Chapter 469: Price

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“Guan Ying, you unexpectedly eloped with the Purple Thunder Monster? This is truly too interesting.” Ming Die struck her palm. The Death Butterfly fluttered, flapping its wings along with her cheerful mood. The air was full of a thick, deathly air.

Great Saint Starkiller’s face was green. His Star General unexpectedly walked as a pair with another man. Let alone Great Saint Starkiller, this was an unerasable shame in any generation of Star Duel. The Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Sword’s baleful aura increased, enveloping Nine Hells Island.

“I say, how could Guan Ying suddenly know that the Nine Hells can remove the Devil Star. It turns out to be the Purple Thunder Monster’s interference. Guan Ying, you live off the charity of others, is this not worthy of the Brave Star’s name?” Ming Die’s words were very merciless. 


Guan Ying disdained to explain.

“Guan Ying!! I order you, kill the Purple Thunder Monster.” Great Saint Starkiller shouted. His intimidating aura rolled, his jealousy manifesting in his speech.

“Young Master.” Guan Ying glanced at Su Xing, “Wait until after This General removes the Devil Star, then she will naturally battle against him.”

“You would surprisingly dare…surprisingly dare…surprisingly…” Great Saint Starkiller’s whole body shook, and his expression became more malicious than an evil spirit’s.

Resolution flashed across Guan Ying’s eyes. Her honor did not allow her to turn back as she rushed towards the Nine Hells underground cave.

“Bastard.” Great Saint Starkiller furiously roared. The Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords released a killing intent that seemed to freeze the world.

“Great Saint Starkiller, you truly are pitiful. Your Star General has unexpectedly betrayed you.” Ming Die fanned the flames, considerably enjoying the Star Master’s every sort of despicably shameful performance.

“Shut up.” Great Saint Starkiller roared, stunning Ming Die.

This Supervoid Middle Stage Cultivator’s pupils widened, and her expression immediately became very unsightly.

But how could the extremely angered Great Saint Starkiller care about some Devil Star Palace. Those whatever elders were all fucking irrelevant. Seeing Guan Ying unexpectedly betray him for a man that should have been a mortal enemy, Great Saint Starkiller hated Su Xing to the bone. 

The Boundless Bell, the Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords, the Eight Desolates Heavenly Demon Body were all used without hesitation.

Su Xing pointed a finger. The Earth Book flipped open, and yellow qi wafted, pulling out like a heavenly canopy and completely wrapping them up.

The Boundless Bell clanged.

This treasure could settle wind, thunder, water and fire. The knell rang, and the cloud of Earthly Qi instantly seemed to freeze. Su Xing urged on his magic energy, surprisingly unable to channel energy in. Great Saint Starkiller sneered. His Boundless Bell could settle Heaven and Earth and the Five Elements. No matter how powerful this Earth Book was, in the case he decided to, the cultivator’s magic energy was unable to support it. Making a breakthrough was a question of time.

The Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords manifested Starlights that filled the sky.

They flashed by.

Layer after layer of the soaring yellow Earthly Qi instantly were destroyed.

Su Xing formed another hand seal. The Earth Book manifested the True Spirit Empress Tu. An absolutely beautiful woman leapt out from the book, her sleeves gently waving, her white fingers forming hand seals. The originally frozen Earth Book Yellow Qi once again flowed, and the defenses ripped apart by the Flying Swords stitched back together.

“True Spirit Magic Weapon?”

Ming Die’s eyes moved, for she felt astonishment.

The number of magic weapons in all of Liangshan Continent that manifested True Spirits could be counted with fingers. The Star Master before her eyes surprisingly had this level of character. No wonder he could topple the entire Azure Dragon Territory. This actually was somewhat advantageous. If she could take this treasure…Ming Die’s eyes showed wild desire, but she immediately recalled that outsiders had no way to refine True Spirit Magic Weapons, unless they possessed strong divinity. However, even if she was to take hold of that Earth Book, she would be like a tiger that had grown wings.

But this was in the middle of a battle between Star Masters. Ming Die could not easily interfere.

As she pondered, Great Saint Starkiller launched increasingly fierce attacks.

The Boundless Bell rang, the soundwaves rolled like a surging tide, and the Earth Book was somewhat unable to withstand. Great Saint Starkiller used the Eight Desolates Heavenly Demon Body to forcefully tear it apart. A ray of Devil Qi rolled, and black qi entirely covered the Nine Hell Island.

“You truly would betray me for the Purple Thunder Monster?” Great Saint Starkiller was full of ice-cold. 

