary.

Su Xing currently wondered what the woman would do.

The other party walked out and extended a pointed hand. A green duckweed twisted out to attack. The two Supercluster Puppets were surprisingly killed without the least bit of resistance.


The girl took out a talisman and stuck it to the door. The swelling multi-colored light seemed to be ice that met fire, and a large hole was burned through the door. The woman strode inside, easily entering the hall.

Territory Breaking Talisman.

Such an extravagant style, it seemed she came prepared.

Su Xing took this chance to follow inside before the residual power of the Territory Breaking Talisman faded.

A relatively spacious room greeted his eyes. The room was constructed out of cold and fine jade, filled with a slight chill and lingering white mist. The room was very empty. Other than a Moon Palace Screen, there was nothing else.

The golden thread and jade clothes hung upon the screen actually would make one indulge in fantasy.

Just as Su Xing thought this, a suddenly vengeful sneer erupted from behind the screen.

“Guan Ying, today is your death day!!!”

Not good.

Su Xing was startled, rushing over without any hesitation.

Fortunately at this moment, a white jade-like naked body flew out from behind the screen, slamming towards Su Xing. When Su Xing looked, it was astonishingly none other than the Brave Star Great Blade Guan Ying he strenuously searched for. 

The girl sensed there was someone behind her. Turning her head to look, she was surprised to see it was a man, and her expression sunk.


Unable to bear it, Guan Ying was furious. A green rainbow twisted on her body, knocking Guan Ying flying. The sneering woman was Sword Star Tai Sui Who Stands His Ground Ruan Jin’er.


Guan Ying’s hand gripped her great blade and slashed, but she appeared extremely weak. This cut was nowhere near half-strength.

Ruan Jin’er’s eyes were filled to the brim with hatred, A hundred Flying Swords emerged brilliantly, about to skewer Guan Ying.

Su Xing did not dare delay upon seeing this. He promptly called forth the Heaven Tearing Flying Swords. A golden rainbow flowed like water, completely intercepting Ruan Jin’er’s Flying Swords. Immediately afterwards, his figure flashed. Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder launched to block Ruan Jin’er’s slash.

“You are not of the Devil Star Palace? Why stop me?” Ruan Jin’er angrily said.

“You can’t killer her.” Su Xing shouted.

Let alone Ruan Jin’er, even Guan Ying was shaken to hear these words.

“Is your brain waterlogged?” Ruan Jin’er shouted in disbelief: “Now that Guan YIng is currently weak, this is the best chance to kill her. Roll away for me.”

The Azure Sea Green Duckweed was tossed. The green rainbow did not enter, directly twisting Guan Ying.

The Great Blade Woman retreated, groaning as she was sent flying. Su Xing did not hesitate. With a quick stride, he rushed to catch Guan Ying.

Guan Ying’s blade slashed, the blade-qi making Su Xing unable to help but stop.

After that, Ruan Jin’er followed by a hair’s breadth. A hundred Flying Swords revolved around, sparkling with multi-colored lights. Totally shooting down, yet Su Xing blocked them once again.

“Have you gone mad?” Ruan Jin’er was infuriated.

“I have something to request Guan YIng, I can’t let you kill her.” Su Xing forced a smile.Star Generals had a “Second Death.” The so-called Second Death was the first death after falling into the Star Nest. A Star General would be recuperating, but if she were to again encounter death during the recovery process, there was a chance of Starfalling even with a Star Master.

So Star Generals would be placed in the Star Nest or the Immortal’s Abode to recover until a safe stage after falling into the Star Nest initially. Su Xing did not understand why this Guan Ying would break free of the Star Nest, to stay alone in this hall. By association with the guards previously outside the hall, it seemed this place had a certain mystery.

“I present to Brave Star Guan Ying a favor entrusted to me by Chai Ling. If you kill her, I will be very hard-pressed.” Su Xing coldly said, not allowing compromise.

The reason why Su Xing did not want to kill Guan Ying was only because if she died, there would be no way to save Zhang Yuqi.

Ruan Jin’er’s expression could not make sense of him at all, “We shall capture her together.”

Su Xing turned back his head. He looked at the threadbare Guan Ying and wondered whether it was because of the great blade she wielded, but the girl’s skin was full, her body delivering gracefulness, particularly that pair of breathtaking slender legs. Just every step those wonderful jade legs took in battle left people with powerful and bold impression. At the crux of life and death, Brave Star Guan Ying did not have a girl’s bashfulness. Her hands gripped her blade, her expression careful as she emitted an ice-cold qi, more imposing than a lion. 

In spite of her plump twin peaks and the brush of the hidden valley between her thighs, she was still so cold. This actually made the Su Xing facing her head-on somewhat not too acclimated, however, Su Xing was accustomed to looking. Flashing by, he said: “Guan Ying, I have come this time to present to you what Chai Ling has entrusted me, to return to you the hopes of loyalty to righteousness, to fulfill your promise.”

“Would This General believe you.” Guan Ying was weak. She sneered.

Su Xing threw out a black jade pendant without saying another word.

Guan Ying caught this jade pendant and was astonished.

“You ought to believe me now.” Su Xing said.

“Look out.” Guan Ying abruptly shouted.

“The both of you can be buried with Ping’er.”

Ruan Jin’er angrily roared. The Azure Sea Green Duckweed let out countless green lights. Flashing out, they directly shot towards Su Xing’s chest.

Dark Technique.

Duckweed Are Broken!!

Author’s Note:

Thank you for the endless support to turn Maiden Mountain into the third place master of moe. I’m overwhelmed by the support, and I’ll have to work harder…

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