Chapter 478: Xiuxiu

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The young woman who descended from the sky had distinctly arranged purple hair, settled neatly against her ears and neck, with a fluffy braid in between. She wore a thin as cicada wing Red Shadow Muslin Rose bra, and her waist was wrapped in a verdant flower and smoke skirt. Her outer covering was a trailing red flower plum silk. Her figure was wonderful, her waist slim as a willow, her shoulders sculpted. 

Her expression had a sort of wolf’s oppression.

“Wisdom Star Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiu?”1 Xinjie asked.

The Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf was docile beside the young girl, the answer evident.

“Your Servant is Wisdom Star Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiu, True Name Xiuxiu.”2 The girl spoke, her voice melodious, but each word was resounding and powerful. “Are you two the Knowledge Star and Thief Star?

“Xinjie, Shi Yuan.”

Seeing the Wisdom Star in the White Tiger Territory made Wu Xinjie considerably surprised, and seeing that the girl was dressed somewhat raggedly, exposing her snow-white shoulders and cheeks that were marked with a beautiful plum color, unexpectedly somewhat of a good match with the gloomy surroundings.

Wu Xinjie was not careless at all. The Eight Gates Black Gold Chains rustled, and she looked around: “And Little Sister Xiuxiu’s Star Master?”

“Your Servant does not have a Star Master.”

The Wisdom Star’s answer made Wu Xinjie briefly surprised. No contractor, yet she was unexpectedly in the White Tiger Territory? The Wu Xinjie who wondered about the truthfulness of her words merely smiled and used Seeing Clearly, suddenly drawing in a sharp breath.

The ranked thirty-third Wisdom Star Daredevil Third Brother’s Realm was frighteningly high, surprisingly reaching Extreme Realm Third Stage.

The Star Maidens’ realms mostly were arranged like the ranks of martial arts. Some top-notch martial generals naturally possessed absolutely high starting points. Thus, their realms far surpassed the others, yet Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiu was not one of these top-notch martial generals at all. Nevertheless, to be able to possess Extreme Realm Third Stage at this phase was practically heaven-bestowed talent. The intelligent Wu Xinjie very quickly thought that it might be possible the Little Sister Xiuxiu in front of her could have come to the White Tiger Territory for the purpose of honing her martial arts??

“Your Servant has offended you just now.”

Shi Xiuxiu looked at the injured Shi Yuan, casting an expression with just a bit of apology.

Shi Yuan snorted.

“Why is Little Sister Xiuxiu in the White Tiger Territory?” Wu Xinji smiled and asked.

Shi Xiuxiu did not answer but looked at those winding Eight Gates Black Gold Chains and showed surprise, “The legendary Eight Gates Black Gold Chain. Your Servant wonders if she can experience them…”3

“Little Sister wants to Star Duel?” Wu Xinjie raised her eyebrows.

“Your Servant does not want to Star Duel with a Sister that has no contractor, but she does want to see if she can break through Eight Gates Black Gold Chain.” Shi Xiuxiu said, “If Elder Sister feel Your Servant is committing an offense, then you can use the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain to kill Your Servant.” As expected of the Daredevil Third Brother, she was prepared to lose her life at any time.

Shi Yuan had just thought of saying, “We have a man,” but Wu Xinjie smiled to stop her, saying instead: “Oh, Little Sister truly is like her name.”

“There is no need for the politeness.”

Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiuxiu vanished.

So fast!

Wu Xinjie’s eyes did not even blink, unable to even tell where Shi Xiuxiu’s figure was. The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain’s already were rolled about with a clang. Shi Xiuxiu’s figure was shaken out by the Black Gold Chains. The Eight Gates were capable of autonomous defense, and even faster speeds could hardly break through such dense formation. 

The chains rolled, moving to bind Shi Xiuxiu’s wrists like snakes.

Shi Xiuxiu nimbly flashed backwards, continuously evading the practically airtight attacks.

“Master, do you require Slave’s possession?” Hua Xue asked. The Nine Tailed Spirit Fox had a special characteristic that was to possess Wu Xinjie’s body. By doing so, Wu Xinjie’s own control over the Eight Gates Black Gold Chains were even more perfect, wonderful to the peak, however, Wu Xinjie knew that Shi Xiuxiu was not actually hostile at all. She shook her head.

“Weather Is Not Predictable.”

Wu Xinjie’s Divine Intent moved.