“This General is not betraying Your Highness and asks Your Highness to understand This General.” Guan Ying raised the great blade, her expression resolute.

“Great Saint Starkiller, could it be you are willing to watch your Star General butcher her name, to become a walking corpse in the end?” Su Xing shouted. The Langya Flying Swords released thousands of rays of light, forming layers of net that covered downwards.

“Could it be this is how you view the Star General you bound a life and death contract with?”

Green light and black light interlocked.

Su Xing blocked in front of Great Saint Starkiller and rebuked him.

“If it was not for you, how could Ying’er and I ever have fallen to this stage. How could I, Great Saint Starkiller, ever lose to you!!!!” Great Saint Starkiller was unable to restrain his anger. His hands formed a seal, and the Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords revolved into a sword array, another clump of black fire pouncing down like a tiger.

Gongsun Huang was expressionless as she pointed her sword.

She broke it in an instant.

“All for the sake of victory, even if you go beyond your own Star General’s bottom line?” Su Xing was very disappointed.

“People like you have no qualifications to act as the Star Master of the Brave Star.” Hu Niangzi’s hatred was like the ocean. Golden Wind slashed in front of Great Saint Starkiller, but the Eight Desolates Heavenly Demon Body endured.

Before Great Saint Starkiller could react, a green light suddenly shot over. The yellow qi was torn apart, and the green light drew a trajectory that was quick to the extreme. In a flash, it shot directly towards Great Saint Starkiller’s head.

“Young Master!” Just as Guan Ying was about to descend into the Nine Hells, she saw Great Saint Starkiller suffering. Without thinking, her figure swayed.


The green light was cut down by Great Blade, revealing a Four Star plant-like Destiend Weapon – Azure Seas Green Duckweed.

“Ruan Jin’er, what are you doing.” Su Xing was startled.

The Two Ruans that had rushed over coldly watched over this chaotically unbelievable situation. Azure Seas Green Duckweed returned to Ruan Jin’er’s hand. Ruan Jin’er’s gaze glinted ominously: Without another word, she was about to throw the Green Duckweed.

Gongsun Huang activated a Star Magic.

Cloud Traveling Azure Dragon Turn.

A gentle breeze and white clouds turned into a coiling dragon that obstructed Ruan Jin’er’s murderous aura.

“Do you even want to save your Little Sister?” Su Xing shouted. Any way it was put, Guan Ying was Great Saint Starkiller’s Star General. To launch a fatal attack against Great Saint Starkiller, Guan Ying would not abandon him in spite of everything. This was the inevitable action of all Star Maidens who had signed a contract.

“Are you a Star Master or not?” Ruan Jin’er was even more flabbergasted. The current schism between Guan Ying and Great Saint Starkiller was an absolutely golden opportunity. What Star Master would not kill first and think later.

“This has nothing to do with Star Masters. Don’t tell me you want to watch your Little Sister fall eternally into the Nine Hells?

“Hmph, do not regret it.” Ruan Jin’er sneered.

At this time, all of Great Saint Starkiller’s thoughts were on Guan Ying. Seeing her turn back, his heart softened.


“This General has made Your Highness disappointed, but This General would rather die for justice than live without purpose. This General is not afraid to die.” Guan Ying’s eyes seemed to fill with a firm spirit, but her words had an even deeper powerlessness and exhaustion.

Great Sant Starkiller recalled those words when they signed their contract.

An unscrupulous victory was nothing more than an insult to the Brave Star.

“What impressive words, ‘die for justice, not live without purpose.’” Ming Die jeered loudly. “Guan Sheng, when you entered my Devil Palace, there was no room to turn back. Die for justice? Such a beautiful thought, This Palace is going to enjoy even more watching your demonic nature sweep across Maiden Mountain.”

Ming Die coldly reproved: “Great Saint Starkiller, what are you still hesitating for. Guan Ying has been lured by the Purple Thunder Monster and unexpectedly abandoned you. She expressed her deepest feelings to this man along their tryst. Could it be you can swallow this level of humiliation that would last for all time?”

These words made the Great Saint Starkiller who had calmed once again contort, and his heart filled with fury.

“Great Saint Starkiller, if it wasn’t for you living under someone else’s roof, how could Guan Ying ever do such a thing.” Su Xing coldly laughed.

Ruan Jin’er added fuel to the fire: “Great Saint Starkiller, you are known as the Black Turtle Territory’s number one Star Master in possession of a top-notch Star General, yet you allow someone else to order you about. This is already disgraceful. Guan Ying truly is short-sighted to follow you.”

