Chapter 461: The Glossy And Smooth Skin In The Huaqing Pool

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The extraordinarily mighty Guan Ying panicked at this time. She subconsciously covered her chest, but in that battle, Guan Ying had completely revealed her details. What Su Xing should have seen had already been seen. At this time, this practically was unnecessary.

A powerful surge suddenly shook the room.

Supervoid Cultivator.

Su Xing also turned grave, wondering to himself just whether or not he had luck with the ladies or the misfortune of love affairs.

To inexplicably and unexpectedly save Guan Ying on the contrary was enough. Now that the Devil Palace’s Supervoid Cultivators had been drawn over, if he was seen, Su Xing recognized that other than using the Jade Pendant, he had no other ways.

“What do we do?” Su Xing asked her.

Looking around the room, it was truly clean to the point there were completely no hiding places. Other than a screen that could block him off, there no places to duck into, but to have Su Xing just use the Jade Pendant like this, he was very unreconciled. Just saving Guan Ying left him very unreconciled, and now he was to use the Jade Pendant because of her…Su Xing truly wanted to curse the Heavens. Did someone goof somewhere, didn’t he only see Guan Ying’s naked body? This price was too severe.

“Do not come in.” Guan Ying shouted.

“You do not have the qualifications to order us.” From outside came Ming Die’s sneer.

Seeing the grin beyond the forbiddance, Guan Ying’s face turned pale as she retreated backwards, her whole body shuddering. How could she ever accept that the grand Brave Star would unexpectedly be seen with a man spending alone time together, besides being in a terrible mess. If word got out, the Brave Star would rather die. Seeing Guan Ying’s panicked eyes were red, Su Xing was helpless. This room’s forbiddance was too powerful, and he completely had no way to flee. 


The main gate was pushed open.

Cold mist diffused everywhere, and the room actually appeared to be in an array.

Ming Die and the others were stunned to see this scene, astonished. Not daring to be careless, should something truly have happened to Guan Ying, they would bear the blame.

“Do not come here.”

Guan Ying’s cold voice came from behind the screen.

Heavenly Commandment and Elder Dried Bone looked at each other. They obediently retreated beyond the door to check if anyone had escaped. Ming Die closed the doors and gazed at this disorderly scene. “There seems to be the scent of a man and woman in the air…”

Ming Die walked over towards the screen, not at all caring about Guan Ying’s warning.

“Do not come here, This General is not covered.” Guan Ying shouted.

“Guan Ying, you sound a bit worried. Could it be you are secretly meeting a man?”

Ming Die suddenly burst in, shattering the screen.

The sight before her immediately stunned her.

She saw only Guan Ying reclining in the bathtub, her legs folded to the side. Her hand held a towel she used to wipe her body. Those plump peaks of hers did not enter the water, making Ming Die look on with extreme envy in her heart. Guan Ying coldly looked at Ming Die, her pale cheeks somewhat flushed, but her eyes extremely robust, like iron.

Ming Die was taken aback. She looked at the surroundings and sniffed. She played with a black butterfly with her finger.

Odd, there definitely was the scent of a man just now. How has it instantly disappeared?

“Are you alone?” Ming Die asked.

“Need I wait for you all?” Guan Ying sneered.

“What happened just now?” Ming Die walked over.

The skin of Guan Ying’s whole body was involuntarily stretched taut. Her legs clamped, unexpectedly displaying an attack stance. That first-rate martial general’s expression stabbed just like a knife. Ming Die subconsciously stopped, “We are both women, there is nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Do not approach This General.” Guan Ying’s tone sunk.

Although Ming Die was very disdainful, she nevertheless knew these Star Generals could not be provoked for the time being. Seeing the waves of the tub, Ming Die felt somewhat odd. Glancing over, her gaze just so happened to fall on the spot between Guan Ying’s legs. Past that spot of clear water, she could see a patch of black underbrush.

Oh, this chief of the Five Tiger Generals Guan Ying is honestly lush down there.

Guan Ying’s face turned thoroughly red. Her legs clamped together, and a jet of water broke Ming Die’s line of sight.