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chains fluctuated. The chains shuttled back and forth in space, like weapons that were separate from time and space. The superb Extreme Realm that Shi Xiuxiu possessed made unimaginable dodges that violated common sense.

But blindly approaching the center of the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain, even the Extreme Realm would have to be careful.  


The chains crisscrossed, finally seizing Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiuxiu, securing her four limbs as if in preparation four torture.

“Still want to fight…” Wu Xinjie’s question was already answered before she even finished asking.

Shi Xiuxiu’s unusual purple ponytail perked up.

“Is it so simple?”

Saber-light quick as a shooting star cut apart the Eight Gates Black Gold Chains with a clang. The chains fell instantly in a heap from Shi Xiuxiu’s limbs. A Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber appeared in her hand, its light dancing, unexpectedly cutting free her bonds.

As she spoke, she leaned once more and disappeared.


This time, Wu Xinjie did not blink either, wielding the Eight Gates Black Gold Chains around her body, warding off Shi Xiuxiu’s lightning-quick slashes.

Shi Xiuxiu’s attack was unsuccessful, and following the deflected blows off the absolutely firm chains, the saber’s edge knocked sparks off the chains. Turning around, she sent out a saber-qi that was like a wolf’s howl, biting from a blindspot in the Black Gold Chains. This was done in a single breath, smooth and flowing.

Dark Rank Saber Technique.

Wolf’s Howl Ten Thousand Li.

So fast.

Wu Xinjie knew that the Extreme Realm could allow a Star General to possess judgment and reactions in battle that surpassed an ordinary person’s. The EIght Gates Black Gold Chain appeared invulnerable, but the holes between the gaps in the chains were a fatal flaw. However, to grasp this point under a speedy battle, this was the Extreme Realm.

Wu Xinjie quickly fell back, firmly pulling a certain distance away.

But this saber-qi honestly was too quick, and her shoulder was gouged.

Scorching blood spurted from her shoulder, making the atmosphere of battle even thicker.

A dazzling light suddenly shot out from the Nine Tailed Spirit Fox’s eyes.

Shi Xiuxiu’s figure swayed, hastily retreating. She retracted the only Two Star Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber, already withdrawing outside of the range of the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain.

The saber-qi disappeared along with her hostility.

“Your Servant has offended you.” Shi Xiuxiu returned the saber into nothingness.

“Sister Xinjie.”

Wu Xinjie shook her head. Mentally drawing in a breath, this Daredevil Third Brother honestly was able and audacious. 

“The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain are formidable, as expected. With today’s meeting, Your Servant is satisfied.” Shi Xiuxiu said.

“Then can we Sisters sit and have a friendly chat?” Wu Xinjie smiled. The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain returned to nothingness.

“Your Servant would be very happy to do so.”

In the bleak dim of night, the moon appeared like water.

A campfire.

Shi Xiuxiu roasted a “Phoenix Tail Chick”4 and gave portions to Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan. The Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf lay to side eating the Python Mammoth. From time to time, it let out satisfied barks towards its mistress.

“Little Sister Xiuxiu, have you always stayed in the White Tiger Territory?” Wu Xinjie asked the question she was most puzzled about.

“About two or three years now.” The Wisdom Star tore off a slab of meat, throwing it in her mouth as she thought about it.

“Don’t tell me you’re in the White Tiger Territory to escape the Star Duels?” Shi Yuan said, annoyed.

“Yuan’er, it is the opposite. Shi Xiuxiu, you must be here for the Star Duels?” Wu Xinjie smiled.

“Mor or lesh shumshing like dat.” (More or less something like that.) Shi Xiuxiu chewed on the meat, answering with a mouth full of food.

Shi Yuan was somewhat unable to put up with this arbitrarily barbarous Elder Sister.

“This is ‘Phoenix Tail Chicken,’ it can recover your strength.” Shi Xiuxiu licked the fat and grease off her finger. It could be imagined how many years she had spent in the White Tiger Territory. Daredevil Third Brother probably has constantly used good things like the Phoenix Tail Chicken meat to recover.

“I don’t want you to explain this, why are you here? Not even a person has been seen in the  White Tiger Territory.” Shi Yuan looked at the surrounding forest was a stifled feeling in her heart.

If she stayed too long here, she might become abnormal like the Elder Sister in front of her.