“Great Saint Starkiller, what are you waiting for? Don’t forget that everything you have today was bestowed upon you by This Palace!!!” Ming Die scolded. “As matters stand, only by killing this group can you resolve the shame you suffered today. Let these people witness the might of the ‘Devil Star.’”

Great Saint Starkiller struggled for a moment. His eyes instantly became dense. He flew to Ming Die’s side and flipped his left hand. A black flag appeared.

This banner’s black light curled, and countless tadpole-like characters flew out of the banner.

Ming Die was very pleased with his obedience, and she wore a complacent smile: “Guan Ying, although the Nine Hells can remove the Devil Star it can also release the Devil Star. Originally, this Palace had prepared to leave this until after the Seven Stars Assembly, for you to sweep over Maiden Mountain with the Devil Star, but now it looks like things will have to be early.

Guan Ying’s expression sunk.

“There is still enough time to kill Guan Ying.” Ruan Jin’er’s expression changed. She used Azure Seas Green Duckweed.

But Great Saint Starkiller’s right hand opened and raised a golden mountain peak.

This peak suddenly grew in size, letting out a thick golden light. Each ray of light had the power of a thousand catties, squeezing them to the point of suffocating. The thick black clouds, black qi, and black light over the Nine Hells were crushed to dust under the golden light.

“Impossible!! Golden Magnetic Divine Peak!!”1 Ruan Jin’er’s face lost color.

Even Ming Die was surprised. The Golden Magnetic Divine Peak was Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s Life-cast Magic Weapon, created using the Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book’s most powerful “First Magnetic Divine Light”2 ability. Its might flooded the heavens and dashed the earth. Even Prehistoric Spirit Treasures could not compare. In particular was the First Magnetic Divine Light’s capability to shake the qi of the world. If a cultivator was to be absorbed by the First Magnetic Divine Light, their powers would be suppressed, suffering serious injury.


Great Saint Starkiller’s lips moved, and his hand raised the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak.

The Golden Magnetic Divine Peak’s golden light unfolded in all directions, becoming a golden ray, but no one could have expected that when Great Saint Starkiller pointed his finger, the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak’s target was not Su Xing and the others, but astonishingly Ming Die.

Divine wind and magnetic light were released, pressuring Ming Die’s whole body into complete immobility.

“What are you doing!” The color drained from Ming Die’s face. However, she was a Supervoid Middle Stage cultivator, after all. Caught unprepared by the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak, Ming Die did not panic at all. Her Yin Room Death Butterflies appeared at the same time.

A cold killing intent flashed in Great Saint Starkiller’s eyes. The Boundless Bell rang out at the same time.

Which dispatched Ming Die’s other powers and magic weapons.

“Kill her!” Great Saint Starkiller shouted.

Guan Ying returned to her senses. Her hands gripped her blade, leaping and slashing.

“You dare kill your own Elder.” Ming Die shouted. Powerful Supervoid might unexpectedly blocked this Golden Magnetic Divine Peak. Following wind brandished with her palm, she struck Great Saint Starkiller in the chest.

The Five Star Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade shredded the Death Butterflies.


Ming Die was exceptional, to still be able to once again avoid the Azure Dragon Slash under this situation. However, today was the day she was destined to fall.

Su Xing and the others did not hesitate to make their move.

Langya broke apart the Devil QI protecting Ming Die’s body, and Gongsun Huang’s Star Magic forced Ming Die to defend in a fluster.

Purple lotus flowers floated over, just like a barrier, blocking off Ming Die’s surroundings.

Ming Die snapped her fingers. Primal Chaos Ying Thunder exploded, suddenly turning the purple lotus flowers into smithereens. Ming Die’s fully pale face shouted. “Great Saint Starkiller, you will most inevitably pay the price.”

Soon after, she incited a protective True Qi. Countless Death Butterflies tightly wrapped together like a shield.

“Now, you will pay the price.”

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  1. 金磁神峰
  2. 元磁神光


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  2. “As matters stand, only by killing this group can you resolve the shame you humiliation you suffered today. Let these people witness the might of the ‘Devil Star.’”
    shame you humiliation -> maybe shame and humilation?
    “However, she was a Supercluster Middle Stage cultivator, after all. ”
    “Powerful Supercluster might unexpectedly blocked this Golden Magnetic Divine Peak.”
    Supercluster -> she was Supervoid earlier, if i remember correctly.

  3. “Young Master.” Guan Ying glanced at Su Xing, “Wait until after This General removes the Devil Star, then she will naturally battle against him.”

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