“This ‘Huaqing Water’ is but very precious. Do not be too arrogant just because it is being used for the sake of your recovery.” Ming Die stepped back. Her eyes looked at this extremely messy place that was without anything peculiar. Ming Die shook her head. It appeared that she was oversensitive.

“I shall help you increase your guard detail.”

“No need.” Guan Ying declined. “Can you leave? This General does not like someone watching from the side.”

“As you wish.”

Ming Die did not want to look, either. Each additional time she looked at Guan Ying, those absolutely slender jade legs and plump jade peaks made her even more jealous. For what reason did these Star Maidens innately possess such stunning looks. Could it be that no one knew this would increase the level of beauty on the streets in Liangshan Continent needed to make someone blurt out, “Why is every woman I meet a beauty?”

The hall’s doors closed.

Guan Ying seemingly flew out from the Huaqing Pool like lightning. With a whirl, when she landed, she draped herself in a general’s cloak. Her hands wrapped it around her, covering her body’s sensual sights.

The water in the bathtub parted, and a man took a deep breath as he climbed out.

It was none other than Su Xing.

The two looked at each other. Su Xing sneered.

Guan Ying’s face was red, her eyes cold.

Thinking back to the situation just now that was truly suspenseful, just as the Supervoid Cultivator was about to burst through the doors, Su Xing was prepared to use the Chaotic Tail Escape to force his way through. The good and bad of Guan Ying’s reputation was the only reason why he did not care. Who was he kidding, he should be thanking the Heavens to be able to save her once already, to burn incense and worship Buddha, and to even think of her reputation, he still was not so smitten to this degree.

But Guan Ying nevertheless would not be this willing. If she and a man were discovered naked together in the bath, the insult to her own self if word was to get out was small, but the shame to the Brave Star’s name would be most severe. For this reason, Guan Ying instantly stuffed Su Xing into the bathtub.

No mistake, that Ming Die did not see Su Xing was because Su Xing was already hiding in the bathtub.

While Ming Die and Guan Ying spoke, how could this Supervoid Cultivator ever have thought that Su Xing was currently squeezed between Guan Ying’s legs, obscuring his figure. That lushness was actually none other than Su Xing’s hair.

Guan Ying would never have dared to think about this kind of intimate position.

However, the Brave Star was different from any other girl that Su Xing had seen. In fact, Su Xing had encountered quite a number of alluring and erotic ones, but regardless of however many, each woman had her own, different reaction. Anger, indignation, bashfulness, or pleasure, there was always an emotion, but Guan Ying was different. She acted as if nothing happened, carrying on her conversation.  

Even if the bathtub’s space was so narrow she had no choice but to shamefully allow Su Xing to kneel, her own secret place had been placed right under a man’s nose, so close even that the top of his nose and lips were stuck on. She could even feel his scorching breathing.

“If you speak of this, This General will kill you!” Guan Ying’s threat appeared utterly devoid of power.

As if Su Xing would speak of this. What would his wives think, even he knew this.

“I won’t change our positions just because of this.” Su Xing coldly said.

Guan Ying nodded. Compared to extravagant promise or the consolation of sweet talk, as far as words were concerned to the Brave Star, this sort of determination to fight to the death was more convincing.

Therefore, the two of them believed their own lies. Nothing had ever happened.

Other than that faint blush on Guan Ying’s face that was still incapable of abating. 

“What matter has Chai Ling entrusted you to seek out This General for.” Guan Ying changed the topic.

Su Xing recalled his purpose and sternly said: “I want to take a soul from your Devil Star Weapon.”

“What?” Guan Ying was astonished.

“White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Yuqi was cut by you, and her soul was taken by the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone to be refined into a Devil Star. I’ve come to take it.” Su Xing already made his preparations to take it by force. So long as Guan Ying said the word no, then he would take action.

Guan Ying nodded. Zhang Yuqi, that Sister who surprisingly protected her own Elder Sister, the Brave Star had a very deep impression of her.

“The Nine Nether Devil Star Stone is surprisingly even capable of this?”

“Hmph, you’re the contractor, could it be you didn’t know?” Su Xing sneered.

