Chapter 479: The First Wife Has Returned

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The White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars, seven Star Masters selected using the Seven Spirits of “metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder.” Their objective naturally was to usurp all positions of the final Seven Stars Assembly. “As far as Your Servant knows, other than the ‘Fire Spirit,’ the other Six Spirits have already contracted with Star Generals.” Shi Xiuxiu said.

“Elder Sister never thought about it?” Shi Yuan asked, somewhat interested. Since Shi Xiuxiu had stayed in the White Tiger Territory for so long, was ambivalent to the forms of the White Tiger Territory’s Demon Beasts, it would not have been strange for her to sign a contract with one of them.

“Your Servant has already grown accustomed to operating alone. With someone around, Your Servant actually is uneasy.” Shi Xiuxiu wiped her mouth, showing a forthright smile.

“Little Sister Xiuxiu mentioned just now that Han Bing was ranked second among the Seven Spirit Stars. Can you explain the others?”

Regarding information about the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars, perhaps no one was more accurate than Shi Xiuxiu. After so many years, hovering between life and death, this was not for show.

“The Metal Star Master is named ‘Xiang Chenxing,’1 a rather stiff and fussy man. The Wood is Shijiu Ying. Though his appearance is that of a youth, if you meet him, you must not be deceived by them. This Shijiu Ying’s personality is very cruel. The Water is Han Bing. Her original body seems to be an Ice Demon. Anyways, these shapeshifted demons will absolutely not reveal their True Bodies unless as a last resort, but she possesses the dual Spirits of ‘Water’ and ‘Ice.’ She is the most talented out of the seven, and the Birth Treasure Outline belongs to her. The Fire is the only one among the Seven Spirit Stars who has not signed a contract with a Star General, so Your Servant is not too clear. The Earth Star Master is called ‘Xin Lao.’2 a woman that feels very much like a Star General. Your Servant was even mistaken one time.”

Mentioning this topic, Shi Xiuxiu roughly laughed.

“She once let Your Servant go, reason being only because Your Servant had greeted her.”

Wu Xinjie was speechless, feeling that while she was introducing these people, Shi Xiuxiu quite admired that Xin Lao woman. She wondered if Wisdom Star Daredevil THird Brother had the idea to sign a contract at that moment. 

“The Wind Star Master is named Cang Feng. He appears to be refined, but his machinations and schemes are very deep. Your Servant dislikes him. The last one, Thunder, Your Servant saw only once and head the others address him as ‘Li Taisui,’3 and it was that one time his Star General let go of Your Servant. However, his cultivation is extremely unreachable, already reaching Supervoid levels. 

“Supervoid Stage.”

Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan were shocked.

Shi Xiuxiu was not so astonished. “Supervoid is nothing. If those Demon Beasts can release their True Bodies, each of them have this level of power.”

Indeed, shapeshifting could only manifest at Supervoid.

“However, Your Servant still has one piece of advice to give to you two Sisters. If you actually encounter this Li Taisui, do not hesitate…Run…At least before the Three Heavenly Books. Running is not a shame.” 

Wu Xinjie took in a deep breath.

“The Seven Spirit Stars has another that has not contracted with a Star General. Is that remaining one not actually thinking of capturing Elder Sister?” Shi Yuan curiously asked. Perhaps there is a Star General unwilling to sign a contract with Demonkin, but another form of contract was for the Star General to be subdued by the other party through force. There was no choice but to contract then. At that time, even Shi Xiuxiu would perhaps be required to stand beside a contractor, unable to continue her own way.

“Your Servant won’t be contracted, and this is also Your Servant’s training.” Shi Xiuxiu smiled.

Suddenly at this moment, the pitch-black skies blossomed with a seven-colored rainbow light. THe three girls raised their heads, and the faraway Maiden Mountain abruptly released flying rays of multi-colored light in succession. Then, they very quickly faded into the dark night.

“Maiden Mountain has an abnormality. It wouldn’t be because of the White Tiger Territory, would it?” Shi Xiuxiu was not aware of the inside information and carefreely shrugged her shoulders

Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan looked at each other in dismay. They immediately knew.

“Is Little Sister Xiuxiu not allowed to leave the White Tiger Territory?” Wu Xinjie asked her.

“Your Servant is already accustomed and has no plans to leave. What is the matter with you?” Shi Xiuxiu was curious.

“We fear that Maiden Mountain’s abnormality may be related to our Master. We ought to leave.”


Daredevil Third Brother’s flashed with a slight grimness which immediately alleviated, “You both signed contracts?”