Things would have to be traced back to that first year when the Star Duels began. Wisdom Star Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiuxiu was suddenly inspired to go train in the White Tiger Territory that none dared go to, to use the most dangerous environment to stimulate her own potential. Considering that this was too dangerous, Shi Xiuxiu might as well not have needed a contractor. Afterwards, she wandered her way finally to the White Tiger Territory.

As she expected, danger was everywhere in the White Tiger Territory. There were every sort of high level Demon Beasts as far as the eye could see. Shi Xiuxiu had lost count of the number of times she was put on death’s door, this nevertheless made Shi Xiuxiu possess super powerful battle experience. Afterwards, she relied on every sort of precious material in the White Tiger Territory, and Shi Xiuxiu stayed. Without noticing, this journey had already reached into the end of the Third Phase.

“Battling with Demon Beasts isn’t like battling Star Masters.” Shi Yuan retorted.

“Star Masters, the White Tiger Territory has those.” Shi Xiuxiu grabbed a gourd to drink some clear water.

“The White Tiger Territory really does have Star Masters?!” Wu Xinjie said in a low voice.

Shi Xiuxiu lowered her brow, curious: “You have seen them?”

“En. One named Han Bing.” Wu Xinjie described her.

“So it was her. She ought to be the second in terms of strength among the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars. The White Tiger Territory’s Birth Treasure Outline also seems to be in her hands.” Shi Xiuxiu absentmindedly said.

“You know her? Little Sister Xiuxiu, can you be a bit more detailed? How does the White Tiger Territory have Star Masters, could it be people live here?” WU Xinjie sincerely asked for advice.

Shi Xiuxiu did not feel this was a secret. That the White Tiger Territory had turned out Star Masters was indeed unprecedented, so telling the other Sisters to be on alert was fine, therefore she complied. 

“Not people, just thousand year old shapeshifting demons.” Shi Xiuxiu narrowed her eyes.


Although she had already prepared her heart, to actually hear this word still made the other two girls shocked.

Shi Xiu originally also did not know that the White Tiger Territory had Star Masters. Only when that time when more than twenty Star Cultivators fought over the Birth Treasure Outline did the White TIger Territory show Star Masters. As with Wu Xinjie, this evoked Shi Xiuxiu’s curiosity, and in her experience afterwards she also encountered many Demon Beasts that had shapeshifted into Star Masters.  

Demon Beasts that could transform into a person often were terrifyingly powerful. Shi Xiuxiu’s narrow escapes numbered more than a hundred, but not only was Daredevil Third Brother not dejected, on the contrary, she had played an abnormal hunting game with these Demon Beasts in the forests of the White Tiger Territory.

A pair of transformed Demon Beasts had died under Shi Xiuxiu’s blade over the past couple years.

Afterwards, several of the metamorphosed Demon Beasts contracted with Star Generals. Shi Xiuxiu’s situation became more difficult at once. Several times, she was undoubtedly about to die or be contracted with, but she had encountered a kind-hearted Elder Sister who let her go. Shi Xiuxiu was thus able to escape a disaster.

Other than gratitude for that Elder Sister who let her go, Shi Xiuxiu’s plan to become stronger did not stop.

After Evil Smiting Hall, she had the Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf. Now, even if she was to face the White Tiger Seven Stars, she could escape from a pincer attack.

Wu Xinjie was left dumbstruck. In her mind, she thought that this Daredevil Third Brother had overdone things indeed, unexpectedly contending against this crowd of Demon Beasts. No wonder she had reached the Extreme Realm.

“The White Tiger Seven Spirit Star’s Demon Beasts have begun to absorb Essence Qi ever since the first Star Duels. Now, a thousand years have passed and they just so happen to be able to transform into people and can sign contracts.” Shi Xiuxiu said.

“There are surprisingly Sisters who are willing to contract with them?” Shi Yuan was shocked.

“And why not? If you didn’t see their original appearances, they would be indistinguishable from you and me.” Shi Xiuxiu was aloof.

“What is the significance of these White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars? Could they be thinking of taking over the Seven Stars Assembly?”

Shi Xiuxiu curled her lips into a grin.

Wu Xinjie had guessed right.

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  1. 天慧星拼命三郎石秀
  2. 秀秀
  3. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), how do you want to experience them?
  4. 鳳尾雛雞


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        The only reason I remember is cuz it has to do with one of these White Tiger Assholes.
        Also, I think one of those Seven Spirit Star douchebags is a legit human and not a transformed Demon Beast. Reason being?

        2 actually.
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        A good and long story will almost always develop consistent patterns.

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