Guan Ying’s eyes showed grief, then her expression was ice-cold. She waved her hand, and the great blade flew over to Su Xing. “Take it yourself if you can.”

Su Xing wrinkled his brows. It seemed that what Chai Ling was right. This Brave Star actually had been truly deceived, but recalling her conduct and deeds, he could not help but itch to kill her.

Su Xing took the Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade. His Divine Intent swept across it, and he immediately felt acute pain.

Such a powerful Devil Weapon.

The Five Devil Stars flowed like a river. A glance was enough to give anyone chills, “You’re just fine using this kind of weapon?” Su Xing was stern.

Guan Ying was silent.

Su Xing shook his head. Urging on his Divine Intent, he very quickly found a weak Devil Star. This Devil Star was currently in a chrysalis. Su Xing’s hand grabbed it. Concentrating Buddhist light, he struck it. Endless Buddhist light was imbued into the Devil Star.

He dripped with sweat.

Guan Ying expressionlessly watched his actions.

“You are the Purple Thunder Monster?” Guan Ying suddenly knitted her brows.

The Devil Star finally shattered under Su Xing’s catalyst, and a soul floated out. The Soul Nurturing Wood received it, and Su Xing immediately heaved a sigh of relief. Seeing this terrifying Devil Star of surging killing intent, Su Xing tossed it back to her in disgust, as if he would feel nauseous for it spending another second in his hand. “You’d best not use it. The price of this Devil Weapon will make you turn into a puppet for killing people. Don’t tell me that the Brave Star wants to become this sort of machine?”

Su Xing sneered: “Your naked body was bared in front of me just now, doesn’t that humiliation pale in comparison to becoming a walking corpse?”

Guan Ying said with hatred: “Of course This General knows. If you have a way to dispel this Five Star Devil Weapon, This General would not hesitate at all to do so.”

“You’re actually thinking of this?” Su Xing was taken aback.

Guan Ying heavily nodded her head, resolute and decisive.

“I’ll go ask Chai Ling for you.” Su Xing thought. To be able to help dispel the Five Devil Stars on the Destined Weapon, and to be able to help Guan Ying repent and mend her ways, to step onto the journey of the Star Duels was actually not a bad thing.

“This General thanks you.”

Guan Ying apologized. Her cloak slid off, revealing her body. 

Su Xing fake coughed, and Guan Ying’s ears again flared with fire.

Su Xing aimed and shook the Soul Nurturing Wood at the comatose Zhang Yuqi. The soul was subsequently sucked in, and Zhang Feiyu hastily used the Mind Setting Grass to brew Mind Setting Water that she poured into Zhang Yuqi’s mouth.

Zhang Yuqi slightly groaned, and her body calmed.

Her pale complexion showed color.

Su Xing looked at the Birth Treasure Outline again, her status was currently fading slowly away.

“Su Xing, truly thank you so much for this.” Zhang Feiyu said gratefully.

“Thank Chai Ling. If it wasn’t for her, I couldn’t have possibly helped Zhang Yuqi take back her soul so smoothly.” Su Xing shook his head.

“Either way, Chai Ling is your woman anyways.” Zhang Feiyu blabbered.

Su Xing and Chai Ling were somewhat embarrassed.

“When will Little Sister be able to awaken?” Zhang Feiyu asked.

“This will require a few days’ time.” Chai Ling replied.

“Dear Husband, is there still something on your mind?” Hu Niangzi saw that Su Xing’s brow was tightly locked, so she asked.

Su Xing stared at Hu Niangzi. He hesitated. In the end, he smiled: “It’s just that I spotted Guan Ying was weakened and didn’t kill her. I feel that I’ve let Wife down.”

Hu Niangzi smiled. She shook her head in understanding: “Dear Husband need not be troubled. Dear Husband had received Elder Sister Chai Ling’s trust. If you killed her, you would have broken your promise with Elder Sister Chai Ling and have become despicable person. Guan Ying. Niangzi definitely will personally kill her, in order to rid the hatred in Niangzi’s heart.”

Saying these last few words, Hu Niangzi was extremely cold.

Chai Ling slightly sighed.

Su Xing looked at her, and a peculiar glint flashed through Chai Ling’s eyes.

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