“Of course.” Shi Yuan said proudly.

The Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf straightened its body and bared its fangs.

“Does Little Sister regret what happened just now?” Wu Xinjie said indifferently.

“Ha, ha.” Shi Xiuxiu smiled, tranquil and calm, hinting to the Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf to be quiet. “If we truly Star Duel, Your Servant perhaps can only flee in defeat.” The Wisdom Star glanced at Hua Xue, her meaning implying that having stayed so long in the White Tiger Territory, she had long had an almost beast-like instinct for danger.

“The Knowledge Star and the Thief Star. You undoubtedly could have taken advantage of Your Servant’s relaxed state just now. Why did you not?” Shi Xiuxiu asked back.

“Because Xinjie likes Little Sister.”

Shi Xiuxiu drank water, expressing she did not understand the meaning of her words.

“We wish to help our Young Lord induct a Sister into the harem.”

“Interesting.” Shi Xiuxiu downplayed this, naturally not caring for Wu Xinjie’s words. Everyone knew that Star Masters would need to be grateful to contract two.

“We should leave. We shall meet again, Little Sister naturally will understand.” Wu Xinjie said.

However, before she left, Wu Xinjie discovered a grave question.

They had been transported here by an ancient warp array, but now, they completely did not know their whereabouts.

“Little Sister Xiuxiu, if Xinjie could be so bold as to ask a question…”

“What question?” Shi Xiuxiu closed one eye and half leaned her body.

“Which way leads to the Azure Dragon Territory?”


After several days, Su Xing finally received Lin Yingmei back home.

However, upon seeing the beautiful woman whose every movement had a classical beauty, Su Xing and the others were extremely surprised.

Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Wanyue.

Hua Wanyue already knew Lin Yingmei’s master was Su Xing, and she once had what could be considered a close exchange with him, but to actually see Su Xing – This man that once embraced her, Hua Wanyue’s cheeks could not help but flush red.

Su Xing first tightly embraced Lin Yingmei. Originally, he had the idea to express his feelings of longing with a hot kiss, but Lin Yingmei was a bit shy, particularly when she had brought back the Hero Star. Although she did not say things clearly, when they embraced, Lin Yingmei’s eyes showed a rare, pitiful light that nevertheless left Su Xing with no choice but to dismiss this idea.

Lin Yingmei introduced the sequence of events that led to her acquaintance with Hua Wanyue. This was not the important point, though. That was the Star Masters of the White Tiger Territory.

Hearing this information, everyone who had only just recovered from shock again could not help but draw in a sharp breath.

“The White Tiger Territory surprisingly has Star Masters. This generation’s Star Duels are truly strange, strange, strange.” Zhang Feiyu glanced at Su Xing as she said this, perhaps blaming him.

Originally, she thought that she was mentally prepared to face these Sisters of this man, but when she saw Lin Yingmei and Hua Wanyue take the stage, Zhang Feiyu’s brain truly turned chaotic.

“Sister Xinjie is scouting ruins and tombs. Could she have encountered the White Tiger Territory’s Star Master?” An Suwen’s conjecture was very possible.

It seemed there was some need to think of a solution.

“Right, Yingmei. Yuqi, Tangtang, and also Wife…Oh.” Su Xing individually introduced Zhang Yuqi, Bai Yutang and Hu Niangzi.

Because they already knew from the other Sisters, the Majestic Star before them was Su Xing’s first Star General and the First Wife. The three girls did not dare be careless and greeted her as Elder Sister.

Facing the gazes of all the girl’s and even the attention Wu Siyou cast her way, Lin Yingmei naturally knew that she could not proclaim innocence at this time.

“Lord Husband, thank you for your troubles looking after the Little Sisters…” She bashfully squeezed out a sentence. Lin Yingmei already was flushing a thorough red. 

All of the girls knowingly smiled.

Only one person thoroughly short-circuited, unable to clearly grasp the situation.

“How are there so many Sisters here?”

Hua Wanyue was dumb as a wooden chicken.

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  1. 向沉星
  2. 信牢
  3. 厲太歲


  1. Thanks for the chapter! I know it was comedic timing, but technically the way from White Tiger to Azure Dragon territory should be obvious, considering one can see Maiden Mountain (which sits at the center?) You just have to go East.

    1. Yep, author probably forgot the geography. Or, alternatively, what Xinjie really meant to ask was “What’s the safest way out of here?”

  2. Thank you for the chapter!

    “Hua Wanyue already knew Lin Yingmei’s master was Su Xing, and she one had what could be considered a close exchange with him”
    one had -> once had

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